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When the pandemic hit last year, most of my office was told that it's going to be working from home for a while. Except for me. I'm the entire IT department. I work for a small insurance agency and it was going to be my responsibility to make sure the rest of the office could work from home. Luckily, I only had to go in for a couple of hours a day in the actual office. The rest of my time was spent answering my cell and resetting passwords.

I live in a three story apartment building about a mile from my office. I don't really talk to anyone else in my building, other than to say hi in the lobby, or at the mailboxes. One afternoon, I heard my across-the-hall neighbors opening and closing their door over and over. I poked my head out the door and saw that they were moving out. I said good bye to them and went back inside. I wondered if maybe their apartment would stay empty for a while. Not that I had a problem with neighbors, but it always seemed nicer to have the end of the hallway to just myself.

After a month of no one renting it, the door was open one day when I was about to head out to work for my short-shift. I saw a woman's back as she was carrying in a box. She had shoulder length blond hair and she was wearing jeans and a loose t-shirt. Roughly my height, around 5' 8"ish and had some nice curves. Not fat, but not skin-and-bones either. Her ass filled out the jeans she was wearing very nicely. I was just wondering if she was going to the local community college when she put the box down and turned around.

She saw me and said "hey neighbor! I'm Marie!"

We were each standing in our doorways, at least 6 feet apart. We didn't shake hands because of the proximity restrictions. I was a little surprised because there was zero chance she was going to the college. She had to be at least 20 years older than me. Mid to late 40s for sure. Maybe 50. I'm crap with guessing ages. I had just been checking out the ass of a woman my mom's age. Not that there was anything wrong with that, I just found it kinda funny. She had a kind face, that had slight laugh and smile lines and blue eyes. I couldn't see exactly how big her tits were because of the shirt she was wearing, but they were pretty large. I guessed she would've been a knockout when she had been my age because she was pretty now.

I smiled and said "nice to meet you, I'm Erik."

She replied "likewise. I just moved to town for a job, but before I could even start, they told me that I'd be working from home until further notice. This quarantine is a drag. I guess I'll be hunkering down for a while. I'm 'high risk' so my doctor said to take this seriously. Hopefully there's some good delivery places around here, I don't have much food in here."

I told her about a few places nearby that delivered and told her to just knock on my door if she needed anything. Marie told me she would. I readjusted my mask and left to go to work.

After two hours at the office, mostly to make sure it wasn't on fire and that none of the servers died, I went back to my apartment. Marie was still getting settled, I didn't want to bother her, so I was just unlocking my door when I heard her say "hey Erik, do you mind giving me a quick hand? I just need to scoot this couch a little."

I replied, "of course, no problem."

I went in and together, we pushed her large sofa against the wall in her living room. Her place was mostly still moving boxes and jumbled furniture, but I was sure she'd get it set up fast.

She said "thank you so much. That thing is heavier than it looks. How can I thank you properly? Have you had dinner yet?"

I replied "no, but you don't have to do anything. I have something in my freezer to eat."

She argued "oh come on. Lets try one of those places you told me about."

I relented and told her about a Thai place and told her that I'd be back over in 15 minutes. I went to my apartment and checked emails to make sure none of the office employees needed anything, then went back to Marie's place. We ordered food and they said it'd be there in 30 minutes. Marie didn't have her kitchen table set up, so I assembled it for her while we waited. We chatted while I worked. She was widowed five years ago, and didn't have any kids. She was very easy to talk to. Probably because I wasn't nervous around her like I usually was around girls. Not that I wasn't attracted to her, but it's not like I was going to hit on woman my mom's age.

There was a knock on the door and she went to answer it. She picked up the food that was dropped off and we ate on paper plates. The food was good and the conversation was lively and pleasant. We laughed and I thought that this would've been a good date under any other circumstances. She asked me if she knew which app had the cheapest grocery delivery.

I said "I'm sorry, I don't. But if you give me a list, I can go get you things if you don't want to leave your apartment. I have to go out everyday anyway because I'm essential. I always wear a mask though, and my company tests us every 3 weeks. I just got a negative result 4 days ago."

She replied "oh I couldn't ask you to do that!"

I countered "honestly, it's not a problem. Just give me a list."

She agreed and said "well at least let me pay you."

I laughed and said "not a chance."

She said "well fine, but at least let me cook for you. Frozen food will probably kill you."

Marie got the Thai menu that came with the food and started writing out a list. There was probably 15 things on it. Usual things, fruit, veggies, loaf of bread etc. She also said that she needed AA batteries. At least a 12 pack. I figured she had smoke alarms that needed AAs or something. I told her that I'd go to the market after my shift tomorrow, and that I'd bring her the groceries and she could cook if she wanted. Marie thanked me and gave me some cash to get everything.

The next day, I went by the grocery store and got her things. Including two six-packs of AA batteries. When I got to her apartment, she answered the door wearing a pink tank top and shorts. She was barefoot and wasn't wearing any makeup. Marie looked good without it.

