The Forbidden Book

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Gloria Powers walked slowly beneath the giant arch of the Omega. As she carefully inspected the metal shape which was several feet above her head, she compared the new structure to fragments of ancient drawings... and to the modern drawings from which the arch was constructed. She gave a sigh of satisfaction as she turned and walked back to the monitoring shed which also served as her living quarters.

She, and the others in the Planetary Exploration Corps, were fairly certain that they had constructed an Omega device extremely similar to those found in ruins in a giant belt around the equator of the planet. Smaller representations of those Omegas were also found throughout the planet. It was almost impossible to walk a short distance without seeing ruins of these arches or finding their facsimiles laying on the ground. The prevalence of the Omega devices had caused the first explorers to name this distant world “Planet Omega.”

As Gloria stood at the door to the small shed gazing at the arch, she began thinking of when she had first been selected to be a part of the “reconstruction team.” Unlike the other members of the team, she was not a scientist or archeologist or engineer. She was... a symbologist.

She smiled as she thought of that word– a word which she had created to describe herself and others like her. She had a very special skill, a skill that was more of an innate talent. It was not something that could be taught if you did not have it. She had helped several people further develop their innate symbologist skills, but trying to teach alien symbol interpretation to others proved fruitless. You could either read alien symbols or you could not.

Gloria, as far as she knew, was the only alien symbologist in the Planetary Exploration Corps. She was in the PEC because she could interpret the most alien of symbols. Even if the person who created the symbol was from a far different culture and spoke a far different language, Gloria could somehow understand what they were trying to convey with the symbol. She may not know the word for it– in English or in the original language– but she knew what it was.

Gloria Powers was here on Planet Omega because the language of these long-lost people was totally symbolic. She was the one who had interpreted many of the strange symbols which described the devices. The engineers and archeologists then used her guidance to create a translation of the full text. Others worked out the details of the documents, but it was her original interpretation of the symbols which unlocked the complex language for them.

The devices, themselves, were called Omegas because the drawings– and the device constructed from those drawings– looked very much like a Greek letter Omega. They also looked very much like a huge horseshoe standing on end, but Planet Omega sounds much more scientific than Planet Horseshoe. Beside, horseshoes do not have the large base going out from the bottom of the arch like an Omega does.

The largest of the devices were all placed– evenly spaced– exactly on the equator of Planet Omega. Several of these huge Omegas were found almost intact, but laying on the ground as if toppled by an earthquake. Their metal skins had been nearly eroded away by the sandstorms which plagued the dry planet, but their interior structures were still, for the most part, complete. Most of the other Omegas were all but melted where they stood leaving rusted blobs of metal, polished on one side by the prevailing winds.

The planet itself was very interesting to the astrophysicists in the Corps. It was almost as if it had been artificially ****fied and set in place. And that was not just because the non-mountainous land mass of the planet was in a wide belt which ran around its equator.

The planet, itself, had no tilt with respect to the large sun and rotated very slowly. Its rotation was minutely slower than its orbital cycle, resulting in each “day” being one “year” in length. That year– and that day– was approximately 320 Terran days. The anthropologists theorized that the population had been nomadic and moved with the slow rotation of the planet to live in the more tolerable transition zones between day and night.

There was also a moon, which, like the Terran moon, was about one-eighth the size of the planet. The orbital cycle of the moon was such that it made one complete orbit around the planet every sixteen Terran days, which would mean twenty complete cycles in each Planet Omega year / day.

Because it was also aligned with the equator of the planet, that meant that once every moon cycle there was an eclipse of the sun on one side of the planet, followed eight Terran days later by a corresponding full eclipse of the moon on the opposite side of the planet.

The scientists and engineers were sure that the Omega devices were some sort of energy producing system which drew power from the sun. The spacing of the devices was such that one device was directly facing the sun at the time of the eclipse and while the devices on either side of it were just outside the cone of darkness.

They were sure that this arrangement somehow allowed the Omega devices to pull large quantities of energy from the sun during the eclipse. They further speculated that it was some sort of sun event, such as a flare, which caused a sudden burst in energy, destroying the Omega arches.

In 183 Terran days, their theory would be tested. That is when their reproduction of the Omega arch would be 8 days away from exact alignment with the sun. The team would be returning to Planet Omega thirty days in advance of that alignment to install the final instrumentation so they could monitor any possible energy flowing into the arch as it passed through direct alignment.

