After a hard practice I Know best way to relax

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Practice was rough today, so most of the girls went home to rest afterwards. Amy, Sara, and I, however, couldn’t wait for home for a shower. We were all juniors in high school, and all good friends. The three of us decided to go ahead and take a shower at the gym as Coach finished up some work in her office. We finished helping putting up the volleyballs and net after practice and headed toward the locker room for a long, warm, relaxing shower.

During practice, I couldn’t get my mind off of sex. I became so horny watching the volleyball girls in their tied off shirts and short, tight, black shorts as they lunged back and forth and jumped up and down. I had never thought about being with a girl sexually before, but still, so many hot, toned, sweaty girls around was getting me a little worked up. I knew what I really needed right now was a nice, long shower to clear my head

Amy and Sara began to undress as I turned on a few of the showerheads and began to set the temperature. We all threw our clothes in a pile and stepped under the warm cascading water. The water felt so great! We stood in silence for a few moments, soaking in the relaxation of the hot water. I looked around at the girls surrounding me, and also at myself. I couldn’t help but notice that all of us had neatly trimmed or shaved our pussies. Damn, we looked hot! I was fairly tall with a pretty face, brown hair and nice sized tits. Sara was a tall, thin, tan brunette with nice breasts and perky nipples. Amy was also tall and fit, with blond hair, legs of a volleyball player, and firm breasts. The reason I was noticing their breasts was because, at this point, it was hard not to. We, myself included, were all beginning to soap up our bodies and our breasts, and after a few moments, Sara broke the silence.

“What was going through Coach’s mind today? That was the hardest practice I think she’s ever given us!”

“I know!” Amy agreed, “I’m dead tired! This shower feels great, though… it’s just what I need.”

I caught Sara not-too-coyly glancing from Amy’s slippery breasts down her abs toward her pussy as Amy talked. Amy noticed, then let out a giggle and smiled at her. I watched the interaction between them for a second, unsure of what they were going to do next.

“God, Megan, your breasts are so perfect!” Sara said, surprising me with her bluntness.

Amy affirmed, “Sara’s right. You’re so lucky!”

“Thanks, guys… I guess I never really noticed…”

“Oh, yeah right! You know that any guy in the school would love to get his hands on those… hell, I would even like to touch them!”

With that, Sara playfully reached out and gently cupped my breasts. She gave them a subtle squeeze, then began to gently roll my nipples between her thumb and forefinger. All I managed to do was moan out, “Ohhh God… that feels nice, Sara.”

She bent down, opened her mouth, and began to suck on my nipple and play with it with her tongue. A shock of pleasure swept throughout my body as I experienced a pleasure I hadn’t yet felt. Soon, my other breast was being pleasured in the same way by Amy, who decided to join in on the fun. I let my hands rest on one of each of their shoulders as they gently sucked on my breasts.

“Oh, God. That feels sooo good!”

Amy had a reputation around school as being somewhat slutty, and lately her behavior was beginning to rub off on Sara. It was rumored around the team that the two girls had even done a bit of sexual exploration with each other. Okay, well… it was more than a rumor – the girls openly admitted to it. Still, I was a little shocked that our situation had escalated so quickly… and that I had been drawn into their affair. We paused our pleasure for a few moments as we angled a few of the shower heads so the water was directed to spray over all three of us together.

Amy told me to sit down, and I did. I sat on the floor under the water and propped myself up with my hands on the floor behind my back. Sara knelt down beside me and put her hands on either side of my face, turning it toward hers. She grinned and lowered her mouth towards mine. I closed my eyes as our lips touched and we engaged in a passionate kiss. My heart began to speed up even more at this point. I had never kissed a girl before. It was almost like kissing a guy, but Sara’s mouth felt softer than the mouths of any guys I’d kissed.

While I was busy making out with Sara, Amy was intent on spreading my legs apart. She let her fingers graze over the entrance of my pussy, the inserted one finger inside me. At this point, my breathing began to speed up. Suddenly, I gasped as Amy’s tongue replaced her finger inside me. Sara removed her mouth from mine and smiled at us as Amy began to lick my pussy. It was one of the greatest feelings in the world.

Sara went behind Amy, who was at this point on her elbows and knees while eating me out, and lay down on the floor with her head under Amy’s pussy. Reaching up, she pulled Amy’s butt down by her hips and began to eat her out. Sara’s efforts had nothing but positive effects on Amy’s performance on me.

We were all so consumed with the pleasure we were both giving and receiving that it took a while to realize that there was a fourth person in the room. I opened my eyes momentarily to see Peter standing in the corner of the room with his mouth hanging open. Peter was a cute boy in our grade who was the brother of Stacy, one of the girls a year younger than us who was on the junior varsity team which had practice earlier in the day. All the girls had major crushes on him, and he really had his pick of anyone he wanted to go out with, but he just didn’t realize it. He was sort of shy but really nice and friendly, and while he had his share of friends and was well-known, he hadn’t ever really had a girlfriend as far as we knew. Now, though, he must have been too focused on what Amy’s tongue was doing to my pussy to notice that I was now looking at him.

