A Present From Vivienne

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I haven’t lived this long by being reckless. Other vampires wish for the old days, but I am glad they are gone. Too many diseases and not enough population to hide a blood drained sickly body. In the old days, it was easily noticed and all too easy to raise a pitchfork carrying bloodthirsty mob. Now it is easier, although a blood drained body brings a lot more attention and is more likely to be found. So it is far wiser to build up a voluntary blood bank.

So here on Halloween, I am cruising parties looking for fresh accounts to add to my blood bank. Why drain a body today, when it can feed you for years to come. Just a pint here and there and let the account holders enjoy their interest payments in return.

It is easy to repay the accounts with their dreams and desires, with the odd orgasm on account. The euphoria that I create to accompany a mild blood drain is beyond most people’s erotic desires. Especially when nudged along by a little erotic dream bonus. I am an expert at mind nudges, just brief hints or teases. You need not control a mind, why would you want a mindless zombie? Just a little nudge is required. How often have you done something slightly out of character? How often have friends asked you "where did that come from?" or "I never knew you were like that?" Was that free will? Or did you hear me laughing in the background?

Mind control takes energy, and it creates noise. I could be on a bus crowded with vampires, but they won’t hear me nudge the driver to turn left instead of right. But I can read their minds and hear their controlling thoughts. Humans can’t hear it, to them it is a little like a dog whistle. I also create a hormonal endorphin response as a very effective reward for a positive reaction to a nudge. It's very low level and silent. How often has smiling to a stranger made you feel good inside?

The first party of the evening was a bust. My old Venetian vampire friend Phillip was already there harvesting a mark. We have had an unwritten agreement for millennia. No marked territories, we just don’t step on each other’s toes. There are large covens but I avoid them. Oh yes, they know of me, but they also know my wrath, so again, we steer clear of each other. My age and knowledge is a great help here. Knowing the secrets of Egypt’s and other long-dead dynasties gives me an edge they lack. That and the fact that I am also a day walker, I only know of a few and we stay clear of each other. I think it is age-related; I don't know, and I am not giving myself up to science to find out.

At night, especially on Halloween, you just can't wander in somewhere new without a reconnoitre. So I saunter around outside the College Party scanning minds. I pick out a few useless minds, a few drugged ones and a few minds I recognized, some friendly, some not. I pick up Abbey, one of my top account holders, but I drank from her last week, so she needs a rest. But I am here looking for new account holders not to harvest existing accounts. My bank is just south of a thousand accounts at the moment. It never hurts to have a few more. Several I just keep ticking over, happily married homemakers that enjoy an annual visit. Some account holders are too old, and I leave them to their memories and their twilight years.

Yes, I prefer female account holders, being one and loving the female form and all its benefits. Yes, I can change form and gender; it takes some effort and creates a lot of noise to other vampires. Normally it just takes some little tweaks to the target’s perception. It’s easy enough to suggest they prefer brunettes to blondes or small to tall. I have a few trans, gays, Bi men, and men on account who are of benefit and they enjoy the interest bonus too. It pays not to keep to too much of a modus operandi, as it is harder for potential enemies to set honey traps. Plus, you may need a quick withdrawal, especially if a coven gets territorial.

The mind sweep is coming up clean, ignoring all the guttural thoughts bouncing around inside some male and female heads. I am happy I am not exposed to any potential threats.

I am tonight, neutrally dressed in an average supermarket brought cheerleader costume, so I can slip in or out without too much interest. Being of average build, I quietly blend into the background. Who needs camouflage when you can blandly blend in? I saunter through the side entrance into the party. Whilst continually multi-task, scanning the house and smiling at people, I get a beer and mind nudge advances away.

A fresh mind grabs my attention, a dreamer. She came with her brother but she is waiting for her boyfriend; he is late and she isn’t enjoying being here with all these college types. She is a fit swimmer and runner, clean from drugs, and has a receptive mind. She is two rooms away, but her mind is crystal clear to me. She is Taylor Dean who left high school to work in an office in the city; she likes her job but not her boss. She is an excellent target, so I continue to search but keep a watchful mind on her.

