Painting The Campus Red

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It was sometime in early November when, while in a lit chatroom, I got a message from a girl named Nikki who was very sweetly complimenting one of my stories. Our conversation flowed with such simplicity and before I knew it we had been typing away at each other for more than a couple of hours. Both of us are very protective of our identities and personal lives but this building relationship was spurred by the fact that Nikki was going to be moving near me for college for the spring twenty one semester. I remember expressing an interest in meeting up with her in person once she was out here and she very gently declined my offer. At first.

Before Christmas we exchanged phone numbers and began texting and calling once a week or so until finally the day came that we were both available to have our very first face to face meeting at her university. Nikki had literally just turned twenty years old and had never slept with a girl before, but she had such a rock-solid sense of self and looks any instagram model would envy. I stand at five five with brown hair and eyes, and have a modest bust. Nikki on the other hand is a five eight blonde with emerald green eyes and has tits that many people think are fake - myself included when I first saw a picture of her - so to say I was a swirl of nervousness and anticipation for our in person meeting would be an understatement.

Our game plan was this: Nikki was seeing a guy on campus who I had never talked to but we were made aware of each other. If Nikki and I got along well enough over dinner on that Friday night we met, then this boy, Rick, would be allowed to meet me. Rick is a senior at the college and less than a year younger than me but, unlike many guys around my age, seemed very put together and polished. Like Nikki he is tall, easy on the eyes and oozes confidence without coming across as arrogant. I too am in an open-ish relationship with a lesbian though, so I never pestered Nikki with those annoying questions about if she wants to marry this guy or not, and just trusted she knew herself and what she wanted.

Nikki and I agreed to meet at a small restaurant on a busy street right off her campus. I parked and took my phone out to text her, only to see that she had already texted me a couple minutes earlier to let me know she had already got us an outdoor table. As I rounded the sidewalk I immediately noticed her platinum blonde hair and upright posture from behind as she was sitting at our table.

I approached and almost shrieked, "Hey you!''

She stood and we hugged over the railing seperating the tables from the sidewalk. We had a familiarity with each other already, but as we talked and ate I still was stunned by her. Like with any conversation with someone I'm attracted to, I turned it into an interview, wanting to know about everything about her classes and her roommates and how the trip out was and of course how things were with Rick.

After dinner, Nikki invited me to sit in a small garden park on campus right outside her dorm. I already knew that Nikki's assigned roommate had tested positive for covid on move in day so she would not be allowed in until the following weekend after the mandatory quarantine. Nikki knew her but not very well and had never met the girls in the other room adjoining hers. So, being the socially curious person I am, I told her we should try to hang out with them this weekend at some point. Nikki just smiled at me at my suggestion and said, "Well, I ain't thinking about them right now," in her soft voice and very thick country accent. Soon after, we could see a few guys approaching from afar and she decided to invite me up to her dorm room. We both felt their gazes and didn't want to deal with them. I was obviously fine with going up to be alone in her room with her anyways.

Her room was very cutely decorated except for the empty bed that belonged to her roommate. There were a lot of soft colors and string lights around the mirror on her closet door that gave the room a light glow when the lights were out. For the first time I saw what looked like a fear of rejection in Nikki's beautiful face as she sat down on her bed and asked me if I wanted to come sit. My heart fluttered and I sat with her as enthusiastically as I could to reassure her if she needed it. We began to kiss and then she seperated and asked if Ii wanted a drink. This new anxious side of Nikki I was seeing as she got up to go to her mini fridge just made her even more endearing to me so I decided to bring my bold and seductive side out to help us along.

We drank some spiked iced tea and I started playing some music from her computer and as her back was turned looking through her playlist I grabbed her desk chair and spun it around and told her to sit in it. She knew my intentions as I had told her that I love to give lap dances and had even done a strip tease for her over a zoom call once before. She smiled so brightly as I started to dance for her and before long we were undressing each other in her bed. She pleasantly surprised me by taking the initiative to not just lead me to her bed but also to lay down and open her legs before pulling me down on top of her. I knew this was her first time with a girl so going to make sure I teased her body until she couldn't help but beg me to make her cum. When it came time for her to eat pussy for the first time I told her to just take her time so that she wouldn't feel too much pressure to perform, but she took to it like a fish to water.

