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I'd always gotten along famously with my mother in law, Maude Thomas, in the eleven years that I’d been married to her daughter, Trish. Although both women were beautiful, they had almost nothing physically in common. Maude was tall and gloriously chubby with dirty blonde hair while Trish was of medium height and slimmer with natural fiery red hair. Also, Maude had a set of killer tits on her that her child didn’t.

My father-in-law, Dave, had always been a cheater. I’d heard too many rumours from various sources for there not to be fire where there was so much smoke. I was certainly not one to judge as Trish’s frequent work absences allowed me ample opportunities to enjoy some of the spare pussy that came my way occasionally.

I, however, had never been caught.

Due to some mix up with her normal hotel bookings, Trish had to stay at a different hotel slightly off the beaten track. As she passed the hotel’s bar on her way to dinner at the restaurant one night, she spotted her father seated in a private booth at the far end of the room. He was leaning forward laughing and had his hand on the exposed knee of his female companion. Trish chose a table that overlooked the bar and watched from afar as the happy couple later left while Dave firmly caressed the ass of the giggling female as they walked to the elevators that went up to the rooms.

She tearfully relayed this tale of woe to her mother on her return and Dave was promptly booted out all the while protesting his innocence claiming mistaken identify.

A week or so after Dave was caught; we were invited to the fancy, formal wedding of one of Trish’s more obscure cousins. She had to go out of town that weekend and because Maude enjoyed dancing, Trish asked me to accompany her mother to the function so that her mom could get out of the house and take her mind off Dave for a night.

The event was held in a convention centre in town thirty minutes away. It was the best type of wedding to attend. We didn’t have to make speeches. We didn’t have to greet anyone. Most people didn’t know us and we didn’t know most people. We just drank and danced.

While dancing with Maude I noticed her holding me tighter than normal, there was a noticeable stray hand on my ass accompanied by sexy smiles and unusually long eye contact.

Is she just teasing or is she coming on to me?

Fully aware of the hapless Dave’s recent bust, I knew to proceed with caution.

"I can see where your daughter gets her sexiness." A safe opening gambit, I felt. It couldn’t be construed as offensive if I'm on the wrong track. However, sexiness versus beauty strays slightly over the blurry line between mother-in-law and new pussy.

“You’re such a charmer, Paul. I'm a fat, old lady compared to Trish.”

Game on.

“Please. You look like sisters. Even Trish thinks so.” Lying comes easily to one when one is thinking with both heads.

“She does?” She searched my eyes briefly for any insincerity. She found none.

“Of course, she says so all the time.”

Flushed with these compliments, I soon detected a softening of her body against mine as we danced. We were moulding against each other more, extra touching. Nothing untoward to a casual observer but I was aware of her smell, her softness more than before. As we moved around the floor, I took every opportunity to prod her with my semi-hard cock. I rubbed it against her ass, her side, her tummy, her hand, her arm. I wanted her to get the message that my cock was available and getting hard for her.

After a few hours of dancing and drinking champagne, we headed to the bar. We gulped down our first ice-cold rum and cokes and started on our second round.

“Let's take this outside I could use a smoke.”

We got out into the cool air on the crowded patio with the other smokers and lit our cigarettes. I slung my arm low around her waist and d****d a few lazy fingers over her chubby ass. She leaned closer.

I took her hand and led her behind the building to what appeared to be the dispatch and delivery area of the convention centre. A floodlight at the other end of the yard provided a little illumination. After a quick safety scan of the place, I pulled her between two trucks and up against a stack of tyres.

“Wait, what are you-?”

Game time, Mother Maude. Time to pay the piper.

I greeted her with a gentle, soft kiss to ease her in. She stiffened, hesitant as first. Then slowly she opened her mouth more. Her searching tongue soon joined the action. We kissed like this for some time while I reached around and began to stroke her ass. Soon her body began to respond as she ground herself against my rock hard erection. I kissed her more roughly as she increased her suction on our duelling tongues.

With my other hand, I groped a heavy breast and teased a bullet hard nipple while I conducted a detailed tactile analysis of that delicious butt with my full hand as she squirmed and moaned every time I pinched it.

Taking my hand off her breast, I began a frontal assault. I reached under her skirt slowly to find an engorged clit at the entrance to a clean shaven, very wet pussy.

“No Paul. No, I can't do this to Trish.” She suddenly pulled her mouth off mine breathlessly.

She did not move her body out of reach and my hands stayed in place.

“I love your ass.” I continued to stroke that huge ass from behind as determined fingers stroked her pussy over her panties from the front.

“Paul. Please. We shouldn’t-.” She grew silent when I resumed toying with her clit.

I began kissing her neck as my fingers sneaked under the elasticated edge of her panties and continued to torment that stiff clit now directly. I built up a rhythm - hard then slow then hard – and then I felt her body begin to move in sync to maintain contact between my fingers and her inflamed clit.

She leaned against my chest heavily as all her senses converged around her clitoris. I felt her heartbeat increase as her breathing became more ragged. I continued to strum her clit while my sticky fingers moved in and out of her sopping pussy. My fingers alternated between direct contact with her clit, then around it, then contact, then away until we were in sync again. She sped up slowly and her hip movement dictated the pace

Her body went rigid as she came with a long drawn out moan as her pussy clenched in powerful pulses around my long-suffering fingers.

