All Shapes and Sizes Are Represented

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Jan probably should have deleted the e-mail, but the allure of a few free bras was just too much of temptation. There must be catch. There must be. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. However, with Jan’s generous endowment, comfortable and reasonably priced bras were not easy to come by. She was also terribly curious about the unusually detailed email.

The email read as follows:

Subject: We would like to give you 5 free G-cup bras, tailored to your exact measurements. We promise you will not find a more comfortable bra in your collection.
Dear Ms. Thomas,
I hope this email finds you well.

I also hope you will not find this overly intrusive, but our marketing research team has determined that you are frequently shopping for G-cup bras and other clothing items one might expect of a woman with a bust that substantial.

As I’m sure you have discovered, lingerie and most clothing is not tailored to a woman of your proportions.

Our clothing company, All Shapes/All Sizes has made it our mission to provide high quality, comfortable and fashionable clothing for woman of all body shapes.

We would like to extend a personal invitation to visit at flagship store at the address below. Please contact us at your earliest convenience to make appointment.

And yes, you read correctly, we will be gifting you 5 free bras after meeting with our professional bra fitter. There is no obligation to purchase anything and we will happily remove you from our mailing list if you no longer wish to be contacted by us.

Jan wondered for a moment who was tracking her purchases, but then realized, it was probably everyone. Everything in the email was true. Buying clothes for her size was a nightmare. True, she was quite busty, but the rest of her was very fit. Everything she bought either d****d over her like a mu-mu or was obscenely revealing, which she did not mind so much, except for the fact it was highly distracting as a high school teacher.

When she called to make the appointment, they seemed so delighted that she was going to stop in. They were even more delighted when Jan said she had time that very evening to come by. She was rather surprised they stayed open so late.

Jan arrived at All Shapes/All Sizes (or ASAS as the reps were calling it) around 8. Most of the other stores in the mall were starting to close down.

At first glance, the store front looked like any other upscale clothing boutique...with one major difference. The mannequins in the window certainly represented a wide range of female forms. From tiny waifs, to towering amazons and everything in between. Jan stopped to look at a mannequin that seemed to match her shape fairly well. It was odd seeing a mannequin with such a prominent bust. As Jan peered in, her reflection laid over the blank face of the mannequin almost exactly.

Inside ASAS, it was nothing like a clothing boutique. It was more like an upscale spa lobby. There wasn’t a reception desk...there was a bar.

There were no racks of clothes inside. Just comfortable lounge seating which seemed to be filled with, just like the mannequins. Everyone had a drink in their hand and the conversation seemed lively.

Before Jan had a chance to find a representative, a short Indian woman, approached her and greeted her warmly.

“You must be Jan,” she said definitively, and she held out her hand. “I’m Zara. I’m so glad you could come.”

Jan tilted her head down. Zara was probably almost a foot shorter than her. And like Jan, she had a rather prominent bust on a pretty small body. Her clothes however, looked immaculately tailored. She wondered if the button-down oxford she was wearing was hand sewn to fit her unusual measurements. She was quite beautiful as well. Friendly smile. Jan shook her hand.

“Should I be worried that you knew who I was?” Jan asked, half-joking.

Zara laughed though. “Well let’s see, not too many other five-foot-ten, G-cup women on my schedule tonight, so it was a fairly educated guess.” Zara walked Jan towards the bar.

“So what’s your poison?”

“I see,” said Jan, again, half-joking, “you get the ladies all liquored up so they’ll buy more clothes. I’ve been to wedding dress fitting before...I know how this works....however I will have a Vodka tonic if you’re offering.”

The bartender, a slip of a girl, acknowledged the order and began fixing the drink.

“I’ll have the same,” said Zara. Zara looked around the room, as if confused.

“How could we be liquoring you up to buy more clothes?” she said. “What clothes? I don’t see any clothes here.”

Jan looked around as well. She was right. There weren’t any clothes. Just a dozen ladies enjoying drinks, probably with other representatives as well.

“Wow,” said Jan. “You guys are going to go out of business soon if you’ve got nothing to sell. But I will keep stopping by for drinks.”

The bartender slid the girls their drinks. Out of habit, Jan went for her purse to tip. Zara stopped her. She picked up her glass and raised it to a toast.