I decided to call him out on it. “Hi Peter…”

Peter’s eyes widened as he knew that he had been caught, and he instinctively turned his head away and shielded his eyes as he stammered out an excuse.

“Shit, I’m so sorry… I had no idea anyone was in here – I mean… I was coming in to look for Stacy’s bag, she thought she left it in here… I thought everyone had left… God, I mean…”

I cut him off. “It’s okay Peter. I mean, you’re only a guy. Of course you looked.”

He stopped talking and seemed at a loss for words, then caught another glance before he started to turn away to leave, all while tossing out one more apology.

“I’m really sorry about that….”

“Wait, don’t go,” I said after him. He stopped moving, then turned back, still averting his eyes. “Look at us, Pete.”

His face gave a confused look, but he did what I said, clearly uncomfortable with the situation. As he turned back, I noticed the bulge in his shorts for the first time. “Why don’t you join us?”

“Seriously??” he asked, now sounding a little more excited.

I stood up, dripping wet, and walked toward him. When I reached him I grabbed him by the sides of his shirt and planted a full-on, full-tongue kiss right on his cute mouth. It was something I had wanted to do since I first saw him freshman year. Amy and Sara looked on, grinning. “Yes,” I answered him, “seriously…” I went back to kissing him, then stopped long enough to slide his shirt over his chest. I resumed our kiss once again and used my hands to rub through his hair and over his toned back.

By this point, Amy and Sara were getting tired of watching. They moved over to Peter to join in the fun. Sara clamped her mouth to his nipple, and Amy worked on getting him out of his shorts. He was now standing in his boxers, with his erection peeking out of the fly. Amy helped it out of his fly and ran her tongue over the head of his penis, and Peter let out a throaty moan into my mouth. I smiled at him, then moved back toward the shower. The girls took the hint and went back with me, and Peter was soon out of his boxers and right behind us under the cascading water.

“Lie down, Pete,” I told him.

He did as he was told. He lay on the shower floor with his hands under his head, grinning up at us. We took this time to admire his young, hot body. He was completely covered in water by this point, and his athletic body looked great under the spray of the shower. He had a little bit of hair on his toned, but not overly muscular, chest, and I followed his abs down to his simply gorgeous, erect cock, perfectly angling upward towards the ceiling.

I got down and crawled to his knees. I put one hand on either knee as I spread his legs apart, then I knelt between his spread legs and gently pulled his cock toward me until it was pointing straight up. He watched me while I did this, his lips parted with excitement. I made eye contact with him as I lowered my head towards his cock and enveloped the tip in my hot mouth. I continued to watch his face as I took his dick into my mouth and gave it a nice suck.

Peter let out a little moan and closed his eyes. I swallowed most of his cock into my mouth for a few seconds, before releasing it with a pop. Peter opened his eyes and smiled at me. I moved up to his mouth and french kissed him while I stroked my fingernails along his chest. Finally, I moved up onto my knees with both legs on either side of his head, with my pussy above his face.

“Since you so rudely interrupted what Amy was doing to me earlier, maybe you’d be so kind as to pick up where she left off? Maybe one of these other girls would be nice enough to suck your dick for you,” I said, winking at the girls.

Without a word, Pete pulled my hips downward, forcing my pussy onto his face. He drove his tongue deep inside of me, sending a pleasure wave through my entire body. He continued his expert assault, then moaned deeply into me. I turned around to see Sara’s head slowly bobbing up and down on Peter’s cock. Not to be left out, Amy was beside Peter, licking and rubbing his nipples and chest. After a bit, she moved down to give his balls a good sucking. With Sara and Amy so close together, it was only natural for them to take a short break from pleasuring Pete to explore each others’ mouths. After their intimate kiss, Amy took over the blowjob and Sara moved up to make out with me as Peter continued to eat me toward climax. Peter held out on his own orgasm for a surprisingly long time, considering the pussy in his face, tongue on his chest, and mouth on his dick. It was my own orgasm on his face that finally set him off. As I began to rhythmically hump into his face, I grabbed fistfuls of his short hair to stabilize myself. I closed my eyes and threw my head back as I vocalized my pleasure.

“Fuck, Pete… this feels so fucking good! Don’t you dare stop!” I moaned, continuing to rub my crotch on his face.

