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Jenny's World -- What if Jenny gives in to her manager during chapter 8.

Jenny is excited about her potential to be promoted. She knows her work ethic and even worked extra hard to catch up during training. This is the decision day, when her manager, Mike, either promotes her or doesn't. As Mike shows her and talks about the photos, Jenny pays close attention, trying to be genuine in her interest. She has no idea Mike has other things in mind. Each picture of the women Mike has promoted is also a trophy for him. He can recall them standing in his office, eager for a promotion and the things they did for it.

Jenny tenses up when she feels Mike's hands on her shoulders with his body close behind her own. She thinks it's just a friendly gesture, but Mike means to take her as a trophy too. He rubs her shoulders with his hands, barely able to contain himself any longer. He can see her cleavage tucked snuggly in her blouse, begging to be released. Jenny doesn't do or say anything, just continues to look at the photos, unaware of Mike's intention for her.

Mike looks further down, seeing how the small of Jenny's back curves into her hips and ass, her skirt wrapped tightly around her frame to highlight it even more. He boldly moves his hands down and squeezes Jenny's tits through her slutty blouse, or at least Mike thinks it slutty enough. As Mike pulls her top open, Jenny freezes in place, then he turns her around to face him with her bra now exposed.

Jenny looks away, finding anything to look at as long as it isn't Mike's face. Mike gazes directly upon her, though, taking in the beauty of her face, the highlights of her makeup, the way her hair seems to fall perfectly in place. He thinks about the way her expression might change once his dick is in her tight little pussy. His hands push her bra up, clearing the way to her breasts, those two perfect mounds of flesh.

Jenny continues to look away, unable to muster the courage to stop him. She knows that stopping him means stopping her promotion, too, something she's worked so hard for. This isn't how she wanted to do it, not like some office slut who uses her body to get ahead in life. She's a hard worker, and her hard work should pay off. The voice in her mind yelled out loud, telling Mike off, telling him that she isn't some piece of meat. In reality, his hands cupped her tits, each thumb rubbing her nipples, then Mike smirked as both of them became erect under his attention.

As Mike pulls her blouse away, then unhooks her bra, she feels any resistance that might've been inside her fall away with them. Her eyes turn to look at his face, almost as if it were a signal that she gives up. She follows his lead, getting down on her knees as Mike takes his dick out. Without delay, he puts a hand on her head, then pushes himself into her mouth. As soon as he feels her lips close around his shaft, he knows he won another trophy, an obedient, young little slut willing to do what she has to for success.

Jenny forces her doubt and reluctance from her mind, then focuses on sucking his dick. She expects him to smell old, to have an old man dick, but that was far from the truth. He smells freshly showered, clean, and his cock is stout with a thick tip. Jenny finds herself getting wet, even though this isn't something she's happy about doing.

Mike has no intention of ending the interview with just a blowjob, not when Jenny is wearing such fuckable clothing. He leads her to his desk, and Jenny now finds herself bent over it, having her skirt hiked up. There's nothing left to stand between Mike's cock and her dampening pussy except for the thin fabric of her panties. He tugs those down with a firm, forceful pull, then leaves them around her ankles. The tip of his cock touches her slit, finding it wet, making Mike even more excited.

"It looks like you're just as excited for this as I am," Mike says.

Jenny isn't excited about it at all. She has no idea why her body decided to get wet for him or why it's so easy for a man to penetrate a woman like this. Jenny's tight little cunt is much better than Mike expected, so hot and wet around his dick like she's been waiting for it all day. He takes a firm hold of her hips, using the leverage to drive his cock into her body with wanton force. Jenny is unable to keep a moan in, though; she isn't sure if it's from the pain or pleasure.

Mike continues to pump her, taking every opportunity to enjoy the depths of Jenny's welcoming pussy. In, then out, then in again, Jenny feels the penetration, the slippery friction, the way Mike's intruding member stretches her inner walls. She wants him to hurry up, to finish so it can be over, but at the same time, it feels good.

