Beckie's Abduction and Rape

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Beckie's Abduction and Rape 1

This is a true story of the abduction and **** of a very beautiful, intelligent, caring, child loving, business woman.

This all started when I saw her profile and picture on a kinky dating site. I signed on the dating site after eight years separation from my wife that lives over a hundred miles from me. I have a job that does not allow me to be away for more than a few hours at a time. I live and work ten miles from the nearest town and go there once every three to four months for grocery supplies. I have had no social life for almost eight years.

When I read her profile and saw her picture I realized we are about the same age. We are both in our early sixties. We chatted for a few weeks and I found that she is beautiful inside and out. All I could think is that I have to meet this fabulous lady in person with or without sex. She is over a three hour drive from me and with that I had to arrange it so that I could go to her not wanting to ask her to meet some online stranger in a remote place for the first time. That would not be the gentleman thing to do and any woman would worry about her safety and refuse.

I could feel that she likes me but when I ask to set an evening time meeting to get acquainted she always found some reason that our schedules did not allow. I had to meet this wonderful lady even if I had to kidnap her. That thought stayed with me and I started to make plans to kidnap her and spend a weekend with her at my place on the ranch where I live.

She had said that the best sex is in the country outdoors. The more we chatted the more I found out about her and what turns her on. I was able to learn what type of business she owns and started an online search. I was very surprised and happy when I clicked on a business and found her picture as one of the owners. I used a satellite image of the address and found that it would be a simple abduction with very little chance of being detected. The business web-site gave me the office hours information I needed.

After getting all the information I needed I found that it would be at least a month until I could actually implement my plan. From chatting with her I found that she is new at BD/SM but wants to explore and learn more about it and her submissive feelings. Since we had not discussed abduction I could only hope that I could make it a memorable enough weekend that she would not file kidnap **** charges against me once she knew who it was that took her and used her sexually. There was many times during the month wait that I almost backed out of taking her. I knew that there is no way that I will injure her in anyway but I had to have her. I have never needed anything as bad in my life so decided I would take the chance that she would decide it had excited, scared and pleased her when I released her.

The closer to the abduction date got the more I thought about the experience I had when I was in my twenties. I had a date with a girl that jumped from my car on a country road telling me to take it if I want it and ran. Since then I have had the desire to find a woman willing to be abducted and ****d as role play. This was my chance to play out that fantasy and hoped it would end well with Beckie.

I could not stop thinking about her and wanted to talk to her by phone. I got the business phone number and address from the web-site and found the name of the office manager. I called the local pizza hut in her town and ordered eight assorted pizzas delivered to the office manager. I waited two days and called the office restricting the number I called from. The office manager answered the phone. Using a fake name I told her that I was so impressed by the web-site and the wonderful work they did that I had ordered a pizza delivery to her and was checking to confirm that it was actually delivered. I had ordered the pizza delivery anonymously and they had been wondering who had sent them. She put the phone on speaker and I chatted with her and the two owners, one of which was Beckie.

I told them I had stumbled on their web-site and read all about the whole staff and the work they do and was so impressed I was compelled to do something to so appreciation for the wonderful work they do. That part is true. They were all very cheerful and friendly and thanked me for the gift. Hearing Beckie's voice confirmed that she is the wonderful sweet lady I imagined from our online chats. They invited me to come visit them and the staff of fourteen people and receive a tour of the facility. I promised that at some point finding time I would take them up on their invitation. I did not call again but continued making plans to abduct Beckie knowing that I had to go through with it more than ever before.

The time went by at a snails pace but finally the date arrived. I told my boss that I needed to leave early afternoon on Friday but would be back late that night. I made the over three hour drive arriving about thirty minutes before her office closing time at seven pm. I found the satellite image to be very accurate and found her car parked near some tall shrubs. I parked in the adjacent parking lot and waited behind the shrubs in my pickup truck. I could see when she approached her car from the office. It was dark and I moved from my truck to wait at the end of the shrubs watching her walk to her car.