“A toast, Jan,” she said. “Let us drink to clothes that fit us well. To bras that support us and to the company that makes that possible. To All Shapes! And All Sizes!”

They clinked glasses and sipped. The V&T was delicious. Top shelf. And that subtle taste of lime. Jan thought, This just might become my new watering hole.

“So if you don’t sell clothes, what’s the racket here?” Jan asked. “Wait, you’re not going to kidnap me and sell me to someone who has a taste for women like me are you? ” This time Jan was mostly joking.

Zara laughed so hard she spit out some of her drink. “Who TOLD you!?” she exclaimed. “First off...we DO sell clothes...just not here. If you buy from us...and I assure you there is no obligation to do so...the clothes will be shipped directly to your home.”

“How will I know if they’ll fit?”

Zara grinned. It looked almost evil.

“Why don’t we have a seat and I’ll explain our evil plan.” She indicated to a couple of over-stuffed chairs that had just been vacated. She took Jan by the arm and led her over. Normally, Jan was not be so comfortable with such an intimate gesture, but this woman was quite lovely, very charming, and if truth be told, Jan sort of fetishized Indian women. Jan was married; quite happily. Had several daughters. But for some reason she’d never quite been able to fully explain, she was insanely attracted to Indian women. She loved the color of their skin, they way they dressed and she always imagined them as her lovers. Something about the contrast of her pale skin against their darkness. She also imagined them bossing her around. Being in control. In her fantasy, she imagined these women ordering her to perform various sex acts on them. If Jan was being honest with herself, she imagined Zara as one of these women now.

They sat in unbelievably comfortable recliners. Jan just wanted to melt into the cushions. She took another sip.

“So Jan,” Zara began. “I don’t want to shock you...but there is a torrent of information about you on the internet.”

“I’m not shocked.” Jan said. “I really should update my privacy settings.”

“Yes, but if you had, we wouldn’t be meeting today, having drinks together,” countered Zara. “So I’m sure you figured out that we knew your bra size and your other clothing purchases from your on-line shopping habits.”

“Yes....I figured as much.”

“Okay,” Zara said, a bit more tentatively, “Now promise me you won’t run screaming....”

Zara leaned forward and picked up a tablet that was on the coffee table between them. She typed in a few things and handed the tablet to Jan, who was appropriately shocked.

On the tablet were photos of Jan. She began to swipe through them. She recognized most of them coming from facebook feeds and other social media posts. Jan at school. Jan out for the evening. Jan at the pool. Jan at the beach. In formal wear. In casual wear. In a swimsuit.

“This is what we call, ‘Highly targeted marketing’” Zara said. Not only do we have a good idea of your build, we also know what you like...what we don’t know however....”

Zara took another drink. A pause for dramatic effect.

“...are your exact measurements. And I mean, down to the millimeter. What ASAS does is create clothes that are tailored for you, and only you. That’s what we do here. And that’s why we target women with...unusual body proportions. We know how difficult it can be to find good clothes. I mean, think about the fashion industry. Their M.O. Is to design clothes for 0 size models and then size up for all the other sizes without any consideration for varying body types. It’s a wonder anything fits on normal people at all. I mean look at me.”

Jan was still scrolling through the photos. She looked up at Zara.

“I’m no height and all tits. I think ASAS is a godsend.”

“And how exactly do get such precise measurements?” Jan inquired. Admittedly she was quite curious.

Zara pointed at the many doors in the back of store. “We have fitting rooms...but not the ones your familiar with. Inside these rooms we have cameras that take detailed scans of your body. It takes only a few minutes. And when you’re done, we can tailor clothes that will fit you perfectly. We even send you an online catalog...featuring you as the model, wearing these clothes. If you’ve got a VR set up, we can show you what the look like in 3D even. Would you like to take a look?”

Jan was definitely curious now. She got up, but almost stumbled back into her chair. That drink had quite a kick.

Zara took her back to one of the fitting room. Behind the door was a completely empty room, save for a floor length video screen in the front. There were two ‘footprints’ on the floor facing the screen, presumable where one stood. There was a small chair off to one side.

“Would you like to give it a try, or would you like me to give you a demonstration?” Zara asked.

