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After my divorce at 40, for ten years I led a life on the side that all but one of my friends, family and co-workers knew about. I got into it when a buddy brought his girlfriend over one night and the three of us proceeded to have a threesome. Enthralled with the excitement of that night, I then found couples online that enjoyed my company.

Later on, serving as a regular at several swinger parties, I was counted on as a single male to help keep the ladies happy while their husbands either played with someone else, watched, or simply sat out and watched because their age prohibited them from staying reliably hard.

The rotating cast of ladies at these parties numbered in the twenties and ranged in age from 35 to 55, all of them quite reasonably attractive and all of them with varying degrees of hard bodies.

The last such party I attended was a birthday party for Wendy, 36, a leggy blonde, the youngest party-goer. After two hours of food, drinks and conversation, things got started with four ladies taking turns kissing Wendy, licking her tits, and eating her out. The site of four girls on her at once was super hot. After 15 minutes of this, Wendy invited the guys to line up for a missionary fuck. At some point, a short, super cute girl with black curly hair and glasses, Karla, 49, realized that some of the guys were having trouble staying hard, so she moved next to Wendy and began sucking them up when they were on deck. (The prior night I had arrived a bit late for the weekend's event, but met Karla when she and her husband Mick showed up even later than I did. Within 10 minutes she was out of her clothes and I was pulling out of her, doggy style, shooting a massive load on her muscular back and sexy ass, with Mick cheering me on.) Anyway, when my turn came to engage Karla the next night, after a few strokes of her hand and mouth, I asked her "Can I fuck the fluffer?" "Sure," she said, as she laid on her back and spread her legs.

The rest of the night was a blur, with me fucking five of the nine women at the party, including Mary, an old favorite, who at 50 had the face and body of a woman half her age. As I pulled out of "Penny," Mary saw me and came over and immediately got down on the carpet doggy-style. I plunged my hard cock into her dripping pussy and looked up as "John" came over and slid his cock into Mary's mouth. Later that evening, as things began to wind down, Mary's husband, who at 65 had sat out the entire night up until now, finally was hard and lay on his back on a blanket. Mary came over and planted herself on his cock. After a few minutes of the hottest woman in the room riding him, her husband asked John if he was up for a DPP. John wasted no time, got down on his knees and slipped his hard rod up into Mary's already-full pussy, the two men hammering her with two cocks in one hole, with the entire group of partiers now standing a few feet away watching.

So this was but one example of the double life I was leading, never letting on to any friends or family that this was how I spent many weekends. On most weekends however, I met couples, often Mary and her husband. Sometimes it was a threeway, sometimes just me and the wife/girlfriend, other times me and the wife/girlfriend and another guy. All of these gatherings were strictly for straight men. A large percentage of the women were bi-friendly, however there was an unwritten rule that the men must be straight.

In my last year of swinging I was partnered up with "Teresa," as a couple. She was 49, Filipina, 5'1", with long jet black hair, a great smile and a fantastic little body. We met up with couples nearly every weekend, but that is a whole different (and maybe better) story. (The one worth telling is short. We met with Karla and Mick, with Mick and me DPing Karla, and later, me fucking Karla from behind while she 69ed Teresa.)

When Teresa was not available, I continued to meet with couples and go to parties as a single. That's when I met Brian and Keely. They were both VERY good looking, early 40s. She was a 5' 5" stunning thin athletic blonde, he was tall and athletic with short brown hair. They lived just across the nearby state border so I met them at a bar near their house. They walked in and they were college educated, funny, cool and really, really great looking, both with amazing smiles. We laughed about general topics immediately and after two beers they asked me to follow them to a motel. Because this again is a whole other story, I will summarize by saying that we met five times, twice at a motel, twice at their farmhouse, and once with Keely-only at my place. They became my favorite go-to couple, our activities featuring nearly every threesome position imaginable.

As I knew I was nearing the end of my swinger run — I was ready to go back to monogamy and a romantic life — it occurred to me that having my own big party would be a great way to end things.

So I rented a nice house in the northern suburbs, midpoint to nearly every couple I knew. I then invited five couples who had attended the aforementioned party, four couples that Teresa and I had played with, as well as Keely and Brian.

Two weeks later it was party time. I checked into the six bedroom house at 3 p.m. that Saturday, stocked it with food and drinks, then dragged every mattress in the place into the huge family room/kitchen. All 20 guests arrived at 7 p.m; we snacked and drank and listened to music. At some point, a guy named Joe, walked away from his wife Jeannie, grabbed the aforementioned Wendy, undressed her and himself and began fucking her on the couch with no foreplay. This being a seasoned group of swingers, most ignored the action with only a few glancing over at them from time to time.