As Beckie turned her back to me to get in her car I rushed from my hiding place behind her slipping a black hood over her head and clasp my hand over her mouth to prevent her screaming for help. Pulling her hard against my body I told her I had a knife to her throat and not to fight me. She froze shaking with fear. I pinned her body to the side or her car with my body and told her to put her hands behind her. She hesitated and I pressed the dull edge of the knife to her throat. Feeling the knife she put her hands behind her. I told her not to scream when I take my hand away from her mouth and ask if she understood. She nodded she understood. I slowly took my hand away leaving the knife at her throat.

Using my free hand I cuffed her wrist behind her with police style handcuffs. I pulled the ball gag from my pocket and forced it in her mouth over the hood. I looked around finding nobody in the area that might have observed the abduction. Grabbing a hand full of her shoulder length blond hair I forced her around the shrubs to my pickup.

I forced her in the back seat on her stomach as I stepped in with her closing the door. The windows are dark tinted concealing us inside. I got rope and a Hitachi from the bag of bondage equipment on the floor board. Using the razor sharp hunting knife I sliced her knee length black skirt from the bottom through the waist band leaving it under her. I cut the crotch of her pantie hose, pulled the crotch of her black panties away from her pussy and sliced through the material leaving her pussy naked. I felt of her pussy lips hoping to find moisture leaking. Her pussy was as dry as the desert. Being prepared I pulled the bottle of baby oil from the bag as she cried and attempted to plead for me to let her go. She started kicking her feet up and down as I cut her clothes off forcing me to put a leg over her calves to keep her from hurting herself by kicking the door.

Using the baby oil on my hand I rubbed a generous amount on and in her pussy and the head of the Hitachi. I forced her legs apart giving me access to her pussy and pressed the Hitachi between the lips of her pussy on her clit. I forced her legs together to hold the Hitachi in place and tied her thighs and ankles together tight. I bent her legs at the knees and tied her in a snug hogtie. I cut her blouse up the middle of the back pushing the two halves to the side exposing her back and bra. I sliced the back and shoulder straps and roughly pulled the bra over her tits making her squeal into the ball gag.

She was still crying and trying to beg me to let her go. I turned the Hitachi on medium speed making her tense up and squeal. I told her that was to keep her occupied during the long drive to her new home. That made her cry harder and struggle against her restraints. I went back to her car, picked up her purse and locked her car. My heart almost broke as I got in my truck hearing her crying so hard she could hardly breath. I kept a close watch on her as I drove back to the ranch.

She cried and pleaded for about the first hour of the three hour drive. She finally lay still for a little while then I noticed her squirming and moaning. I watched her for several minutes as she continued to moan and wiggle her hips. At about half way to the ranch I saw her tense up and let out a long low moan. I assumed she had an orgasm.

I watched her in the mirror and over my shoulder making sure that she was in no danger. As I watched her she had two more orgasms from the Hitachi working on her clit before we got to the ranch. I pulled up to the locked gate leaving her tied in the back seat while I opened the gate and parked in front of my house. I closed and locked the gate, opened the screened in porch door and the front door propping both wide open. I turned on the out side lights. I slipped in the back door of the truck untying her hog tie leaving her hands and legs tied. I removed the now dead cordless Hitachi turned her on her back sitting her up. I moved from the truck sliding her butt to the edge of the seat. I told her that I was going to put her over my shoulder and carry her into the house and she should not struggle or I might drop and hurt her.

She groaned into the gag but leaned over my shoulder when I pressed it into her stomach. I lifted her with my arms around the bend of her legs. As I stood up with her d****d over my shoulder I moved my right hand up her legs to her exposed pussy. Her pussy was wet from the baby oil and her cum. My two fingers slipped in her cunt making her tense and squeal behind the ball gag. I wiggled my fingers in her cunt as I carried her up the steps and into the house. I stood her under the ceiling hook, put a leather collar around her pretty little neck and hooked the leash to the ceiling hook. I left her standing hooked to the ceiling hook, hands cuffed, ankles tied, knees tied, hooded and gagged as I retrieved my bondage bag from the truck. I closed the porch door, house door and turned the outside lights off.

