Flashing while Golfing

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Posted: 3 yrs
My wife surprised me with a round of golf. She had booked the course and checked the weather to make sure it was going to be a sunny weekend. While neither of us are great golfers but we have fun when we go.

We get to the first tee when my wife says she wants to make the game more interesting. I thought she would want to bet but instead she gave me a card that read 'After each hole, the loser has to flash the winner.' I thought this would be fine because we flash each other often.

We got to the first tee and we were both able to get a decent tee shot. This is a 9 hole, par 3 course so we both ended up on the green. We hit good shots and made par on the hole so no one flashed anyone on hole 1.

The second hole was different. My wife's shot off the tee was bad and mine was good. I ended up making par again and she was one over par. Once the hole was over I waited for her and said 'well, where is my flashing?'

She said, 'Hang on, lets go over here so no one sees.'

I should have said okay but instead I said, 'No, we can do it here.'

She agreed and quickly pulled her shirt and bra up to show me her breasts and then back down. I barely saw them but it was okay, I knew we had more holes ahead.

On the third hole she had a better shot than me and I ended up making a bogey so I had to flash her by the third hole. I flashed her quickly so no one would be able to see.

On the fourth hole, I lost again so I ended up flashing her again but this time before I could flash her she said, 'let's raise the stakes and leave it out until the next tee.' This meant I would be exposed for a few minutes while we traveled from hole to hole. I agreed reluctantly and left my penis out while we traveled from the fourth hole to the fifth hole. Luckily it was not very far so I was able to get covered up quickly.

The fifth hole was amazing for me and she had a mediocre shot. I won that hole and said 'since you go to raise the stakes last time, I want to raise them this time.'

She was obviously nervous but she said okay. I said I want to see top and bottom this time, at the same time.' She giggled and told me that I was crazy but she agreed and flashed me both her tits and her pussy. She had recently shaved so I could see her lips. Very nice to see it in public.

Sixth hole was a good tee shot for me but somehow I made terrible puts and ended up making a double bogey. She had made a great tee shot and ended up with a birdie. She said 'since I was three shots ahead of you on this hole I want to do something exciting'

I was not sure what she could possibly want but I agreed. She said, 'I want you to strip naked and stand by the flag pole so I can se you in the sun.'

I started to walk over there and she said 'Where are you going?'

I said 'over to the flag' and she responded 'not dressed you are not.'

The flag was only 20 feet away but I thought that was a long way away from my clothes but I had agreed so off them came. I was standing there by the flag naked as the day I was born while my wife watched me for probably a full minute. Finally she told me that I could come get my clothes.

I walked back and got dressed but not as fast as I thought I would, I guess I thought no one was watching.

Hole seven was my hole. I made my first hole in one. She made a normal tee shot and was able to make par. I told her since I made a hole in one she had to do something more special for me. She knew this was not going to be easy but she agreed. I told her that I wanted her to strip naked and shoot the eighth tee shot naked.

She protested but I insisted and finally she relented. She got into the cart and off we went to the eight hole. When she got out she looked around to make sure we were alone and walked over to the tee. She setup her tee and put the ball on it. Then she looked at me and said 'I cannot believe you are making me do this.'

I just smiled at her. She stripped naked except for her shoes and swung the club. I am sure she was nervous and scared, but she made a good shot. I told her that was one of the hottest things I had ever seen. She quickly got dressed and ran back to the cart. I think she skipped her underwear and bra because she just wanted to be dressed and hidden.

The eight hole was good but we ended up tying on the hole and so no one flashed anyone.

The ninth hole was a bit better for her. She made par and I made a bogey. I thought I would just flash her quickly because the club house is close, and someone could see so I started to unbutton my pants. She stopped me and said, 'I won four times and you won three so I want something for winning the game.'

I was not sure what she would want but I decided that it would not be too bad because I am fine with being naked outdoors so I said okay.

She gave me another of my boyfriend cards and I was starting to regret giving her those dang cards. This car said 'I ( the man ) will ride home naked from wherever we are.'

I thought, this is not too bad so we walked to the car and put the clubs away. I stripped naked outside the car and hoped in so no one would see me. She climbed in the other side and we drove home. She said, 'I am going through the drive thru, what you do want?'

I was not comfortable with this but I knew I did not have much of a choice so I tried to cover up as much as possible while we went through the drive thru. I know it made her happy to see me squirm.

When we got home she grabbed my clothes and ran inside. I sat there for just a minute and thought how am I going to get inside? I called my wife and said 'Uh, how am I supposed to get in?'

She said 'That's up to you but don't forget to the get the golf bags.'

We are in a quite subdivision and a quite street so I decided that now was just as good as any time, got out, went around to the back and grabbed the golf bags. I then casually walked to the door and went inside. There were a few cars that came by but I doubt they noticed anything. That is what I am going to tell myself anyway.
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