“Go ahead and show me what happens,” Jan said, half curious, but mostly interested in seeing if the scan involved removing some clothing. How naughty of me Jan thought. Wanting to see this woman strip down to her underwear..

Zara smiled. “All right. Have a seat there, it won’t block any of the cameras.”

And with that, Zara began to get undressed. Jan was in heaven. She’d never had a real encounter with an Indian had always been just a fantasy fueled by plenty of specialized pornography. Lewd thoughts formed within her.

She loved seeing Zara in her underwear. A beautiful lacey white bra and matching thong. It really fit her breasts well and thong showed off her ass to great effect. She loved the contrasting dark and light.

Jan was rather shocked though, when Zara removed her bra and panties. She was not expecting that at all.

“Oh my goodness!” she exclaimed. “I didn’t realize you have to get naked! I’m sorry to put you through this trouble!”

Zara turned to her, completely unashamed of her nakedness.

“Oh I’m sorry,” she said. “I should have said something before, you know, getting butt naked in front of you.”

Jan did everything in her power not to look at Zara’s body...but she felt her eyes being drawn to her beautiful breasts...and her stunning pussy. Dark pubic hair...even darker than her skin. It was all she could do to keep from staring.

“You don’t have to get naked at all,” Zara said, “But it does give a much more accurate reading. Certainly you should remove your bra, after all, that’s the measurement we really want to fit you properly.”

A voice came over a speaker hidden somewhere in the video wall. The voice was re-assuringly feminine.

“Please stand on the marker indicated and hold still please.” the voice said.

Zara stood on the foot prints.

“Please remain still. Please focus your eyes on the image in front of you. Scanning to begin in 3...2....1”

The lights dimmed for a moment, and then beams of light filled the room, criss-crossing Zara’s body. Jan was reminded of that film ‘Looker’ where they scanned actresses to make digital representations of them. Zara looked positively magical. Slowly the lights rotated around her body, highlighting each gentle curve. Jan looked up at the screen. There were two pin-pricks of red light that Zara seemed to be intensely focused on. The light beams stopped after a moment.

“Please lift your arms and hold them out to the side. Focus your eyes on the image in front of you. Scanning to begin in 3...2...1” said the voice.

Zara lifted her arms to make a ‘T’. Once again the light beams filled the room and rotated over Zara’s body.

The voice asked Zara to assume one last position. It asked her to bend forward as much as she could and attempt to touch her toes. Jan really admired her ass as she bent forward to complete this pose.

After the last scan the lights came back up. Zara made no attempt to redress herself. She walked over to a small concealed cubby and removed a magazine. She carried it over to Jan.

“After a few days you’ll get a physical magazine like this...or a digital one if you prefer.” Zara said. Jan took the magazine. Was it her imagination or did Zara’s finger linger a bit on hers when she passed it to her? She was very aware of Zara’s nudity next to her. Her mind was flooded now with all sorts of dirty thoughts of what she wanted to do to her. That drink really had loosened her up.

Jan flipped through the magazine. It was a catalog of clothes...but each model was Zara herself in various poses. The clothing ranged from the elegant, to the casual, and to a very explicit lingerie section. Aside from the usual bra and panty sets there were some very tawdry selections in there.

“You can request catalogs of any clothing type you like,” Zara said. “Including yes...trashy lingerie.”

Jan was fascinated. And very horny. And a little drunk she thought.

“So,” Zara said, “Want to give it a try? I you’re worried about privacy, I assure you that this is the most secure part of our business. Trust me, we would be sued into oblivion if these images ****. The digital catalog you get is encrypted end to end. People here can’t even see the models.”

Jan wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol or her lust, but she decided to give it a go.

“You know what, Zara?” she said, as she began taking off her shoes. “Why the hell not? I mean, worst case, I become a hot new internet porn star, right? At least I’ll get some free bras out of it!”

“Wonderful,” said Zara, and she knelt before Jan to help her take off her shoes and socks. Jan felt the top of her foot make contact with Zara’s breast. Definitely not an accident.

Zara helped Jan stand as she was still feeling a bit woozy and helped her out of the rest of her clothes. Jan felt like a rich lady of yore, having a lady maid to assist with matters like this. Zara helped Jan down to her bra and panties. For a moment Jan stood there. Contemplating. What the hell. Why not. And she removed her bra and panties quickly.

