The White Thong

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You told me about the white thong you decided to wear today, and immediately set my mind wandering-- imagining the way that narrow material snugged up against your most intimate parts. The fabric smoothly slides across your pussy lips, gently caressing the sensitive skin. The narrow strip tugs playfully between your ass cheeks and constantly reminds you how much of your sexy firm behind is exposed.

Inevitably, your mind shifts to sexy thoughts, and your body responds as your arousal level rises. Your pussy lips begin to swell and stretch at the white fabric holding them. Delicious lubricant begins to slowly flow from your pussy, coating your lips and soaking into the fabric.

The feel of the damp thong against your pussy only increases your desire, and soon you can resist no longer. Your fingers begin to trace slow gentle strokes up your thighs. You lightly rub your finger tips outside your wet thong, feeling your swollen pussy beneath. Finally, you feel an intense urge for sensation, and push your fingers harder against your pussy, almost grinding that cloth against your lips. You push one finger along the center of your pussy, sliding upwards, seeking your hard swollen clit that is begging to be touched.

As your finger brushes against the tip of your clit, you can't help be gasp as the incredible sensation shoots through your entire body. You spread your legs wide, feeling the fabric of your thong stretch against your pussy, and your responding clit pokes a small bulge in the material.

Your thong is now completely soaked in the juices flowing from your pussy, and you gently increase both the pace and the pressure of your fingers repeatedly sliding up your pussy. The intoxicating smell of your aroused pussy is in the air, and that only drives you more wild. You begin to long for more direct stimulation, and move your hand inside your underwear. Your fingers are immediately coated with sweet juices as you slide directly over your throbbing clit.

Your hand moves towards your pussy opening, and the copious lubrication flowing there means almost no pressure is required to slide a finger deep inside. You gasp a bit at the first feel of penetration. Your pussy is so hot it's almost on fire, and the muscles contracting around your finger make you want even more. You quickly add a second finger, and being slowing pumping your hand in and out of your juicy wet pussy.

From outside your thong, only the large bulge of your hand is visible, clearly moving back and forth as your fingers fill your pussy and make you moan once again. The fabric is now stretched tight against you, and gently tickles your asshole, sending further shivers throughout your body.

Now you realize you want full unrestricted access to your pussy, and pause to slip the wet thong down your legs and off. You spread your legs wide again, the sudden rush of air against your pussy feels cool and exhilarating. You spread your lips wide, just reveling in the sensation of being so open and exposed.

Slipping two fingers back into your dripping pussy, you enjoy that soaking wet feeling once again. Bringing your fingers to your mouth, you smell your pussy juice up close, and cannot resist licking and sucking the sweet fluid from your fingers. The taste drives you wild, and your other hand reaches down to your clit and begins rubbing quickly.

You cannot help but moan at the incredible sensations moving through your pussy as you lick the last of the yummy juice from your fingers. You slide your fingers back inside your pussy, as your other hand rubs your hard clit faster and faster. Even more fluid runs out your pussy and over your hand as you feel your orgasm starting to build.

You push your fingers as deep as you can reach, just holding them there as your other hand flicks your clit. Then pumping your pussy wildly, you furiously rub across your clit, and the moment of no return has arrived.

Your orgasm explodes throughout your body. Juices flow even faster from your pussy and your clit cannot get enough sensation. Your back arches, your muscles tense, you gasp and moan rapidly, all as wave after wave of incredible bliss rocks through your body. Your hips are almost uncontrollable, as they pump forward, involuntarily slamming your fingers deep inside your pussy. Your other hand is almost a blur across your clit. This orgasm is pure heaven, and you never want it to end.

Eventually, the sensations begin to diminish, and your frantic pace slows. You bring your soaking wet hands almost to a stop, just gently caressing your contracting pussy. You begin to lightly tease your lips and clit, still enjoying the height of pleasure you just experienced. Your gaze drops to the floor, where your underwear lies, discarded. A little smile breaks out on your lips as you consider how this all began with a cute white thong.
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