She was a very caring but assertive lover. We fell asleep cuddling after who knows how long. Then next morning we showed together and played some more while in there. I have always loved showering with my lovers and feel very feminine pampering them and helping them to bath. Quickies in the shower are just an added bonus. After the shower I finally got to meet Niiki's roommates, Ali and Rebecca. We all went to brunch together and then watched movies that I only half paid attention to. There was a very intriguing dynamic unfolding as we all hung out in their common area/living room. Nikki was being a little cuddly with me and intentionally making it obvious that we were a little more than friends. it was interesting to see the other girls' reactions to this. Rebecca was trying hard as she could to ignore it and watched the movie more and participated in conversation less than the rest of us. She struck me as very judgy and wasn't shy about expressing her cynical and dismissive attitudes about people. Ali, on the other hand, was much more engaging and I was sensing a curiosity in her as she coyly talked and joked with us all.

A couple of movies later, Nikki went down to the front to sign Rick into the dorm and while she was gone, luckily, Rebecca was in the bathroom. So it was just Ali and I for that brief moment. She was looking at me with that cute dimpled smile and I could see her thoughts. I relished in it and gave her a smile and quick look to confirm her suspicions that yes I had fucked Nikki. She looked away back at the TV and then quickly back at me almost giggling and then back at the TV. Neither of us said a word, we just sat there until Rebecca returned followed by Nikki and Rick a minute or two later.

Finally it was getting into the afternoon hours and we started cards against humanity with drinks, which all of us were enjoying, even Rebecca. It was a moment of real gratitude that hit me when I thought back to how isolated I had felt at times during this pandemic and how nervous I was to make this short trip to meet Nikki - and now I'm sitting in this living room with total strangers but not feeling out of place at all. I was in such a blissful and warm mood. Still though, I felt I needed to get to know Rick a little better so focus as much of my attention on him as I could during the game without ignoring anyone else. For reasons I won't go into, I have serious trust issues with men so my antennae were up.

Pregaming continued after the card game was over and we all started getting ready to go out for the night. Their dorm had a private bathroom but the showers were in a public bathroom. I took another quick shower and lotioned myself and put my dress on. It was a raspberry mini dress with lace trim that I wore with black heels. As I was in the bathroom fixing my hair and dress Nikki came in to work on her hair and make up. In whisper speak I ask if she was down for the threesome still and asked if Rick knew about it etc. After she reassured me she was still excited for it I thought back to how she described him as being good in bed and asked about his dick. She looked me right in the eyes and told me to go see for myself. It was a dare. So went into her room and without saying a word approached him as he sat on her bed waiting for all of us to get ready. Still without a peep, I got on my knees and pushed his knees apart before going straight for his belt. He looked shocked but stayed relatively quiet. I aggressively gave him head sucking and jerking his dick and deepthroating him until he came in my mouth.

Before he could even get his dick back in his pants, or i could get off my knees, Nikki opened the door and let me know that the bathroom was free if I wanted to finish getting ready. We both smiled at each other but I left right away just so she could have alone time with him and discuss anything she wanted with him in privacy. While I was in the bathroom I brushed my teeth again for obvious reasons and then sat to pee. While I was on the toilet Ali came in and embarrassingly said sorry for not knocking. I laughed and said it was ok but she instinctively jumped out and closed the door again. I got up and said it was ok to come in as I started washing my hands. She said sorry again and I let her know I didn't care at all.

Ali had a lovely figure on her and was in a satin green cocktail dress. Her hair was a curly light brown and she was roughly 5 feet. Her skin was tan and her complexion was flawless. She was really skinny but with a nice little bubble butt and had the cutest dimples when she smiled. She was very much the kind of girl that you can imagine had a million friends growing up and drew people to her with her light carefree attitude which stood in stark contrast to her roommate's. I felt a concern at that time that Rebecca's sourness would rub on her.

I started working on my make up and she started working on her hair. After a few moments of light chit chat she asked me if I was wearing panties and qualified the question by pointing out that she didn't see any pulled down around my knees while I was on the toilet. I laughed loudly and said no I wasn't then asked her if she was. She wouldn't answer and just laughed but i didn't break my eyes from her for a moment. I watched her process it and then she finally acknowledged me and said yes she was. Then seeing that she was not disturbed by any of this I asked her if I could see them and she looked at me with an "Are you serious?" look as she laughed more. I was really enjoying this game between us, and clearly so was she, since she lifted her dress and showed me her cute little black thong and I told her I liked them and went back to fixing my makeup.