For a moment she just stood there. Looking at Zara who was looking back at her.

“I’m sorry...I should have asked,” Zara said. “Did you want me to leave? Did you want some privacy?”

“No.” Jan said, looking straight at her. “I want you to stay. You can watch.”

Proudly Jan stood on the footprints and waited. Zara sat down on the side.

“Oh one other thing,” Zara said. “The process takes a bit longer for newcomers...but don’t worry, it’s going to run you through some relaxation routines so it’s more comfortable for you, Jan. Just listen to the voice and follow her instructions. You’ll be ready in no time at all.”

The lights dimmed. Before Jan a face appeared on the video screen. It was a woman’s face, but clearly it was digital, as it was encased in molded white plastic. It sort of reminded Jan of the robot in Ex Machina.

“Hello,” it said in a friendly voice. “I am the Integrated Retinal Imagining System, but please call me Iris for short. Who am I speaking with, please?”

Jan thought it was kind of funny to have a conversation with a robot, but she was happy to play along.

“My name’s Jan. It’s nice to meet you Iris.”

“Hello Jan,” Iris said. “It’s nice to meet you too. It’s always nice to meet a human who treats me as more than just a machine.”

“Good manners cost nothing.” Jan said, curious as to how the A.I. Would react.

“and yet to another person they are priceless.” responded Iris. Jan was quite impressed.

“Thank you for allowing me to scan you today. By making an accurate scan of your body we will be able to produce clothing for you that is tailored to your every curve, your every contour, Jan” Iris said. “The scanning process however, can be a little time-consuming however, so I would like to instruct you in some relaxation processes to make you more comfortable. Would that be all right Jan?”

“Yes, that will be fine Iris.” Jan said.

“Wonderful,” said Iris. “First we are going to relax your body so that you can maintain a still pose for a few minutes. I’d like you breathe in deeply Jan...hold that breath for a moment...and then let just come out of you naturally and you’ll feel more and more relaxed.”

Jan breathed in...held it...and the breathed out.

“Deeply relaxed Jan,” said Iris as Jan breathed out. “That’s very good. Let’s do that again and this time, I want you to focus all your attention on the screen in front of you. I’m going to bring up a nice and relaxing image that’s going to draw all your attention to it...and as you stare at it you’ll feel your body grow more and more relaxed....ready? And breathe in for me Jan.”

Jan repeated the process. As she did, Iris’s face faded out and was replaced with a large spiral that began to lazily turn. Jan looked deep into the center and let herself be drawn into it. And she felt herself relax even deeper. This is wonderful. Drinks and this...I could do this every week.

This spiral faded and Iris’ face appeared once more. “You’re doing so well, Jan. You’re so relaxed. I think you’re ready for your first scan. I want you hold still for me. Hold perfectly still. You’re so relaxed and you feel so’ll be so easy for you remain perfectly still for a just a few minutes now. Just keep your eyes on me and relax....we’re going to start scanning in 3...2....1....”

The beams of light that had surrounded Zara were now upon Jan. She wondered how she looked to Zara. She wondered if Zara was enjoying looking at her body as much as she enjoyed looking at hers. She wondered if Zara was aroused. She wondered why Zara hadn’t put her clothes on after her scan. Was it to make her feel more comfortable? Or did she have another purpose?

As Jan thought these thoughts she was vaguely aware Iris was speaking to her in low tones.

“Deeply relaxed, Jan..remaining perfectly still..deeply relaxed.” Jan stared ahead at Iris’ pretty eyes. They sparkled. They smiled at her. It was hard to look away. They appeared to be matching her blinks in perfect synch.

“Well done, Jan!” Iris said excitedly. Inwardly Jan felt a little proud at having done so well. A little praise can go a long way. It was something she firmly believed as a teacher.

“Now we are going to try another pose” Iris said. “I want you to lift your arms up, like you’re making a T.” Jan did as she was told.

“That’s very good Jan.” Iris continued. “You’re going to need to hold this pose again for a few minutes, so to help you with that, I want you to imagine that your arms are steel beams...imagine them becoming rigid and stiff that you can’t possibly bend or lower them..feel them growing stiffer and more rigid...that’s right...doing so well.”

