wedding Anniversary

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I met my husband in school, I had been on the gymnastics team at school so was very nimble and quite petite. Even though he wasn’t a jock Pete was in great physical shape, strong and muscular. We weren’t in the same year he was 3 years older. I lost my virginity to him on my 16th birthday and we got married on my 21st birthday. We had tried to start a family, but we had fertility issues, so we just carried on as a childless, married couple. His family were reasonably wealthy, we had enough money so no mortgage and no worries. Pete worked hard and I was his stay at home wife.

It was 10 years later, we were celebrating our anniversary. We had been out for a meal and had had sex twice that night (I said we had sex, not made love), he was a good husband but all we ever did was have sex, a quick missionary position shag, then he would roll over and go to sleep. In our first few years together it was twice every night, but then we fell into the “married routine”, some weeks, I was lucky if we had sex at all.…….

Chapter 1

…….So, the morning after the night before, Sunday around 9:30, I stirred sensing Pete was already awake. I felt him knelt up on the bed behind me. I had slept on my left side, naked, with my arms up in front of my face. He leaned over me and started to kiss the back of my right elbow. Not passionate or sloppy kisses. More like the waft off a butterfly, type kisses, soft and gentle, even sensual.

He slowly moved upwards towards my shoulder, I lay there motionless. I wasn’t awake, or asleep, sort of in that lucid state. But I still, could sense his every touch, his lips delicately wafting over my naked flesh. Slowly he moved down from my shoulder down my back, well not in the middle, but also not on my side. He continued down, over my hips and down my thigh. At this point I helped him out a little, I started to stir a little more out of my slumber and I stretched out my right leg to its longest length possible.

He continued to kiss down my thigh, with each butterfly like kiss I got tingles through my groin and pelvis. He had never done anything like this before and I thought back to that time (he thought I had been looking for his secret). You see I knew he had a locked drawer in his den and in it he kept his collection of videos and magazines. I had observed him late one night jerking off whilst watching a movie. That turned me on so much but why would he not do those kind of things to me?

He kissed behind my knee and I had to give a reaction, it was uncontrollable, you see that was my orgasm spot. On the odd occasion when it wasn’t a quick, (missionary position) shag, I received. If he decided to raise my legs over his strong muscular shoulders, and then force his body on top of my supple slightly built frame, he could make me orgasm just by touching the back of my knee and if he touched behind both knees I could squirt too!!! Oh my god could I squirt. So now he continued to advance down my calf to my ankle, then across the top of my elegant size 4 foot, pausing for a second or two.

Cautiously he started to advance up my calf and around to my knee. I stirred once more, this time moving my left leg outwards at right angles to my right one. I think he knew I was getting more and more awake with each soft and sensual kiss. Progressing up my thigh with his tender butterfly kisses, I moaned, I was about to orgasm, something I hadn’t done in a long time. I moved my right leg out now, it looked like it had had an argument with my left leg. They could not have been further apart. I sensed his hot breath on the inner flesh of my thigh, and his scratchy overnight stubble, but it was scratchy in a good way, not hard like when he had just forgot to shave. By this time I was fully awake and getting nearer and nearer to orgasm.

I could smell my own dusky fragrance. I had smelled it before, after using my toys. Pete bought me toys and let me have “alone time”, as he called it, I think that was his way of condoning himself jerking and fantasising with those videos, (little did I know). His nose now nudged and nuzzled the fleshy folds of my love canal. I took the deepest breath I could, through my nose my olfactory senses went into overdrive. It was a combination of my “Dior”, Pete’s “Joop” and my damp pussy. Surely Pete must be able to smell the sweet yet dusky fragrance. I moaned my delight, moved first my left leg followed by my right, so both thighs were over his broad, brawny shoulders. I felt his tongue start to probe me, pushing my lips out of the way, before he proceeded to lap at my juices, I knew we were in the throws of passion but deep down I needed to know what had triggered such a sensationally arousing, even erotic session from him. As I have said he was a quick shag and roll over type of guy.

