Sex on the Beach

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My story is about a day several months ago that changed my life forever. I am a 40-year-old single man who has been very successful in both my business and personal life. I have never been married, probably because I don't feel comfortable in long relationships. I have a very active sex drive and if I am not having it, I am thinking about it. Up until I turned 40 years old, I never had any trouble finding beautiful women to take home or away on a trip to fulfill my sexual appetite. Now it seems that I have to work a lot harder to accomplish my goal.

After more than a week of several frustrating attempts to score, I decided to go out of town by myself to just get away. I got on a plane to fly south to a warm tropical beach resort area for some rest and relaxation in the sun. When I arrived, I checked into my hotel. After a relaxing evening in my room, I got up early the next morning, grabbed my bathing suit and towel and headed to the beach. I found a nice spot on the sand, spread my towel out, took off my shirt and sandals and sat down to relax.

The sun was very warm and the beach was loaded with beautiful people. However, after a short while I noticed that my outdated bathing suit and my very white skin just did not fit in with the crowd. So I decided that I needed to go shopping for a new suit, get some dark tanning oil and work on my tan. I gathered up my stuff and headed back to my hotel room.

After changing into a pair of shorts, I headed down to the lobby to ask for help in finding a new bathing suit. I went up to the counter and a guy came over to me. His name tag read "Andre".

"Can I help you sir?"

"Yes, Andre. I am looking for a place to buy a new bathing suit, since mine seems a little outdated. It has been a long time since I have been at the beach and I need to buy a suit that lets me blend with the "in" crowd."

"I know exactly what you mean sir, and I have the perfect place for you to go. My friend, Josh, owns a store just down the street called Sand & Surf. Tell him that I sent you and he will help you find exactly what you are looking for."

I thanked Andre and headed out. Just a few blocks away from my hotel I spotted the sign for the store. I opened the door and walked in. There were literally hundreds and hundreds of bathing suits on display of all styles and colors. As I was looking totally confused, a young guy with his long hair died blonde came up to me.

"Can I be of any assistance?" he asked.

"Yes, I am looking for Josh. An employee of the hotel that I am staying at named Andre told me to ask for him and that he would be able to help me find the right bathing suit."

"I am Josh. Andre and I are really good friends and he knows that I take "special care of all of the hotel guests that he sends to me. What sort of suit are you looking for?"

"I am really not sure and there are so many different styles."

"Are you here on vacation with your wife or girlfriend?"

"Well you see Josh, that's just it. I am not married and currently do not have a girlfriend. I just turned 40 and I need to make a change. I wanted to get away and see if the change of scenery might help. So, I guess that I want a bathing suit that will help me make that change. I want to stand out from the crowd and meet new people."

"Well come over here, I think that I have just the change in swim wear that you are looking for. By the way, since you already know my name what is yours?"

"I'm sorry, how rude of me. My name is Andy."

Josh led me to the back of the store to one of the changing rooms.

"Andy, you stay here and I will bring you several suits for you to try on and pick the one that is right for you. First, I need to have you take your shirt off so that I can look at your body style."

I thought that was a little strange, but then decided that he must know what he is doing so I pulled my shirt over my head.

He said "Nice pecs. Do you work out?"

"Yes, I go to the gym 3 to 5 days a week and try to eat the right foods."

"I'll be right back with a few different styles of suits that might be right for you."

Josh was gone only a few minutes and then returned with several suits on hangers.

"Ok, let's start with this Tommy Bahama surf rider. Just finish undressing and try this suit on."

What is he talking about, I thought. He wants me to take off all of my clothes in front of him. The only place that I had ever been naked in front of another man was in the shower room at the gym. I hesitated, but he didn't move. So I thought what the hell and kicked off my sandals, unzipped my shorts and pulled them down. He then pointed at my underwear as if to say that they needed to be removed to. I complied and off them came. I was now completely naked in a changing room with another man, a good-looking one at that. He handed me the suit and I pulled it on.

Josh stood back just a few feet and said; "Well I kind of like it, but I just don't think that it is you. Let's try on all of the others that I brought in."