Her brother has gone, I find him with his friend’s in the garden near the pool. They are watching a friend put moves on a girl, but his girlfriend is elsewhere. I find her and nudge her outside. It just takes a simple suggestion to her and her friend, “The music is loud in here.” To find her errant boyfriend and a commotion ensues.

Simple little pleasure help entertain me. The DJ changes the genre of the music and the party livens up. It is more 80’s and despite the younger ages it raises their games and more start dancing and partying. I am coming up with a bust, there are a few reluctant Bi-men that I note. One masked bat-woman that is a trans-curious male who could be useful in the future. But it all comes back to little lonely Taylor, who is now meandering towards the front door.

I nudge, “Stay, the music has improved, and the party is just starting, Steve will turn up any minute, you’re thirsty.”

She moves back towards the kitchen through the thronging jocks. “Tainted Love” by soft cell now plays, and Taylor’s mind goes to the Marilyn Manson video. Oooo how apt, she is playing it through her mind as she moves to the music.

I nudge a positive endorphin reward, “See this is ok, I like this.”

Her mind continues to play the video through her mind. But rather than Marilyn sauntering through the party, she is replaying the geek turning goth and being in the hot tub with Marylin. Aha, I have my bait and I reinforce her image.

Abbey is a tall alpha female goth and is in the garden with her groupies. She hunted me out at a club many years ago. A few goths do that, and many fall foul of the wrong vampires. She would gladly let me suck her dry. I have explained the pitfalls of being a night walker. Explaining the many hierarchal levels that she would be at the bottom of, and she is better staying off covens’ radar. She is under my protection and is now one of my top bank accounts. She is one of the few I have a genuine relationship with. Every few weeks, we get together and I make a withdrawal and she gets me and a few bonuses. Taylor would make a delightful bonus for her.

“You’re thirsty” I nudge Abbey.

“Hey guys, I need a top-up, anyone wants another brew?" Abbey asks her entourage.

“No, that’s ok Abs, I can get them, it’s cramped in there,” A male admirer offered. So I nudge his bladder.

“Ah, I need to siphon the old python first.”

“Yuk, I'll be ok,” Abbey responded and made her way indoors.

Taylor's route to the beer is being barred by some jock.

“Hey gorgeous, I’ve not seen you around here before, want to party upstairs?” So I nudge his bladder. No luck cocaine is blocking his receptors.

So I nudge her brother, who uncharacteristically turns to check on his sister. Shouting over,” Hey dude, that’s my sis, she’s out of bounds for the likes of you.”

It surprises his friends; he’s never bothered about her before, as they have all hit on her at one time or other. The Jock defers to the larger and older brother, mumbles an apology and moves to find the bathroom. Taylor continues her way to the kitchen.

“Hey!” I nudge Taylor as she enters the kitchen to see Abbey pouring beer.

“Hey yourself geek” Abbey responds.

I nudge Abbey with a vision of Taylor the geek in the hot tub in her wet look bikini, Marilyn Manson and her.

“Do you want a beer? I’m Abbey, but everyone calls me Abs.” Abbey said with a sudden change of heart. I nudge her further with some pleasing endorphin hormonal reward.

“Er, I’m Taylor, yes, please.” I nudge Taylor with a vision of her changing from nerd to vamp. Followed by an image of Abbey being one of the lingerie-clad rabbits on the bed at the end of the video. Whilst also nudging a little feel-good endorphin reward. Taylor blushes slightly.

“Jeez, not as in Swift?”

“Nooo, why do people say that?” I nudge them both into a giggle. They both smile.

“So why are you on your lonesome Ms Swift?”

“Please don’t call me that, waiting for my boyfriend, but he is late, so I think he is a bust”

“So lonely Ms Swifty, come and join us outside. Grab some of these beers.” Well done Abbey, I didn’t even need to nudge.

