With my assent secured, he reached over and took my junior pecker in his big hand. Holy smokes! I shot into an erect state nearly instantaneously and he began stroking me in the age-old fashion. He was right, it did feel better. Hell, it felt awesome! In minutes he had me unloading my


Everything he'd done so far had been fun, lots of fun, and I trusted him completely. "Sure. Okay," I replied. 

With my assent secured, he reached over and took my junior pecker in his big hand.  Holy smokes!  I shot into an erect state nearly instantaneously and he began stroking me in the age old fashion.  He was right, it did feel better.  Hell, it felt awesome!  In minutes he had me unloading my nuts.  It was perhaps the best cum I ever had up until then.

When I regained my senses, he was looking over at me grinning.  "Felt good, didn't it?"

"Yeah, it felt really good."

"Glad you liked it, my boy," he said as he wiped his cum-laden hand on his chest.  "Now you do me."

The feel of his cock in my hand was awesome.  I knew what my own cock felt like, but his bigger, thicker adult cock felt awesome. And it felt even more awesome as he became fully erect between my fingers.  And like he had done, I jacked him with the three fingers and a thumb method.  I was concentrating watching my hand and his dick, but when I glanced up, he was looking at me with the oddest smile on his face.  

Like me, it didn't take him long to shoot with me doing it instead of himself.  And like the previous nights, he launched an impressive arch of cum that reached his neck.  The second shot landed square on his chest.  The third on his belly, where it pooled into his deep navel.  The remaining pulses just ran over my hand and down over his balls. He was pretty much a mess when he was done, as was my hand. 

He sent me to get a washcloth, but there weren't any, so I brought back one of the thin damp towels.  He cleaned up and tossed the towel onto the floor.  

"You want me to go and rinse out the towel?" I asked.

"Naw, just leave it.  Maybe they'll get the hint and get some decent towels and wash cloths in this dump."

Then he said, "Thanks, Ricky.  I really enjoyed that.  Did you?"

"Yes, I did, Uncle Ray."

"Good, boy," he said as he reached over and took my soft dick into his hand once again.  This time he just played with it and stroked it, as well as stroking my balls. He wasn't beating me off, he was feeling me up.  This was somehow different, and I just lay there and let him molest me. I was nice and hard and enjoying the feel of his hand and fingers on my dick when he suddenly leaned over and took my dick into his mouth!  Holy shit!  I was so surprised, and at the same time immobilized, as he began sucking my dick.  I'd never had my dick sucked before and it felt like nothing I'd felt before. It felt so good that I didn't want it to ever end!  But eventually it did.  I felt that now familiar tingling in my groin and I knew what would soon happen.

I pushed on his head to get him off before I came, but he was firmly in control.  Having no choice, and to my mortification, I came in his mouth.  Even through the pleasure of my orgasm, I was now petrified that he would explode in anger at me doing such a dirty thing to him.  But he just kept sucking as I pulsed and pulsed.  Even when I stopped cumming, he continued to suck on my softening cock.  Quickly I became so sensitive that could hardly stand him flickering the head of my cock with his tongue.  I cried out, "Stop!  Stop!  Please stop!"  He stopped, releasing my dick from his lips.

"How was that?" he asked grinning.  "You ever have a blowjob before?"

I couldn't speak at the moment, I could only shake my head in the negative.

"Ah, a virgin! I'd have thought that you and your buddies would have tried that before now.

"Well, I bet you liked it," he said with a snicker. 

I could only think, 'He's not mad that I squirted into his mouth?' Apparently not.

"Yeah, I love getting a good blowjob.  I love giving a good blowjob too...

"You okay?"

"Yes," I managed trying to catch my breath. "But that's so dirty."

"Dirty?  What's dirty about it?  We just got out of the shower. Your dick was nice and clean.  And your cum tasted very mild.  I haven't had a mouthful of boy cum in weeks."

"You're not mad that I... you know... shot off in your mouth?"

"No," he laughed.  "Why should I?  It's part of good oral sex. A reward for doing a good job.  But most importantly, there no feeling like having the cum sucked right out your balls.  Wouldn't you agree? Besides, I rather like the taste of cum fresh from the spigot."

With that he flopped on to his back and lewdly spread his legs.  "Now, it's my turn," he declared as he wagged his semi-stiff dick around.

"Your turn?"

"Yes, my turn," he said giving me a stern look.  "I sucked you off and now you need to suck me off," he said firmly.

I wasn't at all sure if I wanted to put his dick in my mouth.

"It's like this with sex; good sex is always a two-way street.  You receive and in turn, you give.  You know, it's the old I'll scratch your back if you scratch my back.  It's a central principle of human to human relationships.  Applies to business, politics and to sex, as well as just about every other good relationship."

"But your dick is dirty!"

"Oh, for Christ's sake!  It's clean... we just had a shower."

"But your stuff got all over it since then."

"My stuff?  Is that your problem?  Okay, go get a wet wash cloth and you can clean my dick up to suit yourself."

Having been given a moment's reprieve, I hopped up and dashed to the bathroom where I lingered.

"Ricky! What's taking you so long?" Uncle Ray called out.  "Get your ass back in here...

"Now, Ricky!"

I took the remaining thin damp towel and came back into the room at a slower pace than I departed.  Still, it was only a few steps and I was back at the side of the sagging bed where my naked uncle waited for me.  I stood there for a moment looking at his dick and all that hair around it.  Could I really do what I was supposed to do?

"Wipe my dick clean, Ricky," he said growing impatient.  "Clean it good and then suck me."

I stood immobile.

"Look, here's the deal," he said with a touch of exasperation in his voice. "If you want to fool around with me, you have to do your part.  If not, I don't think we're going to enjoy this trip as much as we should.  It's up to you.  You want to play fair and have a grand time or not?  Or... do you want to act like a baby?"

Act like a baby!  That got my hackles up! I wasn't a baby!  I was eleven years old, practically a teenager and to have him think that for even a second was simply unbearable!

"That's better," he praised as I wiped down his cock with the damp towel.

