My Partner's Intention Is Too Much - Adult Erotic Stories

My partner comes home from outside and his intention is too much for me to do everything


You are sitting on a sofa scrolling your Instagram when I enter the room and walk, without pause or hesitation, directly toward you. I step up on the white leather sofa. You fall back, your shoulders against the crest roll, and drop your hands and phone, which falls between the cushions. You glance down at my black leather loafers against your thighs, my legs close to your cheeks and ears. As you take a deep breath, you recognize my unique scent and a trace of some woodsy-smelling cologne from the morning.

"Unbuckle," I tell you. You unbuckle my belt.


You unbutton my soft, light slacks and pull the zipper down.

"Take it out and into your mouth," I tell you.

You pull the pants down slightly and feel some resistance, brace yourself for a surprise like you do during scary movies. You pull my slacks down more, and my dick springs, hitting your chin.

"Remember why you are here," I say.

You will serve every desire I have. You may have beautiful eyes, skin, and hair, but it's your lips I am now focused on.

"I am going to fuck your soft mouth with my hard cock," I tell you.

Your mouth is still closed but your eyes are looking up at me, like a pet to her master, waiting for the next command... or treat thrown her way. I press the fat swollen head of my cock on your lips, which slightly part. Your tongue slowly emerges. That is all of the openings I need. I push my cock into your mouth, over your tongue, farther, farther, until it hits the back of your throat. As I hear you struggle, adjusting, gagging, I push even more. I leave it there, throbbing and pulsing. You have a look of discomfort and slight panic with your mouth and eyes both stretched so wide open. I don't care. I close my eyes because it feels so good to have the warmth of your soft lips, tongue, and mouth wrapped around my hard dick. I pump it deeply. I need more.

You are gasping and gagging, unable to control your saliva or the strength, size, and force upon you.

"I am going to fuck your pussy now," I tell you as I gradually withdraw my dick from your mouth and, in almost one motion, reach around your waist and pull your body off the sofa while turning you around. You feel tiny as you realize you've been spun. Suddenly, you are facing the other way. Your stomach and chest are pressed against the back of the sofa. You are up on your knees on the sofa cushions. I lift your skirt. I am pleased and smile. You remembered my instructions to not wear panties.

"I am going to fuck this pretty tight little ass now. It's mine. I own it. You're going to take it like a good girl."

But who are we fooling? I know who you really are. You're going to like it because I know, deep down, you're not a good girl at all. You're a naughty bad girl who secretly begs me to do the things that you can't bring yourself to ask for.

"Push out your ass!" I say, and you arch your back so that your perfectly shaped, gorgeous, big ass is popped out for me to take.

With a little fear, you wonder for a moment, "Damn, it will never fit. Is he really going to fuck my ass?"

I slide my hard slippery knob up and down your ass, and as I pause and rest the head of my cock, pushing slightly against your balloon-knot asshole, I actually think about pushing my cock into your tight little ass.

"Holy fuck," you think. "It feels like a wild apple. It won't fit."

But you don't say anything. You don't say, "No," because you understand that I am going to take what I want, what I need, from you and your body. You cannot, will not disappoint me. You try to relax and prepare yourself for what will come next. You tell yourself to remember to breathe and unclench and protrude your big ass again.

I have a different need today. My cock is so hard, it feels like the thick skin is ready to burst at each ridge and vein.

To me, it feels as if all the weight of the world is ready to explode from inside of me. It feels like every physical, mental, social, and emotional challenge in my memory is stored and sealed in a 9-inch galvanized pipe, which wants to burst and release a volcano of stress and tension, and energy. The pressure coming from my cock is too big to control. To fuck your ass at this point would be for the purpose of degrading and hurting you. I am going to use your body for my pleasure. I need your silk glove pussy. I need to fuck you doggy style because your tight ass is so fucking hot to look at. I need to slam you because I need almost violent force to break through the numbness. I need your big ass to cushion the blows. I need your hands and chest against the sofa back for support. I need you to brace yourself for the enormous slam fuck you are about to get.