I bent my right leg thanks to all those gym classes, (keeping my body very nimble all these years later) so my toe could play with his ear, I knew that would get him going some more. He knew what I was doing too, he knelt up onto his haunches, still with my thighs d****d around his neck and shoulders like a scarf. Then I felt his hands, strong, unyielding, rugged hands. The fingers pushing deep, into the soft, peachy flesh of my bum. Then when both thumbs were in the centre next to each other they inserted themselves. Deep into my passion portal. Pulling my soaking wet lips apart to allow his luscious tongue to lap at me like a puppy laps at his master. I screamed some obscenities at him, I squeezed my thighs together gripping around his strong, firm neck. As wave after wave of throbbing surged through my groin, my clitoris pulsated to the rhythm of my pounding heart and Pete’s breath got hotter and heavier. With one final gasp I screamed tensed then relaxed, with a shudder into a heap on the bed. Oh god what an orgasm…….

Chapter 2

…….After ten or fifteen minutes we had both had a little nap and our hot bodies and breathing had almost returned to normal. I found myself rolled onto my left side again. Pete again was knealing on his haunches behind me reaching over, further this time. He reached down towards my bottom bed-side drawer. Where he pulled out my rabbit, he checked the batteries and settled back onto his haunches. Now he started to run his finger along the length of my body from just below my arm, across my waist and onto my hip. Once at my hip his hand moved down across my tingling belly towards my pubic hair, “well it would if I didn’t shave regularly”. Even though Pete and I had an average couple’s sex life, I didn’t like pubic hair on a woman. So I kept it shaven.

His broad right hand moved towards the point where my legs met my torso, where all consenting adults get their most fun. Meanwhile his left hand had started up my rabbit, I could here it buzzing but kept my eyes closed as I didn’t want to know where it was going to land, then. The ears came into contact with my already erect right nipple. I immediately tensed up, almost breaking Pete’s fingers with the pressure, off my thighs and in my groin area. I screamed out Pete’s name and orgasmed straight away, I must not have fully relaxed from the earlier encounter. As I rolled onto my back Pete was still knealing, his nine inches sticking out to attention, just like a soldier. I rolled over further and down slightly, taking his erect love muscle in my hand. I made a gooey noise and said “well is mummy’s little soldier all alone” and with that I opened my mouth, stuck out my tongue and slowly stroked the entire length, from tip to ball sack. Pete’s eyes rolled back and he tensed up slightly. I hatched my plan.

As I have mentioned previously, Pete wasn’t a jock but he did look after himself, gym twice a week and a healthy diet. Now this 34 year old was on his knees with his nine inch tool hanging over me. I was salivating at the thoughts of this lump of man meat pumping creamy hot sperm all over me. But I realised he would need some encouragement. But what to do I thought with a wry smile, my left hand started to rise up his torso “not quite a wash board, but hey ho, it was here and free”. My right hand kept the firm grip it already had on his tool. My tongue started its merry dance, over his purple head and around the aubergine end. Then slowly along his vein encrusted shaft. My left hand finally found its destination, his nipple. He didn’t suffer from man boobs, but he had a nicely honed chest with prominent pecks. With a twirl around his nipple and a quick pinch I got his attention once again and he took an enormous breath in. after playing with his chest and nipple, whilst my tongue titilated his twitching tool. Then I could see the first signs a small damp blob, emanating from the tip of his penis. It was his pre cum juices and I lapped them up.