Finished, I dropped the towel to the floor where it joined the other dirty towel laden with semen.

"Okay, now what?" he said clearly getting aggravated.

"You're not going to... you know... shoot your stuff in my mouth, are you?"

"That was part of the plan," he forthrightly replied. I must have wrinkled up my nose, suggesting that that would be a deal breaker.

"Okay, I won't cum in your mouth," he said now clearly exasperated.  "I don't know what the big deal is about that, Ricky.  Surely you've eaten your own cum after whacking off, so you know it doesn't taste bad."

"It doesn't taste all that good," I replied.

"I beg to differ," he replied in turn.  "But have it your way. I won't cum in your mouth."


"Yes... I promise.  Now just do it.  You'll like it, you'll see. It feels really neat to have a cock in your mouth."

"Well... okay..."

I climbed into bed and got between his thick hairy legs.  Taking his cock in hand, I studied it up close.  He began to become erect and I watched in fascination as the shiny pink head peeked out of his foreskin and was gradually revealed to me as he firmed up.

I looked up his naked hairy torso and asked, "You promise?"

"Promise what?  Oh!  That! Yes, yes, yes.  Now make me a very happy man."

I scooted up to where my head was directly over his cock.  I lowered my head until my lips touched the head of his dick.  I didn't detect anything weird tasting, so I parted my lips and mouthed the head, marveling how silky smooth it was.

"That's it, Ricky.  Take it into your mouth," I heard him say breathlessly.  Well, so far so good, so I took more into my mouth.

"That's it, but watch your teeth and don't scrape my cock."  That hadn't occurred to me, but I knew I wouldn't want my dick scraped. 

With about two inches in my mouth, I paused and concentrated on how it felt in my mouth.  In a weird way it really felt nice.  Sort of like when I first felt his cock in my hand, only it was now in my mouth and on my tongue.

"Move your tongue over the underside," he instructed, so I did.  "Yeah, that's feels nice," he said.  It felt really nice to me too.

"Now move your head up and down slowly...  Yeah, like that...

"You sure you've never given a blowjob before?"  Doing it for the very first time, I felt so proud that he thought that I was more experienced than I was.

"A little more lip pressure... That's good, real good.  Yeah, now suck that cock!"  I applied a little suction and began moving my lips over the shaft a little more aggressively.

His body jerked.  "Watch the teeth," he muttered. I had messed up and the pride and my growing confidence were instantly diminished.

I guess he knew that my confidence had deflated somewhat as he quickly said, "You're doing good, Ricky.  Real good.  Just move that tongue more.  When you can, swipe it over the head of my cock... 

"That's it.  You're doing really good sucking cock...

"Yeah, take it slow and make this last.  You're only a virgin once, so do your best to make my cock happy.  Make love to it with your lips and your tongue... 

"That's good, boy.  I knew you'd be good at this."

So I sucked and I sucked.  He didn't say much more as I did my best blowing him, only a couple of quick whispered praises, such as, "That feels soooo good," and murmuring groans.

My jaw began to tire and I wondered how much longer he wanted me to do this.  I slipped his dick from my mouth to relieve the unaccustomed strain to my jaw muscles. 

"Keep sucking me," he whispered as he placed his big hand on the back of my head and gently, but firmly, directed me back to my task.

"Ummm, fuck..." he groaned.  "Keep sucking.  Keep sucking. Ummmmmmm."  His tone had definitely changed, but he wanted me to continue while he moaned and began to squirm.  Was he getting close?

His hand, which had been just resting on my head, suddenly began restraining me.  At the same time he punched his hips up and let out a loud, "Arrrrggghhhhh!" I felt his cock throb on my tongue and felt the warm juices squirting into my mouth.  In horror, I tried to pull off, but he was having none of that. Meanwhile, his hips were pumping his dick in my mouth as I tried to get away while his cock continued to throb and shoot his stuff into my mouth.  By the time he was finished and began to go soft in my mouth, my cheeks felt like a chipmunk's with too many acorns in its mouth, only it wasn't acorns filling my mouth, but his thick slimy cum.

'You promised!' I wanted to shout, but with his quickly softening cock still in my mouth I couldn't very well voice my outrage.

Finally after what seemed a long time, the pressure on the back of my head eased and I was able to bolt upright. 

"That was great!" he declared with a huge smile. 

I bolted for the bath where I spit out the offending goo in my mouth and rinsed twice.  Still there was a lingering taste.

I marched back into room and with my hands on my hips I shouted, "You promised!  You promised!"

"Promised what?" he replied with a feigned look of puzzlement.

"You promised!" I repeated.

"Oh, that... Sorry, I got carried away," he replied stifling a smile and revealing the insincerity of his apology.

"You promised," I repeated with defeat in my voice.

"Hey, buck it up, cowboy!  It's no big deal and you know it.  It didn't taste bad, now did it? You should have just swallowed it. You know, it's kind of an insult to spit out someone's nut cream.  Besides. it's good for you.  Full of protein and hormones... men's hormones to help you develop a nice big dick."


"Yes, really. How do you think I got such a big dick?"  Actually Uncle Ray wasn't all that big in the cock department; in fact he was just average, but from my limited experience he was quite big.

"But you promised..."

"Look, during sex you can't take promises like that seriously.  Hell, your dad promised your mom that he'd pull out and not cum in her cunt, but he didn't pull out and now you're here."  That was quite shocking for me to hear, and I had no idea if he was telling me the truth.  It never occurred to me to ask him how he knew all that.  All I knew was that adults knew a lot of things that kids like me didn't know, and I took him at his word.

"Now come here and let me thank you properly," he said.

I climbed back into the bed and when I was close enough he grabbed me and went after my dick once again with his mouth.  He only sucked me for a few minutes, getting me hard.  But just like when he did it the first time, his mouth on my dick felt divine.

He pulled off and said, "Having your cock sucked feels great doesn't it?"  I had to agree and nodded.