Using the sharp hunting knife I cut the remainder of her blouse off, sliced down the sides of the pantie hose legs to her ankles and cut the crotchless panties off leaving her totally nude. I untied her ankles and knees to force her legs apart to tie them to the ends of a spreader bar after removing what was left of her pantie hose. When I removed the ball gag she yelled. “Who are you? Why are you doing this to me?” I told her I liked her and decided to make her my sex slave. She started crying and telling me that I could not do that because she has family and a business to run.

She told me that she would do anything I wanted and not tell anyone if I would let her go. I told her if she would do anything I want and after two days she did not want to stay I would take her back and release her. Beckie stood silent for a few minutes as I stood watching her. She finally asks. “If I do anything you want you will let me go tomorrow?” I said. “No I will let you go in two days if you do not want to stay as my sex slave.” She ask. “Are you going to hurt me?” I told her that I will hurt her but no more than she can handle and will not injure her or leave any permanent marks.” She ask me to use her any way I wanted but please not hurt her.

I did not answer her and put my hand over her exposed cunt making her gasp and try to move away from my hand. I slipped two fingers in her pussy and fingered her as my thumb worked on her clit. She tried to move away from me tightening the collar around her neck. She got still as I finger fucked her and pinched her hard nipples. She squealed at the slight pain in her nipples a few times then started to moan and move on my fingers in her pussy as I hit her G-spot over and over again with my thumb making her clit get hard and protrude from its hood. I did this to her for about five minutes before she let out a long moan and pushed on my hand releasing an orgasm. I felt her cum run over my hand and kept finger fucking her making the orgasm last longer.

She took a deep breath as I took my hand away from her pussy. She was still shaking with the orgasm when I dropped to my knees and pressed my mouth over her cum covered pussy licking and nibbling on her clit. She squealed and ask me to stop. I tortured her clit with my tongue and teeth forcing her to moan and hunch on my face. When I felt she was about to cum again I moved my hand from her hip to her ass hole and forced two fingers in her ass. She screamed and more orgasmic cum flooded my mouth. I licked and swallowed her cum as she moaned and her body shook hard. I felt her legs going limp and wrapped my arms around her to support her preventing her hanging herself. I took the leash from her collar as I supported her weight with one arm.

She slumped into my body breathing hard and moaning. She almost whispered. “Please stop. I can't take any more.” I let her hobble to the narrow table near by and forced her to bend over face down on the table and tied her secure to the table. I plugged the Hitachi to the charger, got a flogger and a zapper. Moving back to her tied to the table, I hit her across the ass cheeks with the flogger making her jump and scream from the unexpected pain. I lashed her ass cheeks and legs five more times as she screamed. She was still screaming and trying to cry as I move behind her and slowly pushed my hard cock eight inches deep in her pussy.

She stopped screaming and grunted as my cock buried in her cunt. I started fucking her with slow long strokes slowly increasing the tempo and reached around her and strummed her clit. She started moaning and humped my cock matching each stroke. I was so horny I knew I would not last long but wanted to make her cum again before I did. Fucking her hard and fast as I pinched and rolled her clit I felt her tense up and moan loud as another orgasm took her. Her cum coated my cock and balls. I pulled out of her cunt as she shook and moaned with the orgasm and slid my hard cock in her tight ass opening.