Whilst they make their way out, I find Taylors brother. Reward him by nudging a cheerleader he fancies into ignoring her friends and talking to him. Why do some girls do that? He was on her mind; she was playing hard to get, but he was about to walk away. Hey ho, another result for my feel-good factor chart.

I keep probing whilst monitoring the prize. Taylor’s boyfriend has arrived and his mind is a slightly drugged open sewer. He was waylaid at some petrol station chatting to some girls in a car. I catch a fleeting glimpse in his mind of him dogging his male roommate earlier. So I nudge him into tripping into some badass bikers near the door. Spilling their beers and falling onto their girlfriends. Whilst he is being roughed up, I nudge him to get the hell out of dodge. He leaves without a second glance back, his mind on catching up with his roommate, so Taylor is better off after all.

I found Taylor's brother and uses his eyes to watch the goths in the garden. It's one thing to see through a targets’ eyes, but it helps to get an overview of dynamics from a third party.

Abbey as always is dressed in black, long black hair with red streaks, a red on black basque, black skirt with stockings, and platform boots. I know her underwear; I've seen it enough times, she’ll be in black silk panties.

Taylor is different, standing out in that crowd with her red skater dress and pumps. She is Blond, very geeky, with black-rimmed glasses. Despite looking as if she doesn't fit in, Abbey is keeping her in the conversation. But I pick up Taylor's new moniker of Swifty, is wearing thin with her.

So I give Abbey a clearer vision of Taylor's facial changes at the next “Swifty” comment through her beer haze and a nudge to cut it.

“Hey, Taylor, can we call you something else other than Swifty?”

“Yes, Taylor is fine.”

The group laughs and I give them all a slight reward to reinforce the positive change.

Good girl Abbey. However, one of her groupies keeps muscling in on Taylor, despite her keeping in close to Abbey. His mind is also a sewer and he will spoil my plans, so I nudge his bladder, no use. So I pick on one of the group who he last slept with and nudge her into jealousy. Soon he is in a heated discussion about why he never picked her up earlier in the week. After a few simple nudges, they leave together.

“Hey, Jimmy, why do you keep looking at the girl and Goths over there?”

It’s Taylor’s brother Jimmy's cheerleader friend now feeling jealous. So I nudge her, making Taylor look a little younger and vulnerable in her eyes, then nudge Jimmy.

“It’s my sister, and she’s with some goths I’ve never seen before, so I’m keeping an eye out for her.”

“Awe, you are all heart.” I nudge her to hug Jimmy, give her an endorphin reward and he puts his arm around her, so he gets one too. I catch an image in her mind of her practising some gymnastics with jimmy and other jocks watching. So I pass that image over.

“I saw you girls practising in the week, that backflip looked cool.”

“Wow, we didn’t think you jocks took any notice, but yeah, that has taken a while to get right, thanks.”

Nope, Jimmy didn't notice, but next week he will... Tee he.

Abbey’s group that is standing in the garden are restless, and a few are pondering on leaving to go to a bar. I scan a few minds and another group sitting poolside under a gazebo are settled in for the night. So a few suggestive nudges in the right heads and the gazebo group move into the house. “As it is getting colder, and the party is inside.”

I nudge the goths into sitting in the more comfortable pool side furniture. Ensuring Taylor sits in a lounger next to Abbey. One of her minions gets a nudge and offers to get more beers, whilst in the kitchen I guide him to some red wine and chips.

I’ve been quietly harvesting thoughts throughout the house. I now have 5 possibilities and I now know where they live. One has to leave as she has to be up early to open the house for the pool man. I make a note to call in to see her tomorrow. All these new accounts will all have to wait. I want Abbey to have her little bonus. Although they seem to be making their own magic, Abbey has now sitting close to Taylor on the same lounger, sharing the red wine.

I continue multi-tasking but keeping a close eye on my prizes for the night. I throw in a few images of each other, in various themes to the other, based on each of their own earlier thoughts.