What could I do to him that was going to give him more pleasure, my left hand moved slowly downwards, as his body tensed. He arched his back and made all his muscles stand out more. My mouth moved up away from his cock, so I started to give him the same butterfly kisses he had started with this morning. Up and down his taught wash board abdomen. Letting my tongue tickle around his navel. He was in seventh heaven but what next, I felt around with my left hand, finally I got it. My rabbit was in my clutches, his horny body was mine I was going to taste his hot cum too (for the first time) as I had never blown him off before, he was more a wham, bam, thank you mam, kind of guy. I switched the toy on very slowly he could obviously hear it and soon he would be feeling it. The large bulbous head of my rabbit teased and tustled, with his testicles. Then the ears went to work, they join forces with my tongue, taking his 9 inch throbbing love length to immediate arousal. More pre cum oozed out of his tight opening, so I turned up the speed. Surely he was unable to tense up much more but he did. Realising the reaction I had just got, I turned my rabbit up full, he took a massive intake of breath filling his lungs, in fact every ounce of his being. Tensing every muscle and sinew. I felt his luscious tool start to throb, and got my mouth ready to taste and swallow his cum. He breathed in even harder and then relaxed and exploded his red hot creamy load. It went everywhere, up my nostrel’s, in my hair, all over my lips, tongue so I licked and lapped it up. Tasting all his salty man juice. I was in heaven. We both collapsed our bodies entwined as one, so what happens next…….

Chapter 3

…….around thirty minutes later, I stirred once again from my delirious sex craved state. Never before had I had such an adrenalin fuelled orgasm, I sensed Pete wasn’t around. I thought I heard him talking, “maybe he was on the phone” I hadn’t heard it ring, maybe he was phoning someone. But, what a funny thing to do, bring me to two amazing orgasms. Then blow his seed all over me, get up and phone someone. I closed my eyes, for whatever he had in store for me, in the next session this anniversary. I wanted it to be amazing and the biggest surprise possible. So what happened next.

Well I kept my eyes closed, I had heard Pete’s voice but no other. He re-entered the bedroom and I could here him whispering, “I brought you a drink” he said as he was on my side of the bed. I stirred, sat up and took a generous mouthful, it was water but cold and refreshing. I was looking at his tattoos he had a tribal design all down the right hand side of his shoulder, down his arm to just above the elbow and all down his torso, through his right groin area and right leg. It was an aborigional infill pattern and I must say it suited his toned and honed body. He had slight love handles as he sat in front of me, partially hunched over. I noticed he had had a new bit of tattoo done, it was a jigsaw puzzle piece, just in the right groin area, where previously he had had an open space.

I sensed someone enter the bedroom behind me. I turned round it was a woman, she was totally naked. I was immediately drawn visually to her left groin area. She too had a tattoo of a jigsaw piece ever so slightly different to Pete’s. Pete said “Sarah, this is Claire”, but who was she? Pete continued “Claire is my mistress & she is here to make love to my wife”, I was stunned. Pete had a mistress and I didn’t know or suspect. I was a little shocked to say the least, I wanted to storm out, I wanted to scream, but neither manifested. Claire came and lay on the bed, she started to stroke my naked body, I tensed up and was very nervous about her being close. Pete spoke “Claire has borrowed a tattoo gun and you are getting your first ink, now”, I didn’t know what to say, I wasn’t against tattoo’s just never thought of having one myself. I felt hazy and semi conscious, then fell backwards onto the bed, I had been drugged.

When I woke a little while later, I had a burning scratchy feeling on my left hand side of my groin, “hush and keep still” a voice said softly. It continued “You now have a tattoo it’s the adjacent piece to Pete’s jigsaw, mine is the piece from the other side”. I want to have my first lesbian action, “Pete has gone to get the video camera ready” Claire continued. Had I heard her right, she wanted a lesbian session with me whilst my husband of ten years filmed our encounter. I didn’t even know he had a video camera. Then he entered the room. All three of us were still naked, but it didn’t phase any of us, was I coming round to the fact Pete had a mistress, that I had had the most awesome morning of sensual even sexual encounter, ever. Claire touched my nipple, “it will all be alright” she said, “I am new to all this too, I only found out Pete was married yesterday”. I couldn’t believe it all. My head was spinning.