She grunted and ask me to please go easy because it hurts. I slowly pushed deeper in her ass an inch at a time giving her time to accommodate the size of my cock in her ass. I finally got the whole cock in her ass with my balls resting on her pussy. She breathed hard sucking in air trying to ease the pain. When she calmed down and I felt her ass tunnel relax on my cock I started slow short strokes until she started to grunt, moan and milk my cock. I increased the length and force of fucking her ass slowly until I was ramming in and out of her tight canal. She started moaning and meeting my thrust. When I reached around and played with her clit she started saying. “Yes yes yes. Fuck my ass.” I did not last very long and shot several spurts of cum deep in her ass making her cum again.

I lay on her back with my cock buried in her ass until she came down from her orgasm and my cock started to go limp. I pulled out of her ass and went to the bathroom to clean the shit and cum from my cock. My cock cleaned I went back to her, moved the fucking machine behind her, slid the fake cock in her pussy and turned the machine on medium speed. She grunted and moaned as the fake cock worked in and out of her cum slick cunt. She begged. “Please take it out mister. I can't take any more.” I ignored her plea and zapped her ass cheek with the electric zapper. She screamed and tried to move to find the restraints holding her on the table did not give much.

I waited until she slumped on the table and zapped the side of her left tit making her flinch and squeal. She started moaning and clinching her ass cheeks as the fucking machine drove in and out of her cunt. I zapped her a few more times making her squeal between moans of pleasure. When I saw her body tense and her ass cheeks clinch tight as she let out a long moan of pleasure I zapped her ass cheeks three or four times and watched as another orgasm wracked her body. She shook and hunched the fake cock so hard it locked the machine down. She moaned and humped the fake cock through the orgasm and fell limp gasping for breath.

I checked the clock at about 2:00am, untied her from the table, removed the spreader bar and led her to the bathroom. I let her relieve her bladder while I set the shower temperature. I helped her off the pot into the shower after I removed my clothes. I adjusted the shower head to keep it away from the cloth hood and soaped her body from her shoulders to her feet using a soapy rag. As I washed her body she breathed steady gasping when I washed her tits and ass. When I nudged her legs to spread them she did not fight me and moved her feet apart giving me access to her cum leaking pussy. I scrubbed her pussy paying extra attention to her slit and clit and she moaned pressing onto the rag.

She said. “I am very sensitive in that area.” and giggled. I could not keep from laughing feeling that she is more comfortable with me now.

She stood at the back corner of the shower as I took my shower. Turning the water off using a large towel to dry her. I smiled when she said. “Thank you. I needed that. I feel much better now.” She asks if I was going to untie her now. I ask her what she thought. She said. “I am going to have to sleep tied up. Right?” I told her she was right and led her to the bed room, helped her in the bed, put leather ankle cuffs with a connecting snap on, removed the metal cuffs, put leather fur lined wrist cuffs on her and tied her hands to the head board. I crawled in bed with her, turned her on her side back to me, pulled the covers over us and snuggled to her spooning her. When my hand cupped her breast she moaned and wiggled into my body. We were both sound asleep in a very short time.

My alarm went off at 6:00am making her jump and pull on her wrist cuffs. Realizing she is tied up she relaxed back on the bed. I turned the alarm off as I got out of bed covering her up telling her she could go back to sleep. I dressed and did my morning chores while she slept. Hearing me enter the house she said. “Mister, I need to pee really bad.” I untied her hands from the head board and removed the snap on her ankle cuffs and led her to the toilet. She sat unable to let loose until she heard me leave the bathroom. I heard her call telling me she was finished.

I went to her and she spread her knees when she heard me roll off some paper to wipe her. When I wiped her pussy she flinched and said “Oh I am a little tender this morning.” I chuckled and helped her off the pot leading her back to the front room under the ceiling hook. I forced her hands above her attaching the cuffs to the ceiling hook chain. She voluntarily spread her feet apart when she felt the spreader bar touch her ankles. I attached the bar holding her legs apart exposing her tender pussy for my use. I used a long rope doubled to tie around her chest above and under her breast pulling them tight I looped the ends over her shoulders around the two chest ropes pulling them together to squeeze her tits between them. Her tits stood up and out from her chest.