He then handed me a black suit that was made of a thin stretchy material. I took off the Tommy Bahama suit and put on this new suit. It fit me like a glove. The outline of my dick and balls was clearly visible in this suit. It was so tight that you could make out the helmet form of my dick head. I thought that there was no way that I was going to wear this suit out in public.

Josh remarked, "I like this one, but I think that we can do a lot better."

He then handed me a red suit that is what is called a "ball-hugger". I took off the black suit, which was a little bit of a struggle. Then I noticed the strangest thing. My dick was starting to get hard. Josh noticed it too and just smiled. He also had quite a bulge in his shorts. I stepped into the leg holes on this new red suit and pulled it up and over my butt. I had to rearrange my package to fit into this suit. It just barely covered me and was riding up the crack of my ass.

"Wow!" Josh said. I really like you in this suit. The red does a lot for you and certainly should make you stand out in the crowd, especially with the size of your package."

I couldn't believe that he was complimenting me on the size of my dick. This certainly was a first for me. Up until now, I had never even seen any guy look directly at my dick, let alone comment on how big it was. My dick must have ears too, because now it was getting harder by the minute.

"Well we have 2 more suits to try on before we can make a decision. Take off that red hottie and try on this black thong."

Did he say "thong" I thought to myself. I thought that they only made those for women. Then he handed me this tiny piece of black fabric to try on. I reluctantly took off the red suit and put on this black thong. I really didn't know exactly how it was supposed to fit, so Josh moved towards me while I was attempting to adjust it on me.

"Here, let me help you with that Andy. These things have to fit just right in order to be comfortable."

He moved behind me and grabbed the top of the thong with one hand and pulled up while spreading my butt cheeks with the other. The fabric of the thong slipped right between my butt cheeks. He then reached around me while moving his body right up next to my bare butt and reached inside of the front of the suit to rearrange my dick and balls to be covered. When he grabbed onto my dick, I jumped and my breathing quickened. His grip was firm and I really got hard. I was afraid to move, since I had never had any guy ever touch me there. I was completely in his control as he "adjusted" the suit to cover my package.

He then stepped back to take a look at me and said, "It appears that you and your "friend" really like this suit."

I now had a raging hard-on that was barely covered by this thong in the front and my ass cheeks were completely exposed in the back with a piece of fabric right in my crack pressing up against my butt hole. I have to admit that it was really an exhilarating feeling wearing this tiny black thong.

"Well we only have one suit left to try on. Although I really like you in this black thong, there are a lot of them on the beach and you said that one of your goals was to stand out in the crowd. I think that I have the suit right here that will do just that."

With that he turned around and picked up what appeared to be a handful of bright florescent green strings. He motioned to me to take off the thong, which I did as I was told. I felt that I was completely in his control, which is a feeling that I had never experienced before. I was now standing before him completely naked again with my dick sticking straight out at attention. Josh then moved behind me again with the strings in his hand.

"This is our tiniest string bikini in one of our most striking colors. I'll need to help you put this one on too, because it is very difficult to do by yourself."

Josh then reached around me again with a tiny piece of green fabric in his hands with strings attached to it. He cupped my package with one hand and placed the fabric of my suit over it with the other. Then holding it in place he pulled one of the strings right up into the crack of my butt cheeks.

He then said "Hold that there with your butt cheeks Andy while I tie the other strings together just above your hip bones on either side. It takes a little finesse to get it looking just right."

He then tied the other strings in bows on either sides of me just above my hipbones, while looping them through the string that was held in my butt cheeks. I was so hard by now that the head of my dick was peeking out of the top of the tiny piece of green fabric covering my package in the front. He kept adjusting the strings and the fabric in the front until he was satisfied that everything was just right. Josh then commented on the dimples in the cheeks of my butt and slapped me really hard on my right butt cheek. He then stepped back to admire his handiwork.

"My, don't you look like you would stand out in a crowd now Andy. Your butt looks great completely exposed with your package straining to get out in the front. I just love that florescent lime green color on you, but I think that we need to lose all of that body hair. Once I shave all of that hair off of you, I think that this tiny little string bikini will look absolutely fantastic on you with that beautifully toned body of yours."

"Do you mean that you want me to shave off the hair on my chest?"

"No, Andy, I mean that I want to shave off the hair on your chest, arms, legs, butt and genital area. I want to have you completely smooth everywhere except the hair on your head. I have a full bath and shower in the back of the store. So just grab your stuff and follow me."