Gloria would be staying on planet until then. That was for two reasons. The first– and official– reason for her staying behind was to monitor the reproduction as it slowly turned from the darkness into the light. The second– and real– reason for her staying behind was that she had interpreted the symbols of The Forbidden Book much differently than had the anthropologists, scientists, and engineers.

The Forbidden Book was a thick, leather-bound book found in a cavity beneath one of the toppled Omegas. It was called The Forbidden Book because the large symbol on its cover was possibly the symbol for “Forbidden.”

The symbol, like the book itself, was badly worn with time. Gloria debated between “Forbidden” and “Powerful” when she first said what she thought the symbol meant. The anthropologists in the group favored Forbidden, and thus the book became The Forbidden Book.

The book contained page after page of depictions of naked women bound in the standing position with their arms stretched wide above their heads. The pages were in bad shape and most were incomplete, but it was possible to make out the drawings.

Usually the women were being pleasured by men or other women. The men were entering the women from the front or from behind. The unbound women were using their mouths or their hands with the obvious intent of bringing the bound woman to orgasm. On some of the pages, the women in the drawings were being whipped or struck with large paddles. Each page was slightly different, but one thing which all of the pages had in common was that the face depicted on each and every one of the bound women seemed to be twisted in what appeared to be either extreme pain or orgasmic ecstasy.

The eggheads had looked at the lewd images and symbols and almost immediately dismissed the book as pornography, or its equivalent in the Omega culture. Their only interest was in the last page– one of the most complete pages– which showed a woman strapped in place beneath what appeared to be an Omega device. Once they noted that the arch seemed to be drawn correctly and showed no additional structural details, they set the entire book aside.

Gloria argued that there was more to The Forbidden Book than just sexual titillation. “There is a lot to be learned from this book,” she said to Doctor Joan Harris, the chief anthropologist. “It can teach us a great deal about the people who once inhabited this planet.”

“Well,” Joan replied with a laugh, “it teaches me that the Omegans had a very active sexual imagination.”

She dismissed Gloria’s further attempts to explain that almost all of the symbols accompanying the drawings dealt with communication not with sex.

Gloria then tried to show Harold Jenson, the chief construction engineer, that the position of the women in all of the drawings corresponded exactly to the small u-shaped connectors welded to the underside the arch which seemed to have no logical purpose.

Furthermore, the hands of the woman in the drawing on the last page– the drawing which included the Omega arch– were definitely tied to the arch at those points. In addition, her feet seemed to be tied to the base of the arch.

The woman depicted on the last page of the book was alone. There were no other men or women in the drawing, but her head was still thrown back as if she were experiencing an overwhelming orgasm. Gloria noted that this orgasmic woman was apparently straddling– or impaled on– what the scientists had deemed to be a monitoring rod for the energy in the arch. That rod, with a large metal ball on the top, stuck up from the base directly under the peak of the arch.

All of the engineers laughed at Gloria and said that she– like the unknown compiler of The Forbidden Book– had a too vivid sexual imagination. They were very adamant that the connectors on the arch were used in the construction process of the Omega and that the rods were purely for sensing the buildup of energy in the arch. The chief scientist had even shown Gloria historical drawings of similar rods and pointed out that the large metal ball on the top of the monitoring rod corresponded exactly to similar rods and balls once used to demonstrate static electricity.

Finally Harold brought the meeting to a close. “No civilization,” he said, “would put this kind of effort and resources into building the galaxy’s greatest orgasmatron.” All of the engineers and scientists– including the females– stood laughing. He then added, “And if they did, they would have gotten it right and restrained the feet.”

One of the women said, “Orgasmatron... I think I will have to remember that word. Maybe one actually exists.” That brought a new round of laughter from the group as they left the meeting room.

“I wonder,” Gloria said softly to herself as they walked from the room, “if there are connectors on the bases of the Omegas that the engineers have missed.” When she left the meeting, she requisitioned a hover scooter from the mobility support team and went directly to the nearest ruins. There were no connectors, but on the far left side of the base, just inside where the arch once stood, there were two small stubs... not much more than weld spots on the corroded metal.

