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It had been four months since I was laid off and I was running out of cash. For seven years I had worked my way up at the airport, starting as a baggage handler, then driving a tug, assistant manager, and finally as a duty manager, coordinating those folks you see scurrying around the ramp when you are waiting to fly somewhere. It was a fast paced job in a growing industry, I was set for life, until Covid-19.

There was no point looking for an airline job, there were none, and lots of other industries were hurting too. "Look for ways to apply your skills to other industries," they said. Yep, me and hundreds of thousands of other laid off people were doing just that. I sent out lots of job applications and never heard back from anybody.

Rent was coming due in a couple of weeks and my bank account was empty. If I got a job now I wouldn't be paid in time, but I could risk taking a cash advance on my credit card and paying it off with my first pay check. I scoured the internet looking at job ads, I tried cold calling, even called friends looking for leads, but there was nothing.

Then I got a call from a friend, he had heard that Wilson Manufacturing needed clerical help in their office and the job had not been advertised yet. Office work is not a perfect fit, but my old job had a fair amount of paperwork, so why not try? I sent in an application and waited. The next day I got a call from Cindy Holbrook who proceeded to do a phone interview, and said I would hear from them as soon as the phone screening of candidates was complete. Sure enough I was called the next day and asked to come in on Monday for an interview with the owner, Steve Wilson.

It was a small building in one of those industrial areas adjacent to a large suburban neighborhood. The sign on the building said "Wilson Manufacturing." I was a bit early, but I hoped that was a good thing. I put on my mask and entered. The desk nearest the door had a plastic shield in front of it, I stopped there and asked for Mr. Wilson.

"What is it regarding?"

"I have a job interview at 10:15."

I was directed to a waiting area with widely spaced chairs. A middle aged man in a suit stepped out of the office. He invited me in and we discussed the job and my qualifications.

"It looks like you can do the job, but so can most of today's candidates. We need somebody to provide service to the entire management team. Is there anything that makes you stand out? Can you do anything special that would make you the outstanding candidate?" I had been surreptitiously checking him out and noticed that there was a pronounced bulge in his pants.

What the heck go for broke, I nodded at his bulging crotch.

"I can help you with that."

He smiled and locked the office door.

"Show me."

I knelt down in front of him and undid his belt, then opened his pants and pulled them down, revealing a large cut cock. I leaned forward and licked him from the base to the head, then licked his balls. I grasped him gently and started licking the head, and popped it in and out of my mouth. Then I started moving my head back and forth, feeling his shaft deep in my mouth. He moaned a little, thrusting toward me as I swallowed his member. I took a deep breath and pressed my face into his crotch until my nose was buried in his pubes, and my lips reached the base of his shaft. I did that several times then licked the head some more while stroking him with my hand. He grasped my head in his hands and started thrusting in and out of my mouth, deeper and deeper. I felt his cock start to pulse. He pushed his cock all the way in and held it there, his cock pulsing as he shot his load down my throat. Finally he relaxed and slid his cock out of my mouth.

"Very nice," he said as he did up his pants.

"You are willing to go beyond the basic job requirements, but will you continue to provide that kind of service?"

"Absolutely, as much you want."

I didn't tell him, but for me it was a bonus, I didn't need to go looking for cock, I would be able to get it while getting paid.

"Do you eat pussy too?"

"You bet."

Steve unlocked the door, then picked up his phone.

"Cindy I think I have a prime candidate for the office clerical position. He provided me exceptional service during the interview, I'd like your opinion too."

"Cindy is the office manager, and would be your direct supervisor."

A plump lady in her mid forties stepped in and Steve locked the door behind her.

"He gives an excellent blow job, I thought you would like to check his pussy eating skills."

She looked me over then pulled up her dress and pulled off her panties revealing a dense dark forest of hair. She and said, "I hope you like eating pussy because my husband doesn't."

"I love it."

She sat down and spread her legs. I dropped to my knees again and leaned forward inhaling her scent as she dropped her dress over my head. I placed my hands on her thighs and gently licked her labia several times, then pushed my tongue between her lips. She spread her legs wider and I teased near her clitoris, without actually touching it. Then I probed her vagina a little and then returned to her clit, gently teasing with my tongue, then gently sucking on it. She had started moaning quietly. Her juices had started flowing so I licked her and then returned to indirect stimulation, with the occasional direct lick of her clit. She started to shake, thrusting her crotch at my face, so I switched to more aggressive direct stimulation of her clit, she grabbed my head and humped my face with a strangling sound and slumped in the chair.

"Wow! Hire him, that's how I want to start every day at the office."

I leaned in and licked her clean, then picked up her panties from the floor and helped her put them on with a smile.

"I'd like to do that for you every morning."

As Cindy left Steve picked up his phone and dialed, "Phil I have a prime candidate for the office here, and as a bonus he sucks cock like a pro. I want your opinion, and bring Andy along too."

Shortly a large black man followed by a burly biker looking guy entered, the biker locked the door.

Nodding at the black man Steve said, "Phil is the manufacturing manager, and Andy runs shipping and receiving, along with Cindy and I that makes up the management team that you will be supporting."

Phil undid his zipper and pulled out a fairly average sized uncut black cock, and smiled at me.

Once again I was on my knees, licking and sucking, he had low hanging balls that swung when he moved. I licked his balls a lot because he seemed to like that, then concentrated on bobbing my head on his shaft until he started grunting and spurted a load into my mouth. I swallowed, then licked and sucked the tip clean.

The biker stepped up and undid his pants pulling out a large dick, probably close to eight inches long and thick. I concentrated on the head for a while, then started taking more into my mouth. I wasn't sure how much I could manage, it was easily the largest cock I had ever sucked. I pushed down as far as I could several times.

Steve said, "He was able to deep throat me, see if he can handle yours Andy."

Andy grabbed my head and forced his cock all the way in causing me to gag. He backed off and repeated that several times, then gave me a break, letting me lick and suck the end. After catching my breath I grabbed his butt and pushed my face into his crotch until I had swallowed it all without gagging, and then slid it back out. I continued until he started grunting and thrusting at me and blew his load in my mouth.

He nodded to Steve as he did up his pants and they left.

"The job is yours if you want it."

"When can I start?"

"Be here for 8:00 tomorrow. You will be expected to attend the morning management team meetings. On the days we don't meet you will be called to service the team members as they are available. If anybody wants seconds they will call you during the day. The rest of your day will be spent on the clerical duties we discussed earlier."

I was in heaven. Instead of paying to use booths with glory holes at the adult book store I was getting paid to suck cock and eat pussy! I headed for home with a smile on my face and the taste of cum in my mouth.
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