Jan wasn’t completely sure, but she had a feeling she wouldn’t be able to bend her arms if she tried. Her question was answered immediately.

“Now when I tell you, I’d like you to try and bend your arms. Just give it a try to see if you can possibly bend or move them and I think you’ll find you’re completely unable to move them at all. Go ahead and try now for me, Jan.”

Jan gave her arms a little test. Just a quiver to see if they’d bend at all. No luck. They were stuck tight. It was kind of an odd sensation, but not unpleasant.

“Very good Jan, now stop trying,” Iris said, “We’ve established that you can’t bend your arms because you’re following my instructions so well. We’re going to begin the scan in 3....2....1...look at the spiral and let it take all your focus. Your arms stiff and rigid....”

The lights began to move around Jan again and Iris’ face was again replaced with the slow moving spiral. Jan found she was absolutely captivated by it now. She had to look at it.

“Very good Jan,” Iris cooed. “You’re doing so well. So good at following suggestions.”

In what seemed like moments, the lights faded and Iris’ face replaced the spiral. Jan looked at it. Her hands still locked in the t-pose.

“Almost done Jan,” Iris said. “I’m going to count three and I when I do, you’re arms will feel loose and relaxed and gently float down to your sides...all by don’t have to do anything. One...two....three...arms floating down now....”

Jan’s arms did as Iris commanded and they slowly lowered to her side.

“Very good Jan. We’re almost done...just one last thing...I’m going to count to three again..and this time, I want you sit down in the chair behind you. Zara is going to assist you but it’s going to feel so nice to just relax and sit this comfortable, cozy chair we have for you.”

Jan was not aware that Zara had place a wheelchair behind her and was waiting for Jan to follow the command.

“One...two...and three” commanded Iris, “and sit down...that’s right...feels so relaxing to sit....just let your body feel loose and relaxed...Zara is going to help you get comfortable...”

Zara placed Jan’s feet on the wheelchair’s front foot rests and softly restrained them with velcro straps. She moved onto Jan’s arms, laying them on the arm rests and binding them with velcro as well. When she was satisfied with her work she gave a thumbs up to the video screen.

“We’re ready, Iris,” she said.

“Jan you’ve done so well today,” Iris began, “We can’t wait to have some perfectly fitted bras made for you and a catalog of clothes we assure you will fit perfectly for your beautiful body. And as a special reward, we’d like to give you the gift of enjoying a nice deep, peaceful sleep. Zara is going to fit you with a special mask and we’re going to give you a special gas that will make you feel so sleepy and wonderful. I’m sure you would happy to sleep for me without the gas, but it’s just an extra precaution we take to make sure that your rest is undisturbed while we take you on a short journey. I’ll want you to breathe deeply now...”

There was a flash of warning in Jan. Somewhere deep in her mind, it suddenly occurred to her that not everything was all right. She wasn’t quite sure what it was, but she felt a sudden jolt of adrenalin rush through her, telling her to act before it was too late.

But it was too late. Zara fitted the mask over Jan’s mouth and nose. There was a faint hissing sound and soon Jan was breathing in the sickly sweet mixture. She didn’t want to breathe deep, but she felt compelled to, because Iris told her too. She was vaguely aware that Zara was putting earphones on her head...she thought she heard Iris’ sweet voice in her ears. She felt her eyes getting very heavy...too heavy to keep open. She tried to move her arms, but they too were too heavy to move...not to mention restrained. Out of the last moments of consciousness, she saw a hidden door open in the room. Zara began to wheel her through it. Just as her eyes were about to close for good, she vague was aware of other women in wheelchairs also being taken down this corridor as well. Then sleep overcame her.

Jan opened her eyes some time later, though to her it felt as no time had passed at all.

She was aware that some people were looking at her. She was also aware that she was still nude. A woman was withdrawing her hand from her face. She could still hear the echo of the snap that she’d just created. She recognized the woman. It was Iris! She wanted to say something. But she found she could not speak. Next to her was Zara, now fully clothed. And next to her, another woman she did not recognize, but there was something rather odd about her, though Jan couldn’t quite figure it out. Behind them was another naked woman, who’s back was turned to her. She was a very large woman. Next to her, another woman, also large, but slightly shorter. It looked like she was wearing a wedding dress. There was a clothed woman near her who was draping fabrics on her. Next to her, another large woman, but again slightly shorter. Jan could see more women’s bodies now of all shapes and sizes in various states of dress. Some of them were also being attended. Jan noticed that none of them were moving. They were completely still.