When I was done with my make up I started fixing my hair a little and looked over at her. I could see all the disbelief in her head as she put her straightening iron down and looked in the mirror. I took in her petite body and looked in those light brown eyes in the reflection of the mirror then gently came up behind her and as selectively as I could lifted her dress and whispered in her ear "I don't think we need these" and slipped her panties down her legs. As I predicted, she offered no resistance, just looked shocked and said "Oh my God" as I flung them in their bathroom hamper. I just smiled at her as I strutted toward the door and out of the bathroom leaving her there to either accept or reject what had just happened.

As soon as I came out of the bathroom and entered the living room area Nikki was in a gorgeous low cut silvery white dress and Rebecca had a few pairs of shoes out that she was looking for opinions on. I only offered my input after being asked. Once we were all ready to go it was after 8pm and none of us had eaten dinner - just drank. So after a toast and final shot of Jameson we decided to go get a quick bite before going to the party. Rick had a friend living right off campus up a small hill next to campus. It was a brand new looking condominium on the top floor with a rooftop section. The guy who lived there with his gf seemed just like Rick in that they had likely come from money and were probably spoiled but were also more bred for success than bratty. There were no more than a dozen people there including the five of us.

On the rooftop there was music playing just quiet enough to not get complaints and a nice open area to dance which Nikki and I quickly took advantage of. Nikki soon got Rick away from his friends for a couple minutes to dance with us but he was not quite drunk enough to be that loose on the dance floor. Knowing Nikki wanted him to participate I tried to help her in encouraging him to stay on the floor with us. All the while I could sense Ali's eyes peeking over at me but ignored it. I waited for her to get up from talking to someone and head downstairs and back inside before I left the dance floor and caught up with her. I asked her if she knew where the bathroom was and she told me she was on her way there too. While we were peeing I asked about her dating life. If she was seeing anyone and when she said no I asked how long it had been since she was in a relationship and told me it had been close to a year.

She washed and dried her hands as I held our drinks but now that I knew how available she was I didn't let her reach the door. I put the cups down on a table in the bathroom and stepped in front of her as she reached for the bathroom doorknob. I spun her around and pressed her against the wall moving my face close to hers. I was determined to test her. I didn't kiss her. I just moved in close and was going to make her make the final move and kiss me, which she did. After a few minutes of kissing I moved down to her neck and kissed and sucked it lightly while I moved my hands from her hips to the bottom of her dress. In no time at all my right hand was up her dress and my left was around her waist while her hands rubbed up and down my body and squeezed my booty. It was bad luck on our part that as she was cumming there as a knock on the door so poor Ali had to cover her mouth to keep quiet and I had to stop kissing her neck to say we would be out in a second.

We quickly washed up again and rushed past the boy who was waiting for the bathroom. Once we were on the rooftop a beer pong game had started and Nikki wanted me to be on her team. After a little talking and joking with her and a guy who was friends with Rick it was our turn to play beer pong. We were facing the boy who had just been talking to us and another guy I had not talked to at all. Some might say this is a cheap move and that I'm too competitive or slutty, but to distract guys while they take their shots in beer pong I have been known to flash them and tonight was one of those nights. At another point I stood behind Nikki and cupped her tits bouncing them up and down a couple times to distract the guy's shot. What can I say? I just wanted to win.

A few hours later it seemed that Ali had drunk a little too much for her tiny 100lbs body to handle and was starting to drift off on us. No matter how much fun I'm having a party, and Nikki is the same way, my maternal instincts will always kick in when I feel one of my friends has had a few too many. We got Rick's help and the five of us left the party for the short walk back to the dorm. Rick, being a gentleman, gave Ali a piggy back ride the whole way while I watched the bottom of her dress to make sure nothing was showing. She did a great job of maintaining her composure as we walked by the campus cop outside the dorm.

After getting in the rooms and quickly washing up and showering, Nikki and I returned to the room as Rick was in the private bathroom. While he was gone Nikki and I just dropped our towels and started having at each other on her bed. Rick walked in the room to find us both naked and I told her that I wanted to watch them fuck. Nikki got up off the bed and took Rick over to the empty one that we had just thrown a cheap sheet over. I touched myself as I watched Nikki give him head and touch herself. I am not a screamer during sex but I am certainly a talker. It naturally worked itself so that I ended up directing them what to do almost like we were making a porno film. I told Nikki how hot she looked and encouraged her to talk dirty too while she was riding him.

Not wanting to sit on the sidelines any longer, I climbed up on the bed and sat on Rick's face and rode his tongue so I could make out with Nikki and suck her perfect tits. Soon we got off of him and arranged ourselves so that I was eating Nikki out while Rick gave it to me doggy style.