He quickly swung around taking my dick in between his lips once again.  When he settled, his cock was mere inches from my face.  He squirmed his hips around, sort of waving his dick in my face.  Like a fish seeing a tasty worm, I opened my mouth and took the bait.  This time I got to feel him going erect in my mouth, just as he felt my dick getting hard in his mouth.  Such a wonder!  Without being conscious of it, I now understood what he meant by good sex being a two way street. 

We sucked each other for five or six minutes, before he pulled away and took his dick away from me. Climbing out of the bed, he fixed himself another drink and fixed me some ice water.  Handing it to me as I sat naked on the edge of the bed, he raised his glass and said, "Here's to good sex and a great vacation!"  I'd never been toasted before, but I'd seen it the movies and understood the significance.  In turn I raised my glass to him and took a welcomed drink. 

He stepped up to me, clasped me by the back of my head and pulled my face into his hairy groin.  With hesitation, I took his dick into  my mouth for the third time that evening.  He was still semi-erect and as he held my head to his groin, he moved his hips back and forth, fucking his dick into my mouth.  I rolled my eyes up and saw him looking down at me with a smile on his face.  He then tossed down the rest of his drink. Releasing me, he pulled away and sat his empty glass down on the night stand.

"Time to get some shut eye," he declared turning off the bedside lamp and plunging the room into semi-darkness, the room lit now by the flashing neon sign outside our window.

He climbed into the sack and under the covers.  "Good night, Ricky.  We'll take this up again, first thing in the morning." 


Uncle Ray was serious about taking it up again first thing in the morning.  Maybe not exactly the first thing.  He rolled out of the bed, took his morning shit, hopped into the shower to refresh and wake up, then he came back into the room dripping wet.  We were out of dry towels, so he just picked the driest one up from the floor and used it, despite what was on it.

I was sitting up at the end of the too soft bed.  He came around and standing before me, pushed his dick towards me.  I knew what he wanted and grasping him by the hips, leaned forward and began blowing him, using all the tricks he'd taught me the night before, sliding it in and out with just the right amount of lip pressure and suction and moving my tongue all around.  He just stood there with his hands by his side looking down at me going down on him.

"That's it, boy.  Suck my dick!" he hissed.  "Yeah, suck it good.  Suck it right out of my fuckin' balls."

Suddenly he grunted and I felt him ejaculating into my mouth for the second time.  I yanked away from, but he grabbed my head and squirted into my face, getting it in my eye.  It stung, really stung bad and temporarily blinded me. I was so startled by this development that I gasped and when I opened my mouth, he shoved his dick back in and finished ejaculating.  This time, with my eye stinging, I swallowed.  Having finished unloading his balls, he stepped back.

I looked up at him as if to say, 'What the hell,' but he laughed and said, "You should see your face!"

"It stings," I protested looking out of my good eye.

"I know and I'm sorry, but you should have just taken it and you wouldn't have gotten hosed down," he chuckled.  "Now get your naked ass up, in the shower and get cleaned up so we can get the hell out of this dump!"

That was a good idea.  I needed to rinse out my eye in the worst way.  Of course when I got out of the shower there wasn't a clean towel to dry off with and I wasn't about to use one of the dirty towels like he did.  So dripping wet, I pulled on my drawers, a t-shirt, a pair of cut off denim shorts and slipped on my flip-flops. Uncle Ray meanwhile had taken our things to the car and had left the front door wide open as I got dressed. That's when I noticed the grinning manager was looking at me through the open door.  Uncle Ray handed him the keys and we were off. 

We caught some breakfast at a greasy spoon cafe then drove to Cumberland Gap where the west was originally opened up for settlement.  As we drove he said, "You know the manager at the motel?  The one with no teeth?  He was watching us last night through that peep hole.  He was watching us again this morning."

"How do you know that?"

"Because the pervert told me!  Said he wanted an hour with you alone and offered me twenty dollars. I told him, 'Forget it, pal!  He's private stock.' That's when you came out.  If he's said, thirty minutes for twenty dollars, I  might have taken him up on it!" he ended with a hearty laugh.

I was already totally shocked that the man had watched us doing all those dirty things and his comment about the thirty minutes went right over my head.  It took a half hour or more before I got it.  Uncle Ray told me that he was just joking and not for me to get my feathers all riled up.

Looking down at the actual gap in the mountains, I was struck by how rugged the terrain was.  Cumberland Pass may have been the best route, but no way could I imagine wagons going through the gap. Then the Ranger explained that the first settlers to cross, crossed by foot, carrying whatever they needed on their backs. I could only shake my head in wonder at their fortitude and could only imagine the hardships they had to endure to cross the gap and what they had to endure once they got to the other side and into the still rugged Kentucky country of the Cumberland Plateau.    

We ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, then Uncle Ray wanted to take a walk.  So we headed down, or rather up this trail.  After a distance, we hadn't seen another soul. Uncle Ray then goes off the path  and up the mountain side.  My flip-flops weren't exactly up to this task, but I managed scrambling up to a rocky outcrop. 

"Take all your clothes off," he told me as he caught his breath.

"Here?  Outside?"

"Yes, here.  There's no one around."

Thinking he wanted me to blow him, I thought it odd that he wasn't getting naked too.  But that's not what he had in mind.  He wanted to take photographs of me, naked out in woods! He'd brought along two SLR camera on the trip.  One loaded with color slide film, the other with black and white film.  He had the camera with the black and white film in hand.

It was so embarrassing to be standing around naked out in the open, where anyone who came by would see me.  But where we were, that was unlikely.  Still, I felt... naked. He snapped picture after picture, having me pose this way and that, like some of the skanky women in his titty magazines back home.  He had me sit on a rock and then lie down on it. 

He put the camera aside and told me, "I owe you one from this morning."  I had no idea what he was talking about until he went down on me in the woods.  The way he worked his tongue over my dick, I didn't last long and shot off in mere minutes. 

He stood, grinning and smacking lips, then told me, "Get your ass dressed before someone sees you."  Then he began descending to the trail below while I scrambled to get dressed.  I hurried down the mountainside and was thankful to see him waiting for me on the trail.  I just made it down when a man and his wife came by.  Pleasantries were exchanged and we headed back to our car.