"Now come over here and show me how much you want this promotion," Mike says as he withdraws his cock from Jenny's gripping folds, then slaps his shaft on her soft ass.

He walks over to the sofa in the office, and Jenny follows, only imagining how many times women have been taken advantage of here. Jenny removes her skirt, leaving just her stockings and heels as her only clothing. Her blouse, bra, panties, and now her skirt are littered all over the office floor now. She mounts his lap, guiding his thick-tipped dick inside again.

It was much easier for Jenny to just bend over and take it, but now she had to actively engage him. Her hands find his shoulders, using them for balance so she can move up and down. Her subconscious adjusts her speed and positioning in a way to bring her more pleasure, a way to make his cock penetrate her just right. She realizes how good it feels now, how much she's driving herself up and down on his lap. Mike's free hands explore her body, from her ass and hips, up her waist and tummy to her breasts, enjoying every inch of the young beauty.

Jenny stops once she realizes she's too close to her own orgasm. Her heightened pleasure and arousal cause her insides to naturally pulsate, making those warm, enveloping muscles squeeze and release his dick over and over. She draws the line here; if she has to do this, then she'll do it without giving him the satisfaction of making her cum too.

Mike is well experienced, though, and knows the tell-tale signs of a woman's impending climax. He brings his hand down, gliding across her smooth skin until he's able to rub her clitoris with his thumb. Jenny closes her eyes as a rush of warm pleasure fills her. She doesn't move an inch, but that isn't going to stop her orgasm from happening now. His finger flicks her sensitive sex button and pushes his own hips up and down. That's it; Jenny's hips move again, brought forward by all of the muscles in her body tensing up. The climatic heat in her center is released by Mike's persistent thumb toying with her clit. She pumps her hips forward, then backward, up and down, riding out the waves of her orgasm.

The afterglow settles in with a feeling of defeat. Mike, on the other hand, is unable to contain a grin. He absolutely loves making a woman cum on his dick. They turn over with Mike's lead until Jenny is on her back with him between her legs. He leans over her, then begins banging her like some girl in a porno. She clenches her fingers around his arms with nothing else to do except take it. His movements become quick, rough, relentless until a final push comes, and he blasts every bit of his sperm deep into her body. He takes a moment to enjoy the feeling and to gaze upon Jenny's naked body a bit more before getting up.

"Congratulations on your promotion," he says as he does a quick clean up and fixes his pants. "Call me tomorrow for your assignment."

Mike leaves, leaving Jenny lying on the sofa naked, with his implanted seed slowly dripping from her cunt. It's over now, and she got the promotion, which is what matters. She focuses on that while cleaning up and getting dressed. As she walks to the parking lot, it feels like everyone is looking at her, like they all know what happened, that they know she's Mike's newest slut.

Jenny doesn't have the mental strength to break up with Skylar now. She cheated on him with her manager, using her body and sex to gain a promotion. It's a common belief in society that some women do this to advance their careers, and Jenny wasted no time taking advantage of her new body. She isn't even sure she wanted to do it, as much as she just let it happen.

The events play in her mind over and over, trying to figure out where she could've stopped him. The answer is obvious, though, and that was anytime. Maybe she did like it more than she wanted to, liked the attention, liked that someone was so willing to give her something important for sex. It was easy, didn't take long, and the gain was significant.

Mike, on the other hand, has no intention of this being a one-time payment. Jenny is ripe, soft, flexible, cute, and her pussy is tight and wet. Having her once wasn't going to suffice at all, and if she wanted to continue to be successful, she would have to pay her dues.

A month later, Jenny arrives at Mike's office again, ready for her first review. The desk and sofa make the memories of their last encounter flood her mind. It doesn't bother her as much as the fact that she hasn't told Skylar about it. She passes her review with flying colors, so that makes her happy.

Mike gets up from his chair, then walks around until he's behind Jenny, and places his hands on her shoulders. The happy feeling sinks, replaced by worry. She tells herself he's definitely just being friendly this time, but she knows what he wants. Mike takes his dick out; it's not fully hard yet, so Jenny uses her hand to get him there. Her mouth takes over once he's enlarged enough to get her lips around it.