My custom when taking it doggy style is to reach back and finger my ass so that's what I did while I licked and sucked Nikki's clit for her. After she came she slid further down under me so that i was basically laying on top of her. Nikki started rubbing on my clit and I told him to put it in my ass. He didn't last long back there before asking where he should cum and almost demanded that it be in my ass - and Nikki with a primal "mmm" sound gave her approval. After he finished in my ass, Nikki got out from under me and started eating my ass from behind and finger fucking me. She made me cum so hard because I could feel the lust coming from her in every way she touched and licked me. When I turned around I could see a little cum still on her chin from eating my ass so I wiped it off with my finger and sucked it clean. Nikki was ready for more by now and switched places with me so now she was on all fours and I was behind her giving her the same treatment she had just given me. Rick, all the while, was just watching us not "up" for more action.

Nikki came for me and then she asked me in an almost begging tone if I could squirt on her. My squirting abilities are among the many things we had discussed prior to meeting and so she not only knew that I could do it but absolutely love doing it. She rolled over and slid her butt down to the edge of the bed then brought her knees up and held them there with one arm while massaging her clit with the other. I stood over her with one foot on the floor and the other up on the bed and started passionately finger fucking myself focusing the pressure on my gspot hitting it in just that right way with enough speed that I soon had that feeling that I needed to relieve myself of all the pussy juice that was building up in me. When I felt the big gush about to cum I slid my fingers out and pulled back on the hood of my clit to create the squirting effect. As I squirt Nikki was saying "In me! Get it in me!" as she spread her pussy open for me to squirt in. Like all squirts they are splashy and hard to aim so much of it ended up on her tits and tummy but she seemed pleased and so I was.

I sat on the bed next to her and started licking my juices off her body and then coming up for kisses. As we did that Rick had found his second wind and approached Nikki whose legs were still off the edge of the bed. Rick lifted her legs up to his shoulders and started fucking her so I began to focus more on helping her cum again by kissing her more passionately and then sucking her tits. He wasn't making her cum though so I thought I would suggest she take it in her ass too and she immediately looked at him telling him to do it.

I moved up off her and he pushed her legs back up to her head where she held them. He worked the head of his dick in very slowly and to help things I moved down there to lick her clit for her as he delicately inched his way deeper in her ass. Nikki is not as experienced with anal as I am, but with the noises she was making and feeling her body's reactions to what we were doing to her, I knew she was really enjoying the sensations.

I stayed down there with the best seat in the house eating her pussy and watching Rick slide in and out of her. He pulled out probably to keep himself from cumming again but i just switched straight from giving her head to giving him head. Nikki then said she wanted to ride him again so they switched places and I got behind Nikki sliding off of my fingers in her ass and pulling her hair for her with others. She rode his dick and my fingers like a good country girl until she had an orgasm that made her collapse. I didn't know it at the time but while I was helping Nikki get to orgasm, Rick had cum in her a little bit. I could see from behind that he was going limp again. She rolled over and off of him so I held his half hard dick and sucked her wetness off it while getting the last drops of cum out of him.

After about ten seconds of finishing him off I turned my attention to Nikki who looked like the picture of human happiness. She lay there gathering her senses holding her clit that must have been throbbing. I could see some of the cum just peeking out of her pussy so started licking it out then being impatient I just slid two fingers in and started scooping it out of her and then feeding it to her. Then I repeated the process again until none of his cum was left in her. Rick got dressed and left since there was nowhere for him to sleep but Nikki and I went a little longer trying different things that she had really been fantasizing about and wanted to experience. I tried to show her how to finger me so that I'll squirt and we also tried tribbing in a couple different positions. It was obviously hot and really fun to try but neither worked well enough.

We had a nice lovely shower together some time after three in the morning and just like the night before, fell asleep cuddling each other. The next morning we had one last round of brunch and tender shower sex before I left for home. I am still in touch with Nikki and next time we see each other it will be with my girlfriend instead of Rick. My girlfriend is a lesbian and so he obviously won't be invited to join us. Not in bed at least.

When I joined literotica it was really out of a sense of boredom and it was an attempt to fill the void left in my spirit that was created by social isolation during these long lockdowns. Moreover, it was nights like that one that really made me regret that I didn't attend a four year college and get the full college experience. Nikki is a special friend and I know always will be. As I was writing this story, she texted me "Why does Ali keep asking about you?" I guess I forgot to mention that part of the night to her.
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