I sense that Jimmy and his cheerleader want to leave. He feels he should offer Taylor a lift home, before going on to a more *********** jocks only party. I nudge him with visions of Taylor being safe and looking more adult and send trusting nudges to Taylor. Although she has now been accepted into the goth group, especially with Abbey now making it clear that Taylor is with her.

“Hey, sis, I’m off to a gig do you want a ride home?” I nudged him to be sure there wasn’t an invitation to the jock’s party in there. So the option of returning home is disadvantageous to Taylor.

“You’re ok with us Taylor I’ll see you are safe.” I nudged Abbey to re-assure Taylor, with her hand on her knee, and sent an image of a motherly Abbey to Taylor.

“No, that’s ok Bro’.” I re-assure Taylor with a warm glow of trusting endorphins, helping her feel she has made the right decision.

Taylor’s mind is nervous as she is receiving another woman's affections. Abbey's hand drifts between her knee and holding her hand. Abbey unknowingly isn't helping with arm hugs when laughing at various observations. All normal flirtatious behaviour, but unsettling for a straight woman realising that she is attracted to another woman. I support Taylor with comforting nudges.

Taylor is almost there, her eyes admiring Abbey’s features and even lingering on her breasts more than once. She likes Abbey's make-up, dark enough to be erotic but not scary. Now and then she is creating her own images of her wearing Abbeys dress and basque and in various states of undress.

Abbey doesn’t need any nudging, she is on a roll. She definitely wants to see Taylor in her underwear. It seems I chose well knowing her likes and knowing her preference for the female form. Conversationally they match, even musically Abbey is quite eclectic in her likes, ignoring some of her heavier goth bands.

It is now the witching hour, and Taylor is feeling the chill. A few of the group were once again contemplating moving to a club. Nope, that will not work for my end game. So I nudge Abbey into going against her usual party instinct. Giving her a warm comforting image of her and Taylor at her apartment, in bed together.

“Hey Taylor, you won't like the club and I'm weary now, my place is close, do you fancy a nightcap?”

I give Taylor a repeat nudge image of her the geek, transforming to a Marilyn Manson goth chick.

“Er ok, yeah, why not?” I catch Taylor reinforcing her image of her in Abbey’s clothes. Bingo!

I follow the Uber cab to Abbeys apartment. No, not by turning into a bat and flying, I just called another cab, I know where she lives. I arrive just after them and check around the neighbouring streets, just to be 100% sure that there are no threats.

I watch from a dark corner across the street. I made sure Abbey left the door unlocked, it’s a simple nudge. How many times have you found your front door unlocked in the morning? And yet you would swear you locked it.

Abbey guides Taylor through to the kitchen to mix some shots and drinks. Taylor’s mind is full of doubts and nerves. Here she is in a strange woman’s apartment who is obviously expecting sex. But she has never been with another woman. But she feels erotically attracted to her, captivated by her.

Abbey’s mind is the opposite: she was thinking of whips and chains, tying Taylor down and hearing her scream. A quick nudge to Abbey showing an image of Taylor running terrified out into the street, never to return. Then a calmer image of Abbey as she is dressed tonight, to an appreciative Taylor, winning her the day.

Soon the two were drinks in hand, in Abbey’s bedroom, discussing her wardrobe. In the dark, soft-lit bedroom Taylor is watching Abbey closely, appreciating her stunning outfit. Taylor has never salivated over another woman before but she is now. Her pussy feels it and I can feel it too. It’s good to see her eyes still regularly drift to appreciate Abbey’s ample cleavage and her rear.

Abbey pulls out a matching black silk 1950s style bra and panty girdle set with suspenders for Taylor to try on. Also, some choices of similar basques. They decide that with Abbey being taller than Taylor and a C cup to her B, the basques won’t fit. But she also has some training waist clincher corsets that will.

