"Love is like war: Easy to begin but hard to end." - Acmejoy


The sun peaked through the window and Patrice's eyes fluttered open, she looked around and noticed she wasn't in her hotel room. Her heart raced as she remembered the events that occurred the previous night. She looked left and saw Dustin's naked body under the covers. Oh my god, what did I do, she asked herself.

But something compelled her. She saw Dustin's deflated cock and wanted to touch it one more time. She had to leave that day and go to her next location. And she didn't know if she'd have the courage to ask another man to touch his cock. Besides, Dustin gave her an open invitation.

She eased closer to him, touched it. The more she massaged him, it filled and became stiff in her hand. His eyes opened to find Patrice bobbing her head up and down along his shaft, sweet, he thought. "Come here and ride my face," he insisted.

So, she adjusted her pussy over his mouth and they were simultaneously giving each other oral pleasure. Once her body quivered from Dustin's tongue she eased down and sat on his cock. She wanted to do like the girls in the videos. She leaned over and bounced her ass up and down, he watched her pussy glide on his shaft.

"Fuck yeah," exclaimed Dustin as he thrust from below. He lifted her up off his cock and placed her on the bed. He took her legs and opened them to a split. She had no idea her body could do that. She watched as he fed his delicious cock into her hungry pussy. It looked so pretty as she began to cream on him. He paused for a moment and sucked her tits while grinding slowly. He humped faster, taking her right leg and folding it, "Yeah, that's it. I feel you."

Her pussy contracted on his cock and he grunted just before he pulled out and erupted. He fell back onto the bed, "Um, fucking awesome."

She turned to him, "I have to go now, but thank you for letting me see you."

He watched as she left the bed, "Next time you visit, would love to do this again."

She smiled and left.


Patrice arrived at her next assignment. She was certain that seeing Dustin's cock was enough to quench her thirst for cock and that she'd never have another slip-up.

She went to work and gave her presentation with success. They were men there and she didn't have any thoughts about their cocks. She thought she was good, but when she decided to go to the hotel pool area later that day, she saw a black man swimming all alone. Her mind immediately thought about his cock. Her hands became clammy, her forehead developed beads of sweat, thinking about tasting his cock and later riding him. She was about to leave, but he waved at her.

Her heart fluttered. Saying hello won't hurt, she thought. She set her stuff on a lounge chair and entered the pool. The man swam over to where she was. He was attractive, dark brown sugar complexion, and had a great smile. He spoke with a Caribbean accent, "How are you today pretty lady."

Even though she was in the pool, her pussy was even wetter than the water made it, "I'm fine, and you?"

"I can't complain." His eyes danced across her skin and she smiled nervously, took a few deep breaths to calm herself. They talked casually for a while and just as he was about to leave she said, "Wait." She was nervous.

He could tell, "Are you alright?" he asked.

"I'm fine, I think. It's just."

He waited. She smiled, "It's a crazy thing to ask."

"Ask me anything?"

"Can I see you, down there?"

He laughed. When he saw that she was serious he pulled down his trunks under the water and she saw it. Her heart pounded against her chest. It was insane. Why would a man need that much dick? She smiled, "It's nice." She reached and touched him. Her hand massaged him slowly. He moaned, "Lawd have mercy woman."

"I'd like to put it inside of me if that's okay?"

He had a look of shock on his face. Never had any random woman said that to him? "Right now?" he asked.

She nodded vigorously. He looked around and they were the only two in the pool.

She moved closer to him, his hand found her bikini bottom, moved it to the side and his finger stroked her nicely as she looked into his eyes holding his cock. He lifted her leg and found her opening and then pushed until his cock stretched her out. She hugged him tightly, "Oh my god, you're so big."

His cock rubbed against her walls and provided ample pleasure. She hummed and moaned softly trying to be discrete. He held her close and their pelvic bones bumped, "oh god, oh god," she said as her body vibrated, but he was far from climax, he rocked her kitty for ten minutes under the water, perhaps giving anyone looking out their hotel windows quite a delightful show.

When he released, he smiled, "I'm Nigel, by the way."


"Thank you, Patrice."

"No thank you." She got out of the pool.

He got out and walked over to her, "What are you doing later?"

"Um, nothing I suppose."

"I'd like to hang out a little more."

"Um, okay." She smiled, gave him her room number, and went on her way.


When Patrice returned home, the house was empty. Her husband was still at work. He called her cellphone and she answered, "Hi honey."

"How was work?"

"It was great." She thought about the night she spent with Nigel in his hotel room. How he had her up in the air bouncing on his cock as she moaned uncontrollably. How he had bent her over the sofa and pounded her pussy until she hummed.

How the next morning he fed his huge cock into her pretty mouth, how she drooled and damn near got lockjaw trying to deep throat his massive cock. How Nigel had licked her entire split from top to bottom and tongue fucked her making her pussy rain. How he had her on the desk and in the shower before she left.

She smiled as the thought ran across her mind. She found out that Nigel was in town visiting friends, but lived in Atlanta. His cock was excellent, noteworthy. She did have several companies in the Atlanta area that she presented at. She had gotten his number in hopes to see his cock again.

She snapped back to reality when her husband said, "That's nice to hear. Can't wait to see you tonight."

The call ended. She thought about her trip. Was that the end of her addiction or was it just the beginning....

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