I looked around her place and said "you've been busy! You're almost completely unpacked!"

Marie thanked me and took one of the grocery bags from me. We went to the kitchen and put everything away. She said "thank you! You're a life saver."

She tried to get me to keep the change but I refused. I didn't have anything to do for the rest of my afternoon unless I got a work call, so I asked if she wanted any company while she unpacked. She said she would and I helped her empty boxes and hang up framed pictures. I was glad she let me hang around. My life was getting pretty lonely without anyone at work, and unable to meet up with any of my friends.

At one point, I was hanging up a large picture above her couch when she said it was crooked. Marie came over from where she had been standing behind me. She reached up to adjust the picture and I glanced down and saw her cleavage through the top of her tank top. Her boobs were bigger than I had thought last night. I quickly looked up hoping she hadn't seen me looking, but she had. She didn't say anything about me looking, but she did smile a little. I thought that, yeah, she definitely would've been a knockout in her younger years. Hell, she was still pretty hot now.

After the last frame had been put up, she started making dinner. I offered to help and together, we made lemon chicken and rice. It was much better than the junk I usually ate. Shortly after dinner, I went back to my apartment. Over the next week, we fell into a routine. I'd go to work, come back to the apartment building, and we'd spend the afternoon and evening together. Mostly at her place, but sometimes at mine too. We talked, watched tv and movies together, played cards, and generally just enjoyed each other's company. I found myself scoping her body more and more. I'd sneak glances at her cleavage or check out her round butt when she'd bend over. I'm sure she noticed me looking occasionally, but she never mentioned it.

After the first week, Marie gave me another shopping list. She asked for another six-pack of AA batteries again. I got everything she asked for, but I was curious as to why she needed so many batteries. I figured I'd offer to get some that recharge next time if she asked again. As we were unpacking the groceries, I asked her about it.

"Marie, do you want me to get you some batteries that recharge? What are you using them for? I might be able to save you some money." I told her.

Her cheeks colored a little and said "it's embarrassing why I need them, so promise you won't laugh. I'm only going to tell you because you're really my only friend in town."

"Hey, I don't judge, I promise I won't laugh." I swore. She fretted for a moment and I could tell she was worrying that I'd make fun or something. I said "you don't have to tell me if it's none of my business."

She blurted out "no no, it's fine. It's for my vibrator, okay?"

My mind had been leaning toward something like that and I just said "oh okay."

Marie said "that's it? Just 'oh okay?' That was mildly mortifying for me."

I shrugged and said, "nothing to be ashamed of, I masterbate all the time."

She chuckled and said "well I'm glad you're not embarrassed thinking about the old geezer across the hall fucking herself silly."

I laughed and said "you're not a geezer. My only question is why so many batteries?"

She replied "my vibe is pretty old. It runs on two AAs and doesn't last very long with them. And I've been so horny since I turned 45, I use it nearly every day. Sometimes multiple times a day. I never used it all before my husband passed. I've had exactly zero luck with men since. Have you ever tried dating a middle-aged man? They're boring. And don't exactly get my engine running in the bedroom."

The thought of her with a vibrator was turning me on. I said "well you're spending a fortune on batteries. Why don't you get a new one that has better life? You'd save money."

"I got that as a gag gift one year from one of my friends years ago. I'd be too embarrassed to go get a new one." She explained.

I told her that I'd be right back. I went to my apartment and came back with my laptop. I said "lets go vibrator shopping!"

She laughed, and exclaimed "I couldn't! Wouldn't you mortified to think of an old lady doing that?"

I laughed this time and said "I'd be turned on to think about you doing that."

She flushed a little and we sat on the couch next to each other. I brought up a site that I knew sold adult toys. We scrolled through the site looking at the different dildos and vibrators together. Some were pretty basic, others were much more elaborate. Quietly, she said "god, there's so many."

I asked "see anything you like?"

She replied "several interest me."

After browsing the site for nearly 20 minutes, she found two that she liked. One 7" purple dildo and a pink vibrating rabbit. We looked at the reviews of each and some were pretty explicit; describing how hard they made the reviewer cum and whatnot. We ordered each of them. She said "shit, that rabbit one with the clit stimulation sounds amazing. As soon as you leave, I'm going to have to crack open that new pack of batteries you got."

I said "I don't have to leave..."

She looked at me and said "Erik, I'm old enough to be your mother, we can't have sex."

I said "who said sex? We'll keep our hands to ourselves if you're comfortable with that. If I leave, I'm going to go jerk off the second I get home. And you are too. Wouldn't it be more enjoyable together? We're both turned on after looking at that site." I gestured toward my dick where it was bulging against my pants.

I knew she was thinking about it. I was dying to see her boobs after looking at her cleavage for the past week. I moved all the way to the other end of the couch to show her that I meant hands to ourselves. Finally, she said "yeah, ok. Hold on."