Abbey also offers a black latex option of the same 1950s style bra & panty set, which makes me nervous. But it seems not Taylor, as she shyly picks the latex option. She turns her back to Abbey and lifts the skater dress off over her head, to reveal an average supermarket mixed bra and panty set. It seemed her boyfriend wasn’t going to get anything tonight from her, anyway.

Abbey is almost drooling as Taylor removes her bra, exposing her back and shoulders. Taylor wasn't ready to reveal herself to Abbey yet. Abbey helps her on with the latex bra. She cheekily comes from behind to stretch the latex over her breasts as she pulls it down. Feeling Taylor's soft dry skin and button hard nipples, making Taylor shiver. I feel Taylor's endorphin rush. A few fumbled snaps and twists has the adjustments right. Abbey is now up close and at fever pitch, the room is now electric with sexual tension.

Taylor drops to remove her pumps and panties; Abbey just stands back, leaving Taylor standing bottomless whilst Abbey just soaks in the peachy view of her bare buttocks.

“Abs, the knickers please?” Taylor giggled, looking over her shoulders. Knowing full well what is happening, producing her own endorphins surging through her.

Abbey picks up the black latex panties and places them under her feet. Her face just inches from her buttocks. As Taylor steps into the leg holes, Abbey can't resist and plants kisses on each cheek. Sending ripples of excitement through them both. Abbey again takes control of dressing Taylor, who is unaware that these have under crotch zips for Abbey’s easy access later.

Abbey wraps the chosen black clincher corset around Taylor from behind. Stretching it back tightly to snap the clips together, running up Taylor’s spine.

Abbey rolls up each stocking, kneels down to load one onto Taylor's toes. She unrolls it slowly, erotically up her athletic smooth leg, kissing her on her high thigh and hip, snapping the suspenders into place. Abbey feels Taylor lean her one hand on her for balance and blushes at the soft sensuous contact. She moves around and repeats for the other leg.

Finally, Taylor turned so Abbey could she could see her in her new persona, Taylor the lesbian goth. Abbey gasps at the vision, steps forward and holds her hands. Sexual tension tingles through them both. Each of them providing their own endorphin hits. Hands slide up soft arms to shoulders and waists as the two come together and embraced their first passionate kiss. Taylors first genuine kiss with a woman, searching for Abbey’s tongue and enjoying her taste and warmth. Positive endorphins flow through them both.

“Taylor, you look fabulous, one sexy chick” Abbey says as they separated, once again at arm’s length.

“Abs, you’re not so bad yourself, although a little overdressed”

Abbey drops her skirt, so Taylor can feel more comfortable and they met in another passionate lingering kiss. Both pairs of hands exploring each other’s bodies.

Meanwhile I am quietly leaning against a wall in the dark outside, just scanning and enjoying their minds and emotions as the fruits of the evening. Now was the time to move, I cross the street and silently let myself in and lock the door behind me. I move through the apartment silently to stand outside the bedroom. Being close, I won’t make too much noise if I have to take control.

Abbey and Taylor are now admiring each other in the one tall mirror. I nudged them both slightly to remove the ripples in the over sized latex bra on Taylor. Although in their tipsy drunk state it didn’t need much, just a little airbrushing of the image.

“Abs, you are so fucking sexy. You know this is a little scary as I've never been with a woman before. In fact, I've never wanted a woman as I want you now,” Taylor admitted blushing.

“That’s ok, I’ve never wanted a skater as much as I want you now, I’ll be gentle, and you’re pretty sexy yourself. We can go slowly, no rush.”

They embraced again, this time falling on the bed, and their hands explore more private areas. Taylor shocked to find Abbey’s panties are wet for her!

“Abbey, can you release those boobs, you are magnificent in that basque but I want to see them bouncing free. You can’t appreciate boobs in the girls’ showers, it upsets people.”

Abbey sits up, removing her shoulder blouse and starts to remove her basque. Watching her, Taylor is open-mouthed, as this woman undresses for her, in front of her. Finally released, they bounce free and Taylor softly caresses them, kissing first one and then the other. Abbey went to remove Taylor's latex bra.