The three women looked over Jan with appraising eyes. Iris moved in close.

“Pardon me, Jan,” she said with unnecessary politeness, and she lifted one of Jan’s enormous breasts with both her hands.

“Good lord,” she exclaimed. “I don’t know how you girls can live with all this weight in front of you. I don’t envy your backs at all. Turn around for me please Jan.”

It was an odd sensation for Jan. She wanted to lift her arm and punch this woman, but found she was absolutely unable to do anything, but calmly turn around as if it was her own idea to do so.

“Oh!” Iris exclaimed. “I love her ass! So unexpectedly firm and taut!”

“I wish my ass was that taut.” said the third woman. “That shouldn’t affect the cut will it?”

“No,” said Iris. “But we might have to make some compensations. Quite honestly Deirdre, it was not easy finding a woman with your proportions. We’re lucky Jan here is a pretty good match.”

It suddenly occurred to Jan why the woman looked so odd. Body-wise she was a near doppelganger for Jan!

Jan felt hands running up her ass and along her back. She wanted to be mad, but if she was being honest it felt wonderful. She felt adored. It kind of was turning her on. Being observed and used like this. She felt a hand linger on her ass and give it a gentle squeeze. She wondered..and hoped it was Zara. She felt the hand go lower and start to bury itself in her ass checks. Momentarily she felt something pressing against her lips. And then she felt it enter. Possibly a thumb. Jan tried to let out a moan, but could not make a sound.

“She’s quite aroused,” she heard Zara say. Jan was hoping it was Zara. “I don’t think we’ll have any trouble with Jan. I think she’s rather enjoying this. Turn around for us again please Jan.”

Zara smiled wide. “She has a thing for Indians.” Zara put a gentle hand on Jan’s face. “Really Jan, you should open a private tab when you’re watching your porn. It makes it so easy for us. To find out what you like. To find out what you’ll respond to. To program you with your desires. Even now I’ll bet your empty little head is swirling with dirty of thoughts of what you’d like me to do to you.”

Zara reached in slid her hand up Jan’s slit. It felt warm and moist.

“That’s it Jan,” Zara said. “Just be a good, obedient mannequin and you’ll be well rewarded for your cooperation.”

Jan wanted to press into that hand...she wanted that hand inside her, she wanted those fingers on her clit, but for every once of will she possessed, she just could not move a muscle. Zara could see the desperation in her eyes. She leaned in close and kissed her delicately on her breasts.

“Poor Jan.” Zara said. “So needy...but so obedient...”

Iris cleared her throat. “Zara if you are quite done tormenting this poor woman, I’d like to get on with our work. Please pardon Zara, Deirdre, she does enjoy playing with our toys. Shall we start with some formal wear?”

Out of the corner of her eye, Jan noticed a large rack of elegant clothes being rolled towards her. Zara lifted an elegant silky gown and began to dress Jan in it.

“Arms up please,” Zara said. And Jan obediently raised her arms. She felt the dress slide down her body. Zara zipped her up from the back. Iris and Deirdre circled around her while commenting on the fit. She noticed Zara kneeling in front of her placing pins in the dress and taking notes on the alterations Iris and Deirdre were commenting about.

Jan looked past Zara and saw this scene being played out all throughout the warehouse Women...being treated like mannequins and being fitted with clothes.

Sometimes they’d ask Jan to walk a few steps, turn then return to her place and resume her freeze. Other times, they would pose her and take digital photos.

Later on, they outfitted Jan with a number of lingerie pieces and they further posed and photographed her. Jan was equal parts humiliated and aroused by this arrangement.

Jan was unable to gauge the amount of time that had passed. An hour? Three hours? She had no way of telling. She thought it odd that she was still able to hold thoughts, but the moment she was given a command, those thoughts were wiped away by the compelling need to obey that command.

Finally Iris and Deirdre seemed satisfied with their work. Zara stripped off the final piece of lingerie and once again Jan was left there nude and frozen. Over the course of the evening several women had been led away. Jan wondered what was to become of them.