Did he want me to walk through the store dressed only in this string bikini? I can't do that.

"Now!" Josh barked at me. "I don't want to waste the whole day getting you ready for the beach. I want you to meet some of my friends, so get your pretty little butt moving."

I don't know what was happening to me, I have never had anyone take control of me like Josh was doing. I grabbed my shirt, shorts and sandals and followed him out of the dressing room into the main store area dressed only in the tiny string bikini that Josh had put on me. There were only a few people in the store and for the most part they were all so busy looking at bathing suits for themselves that they didn't even notice me. I followed Josh to the back of the store to a private room with a bathroom and shower off to the left.

"Put your stuff on the couch, take off the bikini and get into the bathroom so that we can get rid of all of that ugly body hair."

I did as I was told and walked naked into the bathroom where Josh was waiting with an electric hair trimmer in his hand. My once hard dick was now soft because my mood had changed from excited to one of anxiety. He pulled me forward so that I was positioned standing barefoot in the center of a large bath towel. He then instructed me to remain still while he removed most of my body hair with the electric trimmer. He started removing all of the hair from my arms and then moved to my chest. He carefully trimmed my chest hair around my now erect nipples. I have always had exceptionally large nipples for a man and the least little bit of air makes them hard.

"Mmmmmm, I am going to love sucking on these little nubs," Josh remarked. "Maybe later, I'll have my friend Jake pierce them and put some nice shiny rings in them."

He was talking about my nipples and my entire body as if it was his to do whatever he wanted. Josh then continued to trim the hair on my stomach down to my pubic area. He then grabbed hold of my dick and trimmed the hair around my balls and dick being very careful not to nick my tender areas with the hair eating electric trimmer. He continued down my thighs and then to the bottom of my legs until he had removed all of the hair possible. Taking hold of my shoulders, he turned me around and continued the removal of all of my body hair.

When Josh reached my butt with the trimmers, he pulled my butt cheeks apart and ran the trimmer blades inside my crack and around my butt hole. I never felt so vulnerable. The vibration of the trimmer was a weird feeling, but it was beginning to arouse me again. When he had finished removing all of the hair that he could on the back of my legs and calves, he put the trimmer down and turned on the water in the shower to let it warm up. Josh then started to remove all of his clothes. I assumed that he was going to enter the shower with me so that he could then shave the rest of the hair off of my body. I was right.

When he removed his shirt, I could see that he shaved his chest and that he had his nipples pierced with large rings hanging from them. His abs were rippled like a wash board and he had a golden brown tan. When he removed his shorts, I got my first glimpse of his enormous dick. His entire body was smooth and tanned all over. As I looked at his body, my dick was getting hard and a strange feeling was coming over me that I had never before experienced. I couldn't wait for his hands to start soaping my body up to prepare me for shaving me smooth like him.

"Get into the shower so that I can finish getting you ready for the beach."

I entered the shower and he followed me in. He positioned me under the showerhead so that all of my body got wet. He then turned me so that we were facing each other and grabbed a bar of soap to lather up my entire body for shaving. I was mesmerized by his body and how his strong hands were rubbing me all over with the soap. He spent some extra time on my pecs and pulling on my erect nipples. When his hands traveled down my body, I couldn't wait until he touched my throbbing member once more. He grabbed it firmly and made sure that my balls and pubic area were completely lathered up. Josh then turned for just a moment to get a razor and I got my first look at his magnificent butt. I don't know what had come over me, but I think that I was actually drooling.

"Hold still now sweetheart or I might cut you in one of your sensitive places."

He then started to shave me all over. He took extra time around my nipples, so as to not "cut one of my cute little nubs off" so he said. When he moved down to my pelvic area, he again held onto my dick as if it was a handle while he shaved off all of the hair on my balls and surrounding areas. Then Josh got on his knees to shave off the hair on my legs. While he was doing that, he reached out with his lips and kissed the head of my dick. Wow was that exciting.

Josh looked up at me when he did that and said, "When I am through with you I am going to teach you to be the best little cock sucker in town. All of my friends are going to really enjoy you and this sweet little body of yours."