Eventually, many followed Joe's cue and began pairing off on mattresses or thick blankets laid on the floor. Twosomes and threesomes were the norm, with switching and swapping happening all over the room every few minutes. Some of the older guys were shooting video; I had a camera on the first landing of the stairs charged up and capturing most of the action. At one point, the aforementioned Karla, with her fine ass up in the air, was licking "Cristina's" pussy. I went over, dropped to my knees and began fucking her from behind. Both girls were now squirming and moaning, Karla with my cock up her snizz, and Cristina, a cute younger tiny Black woman with beautiful eyes and an amazing ass, with Karla's tongue in her hole. At one point I looked over at Brian and Keely. Brian was fucking his wife missionary while "Ted" was sliding his cock in and out of Keely's pretty little mouth. The roomful of action lasted nearly 90 minutes. I fucked three different women during the session, with Brian and Keely swapping partners a couple of times, each fucking another's spouse.

During the break, everyone drank, talked and laughed over the music. I was now really enjoying a conversation with Jeannie, who, because I was single, was intent on fixing me up with her non-swinger younger sister, and was seemingly oblivious to the fact that half of the group was now fucking on the floor. (I had fucked Jeannie doggy style 30 minutes earlier, so I was contemplating the strange idea that I might later date her sister, fall for her, and then have to hide the fact that I had once fucked her older married sister from behind during an orgy.)

Back to the party, I now saw Karla sitting on the floor, slowly feeding a double headed dildo into her own pussy and into blonde Penny, their legs scissoring while they were riding the "cock" and making out. After fucking the fake cock, they then both flipped over into doggy style, with Wendy coming over and helping feed the double dong into both ladies' dripping pussies. The two were riveting to watch, their asses bouncing together, their backs arched. Nearby, I spotted Brian fucking a tall curvy redhead, "Barb," 35, the only declared straight woman at the party, who he had bent over an overstuffed chair, as she flung her long hair over one shoulder, taking it from behind. On the other side of the room, Keely was getting her tight little snatch licked by a couple that I could not identify, as they were so far between her legs I couldn't see their faces. The room was so full of moaning I could hardly hear the loud, hard-driving music over the din. The swapping, fucking and moaning went on for nearly an hour.

I knew from experience that these things ordinarily wound down slowly, with people moving to the edge of the room laid out with the drinks and snacks, one or two at a time, where they continued to watch the action, sometimes getting video of it.

Now, more than half of the group was still on the floor, including Cristina, who was on the bottom of a 69 with a little Malaysian hottie, "Ami," 51. Across the room, Brian pulled his cock out of Barb, leaving precum dripping down the inside of her thick, tight thighs. Keely, who had been getting a drink of water, wandered slowly back onto the floor, winding her way through squirming naked bodies, looking at them all as she went by, as if she were trying to decide whom to join. (At that exact moment, Karla, who had been sucking two cocks at the same time, pulled Joe's dick out of her mouth and took a massive load of cum all over her face, followed immediately by her slapping Mick's cock on her tongue until he jizzed all over it.)

Brian now walked over to his sexy wife, took her hand and lowered the two of them to the floor. She laid back and spread her legs, with Brian getting down flat on his stomach, wrapping his arms around her legs and ass and sinking his tongue into her wet box. I watched the two of them intently. They both had taken it pretty easy thus far, with the intention of saving their energy for the end. Within minutes, Keely, gritting her teeth, was bucking her hips, intent on orgasming in her husband's mouth.

The retired crowd, as ordinarily happened near the end of these gatherings, was now unwittingly moving closer to the five people left on the floor. Brian and Keely had positioned themselves in the middle of the action, and being the best looking two people at the party, and the most energetic at this point, were garnering most of the attention. After cumming in Brian's mouth, Keely wanted more and flipped over doggy-style. Brian got up and slipped his cock into his wife's wet hole and began slamming his torso, legs and balls, against her beautiful tight ass with abandon.

Now it was my turn. I walked slowly over to them and went to my knees in front of Keely. She wasted no time in grabbing my cock and taking it into her mouth. Looking at her beautiful body, it was all I could do not to cum as she sucked me, her eyes locked on mine, while she took Brian's cock from behind. I looked up and we were now the only ones on the floor, with every other guest surrounding us in a loose semi-circle. Keely pulled away from both of us, my precum coating her lips, and she climbed on top of Brian, cowgirl. I sat back and watched for a few minutes.