She went to her bedroom and came back holding a beige plastic vibrator. I hid a smile. That thing was old. She'd crawl out of her skin when she got the new ones we ordered.

Lamely, she asked "so, how do we uh, start?"

I unzipped my pants and took my shirt off. I slid my pants off and I was just in my boxers. I motioned for her to follow. She nodded and pulled her shirt off revealing a black bra holding her boobs in place. Then she dropped her shorts and sat on the other side of the couch in "granny panties". I sighed when I saw her in her underwear. Her tits looked fantastic. They sagged some, but they were easily D or DD. I rubbed my dick through my boxers.

She said "I can't believe you like my droopy old titties. I've noticed you looking at them. It was extremely flattering. Sorta made me feel sexy to get a young guy's attention like that. Sorry for what I'm wearing. If I thought in a million years we'd be doing something like this, I'd have put on something sexier."

I said "just relax. Look how hard I'm getting looking at your body." My dick head was peeking through the hole in my boxers.

Marie was openly staring at my cock. She leaned forward and removed her bra, letting her big tits sag down toward her pudgy belly. I groaned and squeezed my dick through my boxers. Her tear-dropped-shaped tits were making my mouth water. They had dark pink nipples that were nearly red. They stood at attention, about the size of my pinky to the first knuckle. She squeezed them and we made eye contact. We both were breathing faster as we looked at the other's body. I moved my hips to the edge of the couch and slid my boxers off. She lifted her butt off the cushion and took her panties off. She was hairy like I expected her to be. Above her pink, wet slit was a large triangle of blond hair.

She ran her fingers through it and said "I know most girls your age are shaved, but I haven't done that in decades. I hope it's not a turn off for you."

I shook my head and said that it was sexy as hell. She looked relieved and started to slowly move her fingers on her right hand up and down her wet lips. I started to slowly stroke myself as she did. We each had our legs spread and were staring at the other's crotch. After a few slow minutes, Marie picked the vibrator and turned it on. It made a loud, rattling buzz sound.

I chuckled and said "damn that thing is nearly an antique! You'll die when you get the upgrades."

She laughed and gently kicked me and said she didn't pick it out. She ran it up and down her slit for a second and used her left hand to squeeze her left nipple. I was stroking a little faster, but still with a loose grip. I wanted this to last.

After another few minutes of that, she inserted it into her pussy. The buzzing sound was muffled and I heard a small moan from her. She withdrew it and adjusted it to her clit. She would circle it once or twice, then put it back inside. I could see how wet she was, and I could smell how turned on she was getting. We kept making eye contact each time we'd glance away from our sexes. She was starting to breathe harder. My cock was as hard as it had ever been. Pre cum was oozing from the tip and I would swipe my thumb over it now and then. Marie moved so where she had both feet on the ground. She opened her legs as wide as she could and told me to stand in front of her. I stood up and moved in between her knees.

She was thrusting the vibe in and out of her hairy pussy and I could tell she was about to have an orgasm. I was stroking my cock harder and faster, trying to time mine with hers. She looked up from my dick to my face and said "cum, now, please" and looked back down. My hand got faster and she moaned again. I grunted as my legs shook and I started cumming.

My first shot hit her on the right cheek. It had flown at least two feet to hit her in the face. She exclaimed "oh!" and then she let out a deep moan and started bucking her pussy against the vibe harder. My second shot plopped onto her pudgy belly as she shook. The rest of my cum dripped down all over her right hand, vibrator and bush. The golden curls got soaked by my spunk. I stroked through my orgasm and let go of my cock. She was still moaning and humping her pussy off the couch onto the vibrator. Slowly, her orgasm subsided. There was sweat on her forehead and she had my cum on her pussy, right hand, stomach and cheek. I let out a breath and then sat next to her. She smiled and started licking her right hand, cleaning my cum off of her fingers.

"That was the best orgasm I've had since my husband died" she said.

"I didn't mean to get you in the face. It's just been a while and I was really turned on, sorry" I apologized.

"Don't be sorry, I didn't mind at all. That made me get off all the harder. That was wonderful. It was really sexy when you covered me in this sticky cum" she said. Marie dragged a finger through the cum pooled on her stomach and brought it up to her mouth again.

"I'm glad you decided to let me join you. It's been months since I've had any kind of intimacy with a beautiful woman. Think we can do it again some time?" I asked hopefully.

"Maybe what we did today, but I still don't know about any thing else. You really wouldn't be weirded out by being with an older lady? I'm probably 30 years older than you." She said.

Laughing, I said "of course I don't care! That was incredible for me. And I think it was good for you too. I couldn't care less what anyone says or their opinions. Besides, everyone is on lockdown. Most likely, no one will even know anything, and regular social norms are out the window. But if this was a one time only thing, that's fine too. It's just been really nice spending time with you this week. And I don't want that to end."

"We can definitely keep spending our days together. I'll think about the rest." She said.

That sounded good to me. I really lucked out when Marie moved in.
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