Pete set up the camera on its tripod, then got a second camera, a hand held one, oh my god, he was going for this one hundred percent. Claire whispered softly “what other toys do you have?”, I reached down and opened my bottom drawer, and there they were on display, “oh Pete bought me that one too”, she said pointing at a great big black one, “do you mind sharing?”, she continued. In the space of the last half hour I had been drugged, tattooed, found out my husband had a mistress, a camcorder and bought two of the same type of vibrator for us both, my head was in a complete whirl.

Action Pete bellowed out, he was now directing us in a sex scene. Claire had checked the batteries moments earlier, but now she started to touch, pinch and kiss my erect nipples. Oh it felt good, but I longed for Pete to be with me, make the most of it I said to myself, he will be with you in a while. Claire continued with her horny advances, along my cute and quite petite breasts they were only 36C but they were all natural And Pete liked them, well that is what he had always said now I didn’t know. Claire’s breasts were about a 42DD but they suited her athletic 5’10” frame. She used the big black rubber dildo on me, she made me very wet between my legs, but no orgasm.

She withdrew the dildo and continued. She was strong yet sensual, when she kissed me. A closeness only a woman could give I guess (a woman knows what turns a woman on, so that’s what they do to you). Slowly Claire moved her hand lower, down past my navel, over my tummy, down across my bald area and into my hot love valley. She slipped a finger inside, I gasped, then another. Followed by a third and fourth. I spread my legs wide, Pete could never finger me with four fingers, his hand was way too big. But here was Claire four fingers in deep and her thumb rubbing my clitoris, her middle finger stretched out to reach my most inner entrance. I screamed, with pleasure…….

Chapter 4

…….Claire’s tender, slender fingers were all the way inside me. Pete sidling around the bedroom with a camcorder in his hand, a second camera mounted and fixed on a tripod. My husband’s mistress was leaned over me, she could easily over power me as she had such a strong athletic frame (not manly though) and boy was she in control. Pete gave Claire a present, she withdrew her long fingers out of my damp love slot, licked them dry and proceeded to open the present. We both eagerly anticipated its contents, she opened the package, and peered inside. Claire smiled with glee and turned to Pete, proclaiming, just what I always wanted. She pulled the contents out into the open, squealing it’s a strap on! Could my day get any freakier?

Claire stood up, and stepped into the opening on the strap on, it had a large penis to the front but also a smaller penis on the inside complete with nubs all over to rub and stimulate the wearer’s clitoris and love hole. She pulled it up fully, that’s when her demeanour changed. Claire barked at me “ON YOUR KNEES AND HEAD DOWN”, I now became less easy, I did as Claire demanded. I sensed she was behind me, Pete was stalking us around the bedroom. Claire leaned down and licked my pussy, I had only ever had Pete lick me and never very often. But now Claire was in charge, I was grinding onto her face, enjoying her touch, her tongue, her feminine charms. She then knelt up, took the strap on in her hand, and spit on it, rubbed this in with her hand and repeated twice.

Then I felt her enter me. I was so turned on, I was excreting my body fluid all over a sex toy, this was attached to the mistress of my husband, whilst he videoed us in action. Claire reached in and thrust her thumb into my slot. Her second thumb reached in and probed my arse, going in deep until I moaned, from the deepest recess of my stomach. My cunt was dripping by now, the smell of my musty damp hole, I felt the surge, a feeling like I had never felt before, was it because it wasn’t Pete? Was it because it was his mistress? Or was it because it was a sex toy probing me? I wasn’t in control! My senses went into overdrive yet again, I screamed out, felt my love canal tense up, it started to throb and a pure adrenaline surge went through my body! Then I collapsed into the bed once again, my heart pounding with such force I thought it would break out of my chest.