Then Keely, who was slamming down on Brian's cock like a wild animal, looked back at me and said firmly, "FUCK me."

Without hesitation, I fell to my knees over Brian's outstretched legs and put my cock head right up to her randy hole, ready to pack her pussy with a second cock.

"No," she said evenly as she looked over her shoulder straight at me, "in my ASS."

Unbearably excited, I moved my cock, lined it up with her puckered hole and pushed hard, with my entire shaft slowly sliding right up into her hot little shithole.

The three of us moved like we had done this all of our lives, and the 18 other guests were now right up on us, five or six of them videoing the DP action with cell phones. Ted and a few of the other guys were openly stroking their cocks. Cristina and Ami were sitting next to each other with their legs spread, only half watching from a loveseat inside the circle, with their contrasting legs wrapped over each others', tongues entwined, furiously finger-fucking each other's tight little holes.

As I banged away at Keely's fine small tight ass from behind, my cock rubbing against Brian's through the thin wall between Kelly's pussy and ass, she arched her sweaty back, looked back at me and shouted out,

"Oh yeah, baby, yeah, FUCK me up my ass."

My orgasm was rising and I became slightly aware that our rhythm was in sync with the loud heavy beat of the White Stripe's "Seven Nation Army."

Then, with no warning, Keely pulled away from both of us, crawling a few feet away on her hands and knees, looking back hungrily at Brian's huge cock.

In a flash, Brian was on her again, grabbing one of her dainty ankles and deftly flipping her over into missionary, plunging his cock deep into her pussy, fucking her as hard and fast as he could.

I got up and stood over them, watching this amazing looking married couple in awe, slowly stroking my raging cock, wondering how they could get this turned on by each other so many times in one night. As I contemplated my next move, I could feel the group around us now closing in a tight circle. I could see Cristina on top of Ami, now on the loveseat behind the circle in another 69, intently lapping each other's sopping twats. I looked over at Karla and Jeannie, Karla with jizz still on her face, standing with their arms around each other, as they alternated between expectantly watching the show, with sharing soft kisses, their tongues fluttering together.

As Brian madly humped into his sexy wife, Keely looked straight up at me over Brian's shoulder with a devious half smile, then slowly moved her tongue over her slightly open lips, her layered blonde hair framing her pretty face, her sexy little arched feet bouncing in the air.

In a quivering voice she cried out, probably much louder than she intended.

"Fuck him in the ass."

The beat of the music continued to pound and the group looked back and forth at each other like they had heard it wrong, but never moved and eventually all looked straight at me.

The demand should have stopped me in my tracks, as I had never, ever, contemplated such a thing. But my sexual connection to this beauty threw every bit of my common sense to the wind.

Bizarrely bold, and about to violate the night's only established taboo, I dropped straight to my knees, moved forward up behind Brian, placed my left hand on the small of his arched back, above his hard athletic ass, took my cock in my right hand and placed the head of it between his cheeks and tentatively against his sweaty hole.

Nervous as hell, my heart pounding, and half looking for an out, I looked up briefly and saw redheaded Barb, standing nearly over Keely, staring at my cock with a sexy look of disbelief, her upper lip curled into a sneer.

She nodded and silently mouthed "Oh, FUCK yeah."

Hot Barb's endorsement in, I lunged forward, my thick cock piercing Brian's burning hole, shoving it all the way up his ass, and watching as Barb's eyebrows raised and her mouth formed an astonished "O," her knees nearly buckling at the sight of it. Brian threw his head back with his own mouth open wide in a silent ecstatic scream.

I started slowly, not looking up, as I was afraid someone would try to stop me or that my guests would start walking away in disgust. My hands were firmly on his hips and as I gathered speed, I looked up and around the circle and watched as no one in the group moved, most of them with mouths agape. More were now shooting video; Ted and the boys were still unabashedly jerking off. Cristina was now out of her 69 and over me with her phone, shooting a closeup of my engorged cock fucking Brian's tight ass as he fucked his wife. Her beautiful ebony face next to mine, I reached over and kissed her, her pussy-drenched tongue moving in and out of my mouth while I continued to buck my hips, the hot kiss increasing my grip on Brian's hips as my cock slammed in and out of his spermy fuckhole.

As I pulled away from Cristina, I looked down at Brian, still fucking his wife. Her beautiful long alabaster legs were still raised high, her tiny feet on his shoulders. As his cock went in and out of her, I moved my hands to his ass cheeks, my purple shaft continuing to split his tight ass on the rebound.

