Walking Without Shame

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"Okay, Ramon, here's how this is going to work. Are you naked? Good. Put a towel on a chair, and sit so you can spread your legs. Yes, Baby, the Strokesleeve will hold all of your goo, but the housekeeper shouldn't have to deal with your butt sweat. I think you'll make lot of it.

"Well of course, Dear, aren't I always naked when I'm with our friends? You'll see in a minute. The battery is fully charged for the Clit Stud's maiden voyage. I can't wait for us to deflower this device. Did you charge the Strokesleeve, and top off the fluid? You'll want all the power, trust me. All the bandwidth, Baby, because these men are going to fuck me good, and so will you.

"Mmmmm. Gary is eating me out now, so I'll be ready. That doesn't do anything for you, so I haven't synched yet, I'm just letting it happen. No, of course he isn't as good as you. You eat pussy better than any man I've ever had, and only three women have been better.

"Speaking of that, Maureen and Livia say they wish you were here. They pointed at their pussies when they said that. Russ pointed at his asshole.

"And I want you everywhere, Baby, but this invention will only give you my quim. My mouth will be chaste tonight. I'll suck dicks, and probably get some precum, but nobody is going off between these lips. Only the ones down below. I'm not wasting a milligram of the semen in this room.

"Does the Strokesleeve feel okay? You lucky bastard, you've never had to use one, you've always had plenty of fuck buddies around. I know I know, you appreciate the fact that it paid for the beach house.

Yes, the stud feels the same in there as the old ring. My clitty is as frisky as always. Gary has this job as a test. There's no pain anywhere from his lip ring.

"Whooo! I'm ready now, and Gary is too. I recognize that shade of purple where the shaft meets the balls. So what happens now is, you put on your headset, and Gary puts on his, and you both activate.

"Did it synch? Can you see me? Yeah, I've been drooled on a whole lot. Everybody loves my nipples. Ohh, that's sweet, I bet you look great too. Hell, I know you do! Have you banged anyone negotiating for the other side?

"I know I know, the peace treaty is really important, and only my hunky husband can make it happen, face to face. Just let me know if the talks break down, okay? If the world's going to end, I'll have to find more dicks to ride. And there's plenty of holes here that want your goodbye fucking, so get the first plane back, especially if it's the last plane. I don't care that I've created the world's best sex toys. Let the final sensation of my life be your real, blood-gorged prick splitting my labia.

"Here we go! Gary is doing labia-splitting of his own. The Clit Stud is whirring. Are you feeling it yet? The satellite delay can't be more than two seconds.

"Yeah yeah! That's right where I'm squeezing on him! Is it good?

"Ooooh! Gary wasn't expecting that. Yes, Baby, send to me, drive into that sleeve, it'll stretch me!

"It's true, it's really happening! Oh please make it last, Darling! It really does feel like two fucks at once, in my very own honey pot!

"Liv, you gotta get one of these studs! No, through your clit! I've got dibs on these guys, and you look quite involved with DeWayne. I mean, a Clit Stud, for you and Neal. I know I know, the Strokesleeve can synch with a dildo, but that's for when you and the guy are both alone and half a world apart. He's the one stuck in Antarctica, you could do what I'm doing. This is so much better, just imagine Neal's wang in there with DeWayne's. This'll make me even richer! Unless Ramon can't save the world.

"Hey, get some cameras on me, this can be the promo video. Ahem. Hello, sex-starved humans, and welcome to the debut of the Judith Kleinfeld Clit Stud! That's right, I'm experimenting on myself, just as I did with the Throb Ring, the JuDildo, the Strokesleeve, and the Happy Hiney! Please visualize registered trademark symbols on all of those.

"While Gary here fucks me, the Clit Stud detects everything in and around my tunnel of love, all the heat and motion and juice from my nerves and muscles and soft tissues. See how the stud flickers and flashes? It's sending all of our nasty data—wow, that was really nasty! Do that again, Gar!

"Excuse me. The stud—which can include one of five beautiful gemstones, check out the website—then sends the data to the Strokesleeve being worn by my husband, thousands of miles away. The data warm up the Strokesleeve, and it moves and gushes on his tool, like a proxy vagina. So he feels exactly what his cheating wife and treacherous friend are enjoying!

"But wait, there's more! My husband is fucking the Strokesleeve his own way, and that sends all of his nasty data to the Clit Stud, which diddles my playground and adds his fucking to Gary's! Whuu-HOOO! The time lag actually makes it better! All these sudden surprises!

"Oh, and if poking a hole in your clitoris is too out-there for you, or too in-there, for your down-there, you don't have to pierce the glans. My piercing is just through the hood, and all of the data—OH YEAHYEAHYEAH! Whoo! Uh, yeah, that way the data go just fine in both directions. In fact, through the glans the sensation might be so big that you can't sense the details. Your mileage may vary, ladies.

"Sorry Ramon. I yelled, and I think that blew out the sound pickup. Is it back? I'll have to edit the cam feed to make this a decent promo. Yeah, indecent too, goes without saying.

"Hmm? Because I came, Darling, and I'm about to cum again, thanks to you and your golfing buddies. Well, Gary's about to blast, but I'm yanking Pablo and Sergei, see? Then it'll be Dennis, who insists that he's only dry-humping Maureen. And Carol tells me that this one cute guy with the catering crew has tested negative, so she's stripping him and getting him ready.

"I'm going to suck these nice, friendly cocks for a while. Please continue to tele-ravish my quim.

"Yeeeeee! You could probably hear Gary, I don't remember him cumming this loud before. Pablo, get the headset off of him. Remember to stay upright. You can grab my tits, but only from underneath. Let Ramon see my nips, the poor fellah doesn't have anything to slobber on. I'm still beta testing Tele-Titties.