All that I wanted was a new bathing suit and it appears that I was going to get a lot more than I expected. My mind told me that I wanted to run away, but my body couldn't or wouldn't move. I was completely in Josh's control now and would do anything that he wanted me to do.

When he had finished shaving me front, back and even between my butt cheeks and around my butt hole, he guided me back under the showerhead to rinse me off. Then he turned the water off and grabbed a big towel to dry me off. When the air hit my now completely naked body devoid of any body hair, it was cool and gave me goose bumps. My nipples were as hard as they had ever been and stood out from my pecs as little red pencil eraser tips.

"Now it's time to dress you for the beach. Go into the other room and get your new string bikini and I will help you put it on again."

Naturally I did as I was told and Josh put my bikini on as he had done before and then reached into a dresser drawer to get a suit for himself. His was a black string bikini that certainly showed off his assets. He then told me to put on my shorts, shirt and sandals while he did the same. We headed back out into the store; he grabbed some dark tanning oil off of one of the shelves and 2 large beach towels.

Josh looked to one of the other guys working in the store and said, "I'll be gone for the rest of the day. We're headed to our beach for some fun in the sun."

Josh headed out the door with me following like an obedient servant. We jumped into his car, which was a Jeep with no top and headed down the street. I thought that we were headed to the beach in front of the hotel that I was staying, but I was wrong. We were driving for a while and I asked him where we were going.

"I am taking you to a special beach where all of my friends go to enjoy some privacy. It is pretty remote so nobody bothers us and we pretty much do whatever we want. Since you seem to be a little shy about your new bathing suit, I thought that this would be the perfect place to bring you."

I wasn't really sure that was the reason that Josh was bringing me to this beach and was soon to find out that my suspicions were right. We arrived at this remote location where I could hear the ocean, but couldn't see the beach from the road. We parked along the road with a bunch of other cars and grabbed our towels and tanning oil to head to the beach. After a few minutes of walking along a trail through the underbrush, we came to an opening and the beach. There were a lot of guys there and the ocean water looked great.

Josh led me to a spot on the beach that was sort of in the center of everyone else and spread our towels out on the sand. I looked around and noticed that there were no girls on the beach. There were only guys and most of them were wearing thongs or string bikinis. Josh told me to take off my shirt, shorts and sandals and lie down on one of the beach towels. I did as I was told and he did the same.

The sun was warm as the temperature was supposed to reach 90 degrees today. It was about noon now, since my "shopping for a new bathing suit" took longer than I expected. After were lying in the sun for about 15 minutes, Josh sat up and told me to roll over on my stomach.

"I don't want you to burn up that newly shaven body of yours, so I need to put some tanning oil on you to darken you up a little."

I rolled over onto my stomach with my almost completely naked butt sticking up for all to see. I was a little intimidated, but as I have already said I was not in control. Josh then picked up the bottle of tanning oil and straddled me resting his naked butt on mine. He poured some oil into his hands and started applying it to my shoulders and upper back. His hands were very strong and his oil application was more like a massage. I was a little uneasy at first, but as Josh continued rubbing the oil on my body I began to relax.

As Josh rubbed the oil onto my back he moved his naked butt back and forth on my naked butt. My dick was getting hard again, and I was sure peeking out of the tiny piece of fabric covering my package in the front. Fortunately, I was lying face down and no one around us could see it. He continued down my back until he was applying oil to my lower back and butt. Then without warning he pulled the strings holding my bikini on either side of my hips.

"I don't want to get any oil on your new suit, Andy. It would ruin it and you haven't even paid for it yet, but you will soon."

What did he mean by that remark I thought. I tried to resist a little, because I had just a short while ago just experienced being naked in front of one man. Now I was going to be naked in front of a whole beach full of men. However, as had been the case all morning, Josh was in control and I seemed to be just his puppet. He lifted my butt up a little off of the beach towel and removed my bikini completely. He continued applying the tanning oil generously to my legs, feet and butt.

When he had the back of me completely covered in oil, he began a vigorous massage of my butt cheeks. His strong hands were spreading my butt cheeks exposing my crack and my butt hole. His thumbs would occasionally touch my hole as he massaged my butt. I must admit that it felt great. Then it happened. Josh plunged one of his oily fingers right into my butt hole. I was startled, but he held me down firmly. He worked first one and then two of his fingers into me. I now had a raging hard-on and was completely submissive to Josh's will.