My built up pleasure came crashing down as I came, flooding his mouth with my juices. By the sporadic nature of his tongue, it was evident that he had begun to cum as well. His grunt and the moan from Amy’s mouth covering his dick confirmed it. As everyone slowed their movements to a stop, Amy lifted her mouth off of Peter’s cock. She moved to Sara and kissed her once again, this time exchanging Pete’s cum with her. They both moaned as they swapped the fluid between their mouths. Peter watched in awe.

“God, you girls are so kinky!” I said to them.

As Peter and I lay recovering, Amy and Sara continued their kiss on the floor of the shower, with Sara straddling Amy while she sat. Amy ended up lying on the floor after a bit. Sara took this opportunity to explore Amy’s breasts and nipples with her tongue. She licked around her left nipple and took it into her mouth to suck on it. As she did so, Amy’s hands rubbed her back and caressed her head in approval. Sara next traced her tongue down Amy’s abs, to her pussy. With Amy’s hands rubbing the back of Sara’s head, Sara begin to satisfy Amy.

Amy smiled and closed her eyes, moaning gently and rocking her head left and right as it lay on the shower floor. After a few seconds, Amy gently lifted Sara’s head and they made eye contact.

“Let’s make this a mutual exchange… it’s been so long since I’ve tasted you…,” Amy throatily said to Sara.

Sara giggled and swung her hips over Amy’s head, and the two began to eat each other out. I had never had a lesbian experience before that day, but the sight of the two slim, wet girls intertwined in lust and pleasuring each other began to make me horny like nothing else. I looked over at Peter, who was watching with his mouth open and had a half-erection, although he had cum about two minutes ago, and stroked his thigh.

“Why don’t you stand up, Pete?” I said.

Before doing so, he looked me up and down as I sat on the floor, then grabbed me and gave me a passionate kiss as he gently rubbed his hands over my slippery tits.

“Mmm, ah!” I moaned as his mouth released mine. He was getting more comfortable with our situation, and a little more forceful... I liked this side of him.

Peter stood up, and I got up on my knees, now horny as ever. I stroked his cock with my fingertips, then moved my mouth towards it.. I swirled my tongue around the head of his dick, then allowed the whole thing to slide down my throat.

“Oh yeah baby,” Peter groaned in approval.

“Oh yeah, baby, suck that dick like a pro!!,” Amy shouted in approval, “Whoo!”.

I hadn’t given many blowjobs before, but I was intent on making this one good. I was sure to make plenty of eye contact as I fucked him with my mouth. My goal was to make him hard as a rock, then to let him pound that dick into me. God, I was so fucking horny. He began to hump my mouth, and his hands were all over the place, stroking my hair, grabbing it, massaging my neck. Then he let out a little moan.

“Oh, fuck,” he groaned.

Just when I though he was about to blow, I released him from my mouth. He opened his eyes again, and I smiled at him.

“Good?” I said.

“Fuck, Megan…” he said. I took that as a yes.

While Amy and Sara were still busy with each other, I was determined to get some of that cock inside of me. I took Peter’s hand in mine, and looked into his eyes.

“Take me, Peter. I want you to fuck my brains out.”

He was immediately on the floor next to me. I lay down, and he was right there between my legs, spreading them. I lightly stroked his hard cock, pointing it towards my vagina. I held it until the tip was right against my pussy, then he pushed. He had no trouble sliding his member into my sopping wet pussy. Oh my god. I know he didn’t have the biggest cock, but it sure felt like I was stretched as much as I could. As soon as he slid in all the way to the hilt, he collapsed onto his arms on either side of my shoulders.

We both smiled and let out a laugh, then he lowered his head and gave me a passionate kiss. I wrapped my arms around his back, then he removed his mouth from mine and began to fuck me, slowly. I sucked on his neck as he began to get his rhythm. He moved up to fully extended arms again, then sped up his rhythm and began to fuck me harder. Oh god, I couldn’t contain myself anymore. I began to lightly stroke his chest, then I dug my fingernails into his back as I instinctively moaned. The pleasure building up inside me crashed down into an intense orgasm. My insides began to clench and release, and it seemed like all I could do was to tighten my grip on his shoulders and back and thrash my hips about as my orgasm took me into another world. When I regained my composure, Peter was still giving it to me hard. I wanted him to last, so I told him to flip over onto his back.

We flipped over, him still inside me, and I began to ride him. I rocked my hips back and forth, lifting my ass off of his thighs and back down, supporting myself with my hands in front of me on his chest. The girls decided to move their show over to us. Sara knelt down onto Peter’s face and bent forward onto her elbows behind his head. Amy moved her pussy to Sara’s face. The four of us were now connected – me riding Peter, Peter eating out Sara, and Amy getting pleasured by Sara. All that could be heard for quite a while was sloshing, slurping, licking, and moaning. Sara was the first to cum, followed shortly by Amy. As Peter and I had both recently cum, we were still a good ways from orgasm.