She sucks him, then he fucks her just like last time. He takes every bit of what he wants and craves from her and is also attentive to her needs and pleasure. She curses herself for enjoying it and even tries to resist, but part of Mike's game and his dominance is to see her cum, to see the way her muscles tense, to feel them grip his cock uncontrollably.

Jenny lies on the sofa, filled with his seed once more, her womanhood wet and well-fucked. She cleans up, then dresses, preparing for the walk of shame as she leaves the office. At least she has a company car now, so she can be alone with her thoughts for the drive home. She still doesn't tell Skylar.

A year later, on Jenny's one-year anniversary of her promotion, she celebrates solely in her mind. Jenny's hard work speaks for itself, and to Mike, her body speaks even louder. He had fucked her twenty-six times now, a number well kept in Jenny's memory, each time, a payment for her continuing success, and each time, another secret to keep.

Skylar informs Jenny that he's going to be late tonight, so she prepares dinner, then places it in containers for him to have later. A knock on the door interrupts her from putting the food away as she goes to answer. Mike is waiting on the other side, dressed professionally as usual. He's much older than her but handsome, which makes their relationship so much harder on her. If he was ugly, maybe she could resist more, or at least convince herself to hate it.

Mike places his hand on her cheek, and Jenny screams a loud no in her mind, but no sound leaves her mouth. Not here, not in the house she shares with Skylar; he can't take her here. His hand is large and warm on her face, the same hand that explores her body, the same that treats her clitoris like a princess. It's the same hand that pulls her hair, that spanks her and chokes her.

She leads him to the bedroom at his request, willingly allowing him into the place she sleeps with Skylar. Her heart is torn, but her loins are on fire, wanting and needing to be ravaged, wanting to prove her worth to Mike. He watches her undress for him, proud of his little hardworking slut. She moves onto the bed at his lead, spreading her legs so he can eat her hot, sweet pussy. She's so wet for him as usual, her womanhood obedient to his wants and needs.

Mike savors her taste and the moans she produces for him. Her fingers slide into his short hair as if pleading for more attention. His tongue flicks and circles her clit expertly, knowing exactly how she likes it. It only takes a few minutes for him to extract an orgasm from her, to send her into climax, to feel her fingers dig into him. Her pleasure makes his dick throb like nothing else.

He finishes undressing, then moves up between her legs. It's his turn now to have the pleasure of her womanly depths. Her waiting slit accepts him like a perfect mold for his cock, stretching just enough to take each penetrating inch. She places her legs around him as he fucks her with aggressive lust. His hand holds her down by the neck, pinning her so firmly that it's hard to draw breath at times. The control serves to excite her more, making her pussy throb with arousal. Mike feels it and knows her excitement well. After all, she's his obedient slut.

She turns over for him on her hands and knees, face down and ass up. He slides his dick into her, then strikes the cheek of her ass with his hand over and over until her skin is bright red. Back and forth, he drives himself in and out of her, basking in the feel of her tight cunt around his dick. He stops and pulls out when he gets close, not wanting to finish quite yet. There's something about fucking her in her own bed that makes it better than any previous time. He hopes that every time she goes to bed, she'll be reminded of how well he fucked her in it.

Mike turns and relaxes on his back, his head on her pillow. He knows it's hers because it has her scent all over it. Jenny climbs on top now, smiling at him as she guides his erect manhood inside. If they had to pick a favorite position, this one belonged to them. Something about it always hit Jenny just the right way to make her cum, and if Mike wanted more pleasure from her, her clit was front and center for him.

Skylar loves the smell of home-cooked food after work. It hits his nose as he comes in the door. He sees the food in the kitchen, but Jenny is absent, so he heads upstairs. The squeaking of the bed reaches his ears upon making it to the top step. He can't hear it for long because a moan from Jenny overtakes it. Is she masturbating? Why wouldn't she wait for him to get home? Or maybe she's just warming herself up.