My body calmed back down to its regular rhythm, Pete came over, “I have paused our movie, for this next scene, we are doing things different”, he continued “Claire take the strap-on off, Sarah put it on”. “it’s now your turn to master your lesbian slave, Sarah” he said. So we moved around and I put the strap-on on, it was damp to the touch and I first felt the clitoris stimulator. I immediately found it stimulating I was now the owner of a massive tool. I had a bitch at my beck and call and my husband was happy. I ordered her to roll onto her back, she did. I went down on her, licking out her pussy, I opened her lips with my fingers, and inhaled her wet opening. Oh god it was so intense, I was in sensory overdrive, I could now dart my tongue into her pussy, she squealed like a little girl. I imagined my Pete where I was now, breathing the sweaty musky odour of this woman. I knew nothing about her, for all I know she knew everything about me, the only person who knows everything is walking round the bedroom with a camera, filming the action.

I rose from her wet hole and started to kiss her belly, moved slowly upwards to her ample tits and started to caress them. My tongue darted and licked at her nipples. She arched her back to meet my advances and I placed my entire body upon her. As I lowered my torso over hers, I inserted the end of the strap-on dildo into her slippery slot. And immediately felt the clitoris stimulator press into my most sensitive area. I squeaked with delight, Claire started to writhe with delight but as I only had a slight frame, I was in fear of being thrown off, like a rodeo bull throwing its rider. Then Pete approached me from behind, spat onto his erect penis and inserted it into my tight virginal arsehole. I was now the jam in a Claire and Pete sandwich…….

Chapter 5

…….I thrust forwards into Claire then backwards onto Pete. What a feeling, again forwards and backwards, I started a nice rhythm. Each time I looked forwards into Claire’s eyes, sometimes they looked deep into mine, other times she looked over my shoulder at Pete. I increased my pace as my heart rate pulsed, deeper and deeper, forwards and back. Faster and faster, I was getting wet but nowhere near an orgasm. Claire however, now there was an orgasm waiting to happen. I quickened my pace, thrusting into her and back onto Pete. Her breath started to pant, Pete’s too on the back of my neck, this was great. I was the filling, in their orgasm sandwich. I was fully in charge. I thrust harder and deeper, my pace increased further. My tight arsehole gripping around Pete’s shaft in out, in out, up down, up down. Their breathing got shallower not even panting fully now, just like when a dog had been on a fast run, but without their tongues hanging out. I knew it, just a few more thrusts and I would win, my clitoris was wet, too wet. I was turned on, but, this time I was going to fulfil them both. In out, in out I rocked faster and faster, harder and harder, their breathing changed, in out, in out, faster and faster and then in unison, you might even say stereo. They both tensed up then exhaled and with a loud cry they shouted “OH….. MY…… GOD….. ”. I felt Pete’s length start to pump, throbbing into my arsehole, Claire was riding, writhing, squirming, into her deepest orgasm. Pete collapsed onto me and I collapsed under his body weight onto Claire, his cum oozing out of my arsehole and Claire’s heavy panting and hot breath in my ear.

We rested for a while, then I motioned for Pete to roll off, which he did and I climbed off Claire. I needed some food, what time was it? I looked at the clock, a little after noon. I walked into the kitchen, Pete surfaced, Claire too. I said I needed a little bite to eat………….. nothing heavy I couldn’t stomach anything heavy. Claire and Pete sat at the table, I suggested a yoghurt, Pete screwed his face up but Claire smiled and said “yes please, any flavour”. As we were eating our yoghurts Pete’s tool , appeared to be sad, hanging limp and lifeless. Looking down at the floor, I looked across at Claire and caught her eye. I motioned with my eyes towards Pete’s groin. She stood up appearing to walk to the sink. As she passed him she looked down to see his sad member looking so forlorn. She dripped the remnant of her yoghurt right into Pete’s lap, bullseye, it landed right on his member. He jumped up, shouting “you daft bugger”. Claire slyly looked at him, bent down onto her knees and started to lick the yoghurt off him. He sat back down on the chair a smirky grin on his face, I thought we girls needed to teach him a thing or two.