“Do you girls want a piece of our boy?” I asked them.

“I’d like more than a piece,” Amy said, “but I guess I have to share.”

She got down on all fours, and I hopped off of Pete. He shook his head in disbelief of his situation, then moved to Amy and began to give it to her from behind.

“That’s a good boy,” she said. “Oh god, you know how to use that thing, don’t you...”

Peter had his hands clenched on Amy’s hips, and was giving it to her good.

“Slow down Peter,” Sara said. “I want you to have something left for me!”

“Don’t worry about that, Sara,” he replied. “You’ll get your turn!”

“I’ve got something for you,” I said to Sara as I moved toward her. I positioned myself on top of her and planted a kiss on her hot mouth with plenty of tongue. Besides the feeling of pleasure I got from exploring her soft mouth with mine, I was overloaded with the taste of two different pussies mixed with Peter’s cum. I liked what I tasted, so I moved town to her pussy and began to explore. By this point, I still hadn’t tasted either of the girls (or any girl, for that matter), yet. I hadn’t even had the opportunity to see a pussy up close. I took this time to enjoy the beauty of Sara’s womanhood. I first explored it with my finger inside her, then with a second. I started to fuck her with my two fingers until she began to rock her hips a bit and get into it. Finally, I added my tongue and pleasured a woman for the first time. God, was it exhilarating. I knew this wouldn’t be the last time I would do this.

After Sara was good and worked up again, I stopped and watched the pair that were fucking nearby. By this point, Amy’s arms were sprawled on the floor in front of her and her head was turned sideways, resting on the floor. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open, panting, a look of pure ecstasy on her face. Peter had a similar look on his face as he continued to slam into Amy. I almost felt bad breaking it up.

“Okay, you two, I thing it’s Sara’s turn to get a piece of the action before Peter blows his load.” They couldn’t hear me, or chose to ignore me, but who could blame them. Sara reached over and pulled Pete’s cock from Amy’s pussy as he rocked his hips outward on one thrust. His next thrust missed her opening and landed on Amy’s back. They both opened their eyes.

“Yeah, yeah,” Amy relented, slightly disappointed but smiling, “have your fun, Sara. I left him in good condition.”

Although Peter was momentarily confused as he regained consciousness, any disappointment disappeared as he realized there was yet another pussy waiting for him. Sara lay back on the floor with her legs spread. Without missing a beat, he moved to Sara’s willing and waiting pussy and slid his dick right into her. He was still on her knees and was lifting her ass off the floor by her thighs enough so their crotches were at the same height. Even though I had initiated Sara’s turn with Pete, I wasn’t ready to give her up yet. I straddled her midsection and moved my head to her crotch. Peter smiled as I began to tongue her pussy while he fucked her, occasionally letting my tongue lick the length of his shaft as he removed it and reentered Sara.

Not one to miss out on the action, Amy began to make out with Sara once again. I removed my mouth from Sara and Peter long enough to ask him, “How you doin’, Pete?”

Breathlessly, he answered, “It won’t be long!”

“Tell us when you’re about to blow!” Amy said.

Peter somewhat nodded his head in acknowledgement. He continued fucking Sara, then sped up. By the sound of his grunts and the speed he was going, it really wouldn’t be long.

“I’m close!!” he yelled.

“Pull out when you’re cumming,” Amy said. “Let’s taste him when he’s shooting, Megan!”

Peter removed his cock from Sara and Amy pulled him into her mouth momentarily. When he grunted again, she removed her mouth and said, “Shoot it on us, Pete!”

She and I moved our heads to rest near Sara’s breasts in time for him to stroke his cock once before exploding all over us. Amy and I each caught a glob of his semen in our waiting mouths, and plenty more hit our faces and sprayed Sara’s tits. He came for what seemed like an eternity, holding his cock and moaning. After he finished, Amy forcefully inserted her tongue into my mouth and we exchanged a tongue-swirling kiss. Peter knelt there, exhausted, dick in hand, while Amy slurped his cock into her mouth one last time to get nay remaining semen from it. Finally, she sat back and Peter collapsed onto his butt. The four of us sat there catching our breath as the water cleaned up the rest of the evidence from all of our fun.

“Well!” I said, breaking the silence. “Thanks for stopping by, Pete!”

We all smiled, then stood and let the water clean us up for another minute. Eventually, we mover from the shower and turned off the water. We dried off our wet, spent bodies and all of us dressed in silence as we continued to catch our breath.

“So…,” Amy said, once again breaking the silence, “my parents are going out of town this weekend. What do you say the three of you stop by…?”

Peter raised his eyebrows and had a dumbstruck, luckiest-guy-in-the-world look on his face.

“What,” I said to him, “you didn’t think this was a one time thing, did you?”
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