She continued to the next ruin and then the next. At the fifth ruin she found two sets of broken off stubs that could have been the connectors she was seeking. Finally, at the eleventh ruin, the last of the toppled arches, she found it. Directly beneath where the connectors would be on the arch had it still be standing upright, were corresponding connectors welded to the surface of the base. They were buried beneath a pile of dirt and corrosion, but they were there.

Gloria fully documented her discovery with images and references to drawing fragments and gave the information to Umeko Sullivan, the chief design engineer. Two days later, U-shaped connectors were added to the bases of the three reconstructions.

“We still don’t know what they are for,” Umeko told her, “but we want our reproductions as close to the originals as possible.”

She smiled at Gloria and added, “For all we know, these were used to tie protective shrouds to the arch during the long period they were in darkness.”

Gloria returned her smile and said, “You might be right. Maybe something was tied there.” What she didn’t say was, “... something like a female in orgasm.”

Adding the extra connectors was the last thing the reconstruction crew did before departing for Colony Triest on the nearest inhabited planet. The three-day communication delay to Colony Triest was the reason someone needed to stay behind with the equipment. If there were a malfunction, the monitoring station on Triest wouldn’t know about it for three days and any corrective signal they sent back would take an additional three days to reach Planet Omega. If a repair crew was needed, travel time from Triest was seven days.

With such a time delay in the loop, Corps procedures required someone live monitor the equipment in case of problems. But the equipment had proved so reliable over the years that no one really believed an on-planet presence was needed. Thus, when Gloria volunteered to stay behind, the engineers and scientists were more than happy to allow her to be the one to babysit the equipment until they returned for the final tests.


Gloria had now been alone on the planet for twelve days. She had carefully noted in the logs that the instrumentation properly sent its twice daily updates to Colony Triest. She also noted in the on-planet logs what her plans were– just in case something went wrong.

Her plans were simple. In one more day, just before Omega’s moon went into full eclipse directly over the center reproduction, she would secure herself in place beneath the Omega arch. She would use reproductions of the “snake chains” which had been found near several of the fallen arches to hold her arms and legs firmly in place and she would impale herself on the “monitoring rod.”

The snake chains were called that because rather than having circular links, they were tubular and held together by scale-like pieces of metal which were peeled up from the inner and outer surfaces of the tube. The chains formed by these tubular sections were flexible, but when pulled tight, they became very stiff. Also once they had stiffened, the chain could shorten with movement as the tubes slipped minutely into each other.

The reconstruction team had reproduced many feet of this chain before deciding that it had nothing to do with the arch. Several of their reproductions included the wide circles at their ends which were also of unknown purpose. The circles, like the chains, were designed so that they could grow smaller, but would not easily increase in size.

Gloria knew from her interpretation of The Forbidden Book that the chains were intended to hold the orgasmic woman in place beneath the arch. She was sure that the circles on the end of the chains were actually restraint cuffs of some sort.

In many of the drawings, it almost appeared as if the woman were inside a box of some sort, or at least there was something vertical on each side of her. Gloria compared the position of the vertical lines to the connectors on the arch and base. Then it hit her. The chains– or whatever– went from the woman’s wrists up to the connector on the arch, then down to the connector on the base, and finally from there over to her ankles. That was why some of the chains were the inverse of others. They were intended to connect together to form a continuous chain from one restraint loop to the other.

Gloria carefully measured her lengths of snake chain. The links were easily inserted to add to the chain, and if there were no tension on the chain, a simple twist would remove the link. As she put the circle around her wrist, she tested that she could slip out of it or easily twist it to disconnect it from the chain.

It was nearly time. The chains hung in place. The shadow was beginning to cross the face of the moon. Full eclipse was just hours away.

Gloria Powers slipped the circles over her ankles and moved clumsily forward until she was pushing against the bulbous rod. The rod was adjustable, and she had set the height so that it was slightly taller than her waist. She stood on tiptoe and moved over the rod. As she did so, it slid between her labia, forcing them slightly open.

She had smeared a lubricant over the bulb on the top of the rod, so it slid fairly easily against her skin. Her own, personal lubrication also helped. This was definitely turning her on. She slid back and forth over the top of the rod several times before suddenly letting herself back down to flat-footed. When she did so, the rod pushed into her about three inches.

