The benefits of cone paper cups at airport

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Most people don't know that the original paper cups were conical. At first, the cone paper cups were made by hand and glued together. They were easy to separate, so as to be used as soon as possible. Later folding cups added pleats to the side walls to increase the strength of the side walls and the durability of the cup, but it was difficult to print patterns on these folding surfaces.

cone paper cups
Nowadays, the cone paper cups are common at airports where they are not easy to place, so people have to hold the cups until they have finished drinking, and then throw them away. For cylindrical cups, it may be common for someone to leave the cup without finishing the water. Undoubtedly, that is wasteful. Thus, water cups at airports, are usually very small cylindrical cups or cone paper cups.
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Of course, in general, the cone-shaped design must be considered to save resources, but what are the specific advantages?
First, because cone paper cups cannot be placed randomly like ordinary paper cups, users will basically throw the cups directly into the trash can after using them, so as to reduce the phenomenon of random throwing. That helps protect the public health. Environment. Second, to save water, in the same height of the size of the cylinder and the conical paper cup, the conical paper cup volume is only 1/3 of the cylinder. That's why some airports use very small round cups, as a cup is only a mouthful. Third, saving paper materials. Cylindrical paper cup needs two pieces of paper, the use of more materials. Cone paper cups are made from less material and cost less to make, making them cheaper and more durable than regular cylindrical cups.

As a perfect complement to any water cooler, cone paper cups are the ideal choice for those looking to provide an easy, accessible, and hygienic way to hydrate. It’s characteristics making it necessary to dispose of after drinking. And the tight seal seam of materials ensures leak proof performance.Single use disposable cone paper cups keep the indoor/outdoor environments cleaner and healthier.
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Cone paper cups promote good personal hygiene in drinking fountains and help reduce cross-contamination associated with drinking fountain use. These disposable cone paper cups also reduce trash around the workplace and on tables or other surfaces, because they can't sit down or stay on top of water coolers. Everyone knows that these cups are great for any water dispenser in the workplace, medical facility or gym, but sometimes conical cups can also be used around the house and office for different tasks and crafts.
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