Just then someone came up to where we were on the sand and said "Hey Josh. I see that you've got your hands full. Who's the new squeeze? "

Josh responded, "This is Andy. He came into my store looking for a new suit and a change of scenery. So I thought that I would bring him here to our beach and see if we fit in."

What did he say? Did he say, "to see if we fit in" and he really meant to say, "to see if he would fit in"? Here I was now completely naked on a strange beach with my new "friend" Josh on top of me with his fingers up my butt while I was covered in oil. Now he was talking to a friend of his about me and he hadn't even stopped doing what he was doing to me. Josh continued to work his two fingers in and out of my butt hole while talking to his friend. He then added a third finger in my butt hole stretching my previously virgin hole even further.

Then I heard a third voice "Hey Josh. I see that Andy found your store."

I recognized the voice as being Andre from the hotel that I was staying at.

Josh replied to Andre "Yea, Andy and I have become very well acquainted in a very short time as you can see. I am loosening him up for his initiation into our beach club. He should be ready for all of you in just a few minutes, so pull up a beach towel and enjoy the show."

With that Josh continued his assault on my virgin hole while talking to his friends. When he had loosened me up sufficiently, he pulled me up so that I was on all fours and pulled the strings on his string bikini. His large cock was already hard and pointed right at my butt. He poured some more oil on my butt hole and on the head of his dick and pulled me back until it was touching the entrance to my hole. His friends were now on either side of me holding me steady while he grabbed me firmly by the hips and pushed his dick between my butt cheeks and up against my hole. He increased the pressure until the head of his dick popped past my anal ring and right into me.

I felt a tremendous pressure as my butt hole held on to the enormous dick invading me from behind. I felt like I had to push it out of me, but Josh had other intentions. He held me firm and began to push his cock further into me. He sawed back and forth until he had shoved his huge member half way in. I thought that there was no way that I could take anymore. The pain was tremendous and I thought that he was going to split me in two.

"Hang in there sweetheart, were only half way there and I never quit before I complete any job. I won't stop until I am slamming up against that beautiful butt of yours."

Josh then continued his inward journey into the depths of my bowels. He would push forward a little, and then withdraw his cock until just the head remained and then push forward again. Each time that he repeated his assault on my butt hole, he would go in a little bit deeper. Finally, he made one final push and I could feel his pelvis up against my butt cheeks. He was all the way in me and I felt like I was going to explode.

"That's it Josh, fuck that virgin hole!" I could hear Andre say. "Fuck him hard."

Josh responded by pulling his cock almost all of the way out of me and slamming it all of the way in again bouncing up against my butt cheeks. He pistoned in an out of me like a man possessed seemingly going deeper and deeper on each and every thrust. I was now completely covered in oil and sweat with the sun getting hotter and my fucking getting more violent. When Josh would slam his cock all of the way into me my butt cheeks would make a loud slapping sound vibrating throughout my entire body.

Just as I thought that I couldn't take any more pounding, I could feel Josh tense up, grab my hips harder and shove his enormous cock into me as far as he could and held it there. I then could feel his cum exploding deep within me and filling my anal chamber with the hot liquid. It seemed like he shot a gallon of sperm into me until he finally released his firm grip on me and began to withdraw his throbbing organ. When he pulled the head of his dick out of my ass, his cum was dripping from my hole. Although I was relieved to have his dick out of me I felt an immediate emptiness.

That feeling of emptiness was short lived, because as soon as Josh had pulled out of me Andre got behind me and shoved his raging hard-on right into my abused hole. He bottomed out much quicker than had Josh, because I was well lubricated with Josh's cum and loosened up by his enormous cock. My "initiation" into the beach club went on for several hours during which every member of the club fucked me. I lost count after at least 20 guys had pounded me until they exploded deep inside of me filling me with their hot cum.

When they had all finished with me, Josh told me that I had passed the first step of their beach club initiation. "First step" I thought, what was next. Then Josh reminded me when he was shaving me in the shower that he promised that he would make me the best little cock sucker in town. I think that I knew what the next step in my initiation was going to be.
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