We made it into Gatlinburg in late afternoon.  Referring to his AAA Tour Guide book, he noted several motels along the strip and sought one out that had vacancies.  In the motel office, there were all sorts of tourist info brochures about the local attractions and I grabbed a handful.

The room was much, much nicer than the run down hillbilly joint.  Nonetheless, Uncle Ray carefully checked for peep holes.  Finding none, he asked me what I wanted to do before we went to supper. We had passed a Hillbilly Putt Putt set up on the hillside and I wanted to do that.  So we did.  It was a lot more fun than the flat Putt Putt Golf place back where I used to live.  Then we found a place to eat.  Coming back in from supper, I was expecting he'd want a drink and a blowjob, but he asked me if I wanted to go swimming instead.

"We just ate," I replied.

"So what?"

"We have to wait thirty minutes after eating before going swimming," I replied and showing him that I knew my safety stuff.

"That's an old wives tale," he snorted.  "On par with you'll grow hair on the palm of your hand if you beat off. Now, do you want to go swimming or not?"

We donned our swim trunks and hit the pool. Did that ever feel good! 

There were a few other folks swimming as well, a man with two little kids, an older man and his much younger "wife", and a couple of teenage boys.  Uncle Ray and I stayed to ourselves, as did they, and we had fun playing in the water.  At one point he ran his hand up the leg of my swim trunks and goosed me.  I yelped, but no one paid any attention.  Then a little later, he came up from behind and yanked my swim trucks off my butt!  I quickly pulled them up, and sought payback, but his trucks were securely tied, whereas my trunks weren't and he got the best of me again.  Still no one paid any attention, but Uncle Ray said that I should knock it off before someone did notice.  Me knock it off!?  He started it!

The sun was down and it was getting bit chilly swimming, so we went inside.

"Strip off that wet swim suit and hang it to dry in the shower," my uncle instructed the moment the room door was shut for the night. "And hang mine up too," he added tossing me his wet swim suit. I caught it and did I was asked. 

Being rushed that morning, I hadn't taken a shit.  I need to shit now in the worst way, so I did, producing a well formed stool.

Uncle Ray had fixed himself a drink by that time and poked his head into the bath.  "Take a shower after doing that," he said, then he disappeared back into the room.

Fresh from the shower I came back into the room.  "Here, take care of this," he said wagging his cock at me.  I'd been thinking of this moment ever since we made it down from Cumberland Pass that afternoon.  He'd sucked me up on the mountainside and I knew it was my turn to do him.  I knelt before him, fondled his cock  balls for a moment or two and the proceeded to take him into my mouth.

"Look up at me while you blow me," he instructed.  So I looked up and watched him calmly take a sip of his whiskey, then he after he swallowed he grinned at me.

"Be sure and lick my balls this time," he told me.  So I slipped his hard-on from my mouth and proceeded to root around his ball sack licking it.

"Be sure and get behind my balls..." I did and licked precariously close to his anus.

"Lick my butt hole."

I shot up and told him, "No!"

"Then suck my dick."  I took him back into my mouth and did my best with my lips and my tongue as I bobbed my head on his erection.

"Look at me while you suck me off," he said, so I cut my eyes up at him looking serenely down at me.

"Yeah, I'm gonna blow soon," he whispered.  "So get ready to take it. Ummmmm, fuck... Gettin' close.  Gettin' close... Arrrggghhhh!"

I was ready for it when he shot off into the back of my throat.  I swallowed and swallowed the next shot and the following shot.  Soon it was just lazily gushing out onto my tongue as the throbs of his cock began to wane.  I kept sucking as he grew soft in my mouth, milking every last drop of his cum from his dick. 

He bodily jerked breathlessly declaring ,"That's enough!" as he pushed me away. I realized that his cock was too sensitive for me to continue, so I went after his balls once again.

"Fuck! I think I've created a cock sucking monster," he laughed as he again pushed me away.  "That's enough for now.  Okay?

"Tell you what," he continued. "I could really use a good butt rubbing.  My poor butt gets tired of being sat on all the time and then ignored."  With that he flopped down on one of the beds face down.  Eager to please, I climbed in bed with him and proceed to rub and kneed his hairy butt cheeks.

"Ooooo, that feels good, Ricky," he praised.

I switched from rubbing both cheeks at once to rubbing just one at a time.  When I pushed out, I noticed his butt crack opening up, so I pushed ever harder and harder until I was peeling him open and exposing his dark hole buried deep within.

"Damn, you know, I think I'm going keep you," he said softly.  "Yeah, you're worth keeping around."

I stopped pushing his buttocks apart and just rubbed on them again.  Soon I was cupping his cheeks and once again opening him up.  Then I slipped a hand down deep into the canyon and soon ran across his asshole.  He let me rub on it all I wanted and didn't object when I pushed a finger into him up to the second knuckle.  He was too dry to finger fuck, so after worming the finger in, I pulled it out, only to worm it back in again.

"Okay, that's good, Ricky," he said as he rolled away from me, "real good.  You're really showing some initiative." 

He rose from the bed saying, "I'll be right back."

Seconds later he came carrying  what appeared to me to be a tube of toothpaste, but it wasn't a brand I recognized.  Setting the tube down on the nightstand he said, "Okay, Ricky, it's your turn."  I was expecting him to suck my dick, but instead he told me to lie on my stomach.  I rolled over like he said.  Then he stuffed a pillow under my hips and told me to spread my legs.  Then he proceed to rub my ass, sort like the way I rubbed his ass, only he'd get way down between my legs and rub my nut sack every now and then.  And as he worked my glut muscles, he'd sometimes rubbed into butt cleft.  Soon he was down in my butt cleft and was rubbing my asshole.

"You don't mind me touching you like this, do you?" he asked as he rubbed over my anus. 

I shook my head and replied, "No."