One hand continued to stroke and pinch her behind while the other fondled her pussy gently down from her climax.

“I love these panties. Is it silk, mother?”

“Don’t call me that-. What? Yes, they’re silk. God, Paul. You fingers-.”

I continued to kiss her neck as I slowly lowered her panties while I groped her big ass from behind.

“My God, Paul. What are you doing? We can't-.” Again, she doesn’t pull away.

“When last have you had sex?” I held the back of her skirt up high around her waist as her panties landed on the floor around her feet.

“Please don’t, Paul. This isn’t right.” My fingers slowly resumed their evil work on her pussy.

“When last?” I ask gruffly while pinching her ass roughly.

“Ow! Months. It's been fucking months.” She had started swaying her ass from side to side to maintain contact with my fingers.

Taking my hand off her naked ass, I lowered my zipper and placed her hand on my achingly hard cock.

“Take my cock out.”

She snatched her hand back.

“No, Paul! Someone might see us.”

“Do you enjoy sucking cock, mother Maude?” I increased the pressure on her clit as her body started moving again.

I reached for her hand again and kept it in place on my dick until I felt her close her small hand around it.

“Paul, please don’t.” Her hand started moving carefully up and down my length over my pants.

“Well, do you?” I ask.

Unbidden she reached in and fished out my length.

“Do I what?”

“Do you enjoy sucking cock?”

“Yes, I fucking love sucking cock,” she said hoarsely as her slutty, experienced hand gently measured my cock’s length and girth.

“Show me.”

“Someone may see,” she said thoughtfully. A heartbeat later, she looked around nervously and then took a step back and gazed down at the meat in her hand as she fondled it.

“God, it’s huge. No wonder Trish is always in a good mood.” We shared a smile and then she slowly sank to her knees as she continued to stroke me. After a few exploratory licks and kisses, she opened her mouth and sucked me in. Her warm, wet mouth expertly pleasured my cock. While her mouth provided varying levels of suction, her tongue stroked me all around as she moved up and down.

“God, Maude. You sure know how to suck cock.”

She established a loud slurping rhythm as I closed my eyes and enjoyed the work of an expert. Her soft skilful hands alternated between twisting the long shaft and cupping my balls.

Expertise obtained from lots of practice sucking lots of cock.

I was impatient to try out this new pussy so when I detected her slowing down a bit, I lifted her up firmly by her arms, stepped behind her, flipped her skirt back up, slapped her ass hard and bent her over in a smooth, quick motion.

“Paul, wait, please. We can't-,” she said wiping her mouth, gasping and trying to straighten up.

Really, bitch.

I held her bent over with a firm hand on her back as she braced herself against the stack of tyres. I positioned my rock hard wet cock at her sopping entrance and entered her with one long, slow stroke.

"Ooof! My God, Paul. Please take it easy."

Her token resistance now over, I felt her body soften as it relaxed, she kicked off the panty around her ankles and spread her high heeled feet apart. I slowly moved my cock back and forth in tiny movements while she adjusted to my size.

Is there anything better than strange, new, pussy?

I started with slow, long strokes and slowly increased the pace. After a while, I began to roger her with long, more powerful strokes as her moaning got louder. I watched that great ass from above as her labia stretched around my dick as it was pulled out and pushed back in as I fucked her with firm deliberate strokes occasionally slapping her ass hard.

Each slap was met with a loud yelp and a strong pussy pulse around my cock.

“Fucckk. You bastard. Fuck. Fuck,” she chanted in sync with our movement.

I was fucking her hard and deep now. Soon, we built up to a brutal rhythm in sync with her ragged grunts and the wet sounds of our sweaty bodies slapping together.

Her pussy started its tell-tale clenching almost like a nudge, nudge wink, wink to me. Soon the spasms became more frequent. Maude’s moaning got louder and louder.

“Mmmm mmmm ffffuck. Yes, yes - I'm coming…aarrgh.” Her pulsing pussy clenched around me painfully.

I increased the pace, took a firmer hold on her hips and blasted bolt after bolt of cum deep into her twitching, spasming hole as we both climaxed together out of breath.

I stroked her for a few lazy strokes while she recovered her senses. I reached down, picked up her discarded pink silk panties and wiped my cock with it and threw it in the floor.

I love the idea that on Monday when the drivers arrive for work, they’ll find expensive silk panties on the floor. Clearly, someone got fucked here.

“I can't believe you fucking came in me, Paul. How could you?” she said as she slowly straightened up.

“Have you ever been fucked in the ass?”

“What? I asked you-.”

“Has Dave tried?”

“Yes, once or twice when we were drunk. But it was too painful.”

“Don’t worry I'll be gentle.”

“What are you fucking talking about? Now?”

“Not now. Although don’t tempt me. Your big ass was made for fucking.”

“My ass is not that big -.”

“Phone me tomorrow.”


“Make up some reason to ask me over.”

“No, you're crazy. I’ll have my grandson there.”

“Around 2 pm. Make sure you have some lube.”

“My God. Does Trish know what a **** you are?”

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