“No, I don't know if I am ready for both of us to be naked together, yet!”

Although I can feel Taylor enjoying the restriction, and the sensual touch of the latex, and clincher to be exciting her as much as Abbey’s caresses.

Abbey shrugs and caresses her through the latex, one hand drifts down to her crotch, feeling Taylor writhe beneath her. She feels for the tiny zip. I nudge, keeping Taylor busy, focusing on Abbey's breasts, sucking and caressing them. With Abbey being taller, this engagement is perfect. She doesn't feel Abbey's fingers slide the zip exposing her pleasure palace. But she feels Abbey's finger slide along her palace’s lips to unzip her pleasure purse to gain entry.

“Mmm aaa, don’t... Mmmm no.” The words came out, but her thighs spread, she releases another wave of her own endorphins.

Abbey’s experience took over, and she expertly explores into Taylor's pleasure palace. Finding and teasing her climax trigger, and her inner entrance, whilst spreading her natural lubrication throughout.

I can feel their pleasure, it’s exciting me too, and I’m wet also, feeling the encounter in stereo.

Taylor's finger slips into Abbey, her black silk panties not hindering progress. Years of masturbating and exploring her own body makes this not such a taboo, she knows her way around. She explores Abbey's palace. I nudged her to roll Abbey onto her back, to slide down, kissing her way down. To release Abby’s suspenders and slide her panties down.

You remember that smell that comforts you from childhood? The one that tells you are safe and well? She needed a nudge to kiss lower, so I find that memory and give her that aroma and nudged again.

Taylor kisses Abbey's bald pubic mound and extends her tongue to explore Abbey's pink pleasure lips. She feels the juices, and I ease her tongue in deeper. I feel Abbey's pleasure fountain and get Taylor to suck and tease it.

Taylor is still in control and if she wanted to, she could break free from my nudging. I want her to remember her pleasuring Abbey for future engagements. I get her to look up over Abbey’s smooth bonnet, over her flat stomach, between her rippling boobs to see the pleasure on Abbey’s face.

I nudged Abbey to look down at Taylor eating her out, her eyes fixed on her.

Then I took over, at this distance, mild control would be barely a whisper. Certainly, it couldn't be heard if any vampire were stood in the street outside.

Taylor wasn't to remember this; this was for Abbey's ears only. Abbey saw Taylor stop and raise her head, smiling lovingly at her through her thighs.

“Abbey, I am a little Halloween present to you from Vivienne.”

Taylor returned to her tongue’s explorations, and I released her.

Abbey just restrained a verbal squeal but she knows I can read her mind. So thinks, “Vivienne, oh she is wonderful, thank you. Are you close? You must be, be with us, come join us tonight.”

“No, Taylor is for you tonight, my love. I am just outside the bedroom door and I just need a little drink to cement your relationship with her. I can join you both in a few weeks. She is a present for you to savour and keep. I want her to be here when I return, then maybe if she is ready we can share her. Don’t rush I can’t be with you guiding her all the time, so enjoy my sweet.”

Knowing I was close and I have brought her Taylor as a gift, whose tongue is now deep inside her, sucking and licking her orgasm trigger caused Abbey's to spasmed in a climactic orgasm. Her hands grabbed Taylor’s head and holds her tight to her pelvis.

“Taylor, your beautieeee,” as her climax peaked.

Abbey relaxes, warm and satisfied. She strokes Taylor's head and pulls her up. Knowing what was now required.

“My turn sweetie I want to pleasure you.” Abbey swaps positions with Taylor. She drops between Taylor's thighs and starts her exploration of Taylor's juice soaked pleasure palace, enjoying the feedback from her moans and groans.

I nudge Taylor to close her eyes and dull her senses.

She doesn’t hear me enter the bedroom;

she doesn’t see Abbey stand and embrace me.

“Oh Vivienne, she’s wonderful, I didn’t see you at the party. Stay with us, drink from me again. Please?”

