Roxie Rae Updates Roxie Rae Fetish, The Foot Fantasy, and More

TAMPA — Once again, Roxie Rae has new updates available for the new week. New clips can be found on Roxie Rae Fetish, as well as The Foot Fantasy, and Best Wedgies. Rae stars in two of the featured clips, with Dava Foxx, Courtney Cummings, Maia Evon, Reagan Lush, and Maria Marley starrin


First up, Rae stars in a new financial domination clip on The Foot Fantasy!. She knows fans can’t resist her when she wears her shiny pantyhose, and that they will risk their marriages to sneak out to get a peek. Rae takes their wallet and phone, and knows how hot this makes them. They can rub themself through their pants, but can’t cum, or else their wife will suspect something.

Rae also stars in a new Roxie Rae Fetish clip. She knows fans want her full attention, but she has better things to do. Like texting and surfing the web on her phone. If they want her attention, that’s just too bad, because she loves to ignore them. Maybe a tip and a gift will get her to notice them.

Also available on Roxie Rae Fetish is a small penis humiliation clip starring Dava Foxx and Courtney Cummings. As porn stars, Foxx and Cummings have seen all sizes, but nothing as small as what their fans are packing. It’s like their penis is invisible, and the girls compare it to their tiny toes. As fans stroke, they warn fans that they’ll never let them cum.

The last two updates are on Rae's Best Wedgies site. First, Maia Evons dons her white panties, knowing the innocent look really gets to fans. Make sure to follow her instructions, because the reward will be to explode all over her simple, full butt panties.

For those who want to see some sex girl/girl wrestling, the next clip on Best Wedgies will whet their whistle. Maria Marley and Reagan Lush are ready to wrestle, and there can only be one winner. But, as fans watch these two beauties give each other savage wedgies, it’s clear the real winner is the viewer!

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