Play Time with a Friend

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The air was chilly, John could remember it like it was yesterday, he had just finished hanging out with some buddies and had been playing message tag with one of his friends through the night.


John flicked the screen of his phone awake and checked the notification that had just gone off. He pressed the Snapchat icon and a little red box stared at him.

"What did she send him now?" he wondered. They had been sending messages back and forth, reminiscing about time past, and then the little red box appeared. As he clicked on it, his screen lit to life with a picture of his friend. It was as take looking down the front of her body, peeking just over the tops of her breasts. They were clad in a black lace bra, a matching pair of shoes panties with garter straps hooked onto thigh high black stockings.

"Oh hot damn!" He blurted out loud, before closing it to respond.

"Damn woman! I need to see that on you," he hurriedly typed.

"I bet you do." flashed on the screen.

"You want company?" he responded, his mind racing.

His started to imagine the outfit on her body, how her body looked, as they had gotten together before a few times. Her smooth soft skin, and how it felt when he ran his hands over it. The nicely sized breasts that sat at just the right spot on her chest, firm yet soft. The round ass that is nice and firm yet makes for a perfect place to spank.

He lost his train of thought as the screen popped with another message.

"Sure! Why else would I be wearing this?"

That's all it took for John to race to his car, and start heading that way.

He arrived 15 minutes later and knocked on the door, awaiting the sight that would appear. When the door opened, he was confused.

"Where is that outfit you were wearing for me" he asked.

She had on a loose fitting shirt one size too large and a pair of sweat pants.

"Come inside and I will show you.." she said as she beckoned him inside and to the living room.

She turned to face him and smiled then slid the shirt up and off, the lace black bra appeared, her breasts straining to stay in, yearning to be set free. John lowered his hand to his growing bulge to adjust it, then reached for his button.

"Slow down there," she said. "I'm not done."

She continued the tease by slowly lowering her sweats, the closer they got to the floor, the harder John seemed to get. He rubbed his bulge looking at the amazing body before him. As she turned and bent over the couch, she said "You know what I want, don't disappoint."

John adjusted his bulge, knowing he had to save it and walked over to Kelsie. He lightly slid one hand over her lace covered ass cheeks before lifting it and snapping it down. The quick spank hit with a solid smack. Just as fast he let another spank land, this time with his other hand on her opposite cheek.

"Damn you are so hot," John said, landing a double spank just as he said the last word. The spanks continued in rapid succession, each landing across the lace clad cheeks.

"I think it's time to lose these," John said with a smirk and hooked his fingers into the waistband. He slowly lowered them past her knees and let them fall as he landed another spank on the freshly exposed skin of her cheeks. They were starting to slightly shift to a pretty shade of red as he moved his hands across her skin, starting from her cheeks, up and down her back. His fingers moved up her back to the bra strap and quickly unclasped it letting it slide down her arms.

"There we go," he said as he was an his hands down her sides to her now fully exposed breasts. His hands squeezed her breasts, as he rubbed his bulge against her ass, his fingers kneading the nipple.

"Please.. don't stop.." Kelsie moaned, as she was driven to excitement. She could feel her wetness building, the spanking was a weakness of hers, and he knew it well.

John let go and raked his fingers down her back and gave her cheeks one last smack before unsnapping his pants and lowering them.

"You ready for this?" He asked as he dropped his boxers and his cock sprang out and smacked against her ass. He wasn't too large, average in size, but he was confident on how to use it as he grabbed his hard meat and rubbed it across her wet opening. Slowly, he slid it in, teasing her, only going as far as the tip before pulling out and landing another smack and sliding back in. He slid in farther and farther, until he felt her pussy swallow his whole hard cock meat.

"Oh god! Yes!" She moaned as John started to slowly move in and out.

"You feel so good on my cock," John said as he started to pick up speed.

He landed another quick spank and Kelsie let out a small yelp, but was cut off as he slammed inside her. He could feel his balls tighten and he knew he wouldn't last much longer, so he grabbed her hips and pulled her towards him as he slammed in as deep as he could, exploding deep inside, rope after rope of come blasted out, filling her wet tunnel. He slid out and gave her ass another double spank. The spank was just enough to send Kelsie over the edge, her orgasm rocked her and she fell onto the couch panting.

"Shower time? Clean up and go for more?" John said with a smirk.


John went into the shower to get it started, making sure the water was nice and warm. His cock was resting, spent from the previous encounter. Once the water was at temp, he walked back to the living room to let Kelsie know. As he turned the corner, his cock started to spring to life, on the couch Kelsie was sitting there with a smirk on her face, her legs spread and one hand on her breasts.

"You sure we need the shower!" Kelsie remarked.

"It's already running, wouldn't want to waste water now would we?" John said as he walked over to her, knelt down, and slid one of her nipples into his mouth. With an audible pop, he released it and smiled, "We dont want to shower in cold water, no?"

As he finished the sentence, he slid the tip of his now hard cock into her awaiting pussy and held it there.

"N-n-no.. we w-w-wouldn't..." was all she could manage as he slid in deeper as she started to talk.