I lower my cock's hard head to your pussy lips and start to push. Your lips spread to the sides to make way. When the head is completely inside, your body responds with a shift, and my cock twitches in response as well. I hear you moan deeply, softly. I push more and more, feeling your hot walls pressing against me.

I bring it back out slowly, and now that it is wet, push again, harder this time, all the way in, feeling your hot slick walls pressed against every nook of my dick. You moan a little louder and make a soft yelp and motion with your hands, with your fingers spread out as if you're saying, "No, that's too much."

But you breathe instead. You don't say anything. I don't move. I am still deep inside you because, well, I need what I need. I needed to know that you could take all of me. If you couldn't, I wouldn't be here. You know that. I know that. I have no interest in love-making, sensitivity, or sex with a skinny-bony woman with a shallow pussy and fat ass. I have to be able to fully fuck away.

We're together because you want a big cock and I have one.

I start to pump.

"Your ass. I need you to pop it out for me," I tell you, repeating my earlier command.

You do what I say. You arch your sleek gorgeous back and push out your perfectly shaped ass. I instantly feel a little more room. Now I am ready to fuck you hard.

"I am going to fuck you hard," I say, and you nod your head affirmatively.

This is what I have been waiting for, building up to. This is why I am here. This is why you were chosen. To me, this is why you exist.

My feet are solidly on the floor now, my knees bent, my strong legs wide apart, my muscular ass ready to thrust. With my left hand, I twirl your hair in a rope and wrap it around a couple of my fingers and grip the end of it in the palm of my fist.

You are the earth, and I am the drill pipe of an oil rig.

I start to rock back and forward slowly, firmly in big, long motions. I accelerate. You are struck by the power, force, and steady speed.

With every "whack" of my hard thighs and abdomen against your perfect ass, your whole body shakes and I can feel my cock deep in you, to the end of you. It defies anatomy how you take it as far as you do. I mean it must be there beneath your navel. But you do. You're a freak with your tight little body able to do amazing things. Your freak body and pussy are what I need, what my still-throbbing, thick-skinned dick needs. It needs slick, wet speed-sliding. It needs hard pressure from your walls. It needs to be able to fuck away.

I need you pressing against every inch of me.

I am watching your ass and athletic toned back and fucking you with absolute abandon. Neighbors hear the thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack. Cracking sounds come from the wood frame of the sofa. Nothing slows me down. I am an angry bull out of his pen, bucking wild and directing all that angry force into you.

I feel a rumble of ecstasy and pain from deep inside the chamber core of my being. The sensation expands out to the long bulb end of my steel-hard cock. I release a deep moan. I don't hold anything back. My mouth opens and my face contorts like I am in excruciating pain. I have no control over myself. I really don't even know what I will do next. Every single ripple and muscle in my body is strained and flexed. I could lift a car. I could tear the sofa in half with my hands. I let out a hard, loud deep yell from the top of my gut and the bottom of my chest. I begin a full-body convulsion as my enormous cock throbs in spasm.

"Oh, I am going to cum so fucking hard," I say.

I back away and out of you, and with a turn of my wrist cause you to spin completely around. Now you are seated, facing me, on the sofa, your perfect tits offered up to receive me, and just in time, as my pulsating cock bursts like a pipe with a rapid, explosive surge. Your chin and neck feel the warmth from the first shot of hot clear cum. Now my cock is shooting arches of cum to the beat of my heart into the air and onto your big firm tits and toned stomach.

I say nothing now. No more commands.

You bring your lips to my cock, softly envelop the head for a minute, and then release it. You stare, fascinated, with too many thoughts: "God, it's still so thick and long, and he already came... I can't believe how much of it I took... I am such a size-queen, nympho-slut. I hope no one else knows... Fuck it, I don't really care. I fucking like it."

As your thoughts flicker, your eyes stay steady, watching my veiny, fleshy cock as it finally begins bend like a ship's tow rope, dripping and drooling until there is no more.