The next step was harder. She had to bat at the hanging chain to cause it to swing. As it swung back and forth, she then had to catch it and slip the circle over her wrist. The left side was fairly easy. She was able to quickly slip the circle over her left wrist with her right hand. But attempting the same maneuver one handed proved much trickier. It took several tries before she was finally able to grab the circle and wiggle it over her right hand.

“Now what?” she said aloud to herself as she stood looking at the stars in the sky and the moon that was now about one-quarter eclipsed.

After waiting for some time, she lowered herself slightly on the rod and then stood back to her full height. She did that several times before stopping. She was starting to breath heavily.

“That felt gooood,” she said loudly as she looked up at the now half-eclipsed moon.

Then the rod began to vibrate.

This was not possible! She had watched the technicians construct these rods. The shaft was solid. The bulb at the top was hollow. There was no mechanism in the rod which would cause it to vibrate, and yet it– as well as the rods on the other two Omegas– were vibrating loudly. She could hear the whine of the rods as the vibrations began to move through her body. There was a second vibration present in the rod that seemed to be like a harmonic created by the difference between the vibration of her rod and the other two rods. That harmonic seemed to flow in and out of her body as it changed in pitch and intensity.

“Aaaaaah,” she cried out as she quivered on the vibrating shaft. Then she felt a tug at her arms... and her legs. The chains were tightening on their own. She tried to pull her hand out of the circle, but it, too, was tightening rapidly. She pulled furiously against the chain, but that only caused it to stiffen.

She was trapped!

The first orgasm was powerful, one of the most powerful she had ever experienced. It tore through her suddenly like a fire flashing through dry grass. Her cry of “Aiiiieeeeeeee,” echoed in the grayness of the Omega night.

The chains were growing tighter. They were pulling her legs farther and farther apart, causing her to sink lower and lower upon the rod. Soon she was a tight, naked X beneath the Omega. Then the chains tightened just a little further.

She groaned as her body adjusted to the tension and she sank even lower on the rod. She could now feel the bulb inside her... pressing against her cervix... vibrating furiously as it followed the melody of the harmonics created between it and the rods on the other Omegas.

The vibrations suddenly stopped, leaving Gloria panting and sweating beneath the arch. “Nooooo!” she yelled at the night sky. “No, No, No, NO!” she screamed.

On the fourth “NO!” the vibrations began again. Now they were rolling between fast and slow, strong and just barely there. All the while, the harmonics of speed and intensity slowly ran beneath those waves of speed and strength.

Gloria’s moans rose and fell with the waves within her. As the vibrations became faster, she found her voice becoming more shrill as she cried out. The volume of her cries also rose and fell with the intensity of the vibration while her pitch continued to follow the speed. It was an interesting song of passion which she was singing to the empty darkness.

Her song had just hit its tenth crescendo when something changed. The bulb was starting to become warm within her. She could feel the heat of the rod against her outer labia. The warmth within her was less intense, but it seemed to be spreading from her womb throughout her body. The chains seemed to be growing warm– almost hot– in her hands.

She looked around her. Something was different. She could clearly see the huts that made up the living quarters and work areas. That couldn’t be. She had doused all outside lighting so she could be alone beneath the stars. The buildings should be lost in the dull grayness of starlight and moonlight, but instead they were illuminated almost as if giant bonfires had been lit, their flickering flames illuminating the darkness.

She looked up. The arch above her was glowing a dull red. The arch which preceded the center arch was glowing a much brighter red. The following arch was barely glowing.

There was a loud “Snap!” followed by a deep “Pop!” Her eyes were drawn back to the first arch. Another “Snap!” as a spark jumped from the rod to the top of the arch. That was instantly followed by a deep “Pop!” as a much more intense bolt of lightning jumped from the arch to the bulb.

“Noooooo!” she screamed as she felt the hairs on her body beginning to stand out from her skin.

“Nooooooooooo!” she screamed in terror as she awaited the discharge which would most likely kill her.

Then the power tore through her body. Her muscles spasmed and quivered as the power shot from the base of the Omega to the top of the arch and then back down again. Her body bounced against the rod which impaled her.

The pulse came again. This time it felt as if all of the energy came through the bulb on the end of the rod and emanated out through her body.

She cried out once again, this time in passion, not pain. Her mind was racing as the “Aaaaahhhh!” sang out into the night. This was not electricity going through her body. It was power of some sort, but it was not electrical. If it was, it would have killed her. Instead, it was making her body... alive.