He slid out, leaving the tip in, then pushed in all the way and held there, "This is just a taste, you want the rest, you can join me in the shower."

As he finished his sentence, he pulled out and stood up. Kelsie moaned softly in protest as he walked towards the bathroom. She hurriedly got up and followed. John was already in the shower, his hand on his hard cock, when she entered the bathroom, flicked the light off, shut the door, and joined him.

"That's my job," she said as she moved his hand off his raging member and on to her breasts, "These are your job."

Kelsie wrapped her fingers around his man meat and started to stroke it, slowly at first, but gradually picked up speed as Johns hands kneaded her large wet tits and nipples. Kelsie lowered herself to her knees and took this throbbing cock into her mouth, while still holding the shaft. She bobbed gently, her tongue swirling across his head, knowing full well she was getting him close. Johns mind raced as he moaned when her mouth worked wonders on his dick. Between the warm water, and her expert touch, he could feel his balls tighten and reach their boiling point.

"I'm gonna come," he grunted as she picked up the pace.

That was all Kelsie needed to hear as she quickened her pace sucking on his hard cock, her hand stroking the base to help. She could feel him tighten and throb. Knowing he was close, she took him all the way in, closed her lips around the base and started to hum. That drove him over the edge as John moaned with pleasure, his cock exploding in her mouth. Another large jet of come exploded from the tip of his dick as she pulled out and swallowed her full load. Another stream followed and landed on her face and chest. John grabbed his cock to milk out another blast on her tits. "Stand up and bend over, I'm not done," John grunted as she stood, turned around, and bent over. The water bounced off her back and ran down her ass crack as he lined up his cock and slammed it in her awaiting pussy. He grabbed her hips and thrust hard and fast, filling her tunnel with his cock with each thrust. He continued to pound her cunt hard and fast as she moaned.

"Don't...stop.. oh.. god.. please.. ooooooh!" She moaned.

He thrust harder and faster, each time he went in, their bodies would slap together only amplifying the feeling. He felt another surge building up as he picked up speed.

"Please.. " was all she could utter as he blasted deep inside her with all he could muster, and she exploded as his warm come filled her love tunnel.

"Now it's time to clean up I would think," he smirked as she tried to stand, "The water is getting cold."

With one last smack, he started to rinse her off and get himself rinsed off.


It was about a week later that John was at home wracking in some kills in Modern Warfare when his phone lit to life. As he checked, it was another red square from Snapchat. He clicked on it and his jaw dropped. Kelsie had sent another picture, this time nothing on but a smile, her voluptuous breasts proudly on display. They sat nicely on her chest, fire yet soft, her nipples hard and fully erect, water dripping off her large mounds. Captioned was a simple phrase, "Wanna swim?"

He sent back a lightning fast reply, "On my way!"

He put on his shoes, grabbed his keys and was out the door, his mind racing as fast as he was. It only took him a few minutes to get there and another notification popped up, "Go through the side gate, it's unlocked."

He slipped around to the side and opened the gate, walked in and shut it behind him. When he got around to the back, she was waiting for him in the pool. John wasted no time stripping down to nothing, his half erect cock started to rise. He slid in the water and moved to the wall to relax, the water was warm and it helped relieve some of the building pressure in his cock.

Kelsie swam over and rested her hands on his knees facing him and smiled.

"Glad you could join me," she said.

"Are you kidding me, a chance to see that sexy body of yours? I wouldn't miss it." He happily responded.

"Oh you like it wet?" She chuckled.

John smiled, knowing his dick had become fully erect and was raging as he grabbed her hand and placed it on his thick shaft.

"That answer question?" He asked.

Kelsie slowly started to stroke his cock and John moaned softy. He reached out and took each of her soft globes in his hands and squeezed. He groped and squeezed, his thumb and forefinger occasionally grabbing a hold of her nipples and gave a tug. Each tug Kelsie would whimper in pleasure.

Suddenly she stopped stroking it and floating onto his lap and lined up his raging member to her awaiting pussy lips and sank down. Fully impaled, she sat there and wriggled her ass on his cock the rose up. She stopped when just the tip was still in and sank down again shooting pleasure through her body. John took one of her large tits and brought it to his mouth as she continued to bob on his dick. He flicked his tongue across one of her nipples which sent a wave of electricity through her body. His hand grabbed her other nipple and twisted and pulled, the pleasure building up became too intense.

"Oh..god!! Yes.. yes.. yes!! Please.. make.. me.. cum!" Kelsie moaned as she continued to bob, knowing she was about to explode, she sank down as far as she could, driving his cock deep inside her and her body shook as an orgasm took over body. She shuddered in pure pleasure as a second wracked her body, her pussy clenched tight on his cock and John knew there was no escape. His balls tightened and then he exploded deep inside her. Rope after rope of thick hot come blasted inside her.

"Oh my god!" He moaned.

"That.. was..!" Kelsie moaned, still on his softening cock, the mixture of their juices sealed in.

"That's just the beginning.." John said with a grin.
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