His hands left my butt.  I saw him reach for what I believed to be toothpaste.  He opened the tube and squirted some onto the fingers of one hand.  I'd never seen colorless toothpaste before. Then he returned his attention to my butt.  With the fingers of one hand he spread my butt cheeks apart and then I jumped as the cold wet fingers of the other hand touched my asshole.  He rubbed around a little, then he pushed a finger up my butt with relative ease.  I grunted at the unexpected intrusion.  

"Does that feel nice?"

Nice wasn't quite the right word for it, but I nodded silently as he began finger fucking my ass.  He did that for a moment, pulled out, put more of the colorless slippery stuff on his fingers, then pushed deep it into my asshole. 

"Holding his middle finger in me he commented, "You must have had a good shit awhile ago."  I didn't answer and he began working his finger in my ass.  It was no longer uncomfortable at all and he seemed in no hurry to stop.  Indeed, he took his finger out several times and added more and more of the slippery stuff to work into my ass.

"I'm going to fuck your ass," he whispered.  Thinking that he was talking about what he was already doing, I silently nodded, unwittingly giving him the go ahead to sodomize my virgin ass.

He pulled out once again. But this time he climbed over my back.  I felt his knob nestle against my semi-lax anus and felt the increasing pressure.  Finally I realized what he was  about to do, but it was too late.  Suddenly he breached my anus and the head of his cock lodged behind my sphincter. 

"Uuunnhhh!" I grunted.  It didn't hurt per se, but I felt a wave of nausea sweep over me. Thankfully the nausea passed quickly.  I should be thankful that I had passed a well formed turd just before any of this happened, as my anus was already stretched somewhat, like a runner who stretched his hamstring before the big event. 

"Are you okay?" he asked.  I suppose I was and I guess I said so or nodded because he pushed another half inch of his cock into me.  As he drove more and more dick up my ass, I remember not so much any discomfort, but the feeling of being full, very full.  After what seemed like long time, he was as deep as he was going to get.  He paused held still, letting my ass get accustomed to the invading cock.

"Okay, Ricky.  You're doing real good, boy, real good.  Now I'm going to begin fucking you.  Tell me if it hurts." He pulled back a little and shoved it back in, a little out and back in, a little further out and then back in.  At first it did hurt a little, but that soon passed and I just felt incredibly full.  Soon he was taking long steady strokes.

"You sure you've never been fucked in the ass before?" he asked.  I shook my head, more or less unable to form words. "Could've fooled me."

He pulled completely out, squirted some of his slippery stuff up my ass and pushed his dick back up me.  That helped, helped  a lot as it eased the way considerably.  Soon he was pounding my ass and it just kept feeling better and better. 

Since I had sucked him off before, he had a lot of stamina to plunder my virgin ass, but after I don't know how long, he shot his wad up my butt and was finished for the night.

He rolled off my back and off the bed.  Soon he was back, telling me to get up on my hands and knees, then to reach back a spread my ass open.  Down went my head again as I did what I was told.  There was a flash of a strobe, a soft clicking and another strobe lit up the room. 

"You should see your asshole," he chuckled.  "Then again, maybe you shouldn't.  But don't worry, it will close up real soon and you'll be as good as used."  Apparently he thought his little joke was funny because he had a good laugh.  The strobe flashed again. 

"Okay, now roll over onto your back... hike those legs and show me your asshole."  At that moment I wasn't sure if I should laugh or to cry.  As I was an eleven year old boy, the crying was out, so I laughed as he snapped some of the most humiliating photos ever taken of me.  But that was all soon forgotten, or at least pushed way back in my mind.

"This trip has worked out better than I ever imagined," he said as he put away the camera for the moment.

"What's worked out?" I had to ask.

"Breaking you in," he replied.  "This has gone much smoother than I thought it would and much faster too. You're okay with it all, aren't you?"

At that point I could only agree. Oh, I guess I could have complained and said that he took advantage of me, which he did, but I was eleven and loved my Uncle Ray.  He was fun to be with and like a second father to me. I trusted him completely.

And to demonstrate that he was being fair with me, he offered to let me fuck him in ass.  I tried.  Actually I did fuck his asshole, but with his large buttocks and my immature junior-size prick, I couldn't really put it to him like he put it to me, not even close.  Another example of the fact that life just isn't fair all the time.  I did get it in a little ways and with no problem; it was as easy as pushing my dick through his lips, but I just didn't have the length to get all in.  And it felt really weird too.  It's hard to describe, sort of a warm, mushy feeling.  And I suppose my prostate was charged and ready to blow before I even started, for I didn't last long before I came.  When I looked into the canyon, he did wink his asshole at me and a dribble of my cum ran out of him. I remember thinking, "Ewwww."

It was back to shower for us and then we crashed for the night, snuggled up in the other bed that wasn't loaded with cold, clammy pecker tracks.


Uncle Ray fucked me in the ass first thing in the morning, then he sucked me off.  I had to shower again, but I made it quick, but taking enough time to feel around my open hole and stick three fingers up my ass with no problem.  Dressed for the day, we caught breakfast at a pancake house, then  headed into the park. First stop was the Visitors Center where I gawked at the panorama displays of park animals and terrain.  Uncle Ray bought me a Smoky Mountain t-shirt, then we took off for Clingman Dome, the highest spot in the park.  Then it was back down to Newfound Gap, where the Appalachian Trail crosses the highway.  Uncle Ray had to walk a ways on the trail.  I expected him to drag me off in the bushes any moment to give him a blowjob, but there were too many people about. 

Leaving Newfound Gap we descended to the eastern entrance to the park and walked around Cherokee.  I thought all the Indian stuff was pretty neat, but Uncle Ray dismissed it as a bunch of junk. Even so, he broke down and bought me a dream catcher.  Not an elaborate one, but one the simpler, cheaper ones.  Thinking back on it, I'm certain that if he hadn't already had my ass, he would have bought me whatever I wanted to grease the deal for sodomy.  Now he didn't need to do that.  My ass was his for the taking and he took it several more times before we got home.

And back at the motel later that afternoon, he did just that and sodomized me for the third time, which was the second that day.  That was after I blew him and he lasted a long time again.  Me, I got my dick sucked a couple of times before we went to sleep that night and I tried to butt fuck him, but with even worse luck than I had the night before.


