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Tell us about your sex experience with Russian escort girls. We all know that Russian escort is well-known for their youth and beauty.

Does beauty enhance the sex experience?
Do youth gives erotic pleasure?
What happens to your body, mind, and soul during sex?

Sex also has many benefits in terms of psychology, health, and many more. On the contrary, overindulgence or addiction can ruin your life.

So let's talk about everything here.
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I'm starting first with my sex experience at Udaipur. I work for Sonam Escorts for the Udaipur escort service.

I had a booking. It was 8 PM in the evening and I was cooking. I received a booking from Sonam Escorts. I live in my own flat. A guy was about to come at 9 PM.

So I cooked fast and ate. He arrived at my home. He was 6 feet tall, had a good physique, and good looking. I had never had a sexual experience with guys like him.

We started a discussion before having sex. He was talking about his past problems and asking questions about mine.

After a few moments, we started kissing each other. We kissed each other deeply. After that, we removed our clothes.

The foreplay was about 30 minutes. I had different feelings about this guy. The feelings went deep down. We lost our control.

To be continued...