Deirdre approached Jan and touched her sweetly on the cheek.

“Thank you so much dear for your cooperation. You’ve been an immense help, as I’m sure you are quite aware that shopping for girls with our unique body style is a ghastly affair. Really, seeing these clothes on you is going to make a big difference in my wardrobe. I wish you all the best.” Deirdre turned and walked away.

Iris approached Jan next. “I have to tell ya Jan,” she said with a smile, “You just made this company a grip of money. That woman bought pretty much everything we put on you, so...I’ve gotta say thanks. You’re a great model and very striking. I’m looking forward to working with you again. Of course, you’re not going to remember me, but I’ll remember you, for sure.”

Iris cupped Jan’s breasts one last time, testing their weight again. She was still amazed by their size. Then she turned and walked away. Leaving only Zara, who approached Jan. Zara had a big smile on her face.

“Now I know you haven’t this thought, “she began.” and I know that because we TOLD you not to have that thought. But the thought you should be what happens when this over?”

Zara stepped in and held Jan’s unmoving arms.

“Well there’s a bunch of good news on that front,” Zara continued. “We’re going to put you right back where we found you, no worse for wear. You’re going to open your eyes in our store and it will seem like you never left...maybe you just closed your eyes for a moment. We mix some pretty strong drinks. “

Zara began to walk around Jan...her hands roaming over her body.

“The other good news is that we’re going to honor our promise. You’ll be getting those free bras and they will indeed be the best fitting pieces of lingerie you’ve ever experienced. You’ll also be getting a digital catalog. A lot of those clothes might be a bit out of your price range, but I’ll be sure to add some rep specials in there. I’ve seen what you wear. I know what you like.”

Zara began caressing Jan’s ass again. She was amazed a woman this busty could be so fit. She kneaded it like bread dough.

“And now the bad news, Jan. The bad news is that there’s a trigger phrase we’ve placed in you. Just a few simple words from us and you’re our obedient mannequin again, ready to pose and model for us. There’s not a lot of women with your proportions so we probably won’t call on you that often, but Deirdre is probably going to back at the start of every season,’ll back”

“The good news though, is that we’re going to re-enforce that trigger with pleasure Jan.”

Jan felt Zara’s fingers enter her from behind again. She wanted to moan. She felt her fingers sliding in and out of her, deliciously slow.

“Why don’t you get on all fours for me Jan?” Zara asked nicely.

Jan did as she was told, while Zara kept the rhythm going in her pussy. Jan looked ahead and saw there were a few other models left. She wondered who might be watching behind her.

Zara knelt next to Jan and continued her gentle massage. With her other hand, she fondled Jan’s breasts which were hanging freely.

“You’ve got some impressive udders here Jan.” Zara said. “I’ll bet you’d make a wonderful cow. All swollen with milk...just waiting for someone to relieve that pressure” Zara tugged on her breasts firmly.

“And then in the afternoon, your bull comes around with his big stiff prick and fucks you good.” Zara said. “I’ll bet you love that.” Zara was moving her hand faster now. Jan’s excitement was building...she’d fantasized about this so many times. An Indian women degrading her in front of strangers. She wanted to push back against Zara’s hand so badly.

“I’ll bet you want to moan for me Jan.” Zara continued, increasing her tempo. “But you can’t moan. Cows don’t moan. They moo. I want you to moo for me Jan. Moo and come for me. Come for me and let your unconscious mind soak in the pleasure. Let your unconscious mind remember that being a good obedient mannequin comes with great rewards! Moo for me Jan! Moo for me now!

Jan let out a throaty moo and bucked and quivered against Zara’s hand. She was so overwhelmed with pleasure that she didn’t even feel the hypodermic needle that Zara had plunged into her ass. All she felt was a great release and and an overwhelming sense of relaxation and well being. All she wanted now what to close her eyes and let sleep over take her.

A few days later Jan was pleasantly surprised when she received five different colored bras in the mail. She half-expected that they would never arrive. As promised, they fit better than any bra she’d ever owned. She made a mental note that she would have to stop by All Shapes/All Sizes and thank Zara in person. She still couldn’t believe she got these for free. Oh well. Sometimes....there is such a thing as a free lunch.

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