In the morning Uncle Ray said he needed to lay off my ass for a few days or else I might not be able to control my bowels.  He had me suck him off and lick his balls instead.  Me, I was told to get dressed and put on my new Smoky Mountain t-shirt and not to put on underwear, explaining that out in the woods he just might get the urge and he didn't want to fool with underwear.  He didn't explain what kind of urge he was talking about, but at that point he really didn't have to.

We went to Cades Cove and drove the loop where we saw several black bears and group of wild turkeys.  The old log cabins were pretty neat and the old grist mill was beyond cool to me.  Coming back, we stopped and hiked, or rather walked to Laurel Falls. That was pretty hike, and not too strenuous, but there were again, lots of folks about, so my uncle restrained his base urges.  Back in Gatlinburg the traffic was horrendous.  Annoyed that he couldn't get to our motel, he turned off the main road and tried to work his way through some back streets. First thing we know and we're back in the park on  a one-way road.  Nothing to do, but drive as there were cars behind us.  It turned out to a very pretty drive and Uncle Ray was glad he stumbled upon it.

That evening, keeping to his plan to lay off my ass for a day or two, we just had oral sex.  Lots of oral sex.  We both slept soundly that night.


Leaving Gatlinburg, we headed south and around the park to Bryce City, North Carolina.  Along the way we stopped at this spectacular water fall.  We stopped for a long time while Uncle Ray sought to photograph it with the light available.  He wasn't satisfied, but he said we were running out of time, so we continued on to Bryce City where we were to take a train ride that afternoon through the mountains and go white water rafting the next day. Boy was I excited about that!

We got into town and parked near the train depot.  Uncle Ray was nervous because he thought we were running late, but as it turned out we had plenty of time to catch some lunch before the next train departed.  But before he bought the tickets, he ran into a guy he knew from back home.  He was introduced to me as Mr. Randy.  He and his son were going to take the same train as we were!  Then his son ran up.  He was the same age as I was!  I quickly learned that they too planned to go white water rafting tomorrow!  Wow!  What luck!  Having someone my own age to pal around with for a few days was just as exciting as the planned adventures!

We four caught a sandwich nearby, then rushed to board the train.  What luck!  They were assigned the same train car as we were!  It had a roof, but the sides were open so you could see the sights.  However, the seating was assigned and the train was packed.  Solution, I sat with Johnny while Uncle Ray sat with Mr. Randy. What fun we had! At first it was exciting just to get underway.  But it was a long trek out of town, or so it seemed to two impatient boys and we soon grew a bit bored.  Then things picked up as we crossed a large lake and the scenery improved ten-fold.  Leaving the lake behind we started following a river.  Soon we were seeing rubber rafts coming down the rapids.  Wow!  We're going to be doing that tomorrow!  For a long time we followed the fast flowing river upstream.  Of course we took breaks to weasel some money from our adult companions for popcorn and whatever, but for the most part we just watched as raft after raft came down stream filled with folks, some screaming, some just hanging on as if their very lives depended upon it.  Finally we got to a rather flat area, the train slowed down and crawled to a stop.  Here were able to get out and walk around this little village that made it's living off tourists who wanted to go rafting or kayaking.

Randy and I wanted to just get off the damned train and get in a raft, but that idea was vetoed.

The train ride downhill back to the depot seemed to go much faster.  That is until we came into town and the train began to crawl. Johnny and I by that time were more than ready to get off as there was a model train museum we wanted to see and it was getting late. By the time we disembarked, it was too late and the museum was closed to our disappointment.  Still we had the white water rafting tomorrow to look forward to.

We had supper together, then Uncle Ray went to find the motel we had reservations for.  It was a little ways out of town, but we found it without any trouble, checked in and began settling in.  It was one of those old motor courts with the separate cabins with a kitchenette. The one we got was very nice, having been recently remodeled. I, of course, was immediately dispatched to get a bucket of ice for my uncle.  Then it was get naked time. Free of his clothes, Uncle Ray fixed himself a drink and told me to get busy with his cock. 

So I'm on my knees and had just slurped his semi-flaccid organ between my lips when the there was a knock at the door.  Uncle Ray pulled away from me and went to the door.

"Who is it?" he called out.

There was muffled answer and then Uncle Ray opened the door and let them in!  It was Mr. Randy and Johnny!  And there I was bare butt naked with my bare butt naked uncle.  What would they think?

"You haven't started without us, have you," inquired Mr. Randy as he stepped inside behind my new friend, Johnny.

"No, not at all.  Just getting a little suck from my butt boy," my uncle laughed securing the locks.

"Fix you a drink?  I have whiskey and water."

"Sounds good," Mr. Randy said as he set down a bag of groceries on the kitchen counter while checking out my nude body.

"Ricky, fix Randy a drink," my uncle said. "You've seen me do it enough times to know how it's done."  So, I turned my back to them and began filling a glass with ice.  I poured the glass a third of the way up with whiskey and then topped it off with water.  I had just finished that when I felt a hand run over my bare butt. 

"Nice butt," Mr. Randy declared with a chuckle.

Then holding his hand on my ass, he turned his head and said, "Johnny!  What the fuck are you waiting for?  Get your ass naked, boy!"

"Yes, sir," replied Johnny somewhere behind me.

Running his hand over my buns once again he said, "This is going to be fun."  Then reaching over my shoulder, he took his drink and turned away.

I turned around and saw that Johnny had indeed gotten naked. And he didn't appear to be upset about it in the least.

"You boys seemed to have hit off really good today," Mr. Randy said before taking a sip of his drink.

Then to Uncle Ray he said, "My boy is ready.  Is yours?"

"He'll do what he's told," my uncle replied.

"Okay, boys.  You two are going to be the entertainment for tonight, " Johnny's dad said. "You won't be asked to do anything you haven't done before. So let's begin with a little dance competition," he said as he began removing his clothes.

'A dance competition?  I can't dance!' I thought to myself while Uncle Ray fiddled with the TV. 