I tied another rope around her waist down through the ass cheeks and cunt lips pressing on her clit. She gasp as I pulled the crotch rope tight tying it to the waist rope. She wiggled trying to relieve the pressure on her cunt. I left her tied to the ceiling while I took the Hitachi off the charger and got a set of nipple clamps.

I licked and suckled her nipples making her moan and push them into my mouth as her nipples came to attention becoming two little hard knots on her tits. She sucked in a big breath when I moved away. She moaned as I pinched her right nipple lightly pulling it out from her breast. She jumped in her restraints and screamed with pain when I released the nipple clamp on the hard nipple. She screamed and begged me to take it off and I clamped her left nipple making her scream louder and struggle against her restraints. I put my mouth next to her ear and softly told her to breath deep and embrace the pain. She stopped screaming and started breathing fast and deep trying to endure the pain. While she fought to endure the nipple pain I slipped the Hitachi under the crotch rope on her clit and turned it on medium high. She squealed and started to moan as I watched her pain turn to a mixture of pain and pleasure.

She hung from the ceiling low moaning steadily until I was sure she was feeling more pleasure than pain. I turned the Hitachi speed up and she moaned louder as she hunched on the Hitachi. Watching her made my cock rock hard and I moved behind her using Vaseline to lube her ass hole. I pulled her hips back and pushed my hard cock deep in her sore ass and fucked her. She quickly started to cum with the Hitachi buzzing her clit and my cock fucking her ass. She scream and shook with the orgasm as I fucked her ass until I shot my cum load in her. She was gasping for air when I pulled my semi-hard cock from her ass letting my cum leak down her crack. I turned the Hitachi down to low speed and started breakfast as she slowly recovered from her orgasm.

I watched her as I made breakfast for us. The low buzzing Hitachi kept her on the edge of another orgasm making her work to achieve release as her juices **** from her snatch to the floor. She suffered with the pending orgasm for about twenty minutes as I finished breakfast. When I touched her she immediately started begging me to stop the damn vibrator or make her cum. I laughed and turned the Hitachi to high speed and pushed three fingers past the rope in her pussy sending her over the edge. She screamed and convulsed as a very hard orgasm wracked her pussy and body.

I turned the Hitachi off and removed it as she shook and moaned through the orgasm with her cum dripping to the floor. I removed the spreader bar and the ceiling hook, led her to the table and sat her in a chair. I separated the wrist cuffs pulling her arms around the back of the chair and clipped them together behind the chair. I told her to face forward with her eyes closed until I can remove the cloth hood and blindfold her. She agreed and I replaced the hood with a leather blindfold buckled behind her head. I put the food on the table and fed her from her plate as I ate from mine.

After breakfast and clean up I move her to the day bed laying her face down after cuffing her hands in front. I lifted her ass up letting her rest on her knees with her head down, pulled her hands back to her ankles and tied them to her ankles forcing her to remain in a doggy style position. I whipped her ass and legs with a cane forcing her to scream and struggle with each blow that left angry red whelps but did not break the skin. She begged me to stop hitting her and I did after ten strokes with the cane. She moaned and cried until I pushed three fingers in her pussy and worked on her G-spot as I finger fucked her. When she started to moan and push on my fingers I pressed the buzzing Hitachi to her clit making her squeal and explode with a powerful orgasm sending cum on her arms below her cunt. I kept fingering her with the Hitachi on her clit until she had two more orgasm and started to beg me to stop forcing her to cum.

I rolled her on her back, turned her with her head hanging back over the edge of the day bed and pushed my cock in her mouth. I slowly fucked her mouth as she licked and sucked my hard cock. I gradually got deeper in her mouth until I slid in her throat. She sucked and moaned making me erupt down her throat. She gulped and swallowed all my cum without losing a drop. I spun her around with her ass on the edge and dropped to my knees and licked her pussy and clit until she had another massive orgasm. I slipped a medium size butt plug in her ass and left her to recover and rest for about thirty minutes as I took care of some business. I don't drink coffee but made a pot for her.