“No my sweet, Taylor is yours tonight, you know the rules, you need to rest but I will return soon enough.”

Taking Abbey’s place; briefly I enjoy Taylor’s nectar licking her pleasure palace. Then search and find the femoral artery, finding the right spot on her athletic leg. I bite and the warm liquid fills my mouth and I drink. I release armies of endorphins through Taylor's body and she is wracked by orgasms. I also give her a strong image Abbey eating Taylor the lesbian goth out, on the bed. I too feel the rush, her blood carrying her endorphins to me. Abbey stands masturbating furiously as having never watched me drink before. She only ever having been the supply vessel, and she knows what Taylor is feeling.

I gauge the volume I have drunk. I drink a pint and cease, then lick saliva over the wound in Taylor's leg and watch it repair. She will barely see two dimples in the morning. I lick my lips, stand and embrace Abbey, whilst she continues to masturbate. She tastes the blood in my mouth and her own orgasm climaxes. I hold her upright until she composes herself and returns to eating out Taylor. I slip out the door and once closed behind me; I release Taylor.

“Fuck Abbey, that was unbelievable, I have never cum so hard ever. That was the best orgasm ever, I’ve gushed all over your sheets. Jeez you sexy fucking beast, come here.”

I return to Abbey's couch and sit, sated, like after enjoying an enormous glass of fine wine. I feel them passionately kiss and Taylor doesn't need nudging now, so I relax, listen and feel their minds and emotions.

“Abbey, do you have one of those strap-ons?”

“Yes, do you want me to fuck you?”

“Well, I’ve crossed a few barriers today and I’ve always wondered what it is like to be a man fucking his girl. Can I fuck you?”

“Vivienne, are you hearing this, is this you?”

“No Abbey, Once I left your bedroom I released her. She is yours.”

“Oh Vivienne, thank you, she is wonderful.”

“Yes Taylor, I want you to fuck me, I have something special that will benefit us both.”

I watch Abbey through Taylor’s eyes as she goes into a drawer and returns with a strapless dildo. She applies lube and expertly inserts it into Taylor. I can feel the wave of Taylor’s pleasure as she feels Abbey’s hands and the large bulbous end enter her. I feel Abbey zip her latex panties tight onto the dildo. Taylor feels full with this foreign object deep inside her. Abbey lies on the bed, legs spread expectantly.

Taylor walks around, soaking in the beautiful woman waiting for her phallus. She tries to accustom herself to this erotic object deep inside her thighs. She adds lube whilst stroking it, like any good porn video, feeling the power of a phallus.

Abbey watches her clamber across the bed towards her, holding the dildo like it could drop off at any moment. Abbey holds it and guides it between her thighs into her palace of pleasure. I feel Abbey’s palace accept the phallus, her ecstasy as it slides in and she accepts Taylor’s body weight onto her.

Initially they just grind hips, both getting use to being linked by this phallus inside both of them. Then Taylor starts to stroke in and out, her phallus just pulling and pushing inside her. She remembers her ex-boyfriends moves; I see her mind’s eye, trying to give Abbey the pleasure she has previously experienced. She holds onto Abbey’s hips and rises up to drive faster and harder into her. I see her lusting down onto Abbey, thrusting into her and watching her breasts float up and down.

I see Taylor from below, above Abbey, her breasts hanging and swinging, thrusting into Abbey. I feel Abbey wrap her legs behind Taylor to ease the entry.

I am sitting back to just soak in their pleasures. Hearing their rhythmic grunts, feeling their passion and lust. Bathing in the stereoscopic images of each other in the throes of sex. Their individual crescendos build up with screams of pleasurable release, and again I feel their orgasms in stereo. I enjoy my own voyeuristic orgasm.

My evening done, I get up and quietly leave, as they settle down in each other's arms cuddling and fall asleep. I make a little noise as I lock the door from the outside. I quietly walk into the night, searching my mind around me, as it is still dark enough for the night walkers.
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