He found MTV on the TV and said, "Let's get this sex party rolling!"

Johnny immediately began moving to the beat, wiggling around lewdly and shaking his stuff.  I tried my best to imitate him, but I wasn't following all his moves and gave up and just hopped around awkwardly.  To my surprise I was declared the winner of round one.  For round two, I was stood upon the credenza and moved around to  the music while everyone else laughed and hooted it up.  Then it was Johnny's turn up on the credenza.  Then it was my turn again.  To my chagrin, my uncle whipped out his camera and took pictures of me wigging about nude. 

Then it was decided that we should dance together.  I climbed down and as I started to dance with Johnny, nearly knocked the TV of the cabinet. With disaster barely avoided, we jiggled around nude for the entertainment of the two adults,  who often made comments about our bodies as if we couldn't hear.  Mr. Randy particularly liked the shape and fullness of my butt.  I didn't mind that too much, but Uncle Ray liked the fact that Johnny's cock was bigger than mine.  I wasn't supposed to hear that, but I did.  I didn't like that, even though it was evidently true, but then Johnny was a year older than me and taller.

The next performance was to be on the bed without music.  I was directed to sit up with my back against the headboard and Johnny was to more or less lie beside me.  Uncle Ray brought out camera loaded with B W film. At first it was Johnny playing with my dick, then sucking my dick while Uncle Ray took picture after picture, moving about to change the angle and get the very best shot possible.  Then we switched places with him sitting up with his back against the headboard and me lying beside him playing with his dick. I was a little hesitant at first to suck Johnny's dick, as I had never sucked anyone before except Uncle Ray and I knew Uncle Ray wouldn't do anything gross like pee in my mouth.  I wasn't nearly as confident about Johnny not doing that.  After all, he was kid like me and I knew what kids like me did sometimes just as a joke.

"Come on, Ricky.  Suck his dick," my uncle fussed at me.  So, hoping for the best, I sucked his dick while Uncle Ray took pictures of it.  Then I began worrying about who might see these pictures. The ones my uncle took of just me, he promised that no one would see them but him and me.  But what of these pictures?  Would Mr. Randy want copies?  And who might he show them to?  It was a worry, but I put it aside for the moment.

We were moved about the bed in various poses with one of us blowing the other.  Sometimes my uncle would intervene and position us just so for the shot he wanted.  The idea wasn't to get each other off, I soon realized, but to give Uncle Ray's camera the largest number of variations in positioning and technique as possible in the shortest amount of time. It was a lesson in modeling for the camera.

Then we were to blow each other in what I now knew was a 69.  Until the very week, I had no idea what the big deal was about the number 69, only that it was somehow a dirty number. I sniggered at it along with my equally clueless classmates, but then maybe they did know what it meant.  Now, after having done it with Uncle Ray, I knew exactly what it referred to.

We took a break.  Not so much to give Johnny and me a rest, but because Mr. Randy was so worked up watching us that he wanted to suck Uncle Ray's cock and have Uncle Ray suck his cock.  So Johnny and I watched them go down on each other on the other bed.  To Johnny, this was old hat stuff, but to me, I'd never seen anything like it.  True, I'd just done it and I'd done it with Uncle Ray, but now I was now an observer and not a participant.

Over a drink, Uncle Ray showed Mr. Randy how to use his camera.  Then Mr. Randy told Johnny to suck my uncle's cock, which he did while his dad took pictures of it!  I pretty well figured out what would be next, and sure enough after a roll of film was shot up, Uncle Ray took the camera from Mr. Randy and told me that it was my turn.

I climbed off the bed.  Mr. Randy sat on the edge of the other bed.  Uncle Ray waved his hand at me to get on with it.  Mr. Randy spread his knees to give me room.  I knelt between his legs.  For a moment I just studied his cock.  Like me and like Johnny, he had been circumcised, so the head wasn't covered at anytime with foreskin.  Ascetically. I thought it was very pleasing.  It was bigger than Uncle Ray's, I noted, a little longer and little thicker too, and the knob was broader rather than arrow shaped.  And the knob was darker, a medium brown without any hint of pinkishness. 

"Suck his dick, Ricky," I heard my uncle say.  He was already snapping pictures of me handling it while examining it, so what was his rush?  Not wanting to annoy my uncle, I took the cock into my mouth.  What a difference a little extra thickness makes!  I'd noticed it with Johnny's much thinner dick, but the extra heft of this cock was immediately noticeable. 

"Okay, Randy, stand up."  Mr. Randy stood breaking contact with me.

"Ricky, do I have to tell you everything?  Suck his dick!"

Still on my knees, I shuffled around to where I could get to Mr. Randy's cock. I remembered that I should look up when I was blowing him and saw him  look down at me with a grin as I captured his cock with my mouth once again.

As my uncle directed, he put his hands on or took them off my head.  Me, sometimes I'd be told to take as much of his dick as I could, other times to take it out. 

"Come on, Ricky, I want to see sloppy wet saliva dripping from his cock," my uncle would say and I'd try to give it to him, getting myself all wet in the process.

I must have been doing good because my uncle praised, "Yeah, that's great! Make like the drooling cocksucker you are!"

Cocksucker?  I was a cocksucker?  My old friends at school threw around that term and it wasn't a positive thing to be called.  Now I understood what they meant. Of course it made sense; if you sucked cock you're a cocksucker and I was sucking cock.

"Now lick his balls."  I licked his balls.  "Get under the sack." I nuzzled in under his nut sack and licked.

"Okay, that's it for this roll of film," my uncle announced, "so that's a wrap." 

While Uncle Ray put away his camera, Mr. Randy turned off all but one light.  They crawled in the sack together and turned off the remaining light. 


The morning started off pretty much like most mornings on this trip, with me giving my uncle a good morning blowjob.  Johnny did the same for his dad. Then we tooted each other's skin flute.