"Yes, Priscilla, I know you can get two real, in-person cocks into your pussy at once. That'd make a great carnival act, but does it feel all that good? Don't the guys get in each other's way?

"What, Ramon? Oh, pretty much the usual scene. Celeste and Suriya are tribbing. Fiona is pegging Russ, who's blowing Jeremy. Maureen just came, and squirted, so Dennis has brought his sloppy dick to my hand.

"You can probably imagine what it smells like in here.

"I know, Sweetheart, but it's so much like what you did for me. There was that night I was so busy, perfecting the Strokesleeve. I had so much going on in my head that I wanted to work on, and I insisted that you get together with everyone, without me. And you insisted that I put in my JuDildo, and said that you'd wear the Throb Ring all night, and whenever I activated, you'd send to me. The Throb Ring seems so crude now, such paltry bandwidth. I knew there should be something better. But a ring that sensed the swelling and spasms of your wonderful shlong was so much better than clicks, for both of us. You fucked me while you fucked Maureen, and I came. And while you fucked Suriya. I even came when you fucked Russ!

"No, Pablo, keep the headset pointed at me. Ramon should only look at me. He better not look at those lesbos while I'm cheating on him."

"Ramon, you shouldn't be alone. If I can pose as a diplomatic courier, would you let me nail you in person?"

"Carol, get your unfairly abundant bosom away from the headset. Go suck Gary, he should be good for another round. Wait, did you titfuck the caterer? I told you, damnit! He better recover quick. Here, let me lick that gunk.

"No, sorry, stay put. Ramon wants to see more of that.

"Ahh, now it's not just two sets of penis input, but a good load of slime smearing around inside. I want more, I want creampies up to my cervix. Can you blast yet, Pablo? Yes, I just had my third one, and you helped.

"Dearest Ramon, I'm so glad to be your slut. After our fun, my walk is never in shame. Proudly, with head held high, I stride butt-naked back to the mundane world, my lovers' fluids oozing from the happy places where I welcomed them. And I'm just as proud of all the toys I've given the world, and all the pleasure that the toys have given to millions who might have never known pleasure at all. The people you're negotiating with should think about paraplegics, and the terminally ill, before they spout their pious diatribes.

"I know I know, my career has made your job more difficult. But they need this treaty as much as we do. Even if they have to reach it with, and I quote, 'The queer consort of the depraved Jew bitch who spreads the technology of perversion, along with her legs.' As if my co-religionists on the orthodox side approve of me.

"I wouldn't have you any less queer than you are, Darling. If you're up for more queer, I'd gladly help.

"Wait wait Sergei! Not yet not—

"Huuuhhhhh! R-Ramon, that was just you! I came with an empty pussy, fucked by your phantom dick, sending your passion to the Clit Stud! I knew that could happen! You must really love you a whole load of depraved Jew bitch!

"Yes, Sergei, now. Please, I'm so sorry, fuck me good."

"Ramon, this whore wants all the spew to herself! Can't we have any fun?"

"We'll just use her, like in a women's prison movie."

"Enjoying this, Darling? I guess Liv and Suriya decided that I'm too beautiful not to be sandwiched. Ladies, I'll bet he's happy—WOW, he sure is! Words are nowhere near as expressive as a thrust to the G and A spots!

"Yeah, Ramon, I'm behind schedule on dyke shit, after all the fag shit ten days ago. You know my work too well, you scoundrel. I let slip that all I was doing was letting diagnostics run, piling up data, not working on anything new. Waiting to see if I really had invented the greatest sex toy of all time. You abducted me! You took me to twenty people we love, and they loved us back.

"In that house full of toys, the most special moment was one with nothing but sweaty, flexing, grunting flesh. Flat on my back on white shag carpet, legs up on your hairy chest, I received your missionary sermon while Jeremy fucked your ass and you sucked Russ's prick. I licked Russ's balls and fingered through to his prostate. He called me his favorite hag! You filled me while those beautiful guys filled you. The next day, the data were all there, and I put the Clit Stud into production.

"And now there'll be enough money to let me work again on toys for those who haven't found their pleasure. I have some new ideas for the TransCurious product line. Things that people can try in private, away from haters.

"Mmmmm, Ramon, what does this feel like?"

"YES! I did do that trunk-twist thing, rotating around you and Sergei! Did your eyes cross? YEAHHH!

"Woooooo! I guess Sergei liked that too, or maybe just having six tits in reach! What a thick load of goo! It feels great! Dennis, just put the headset on, it's already running.

"Ohhhhhh Honey, I have to admit, this is starting to wear me out. It's spectacular, but I've never felt this much sensation before. You can cum now, Ramon. I want it to be great for you, better than anything that could happen when you're alone. Should I do something special?

"Ladies...he wants you to suck my tits. And, needless to say, so do I.

"Mmmmmm. MMMMM! Dennis, can you cum right now? Can, ca-ca-YEEEEE!

"Oh Ramon, Sweetheart, did that feel good?


"I think you both came at once, or overlapped, or something. It was wonderful.

"It may be a long time before I can get up.

"What? Oh, I lost count after the fifth one.

"Hmm. Ah, what's your name, young man? Well, Stefan, you're a very tempting morsel, but I'm afraid I'm done for the night. But, Liv? Suriya? Yes, I thought you might. Please return him to his employer in one piece.

"Ramon...How do you feel, Dearest?

"Good. When you're satisfied, you're focused. And at your most brilliant.

"Tomorrow, please give us world peace. Then get back here and walk shamelessly with me, for the rest of our lives."
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