I took the nipple clamp off her right nipple making her scream with pain as the blood rushed to her nipple. I leaned down, kissing and licking the painful nipple until she sighed and moaned which turned to another scream as I removed the left nipple clamp. She sucked air in hard to keep from screaming until the pain subsided. She lay panting as the pain slowly went away. I untied her wrist from her ankles to tie them together in front. I had removed the crotch rope before putting her on the day bed. I helped her stand up and led her to my recliner, pulling her on my lap as I sat in the chair. I pulled her snug to my body, she rested her head on my shoulder and I felt her snuggle closer to me as she moaned a low happy moan. I caressed her hair, neck, shoulders and body as she completely relaxed sitting on my lap.

Exhausted she fell asleep in my arms. I let her sleep for a couple hours and it was getting near lunch time. I removed her blindfold letting her sleep a while longer and woke her. When she woke, blinked to let her eyes adjust to the light and looked at me. Her mouth and eyes flew wide open with a very surprised look as she recognized me from my photo that I had sent her while we chatted on line. She exclaimed. “COWBOY !!” I smiled and said “Yes it is me. I hope your are not angry.” She replied. “I should be you scared the shit out of me. How did you find me?” I told her the small bits of information she gave me as we chatted put together like a puzzle and the help of search engines plus a pizza delivery made it possible. She said. “I knew that voice was familiar. You are Forben that we talked to at the office. Right?” “Yep that was me. I wanted to hear your voice but I did mean everything I said about being impressed and admiring all you and your team do for people.”

She said. “I am not angry and thank you for making my fantasy of being abducted and used real. How did you know that I had such a fantasy?”

I replied. “During one of our chat session you mentioned that an ex-boyfriend had done something similar and you thought it was frightening and thrilling at the same time making it the most exciting sex you ever had.” She laughed. “I don't remember telling you that.” I untied her wrist and she ask if that is coffee she smells.

I told her I made it for her and she ask if she could have a cup. I told her where the cups are and she poured her a cup asking me if I wanted one. I told her I do not drink coffee. She laughed and came back to sit on my lap as she drank her coffee. I ask if she wanted me to take her home now or would she like to stay another night. She smiled and said. “I would like to stay if you have more little tricks in your toy box.” I said.”If you agree to be my slave until time to go home I will let you stay.” She laughed. “You are giving me the chance to explore my submissive side aren't you? Do I call you Master or Sir.” I said. “A slave always shows respect by addressing me as Master.” She smiled and said. “Yes Master.”

Beckie ask if I wanted lunch. I told her where the prepared food was and she made me a plate of chicken fried steak, cream potatoes, gravy, green beans, and biscuit. She handed me the plate and knelt in front of me. I ate and fed her from my plate as she knelt with her hands behind her. She cleaned the dishes as I prepared to use her body for my pleasure again. I told her to lie face down d****d over two pillows in the center of the day bed and tied her spread eagle, gagged, and blindfolded her. With her tied securely spread eagle totally exposed for my pleasure I whipped her with a crop as she screamed and begged me to stop but never used her safe word.

I set the crop aside and used the Hitachi on her pussy and clit making her orgasm three times. When she begged me to stop forcing her to orgasm I moved between her wide spread legs rubbing my hard cock up and down between her pussy lips hitting her clit with each stroke. Her juices **** from her cunt as she moan with pleasure. She squealed into the ball gag when I rammed my cock balls deep in her wet hot pussy. I held deep inside her with my balls pressing on her clit until she started to hump on my cock attempting to get it deeper in her love tunnel. I smiled and fucked her with long hard strokes slapping her clit with my balls with each in stroke. She grunted and moaned loudly as I fucked her until she tensed and gripped my cock as an orgasm seized her. I pushed two fingers in her ass forcing her to cum harder and longer.