The night before, Mr. Randy had hauled in dry cereal and milk, along with Honey Buns for breakfast.  We then showered, dressed, checked out and headed out to catch a white water rafting trip.  The trip itself was even better than I imagined it would be.  Better than any roller coaster I've ever been on!  And we got soaked!  But, for me, it was much too quick, but Uncle Ray just wouldn't spring for a redo. 

From there Mr. Randy and Johnny headed out to a beach house on the Atlantic coast where they were to meet up with some friends of Mr. Randy.  I nagged Uncle Ray about the Model Railroad Museum. He took me, but was impatient to get back on the road.  From there we headed to Cherokee where we ate lunch, then picked up the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Cool road! Winding with lots of tunnels.  The going was slow, but that was okay as it was a pretty drive with lots of scenery.   We stopped for the night in Asheville, NC.  Ate, then found a motel for the night.  This one was pretty nice and we went swimming before turning in.  I guess Uncle Ray was tired from the twisting road as he didn't mess with me too much.  I just blew him on the bed.  He shot off, rolled over and went right to sleep, leaving me to jack off.


Back on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  After an hour or so we took a side road up to the top of Mt. Mitchell, the tallest mountain east of the Mississippi.  From there we drove to near the Virginia boarder, where we got off and headed back towards home.  Uncle Ray was a lot more frisky that night and buggered my butt pretty good.


Not much to say.  Uncle Ray cut across West Virginia back to Ohio. By that time we had both had enough of driving.  Jamestown and Yorktown would have to wait for another trip.

I guess West Virginia was pretty, but I didn't pay too much attention.  That night we stopped just a few hours from home where Uncle Ray had another go at my ass.  At least he sucked my dick in return.

We arrived back home around noon


I was excited to see that my dad was there and not out on the road.  Grandma was happy to see me too. She fed us and Uncle Ray went home.  Dad wanted to know all about the trip, so I told him.  All except the sex stuff. Uncle Ray had said that I could tell him about that too, if I wanted.  I didn't think it was such a good idea.

After supper that night, Dad went over to see Uncle Ray, leaving me with Grandma.  But that was okay, as she had fixed a chocolate                                                             meringue pie, just especially for me.  A couple of hours later, Dad came home and announced that he needed to get to bed, as he was leaving on another  trip early in the morning.  So I had my bath and went to bed with him.

We crawled into bed in our underwear.  After nearly two weeks of sleeping in the buff, it felt a little odd to be wearing anything, but I really didn't have a say in the matter. 

Dad rolled to his side towards me and asked, "Is there anything that you forgot to mention about your trip?"

I had a pretty good idea what he was getting at, but decided the safest course was to play dumb. "Um, I don't think so.  Oh!  We saw some wild turkeys in Cades Cove."

"I'm not talking about turkeys," he said.

"Let me put it to you another way.  Are you okay with everything that happened on the trip?"

"Yeah,  guess so," I replied still playing coy.

"Even when you met up with Randy Higgs and his stepson?"

"Stepson?  I thought Johnny was his son."

"No, he's his stepson.  His mother married Randy.  After a few years she took off with some guy and left Johnny with Randy."

"Oh, I didn't know that."

"Well, you do now.

"So, I'm going to ask you again and I want you to be perfectly honest with me. Are you okay with EVERYTHING that happened on the trip?"

"Everything?... Yeah, I am."

"Then you wouldn't mind spending more time with Uncle Ray?"

"Can I?" I replied maybe a little too eagerly.

"He wants you to come over for a sleepover this coming Friday night. Are you up for that?"

"Yes!"  Near the end of the trip I was beginning to think that Uncle Ray was getting tired of me being around all the time. Especially when he didn't ask if I wanted to come over earlier with Dad. 

"Well, it's okay by me," he said. 

With that he rolled way and turned off the bedside lamp. After a minute or so, I felt his hand move across my chest  and then descend to my pecker. He groped me for a moment, then slid his hand in my underwear. 

Fondling me he asked in a very low voice.  "Is it okay that I do this?  If it's not, I'll stop."

"It's okay..."

"Good.  Then take your underwear off."

I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my briefs and tugged them down.

"No, take them all the way off," he whispered so that Granma wouldn't hear, not that she could hear all that well even if you were two feet away from her. A moment later and I was kicking them off my ankles.  His hand immediately returned to fondle and caress my boyish pecker. 

"Your Uncle Ray told me that you were a good boy.  A very good boy."  He then took my hand and placed it on his bare cock.  When did he get naked?  I realized then that that was why he moved around so much after turning off the light.

Dad became erect in my hand. Even before he was fully hard, I knew that his cock was bigger than Uncle Ray's.  Bigger than even Mr. Randy's.  He was both longer and bigger than either of them.

With a light touch I gently explored my father's cock.

"That feels nice, Ricky," he whispered. "But what I really want you to do is... suck on it.  Will you do that for me?"

I guess I could have said 'no', but I didn't.  I really didn't even think about it too much and scooted under the covers until I could rub my face against it.  Starting off by licking the shaft, I soon was licking and mouthing the large head.  Quickly there was a change in the taste, from more or less neutral to salty and slippery.  I opened wide and took him into my mouth.  There wasn't much room for me to lash it with my tongue, but I did my best, concentrating primarily on not scrapping him with my teeth.  He never complained, so I guess I was successful at that.

I was a bit disappointed when he pulled out before cumming in my mouth. I tried to reattach my lips to his cock, but he pushed me away.

"Roll onto your side," he said in a whisper so he wouldn't be heard.  I rolled facing away from him.  He moved around a bit and soon felt the cold lube being slathered on my asshole. A moment later and I felt the broad knob of his cock pressing against my anus.

"I'm bigger than your uncle," he said, "so this might hurt a little."  With that he jabbed his hips forward and rammed his thick dick all the way into my rectum.

"Hummmpphh!" I grunted. 

"Shhhh," he hissed in my ear.

He pulled back and ran it back in to me. "Hummmpphh!"

"Shhhh.  Don't wake your grandmother."

He pulled back and ran it back in to me again. "Hummmpphh!" I grunted, but much softer.

"That's a good boy," my dad told me and got on with fucking my ass.