Once he was seated, Claire straddled his thigh, her hot wet lips immediately sliming where she sat and her finger nails digging into his chest just enough to hurt but not enough to break the skin. “I have something to soothe the pain” I said, he looked at me and said “please”. I took my yoghurt pot and poured it over his tattooed pecks, Claire went into overdrive. She covered him with sloppy kisses and lapped at his heavy pulsing chest. This got him so aroused, he rose from the chair grasping under Claire’s buttocks and carried her, astride him back to the bedroom. He placed her down on the bed and lowered his strong muscular body on top of her, he entered her wet slippery hole (very easily) and when he was balls deep, he lifted her legs over his shoulders. I was jealous, god I was jealous. Once he had her legs where he wanted them he rolled forward once again, doubling Claire up so her calves were almost by her ears, I thought (if that had been me, I could have wrapped my legs behind my own head) I was still that supple. Once he was comfortable and safe (well he thought he was) I quietly crept into the bedroom, you see I hadn’t removed the strap-on and now it was his turn.

I crawled onto the bed behind him, the strap-on still glistening with Claire’s juices. I lifted onto my feet so I was squatted behind him and slowly and surely started to enter him. He looked over his shoulder and winked, I was shocked, had he planned this all along. I rode him deep, bareback, humping his very being. I scrapped my nails down his strong muscular back, he seemed to like this too. What could I do, my husband of ten years knew my every move before I made it, I withdrew the strap-on almost to the point where it would fall out, then thrust it back in him. It took his breath away slightly, so I did it again. A little harder then harder still. He was panting hard and making moaning noises (pleasure or pain), I wasn’t sure. I got my thumb, this nail was slightly longer than my finger, I pressed it hard against the rim of his arsehole and he screamed. Now this time I knew, it was pain and I loved giving it to him…….

Chapter 6

…….His adrenalin kicked in by now and the pain seemed to subside. So I withdrew, I removed the strap-on, and joined them once again on the bed. Claire’s legs still over Pete’s strong shoulders, Pete humping her very regular. I looked at his ball sack, it was bashing against Claire’s pussy and arse. I said out loud “you poor thing, do you want some attention” and with that I opened my mouth and took his sack in. Pete was delighted, you see he trimmed his pubic hair neatly also under his arms, but as for the rest of him he was hairless. At the gym where he attended, they had a grooming facility, and once a month he had a waxing and massage.

I had images going through my mind once again. What services did Pete, get at the gym I thought. He always came back refreshed, my mind wandered. You see I went to a gym, about three times a month, just a mild workout for me and ladies only, Pete insisted on that. But his was a mixed facility, and I thought what if the beauty therapist’s, were female and offered, extra’s. The thought washed over me, did he get other kicks, a blond beauty, after inflicting pain by waxing him. Massaging his taught body then stroking him and giving his cock a rub, a suck, or even straddling him and riding him. This thought turned me on, I started to masturbate myself, sucking his balls, fingering myself and getting very, very wet. I brought myself off this time, to a quiet but truly fulfilled orgasm.

Pete was now pumping harder inside Claire, she was moaning deliriously, with joy I hope. I couldn’t keep his sack in my mouth, so I got up, found the camcorder and pressed record. As I stepped around the bed filming the two of them fucking each other like two rabbits, on heat. They both worked up into frenzy; moaning, groaning, sweating and swearing at each other. Until the two of them, finally orgasmed together. Pete rolled off and onto his back, Claire rolled towards him, raising one leg to rub his hot sweaty thigh and I put the camera down, to crawl across the bed to be on his other side. Replicating Claire’s pose with my leg rubbing his other thigh, Pete spoke “I am so glad you two get on”, he continued “you see Claire’s lease is up on her apartment and I want her to move in with us”. “she can have the spare room, for most of the time and we can have threesome’s once a month”. “What do you think, Sarah”, he said and with that we all fell in to a deep restful sleep, with sweet dreams of our last few hours of exploits.

The end.
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