Neither Mike nor Jenny closed the bedroom door, so it's wide open when Skylar looks in. He sees Jenny's backside, her bare ass, and a solid dick parting her slit as she bounces up and down. Mike is too busy with Jenny's tits to notice Skylar, not that he can see the door well with her body blocking the view. Jenny leans forward and increases her speed, making the sound of their bodies connecting fill the room even more.

Skylar is frozen in shock, unable to think or even comprehend what's happening. The woman he loves is in their bed, vigorously fucking another man. The wetness of her arousal dripping down and coating that strange cock. "I'm cumming," she moans out, then drives her body down to grind against Mike, wanting to feel her pussy tighten around every inch he has to offer. Her orgasmic throbbing makes him cum, too, unable to resist the milking sensation of her perfect cunt.

Skylar hurries away downstairs and paces back and forth, trying to expel all the angry energy building inside him. Nearly thirty minutes later, Mike and Jenny come down fully dressed, but Skylar just pictures Mike's seed loaded in her body, slowly dripping along her insides as if claiming her as territory. He waits in the kitchen as she lets Mike out, and he finally departs after sharing one more kiss.

Jenny closes the door, then heads to the kitchen to finish with the food. Skylar comes into view, and his eyes and expression leave no mistake that he knows. She can see his anger, his heartbreak, the tears welling up in his eyes as he's probably deciding what to say, if she's worth words at all.

The silence bursts into angry words as Skylar lets it flow out. Jenny can't defend herself; there's no excuse, and even if she could think of one, she knows she deserves this. She confesses everything, how it started, how many times, and even how much she enjoys it. She's a liar, a cheater, a slut, just some of the choice terms Skylar has for her.

Jenny agrees to leave the house while he packs his stuff. She calls Mike, not knowing what else to do, but he doesn't answer. She texts him, telling him that they were caught, but still no answer. There's only Andy and Leslie now, and she can't tell them without revealing how much of a horrible person she is.

Mike shows up on her day off while she's crying in bed. She invites him in, and they talk a bit, but Mike doesn't offer any apologies. It isn't his fault anyway; it was her choice to go down this road, to use her body. Even as she fights to hold back more tears, Mike places his hand on her thigh. No, not anymore; she has to end this; she can't continue being a sex toy for him. She pulls her legs closed in an act of defiance.

He pushes her down on the couch, pinning her body with his. Her loins warm despite the struggle, sending arousal right into her womanhood. Mike keeps her in place, his hand casually sliding into her jeans, under the band of her panties, his fingers greeting her clit like an old friend. She pulls against his hold even as he rubs her. It's no use; her clitoris is a game, and Mike has beaten it time and time again. This time is no different. He makes her cum in minutes, making her defense melt.

This time is a blur, her clothes being stripped away, her legs parted, his cock invading her body. She lost the man she loved for misplaced attention. Mike will use her until he moves on or finds another, more beautiful willing slut than her.

Skylar calls and texts Jenny, but no answer since she left her phone in the bedroom. He left a few things in the house that he needs to pick up, and perhaps he just needs an excuse to talk to her at least one more time. He wants to understand why she did it; maybe there's one reason behind it all that he can accept and give them another chance.

He uses his key to enter, assuming that Jenny's at work. He'll just grab the items and be on his way, but the sight of Jenny being fucked on the couch stops him. Jenny sees him and calls Mike's name, but Mike is sucking on her neck and is encouraged by her calling his name. She turns to Mike, then calls him again, and this time Skylar is gone when she looks back. Jenny cums shortly after, followed by Mike blowing his load all over the front of her body.

Mike continues to have his way with Jenny for several more years until he retires and moves away. She misses him, his attention, but her body misses him the most. The years of giving herself to him pay off in the end, and she's promoted into his position. Her first order of business is to replace her vacated spot, so she pulls the résumés.