After a good five minutes of insane hard buttfucking, Brian briefly looked back at me submissively, arched his back, widening his hot hole. I felt my orgasm rising again as I repeatedly plunged my rock hard shaft up his willing ass. I looked over Brian's shoulder and saw Keely looking me straight in the eye, on the cusp of her own orgasm.

"Cum on his ass," she mouthed inaudibly.

That was it. Now filled with overwhelming lust, after three more hard strokes, I began to pull out, his hole pulsating and desperately gripping my exiting cock. He whimpered in frustration as I pulled my bare boner free, slapping it in the crack of his ass as he increased the speed of his strokes into his wife.

My first rippleshot fired all the way up to the back of his neck. I then began to slowly hardstroke my cock, the whole room watching in awe as I laid thick ropes of white cream all over his ass, his back, the back of his thighs, up onto Keely's left foot, even lobbing one over Brian's head onto Keely's small firm tits.

Now drenched with my hot jizz, Keely and Brian both responded by crying out seconds apart, with him pulling his cock out of her, her hips still bucking, and blowing a massive load all over her hot, orgasming hole.

As if on cue, the music stopped, leaving this crowd of straight-male swingers and their wives quietly standing around us, with the three of us fully spent.

For a few seconds, no one said a word, until finally, Karla jumped up, launching her fist in the air, and screamed "fuck yes!" The group immediately burst into spontaneous applause, some of the men tentatively, until they all began looking at each other with growing smiles as the applause rose to a crescendo. I got up, triple-kissed Karla and Jeannie, then moved to the edge of the circle, legs wobbling and uncaring what anyone thought.

As the hard-driving music kicked back in, I turned around just in time to watch a still spasming Keely, holding her right breast in her hand, licking my cum off of her erect nipple, while little Ami went to the floor and licked my cum off of Brian's back and ass with her tongue, before getting down between Keely's legs and lapping my load -- and Brian's -- up into Keely's quivering blonde honey hole.

This party now having gone completely off the rails, Brian got up and crawled to the side, just as Barb, all inhibitions gone, shockingly, and without permission (a violation of the number one swinger rule) dropped to her knees onto Keely's face, looking straight down between her own thighs.

"Lick my fucking pussy," she commanded as she planted her fire red, neatly-trimmed snatch on to Keely's mouth.

She then slowly stretched her back like a cat and laid forward over Keely's tight little body, with a now clearly willing Keely reaching up and taking the redhead's tight ass in one hand, while putting two fingers of her other hand up Barb's ass, and finally — hungrily plunging her tongue deep into Barb's hole.

With her own full lips and pretty mouth, Barb brushed her hair from her face, then slowly, intently, and lustily, licked every last bit of two huge loads of hot man spunk right out of Keely's nasty, heaving little cunt.

Ami - who had stayed between Keely's sweat-coated legs, lovingly licking my cum off of Keely's small foot and tiny toes while watching Barb - placed her index finger under the sexy redhead's chin, drew it to her, tilted her head, and parted her mouth. Barb's own lips opened and she let the massive load she held there pour over little Ami's tongue, the two girls swapping mine and Brian's intermingled cum back and forth in a series of superhot french kisses, until every bit of jizz was gone.

Ami then went back down on Keely, as Keely continued to frenetically work over Barb's now gaping hole with her tongue. Finally, Barb, now sitting straight up, looking down between her legs at Keely's flickering tongue, her hands on her own shaking thighs, began quickly jerking her hips.

Both holes full, Barb now let out a nearly blood-curdling scream as Keely's tongue and fingers got her off, the beautiful redhead's trembling pussy unleashing thick girly goo all over Keely's beautiful face and right into Her open mouth.

As Barb climbed off of a glaze-faced Keely, the gorgeous blonde, who now absolutely owned this party, flipped her hair to one side, then reached down and furiously worked her own clit with the two fingers that were just up Barb's ass, as Ami flat-tongued her wide open snatch. With her other hand, Keely took the back of Ami's head, gently but firmly grabbing the older woman's short black hair. As the petite Asian cutie licked her faster, Keely suddenly cried out as she continued to furiously jerk her clit, pumping out a series of wet cum shots.

Ami, still on all fours, squealed in delight while gyrating her ass in the air, taking Keely's whole pussy and clit in her mouth, voraciously sucking on both and drinking down every bit of Keely's seemingly never-ending stream of girl cum.

The crowd around them, most now down on their knees, looked as spent as the two girls. It was only 9:30 p.m.
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