I could hear a mumbled plea for me to cum inside her pussy. I pulled out of her cunt, moved the head of my cock to her ass hole and pressed slowly but steadily deep in her ass letting her accept it as she moaned with pain and pleasure mixed. She grunted and squealed with each hard thrust in her ass. As the pain turned to pleasure she humped on my cock. Her inner muscles massaged my cock forcing me to climax with spurt after spurt of cum deep in her ass. She moaned and shook with a renewed orgasm as I emptied my balls in her ass. I held still in her anal cavity until she calmed from her orgasm.

Spent but wanting to keep her cumming I put on a strap on dildo putting my flaccid dick in the hollow dildo. I pressed the dildo in her ass as I held the buzzing Hitachi to her pussy and clit and fucked her forcing her to orgasm again and again. Pulling from her ass I fucked her cunt as she whined and moaned forcing her to continue to orgasm one after another until she finally begged for “Mercy” her safe word. I pulled out of her, removed the ball gag and ask what she wanted. She weakly whispered.

“Please Master. Mercy I can't cum any more. It hurts too bad to orgasm. I have had enough for now. I need to recover, Please.”

I left her tied spread eagle with the ball gag back in her mouth letting her rest for over an hour. She panted and shook for a while but finally calmed to a relaxed rest. I think she dozed for a while during her rest period. I untied her arms and legs, turned her on her back with the pillows under her hips elevating her pussy and ass for my pleasure. Tied her wrist and ankles in a face up spread eagle. I moved between her legs caressing her pussy and clit with my fingers until she started to moan and press into my fingers lightly stroking her cunt. I slipped three fingers in her fingering her on her G-spot as I thumbed her clit forcing the heat of another orgasm to flame in her. She moaned loudly and hunched on my fingers and thumb until the orgasm blasted through her seizing control of her body and minded. She convulsed and screamed into the ball gag through the powerful orgasm. As she calmed I drove the strap on dildo in her ass fucking her making the orgasm to rekindle with more intensity. She shook and moaned as I ass fucked her.

I pulled out of her ass and plunged deep in her pussy as cum gushed from her. She continued to cum one hard orgasm after another as I fucked her pussy hard and deep. She moaned hard when I zapped her tits with the electric zapper forcing her into a dazed state. I pulled from her body letting her gasp for air and shake from head to toe. I watched and caressed her body as she slowly regained her composure. When she was able to speak again she pleaded into the gag for “Mercy”. I untied her, removed the blindfold and gag and lay next to her holding her in my arms. She sighed and snuggled close to my body and we rested together until sundown. She slept with her head on my shoulder with a content smile.

I awakened her when it became dark outside. I had her to stand with her arms above her head as I bound her tits with white rope leaving long tails of rope hanging from her bulging breast. I tied her arms behind her, ball gagged her and led her out side to a steel post with a cross bar on the top about thirty inches above the ground. I bent her over the cross bar tying her tits to the vertical post keeping her bent. I spread her feet and tied her ankles to two stakes keeping her spread wide giving me free access to her pussy and ass. She screamed behind the ball gag when I clamped her nipples with clover leaf clamps.

I spanked her upturned ass cheeks making her forget the pain in her nipples. She grunted and wiggled her hips trying to avoid my open hand spanking until her cheeks burned red. When she stopped wiggling her butt I pushed my hard cock deep in her hot burning ass hole and fucked her making her moan and push back to meet my fucking strokes. She moaned and shook as I fingered her pussy and clit forcing a powerful orgasm to push cum from her heated pussy. As she was having cum gushing orgasm I pulled from her ass and fucked her cunt to two more orgasm before I ejaculated deep inside her love canal. I felt her tense and look toward the highway as trucks passed within one hundred yards of us fucking outside in the night air. I held still deep in her pussy as I finished cumming and my cock started to shrink. I untied her, removed the gag, clamps and tit ropes. As we walked back to the house she smiled.

