Catching my sister masturbating

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This is a story about my sister and me. I’m sorry if the punctuation is screwed up, but there’s nothing I can do about it. If it bothers you please do us both a favor and move on to another story. If you decide to over-look it and stay, thanks and enjoy. And as always, feedback is most welcome.

My sister and I were raised in a strict household. There was no cussing and absolutely no nudity. We undressed in the bathroom and dressed in the bathroom… with the door locked.
Emily, was 16 at the time. She was a tall girl, perhaps five feet ten or even eleven. Height ran in our family, although weight did not. Emily was one hundred ten pounds at best.
She was not what anyone would call beautiful. She had long dark hair and pretty green eyes, but her nose was slightly longer than she wished and her teeth were a bit crooked. Still, I always thought she was pretty.
What Emily did have in her favor was a large pair of perfectly shaped breasts. She had developed these between the ages of thirteen and fifteen and I tried to see them at every opportunity, but always fell short.
I was fourteen and like any fourteen year old boy I lived for two things; nudie mags and jerking off. And even though the mags were a great inspiration my thoughts always turned to Emily while I was beating off. I just had to get a look at those tits, just once!
I devised a plan. My Mom and Dad both working the evening shift which meant Emily and I were home alone from the time we got off the school bus until mid-night. I was going to get a look at my sister if it killed me and actually, if I got caught that was a very distincted possibility.
On the day in question I told my Mom that I would be staying late for a science fair meeting and that one of my friends Mom would give me a ride home. I made sure my sister heard me.
School let out at three-thirty, but I ditched at two and thumbed a ride home. I then hung out in sight of my house until both Mom and Dad left for work.
Once my parents were gone I walked to my door and went inside.
Now, my stupid adolescent plan was to hide in the bathroom behind the shower curtain and when my sister came in to change her clothes I would get the peek I so wanted. In fact, I went a step farther and brought my digital camera with me. I turned off the sound so there would be no shutter noise and I also turned off the flash. And then I stood in there and waited for what seemed like an eternity.
Finally, I heard my sister come in the front door. My heart was racing. I was sure she would hear the bass drum beating that I felt in my chest. And then she came into the bathroom.
Thinking she was home alone Emily didn’t lock the door. In fact, I never heard her close it.
I had positioned the shower curtain so that I could peek out and see a reflection in the mirror of the entire bathroom on onc end of the tub and a straight shot at the toilet from the other. Emily began to undress.
First she pulled her shirt over her head and dropped it on the floor. Her breasts were everything I had imagined. She wore a plain white bra, but I didn’t care. I was electrified with the view I was getting.
Next she unbuckled her belt and let her jeans slide down her long shapely legs. I hadn’t realized Emily had such beautiful legs.
I held my breath. Would she continue removing pieces of clothing or would she put on some house clothes and head off to do home work. I waited and got my answer shortly.
Emily reached behind herself and unfastened her bra. It fell to the floor and my heart stopped. There was the true to life vision that I had only imagined for the past two years standing a foot or two from me. I had to squeeze the camera least I would drop it. But she didn’t stop there. As quickly as she had removed her bra she hooked her thumbs in her panties and slid them down over her knees and off her feet tossing them in a heap with the rest of her clothes. And oh my goodness her pussy was shaved. If my parents knew Emily had shaved her pussy they would killed her. If I could get a picture of this I would rule the world. I was frozen like a statue. If I moved or in any way let her know I was there I was also dead. D.E.A.D. I waited.
And then the most unbelievable thing happened. Emily closed the toilet lid and sat down. She reached into her purse, which I hadn’t noticed before, and pulled out a large, purple bullet shaped vibrator. She turned it on with one hand while spreading her shaved pussy lips with the other. I could see her clit which was already aroused in anticipation of what was coming. As soon as the vibrator touch Emily’s clit she threw her head back and moaned. This was the perfect time. I positioned the camera as to take in her entire body and pressed the shutter. And the fucking flash went off.
Emily snapped her head up and instinctively slammed her legs shut. I, on the other hand, nearly broke my neck jumping out of the shower and running toward my bedroom. I didn’t know if Emily was behind me or not and I didn’t waste any time checking. I ran into my bedroom, slammed the door and locked it. I had the picture but I also had some very big trouble.
A few minutes later Emily was at the door.
‘Open up you little shit’, she screamed.
‘Not until you calmed down,’ I said yelled back. I was stalling until I could think of a place to hide the camera. Then it came to me. Just hide the SD card. Done.
I opened the door and Emily, who was now dressed, stormed in.
‘Where is it,’ she screamed again. She saw the camera on my bed and lounged for it.
‘Don’t waste your time. I pulled the card out’.
Emily turned to face me. ‘You are so dead. I’m telling Dad as soon as he gets home’, she hissed.
‘On really? Well when you tell him I hid in the shower be sure to tell him you were stroking your monkey with a vibrator. And if he doesn’t believe you, hell I’ll show him the picture’. At this point I had no idea what the picture looked like, but I wasn’t going to blow the deal. It was my only chance to get out of this mess.