Three men make the final cut, which is intentional on Jenny's part. She wants to add more balance to the team, rather than having a majority of women. Each of the three has their first interview before going on to get some training. When the course is complete, Jenny brings them back in for a final interview, but the decision isn't any easier.

Alexander, or Alex for short, is up first. He's about Jenny's age, just an inch taller than her with blond hair and green eyes. It's hard for him to concentrate in the interview with Jenny's cleavage, so on display, her blouse and bra were intentionally worn to bring it to attention. Her breasts are much larger than they were the first time she visited this same office.

Jenny leads Alex to the photos on the wall, showing him the same lineup that Mike once showed her. Some people are different, but it's still mainly women, all of whom had slept with Mike. She explains to Alex that she wants a more diverse team, and to do that, she needs qualified people. Just as Jenny did years ago, Alex pays close attention, trying to sell himself for the promotion.

He feels Jenny's hands on his shoulders; her touch is warm and soft, unthreatening. Her endowed chest leans on his back, and her arms wrap around him with her hands on his chest. Jenny smells good, and her warmth and touch give rise to his arousal. She steps around to his front, undoing a single button of her top so he can see, then she waits. Alex does the rest, freeing each button before removing the blouse entirely.

Jenny feels the excitement return to her, doing something so wrong in a place they shouldn't. This time it isn't for her benefit, but she gets to choose who to raise up. Unfortunately for Alex, he doesn't scratch quite scratch her itch in a fulfilling manner. When he's close, she dismounts, then quickly moves and jerks his dick until he cums all over himself. He isn't worthy to cum in her.

Ray arrives for his interview the next day. He's about ten years older than Jenny, his hair a salt and pepper mix that looks good on him. Jenny notices his wedding band, which gives her pause at first. After the formal part of the interview, she makes her advance on him, the same way she did with Alex. Ray is taken by surprise, then gives her his spiel about being married. She isn't interested in hearing about it. She did what she had to back then, so Ray will just need to man up now.

Jenny removes her top, standing in front of Ray so he can see. He looks aways so as not to be tempted. Jenny is attractive, an incredible beauty with long hair, a slender neck, and milky skin. Her hand takes his and places it upon her soft breast. She leads him to squeeze, feel her, take in every bit of her perky flesh. Her soft, wanting moan breaks his defense, making his dick come to life, and Jenny assures him that this will be their secret.

Ray starts slow, but once he gets into the mood, Jenny loves every minute of it. She lets him on top, between her legs, giving him way to ravage her, to fuck her as hard he desires. If he's going to cheat on his wife, then he wants more. He wants Jenny bent over her own desk, moaning his name. Jenny does moan, her soft voice filling the office with calls of Ray. He calls her name in return, right before finally shoving his cock into her body, allowing him to coat the deepest parts of her with his cum.

Howard is her final interview. He's older than Alex but younger than Ray. His expression, posture, and even voice remind of her Skylar. He interviews just as well as both Alex and Ray, then she makes her move. Howard isn't interested at all, though. Jenny's hot, but she has nothing on his girlfriend, Amy. He pleads to Jenny to consider his skills and work ethic rather than his refusal of sex.

Jenny thinks about Howard's words when she gets home. It makes her think about if she had refused Mike so many years ago. Would she have gotten the job if she just said no? Would Skylar still be with her? She stands under the hot water of a shower, a single hand between her legs, masturbating. Mike is on her mind first, then Skylar.

At the start of the week, she calls Howard and gives him the promotion. Roughly six months later, a new position opens, which she provides to Ray. Surprisingly, Ray hints at wanting another round with Jenny. She invites him over to her place, where they take their time and enjoy each other physically. This continues for months until Ray's wife becomes suspicious, and then it ends.

Jenny finds one guy after another to satisfy her physical desires but never finds love. Every year seems to pass quicker than the last until Jenny longs for emotional companionship. Andy is married now, and so is Leslie. She even sees on social media that Skylar had gotten married. The day she submitted to Mike haunts her. Why didn't she say no? Why didn't she say stop? Why didn't she pull away and leave? It could've all been different, should've been different.
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