She was more alive than she had ever been before in her life. She was turned on. She didn’t mean that in a sexual way– though she was also very definitely sexually turned on beyond belief. “Turned on” was the only way she could describe what was happening to her. It was as if every portion of her body was alive in a new way. He nipples were tingling in ways they had never done before. Her lips– both above and below– were swollen and tingling with sexual energy that made them alive in a new way she had never before even imagined. And her mind... her mind was alive with energy.

“That’s it!” she cried out. “It’s sexual energy. The arch is pouring sexual energy into my body!”

“Why?” she asked herself. “What is the purpose of filling me with sexual energy?”

Her mind was unable to answer itself as a new round of pulses tore through her body. Her throaty “Aaaaah” became a shrill “Aaiiiieee” as pulse after pulse slammed into her body and caused her to bounce and dance on the now almost hot shaft upon which she was impaled.

She could feel it building within her. As she thrashed and quivered beneath the glowing arch, she could see the soft glow of Omega’s moon slowly sliding completely behind the shadow of the planet.

It would happen now. Would she survive it? What else would happen in that moment?

The moon was gone. The chains pulled even tighter. The rod began vibrating furiously. She was sure that her insides were cooking from the heat. One last, giant pulse rocked her body forcing her to explode in a powerful, massive, uncontrollable, orgasm.

She could hear the chains scrapping as she pulled against them. She was vaguely aware of her own voice crying out loudly and shrilly. If she had not been held so tightly, she surely would have injured herself with her violent thrashing as waves of pleasure erupted within her body.

And then, suddenly, in the midst of this unbearable passion, her mind became totally clear. Symbols and images poured through her mind. A voice seemed to speak. “Who are you?” it asked. “We have had no contact with Star Colony since the attack many centuries ago.”

“We are friends,” she tried to say. But instead of words, symbols filled her mind while her lips were silent. “We come in peace,” she tried to add. More symbols flashed through her mind.

“We will come to meet you,” the voice answered. “You must be a very powerful woman to have contacted us from so far away. You must be a great leader.”

In response, the symbols in her mind formed, “I will await your presence with joy in my heart.”

“We will arrive before your station turns to face the sun,” the voice answered firmly. “We too look forward with joy in our hearts to when we meet.”

Gloria hung limply in the chains. The moon was low on the horizon, but once again bright in the sky. Sweat covered her body and she shivered slightly in the cool, night air. The prevailing winds of the planet carried the heat of the sun side well into the darkness, but even still, the night air was cool against wet, naked skin.

The chains holding her legs began to writhe and expand. The circles around her ankles opened so that she could kick the chains free from her legs. The chain from the lower connector to the upper one remained stiff, as did the chain leading to her arms.

“Why didn’t you release?” she asked quietly as she looked up at the tight chain.

As if in response, it pulled tighter, lifting her slightly. “Oh,” she said softly as she went up onto her tiptoes and pulled herself free of the shaft and ball.

Almost as soon as she was clear of the shaft, the upper chains relaxed and lengthened. Gloria felt herself dropping to the ground. Her legs would not support her.

Looking over at the shaft she said aloud, “That would have been very uncomfortable.” Then looking up at the arch she added, “Thank you.”

Gloria was unsure of how long she lay semi-conscious on the base of the Omega. Her body was exhausted. Perhaps she had internal injuries. She couldn’t know for sure. Eventually, she felt her strength returning slightly and pushed herself to her knees and then to her feet.

“I wonder what they are like?” she asked herself aloud as she staggered back to the shed.

As she stumbled into the monitoring area, she added, “And how do I explain this to the rest of the team?”

The last thing she did before falling onto her bed was to pull the safety pin from a large red switch and slam it into place with her palm. A loud Klaxon sounded throughout the compound and seconds later a an extremely brilliant, supra-light burst shot forth from the special antenna pointed at Colony Triest.

The power of the emergency beacon melted the antenna, but it would reach Triest in just nine hours. A full crew with augmented security details would depart immediately and arrive a little more than 72 hours after that if they traveled at maximum star drive power.

As she drifted into a deep sleep, Gloria smiled and said aloud, “I can’t wait to see Doctor Jensen’s face when I tell him that I used his Orgasmatron to make first contact with an alien race.”

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