Once inside we sat at the table. She looked at me smiled and said. “That was incredible. I have never fucked outside in public much less been tied and fucked. I had multiple hard orgasm like never before. I hope we can do that again.” I told her we can arrange that any time she comes to visit me.

We showered and went to bed sleeping an exhausted deep sleep. We lounged, relaxed and grilled steaks on Sunday visiting to get to know each other better. I ask if there was anything she wanted more or less of the next time we played. She told me that she had been wanting to experience new kinky things with pain, pleasure and submission and I had given her that and she liked it all. She said she wants to do more of it when ever she can. I laughed and ask if she wanted to go home or stay as my full time slave. She smiled, looked at me and told me she wanted to stay but she has responsibilities and can't stay.

As the sun started setting in the west I told her we needed to get on the road to take her back to her car. She looked at me and told me she had nothing to wear since I had destroyed her clothes. I grinned and held up the handcuffs I had used to abduct her. She laughed and told me she had been wondering if I was going to tie her up to take her home. She stood putting her hands behind her letting me cuff her wrist. She walked to the door and waited as I gathered rope, blindfold, ball gag and Hitachi.

I let her out the door and she walked straight to the back door of my pickup and waited. When I opened the door she tried to get in and I helped her in the back seat to lie on her stomach. I touched her ass with the Hitachi, she spread her legs as I put the Hitachi between her pussy lips on her clit eliciting a low moan from her. I tied her upper legs and ankles together holding the Hitachi in place, pulled her ankles up and and tied her in a hogtie. I put the blindfold on and held the gag against her lips putting it in place as she smiled and opened her mouth to take the ball gag. I ask if she was OK and she nodded her head and mumbled that she was good. I turned the Hitachi on low speed making her wiggle and moan into the gag.

I watched her during the three hour drive back to her car noticing that she was moaning in despair trying to achieve an orgasm as the low speed vibrations on her clit kept her on the edge but not enough to push her over the edge. When I parked next to her car I got in the back seat with her, removed the blindfold and gag. The first thing she said as I started to untie the hogtie was. “Please fuck me. Make me cum. That damn vibrator has me so horny I need to cum.” I chuckled as I untied her ankles and legs removing the Hitachi. She raised her hips, spread her legs saying. “Please Master fuck me hard.” I pulled my pants down releasing my raging hard on, moved between her legs and plunged my hard cock in her hot wet cunt. I fucked her with all the force I could muster as she grunted, squealed and moaned to an all powerful squirting orgasm at the same time I shot spurt after spurt of cum deep in her pussy. We slumped on the back seat with my cock in her pussy and her hands cuffed behind her. As we recovered from our individual orgasms told me that was the first time she ever squirted. She told me where she hid her house key at her home and said she would text me her address telling me that she is home by eight most every night. I did not tell her that I had her home address.

I removed her handcuffs, turned her over and let her suck and clean my semi-hard cock. I pulled my clean cock from her mouth and she licked her lips and smiled up at me. “Thank you Master for a wonderful weekend.” I told her the pleasure was all mine as I pulled my pants on. I slipped out of the truck, handed her purse to her as I helped her out of the truck naked. She looked around nervously, hugged and kissed me as she said. “Cum visit me and in me anytime you can.” She giggled and got in her car. I got back in my pickup and we left the parking lot at the same time.

We have talked via phone several times and she keeps telling me I made her a very happy slut. She always says goodbye Master as we end our calls.

That is an accurate account of Beckie's abduction/**** fantasy role play.

Just the first of many more to come.

I plan to write a true version of each of our role play sessions.

I hope you liked our role play and will take a few seconds to vote and comment.

I am pretty sure Beckie will have a home invasion by a night intruder/rapist within the next month.
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