Emily stopped cold. Her expression changed from rage to fear in less than a second. I just grinned.
‘Okay,’ she said. ‘What do you want? I’ll make your bed everyday, clean your room, what? Just give me the picture.’
I don’t know where the words came from that I heard myself say, but they were unmistakable.
‘I want you to do what you were doing in the bathroom while I watch.’
Emily turned white. ‘You’re kidding?’ she said.
‘No, I’m telling you what I want’. I got even braver. ‘I want to see to fuck your pussy with that vibrator’.
Emily shook her head. ‘No way. If you show Dad that picture you’ll be in the shit just as deep as I will be. You got nothing on me.’
‘Oh really? How’s this. Dad, I knew what Emily was doing and I knew you’d never believe me so I took a picture just to prove it’. Emily turned an even whiter shade of pale.
‘When,? she said.
‘Right here’.
Emily left the room. And I waited.
Thirty minutes passed and I was sure she was calling my bluff. She probably knew I would never do that to her. I wouldn’t ruin her life over this. Hell, it was all my fault for hiding in the shower in the first place. And then she came back into my room.
‘No touching,’ she said.
I nodded agreement.
Emily put the vibrator on my bed. She looked at me, directly in my eyes, and took her top off. This time she wasn’t wearing the bra.
I looked at her breasts more closely than I had before. The were perfectly round, perfectly symmetrical, with half dollar size areolas and eraser shaped nipples that stood at attention. My cock stirred in my pants.
Emily unfastened her belt and let her pants fall to the floor. This time she wasn’t wearing underwear either. My cock went from stirring to trying to break free of my own pants.
Emily went to my computer chair, turned it around to face me and sat down. As if I wasn’t in the room she turned the vibrator on, and as before opened her pussy lips and placed the tip on her clit.
It may have been my imagination, but was her clit a little more aroused then it had been it the bathroom?
Emily began to work the vibrator up and down her exposed pussy lips each time going all the way to her tight little asshole and then back up to her swollen clit. She made little ,oh, shapes with her mouth and occasionally let out a soft moan. I needed to jerk off.
Emily continued her motions and each time I thought she was ready to cum she slowed her pace just enough to let it pass. Finally, she laid the vibrator across her clit and yelled, ‘Now’!
Emily’s ass came out of the chair as she pushed the vibrator hard against her clit and closed her legs tightly. Her beautiful pointed nipples stood straight up. I thought I would cum in my pants.
When Emily’s climax subsided she relaxed back into the chair with her eyes closed. She hadn’t turned the vibrator off yet.
And then, to my absolute astonishment she began to rub the vibrator over her clit again.
‘Take out your cock,’ she said.
I was hearing things. This whole thing was beyond my comprehension and I was just hearing things.
‘What,? I said.
Emily looked at the obvious bulge in my pants and said it again.
‘Take out you cock’.
I did as she asked.
My dick was as hard as I could ever remember. I guess it was in the neighborhood of six inches. The tip was wet and the head was bright red.
Emily looked at it and then up at me. ‘Start jerking,’ she said.
I didn’t have to be told twice. It was a dream come true. As I stroked my prick Emily began to work her pussy over with the vibrator once more.
I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer and so I did something that surprised me and shocked Emily.
I stopped jerking off and walked over to where she was sitting, knelt down and pulled her hand holding the vibrator away. Before she could say a word I had my mouth over her clit and was licking it with everything I had. I didn’t know what she would do, but I knew this was an opportunity that would most likely never come again. And so I ate my sisters pussy.
Emily’s ass came off the chair as she grabbed my head with both hands and pulled my mouth tightly to her exposed cunt. She cried, moaned, laughed and bucked all at the same time. And oh she tasted so good.
Once I knew Emily wasn’t going to freak out on me I moved up and down her slit licking her asshole, dipping into her vagina and twisting her clit in my lips. It was only a matter of minutes until she slammed her pussy into my face and screamed out, ‘I’m fucking cuming in your mouth. Oh, fuck eat my cunt. Oh fuck.’ She held on with both hands.
I felt Emily’s clit twitch and her pussy hole contract as each spasm washed over her. After about twenty seconds of none stop cuming she began to shake and buck with less forcefulness until she finally collapsed into the chair.
I looked down at my sister. My cock was straining for relief. I took it in my hand and with just a few strokes I was on the verge of eruption.
Emily opened her eyes just in time. She pushed my hand away replacing it with her own as she force her magnificent tits upward. I began to cum in her hand. She jerked me off like a pro.
I shot load after hot load of cum onto my sisters tits. Some hit her stomach and one stream even hit her chin. I had never cum so much or so hard in my life.
When the last stream finally dribbled from my cock I thought I would faint.
I stood there, my prick hanging loosely with cum swinging in an arc from the tip while my beautiful sister was looking up smiling, my cum all over her.
She reached out and gently grabbed my balls.
‘Tomorrow don’t hide in the shower,’ she said. ‘Just wait for me in here….’
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The purple vibrator used by my sister, help me see if it is this

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I love the Pride design and it’s a nice dildo