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Claire glanced at the clock for what seemed like the thousandth time that day. She had been eagerly planning tonight for weeks. Just another half-hour to wait, it seemed like an eternity. She was already trembling with anticipation. Sebastian would be there soon. He had been away for three days and would be returning tonight.

She had spent all day in preparation. First, she had gone to the florist and picked up a bouquet of roses. Then she had gone to the market to pick up a few things. Last, she had gone to the local vintner to pick up a couple bottles of Sebastian's favorite wine.

After that she had come home and taken a long bubble bath, pampering herself by pouring in half a bottle of bubbles. While she was luxuriating, she shaved her legs, making sure her skin was baby smooth. When she was done, she reached over and picked up her favorite bottle of nail polish. It was called blood red. As she stroked the brush over her nails, she pictured what Sebastian would be wearing when he showed up. A white poet's shirt and black leather pants with black shoes. Sebastian would look good even if he had been camping in the woods for three weeks. And he would smell, she sighed, heavenly. Just thinking about the way Sebastian smelled was enough to send waves of desire rippling through her body. Her nipples tightened into hard nubs in anticipation. Her sigh seemed to come up from her very loins and sent some bubbles floating away from her. Even after all this time, what that man could do to her body was nothing short of amazing. She looked down at her nails and was amazed to discover that during her daydreaming, she had finished her nails. She also realized that her bath water was rapidly cooling.

She slowly stood up, enjoying the way the water ran down her body. She slowly stretched her arms up above her head like a cat, enjoying the languid movement. She slowly reached for a towel and stepped out of the bath onto the thick white rug. She slowly wrapped the towel around her, enjoying the way her toes suck into the rug. She grabbed another towel from the rack and made her way into her bedroom toweling herself off as she went.

The house that Claire and Sebastian shared had three bedrooms. Technically, one bedroom for each of them and another one for guests. However, Sebastian's room was a master suite complete with a large bathroom that included a large sunken marble Jacuzzi tub. The master bedroom was reminiscent of medieval life. In the middle, was a giant custom sized canopy bed with red velvet curtains. This is where they end up spending most of their early morning hours before they went to sleep before the coming dawn.

Claire stopped before her bed looking at the clothes she had picked out earlier from her walk in closet. D****d across her bed was a Meschantes Victorian Overbust corset covered in a black rose brocade pattern. Next to the corset was a pair of black silk panties. The narrow point at the base of the corset would draw Sebastian's eye to the patch of fabric. She dragged her red fingernail across the silk, feeling the softness of the material.

Claire sat on the bed next to her outfit and reached over for the bottle of lotion on her bed stand. She pumped lotion into her hands and rubbed it in. She slowly stretched out her leg and began to rub the scented lotion in to her toes. She slowly smoothed the lotion onto her skin moving up to the arch of her foot. Reaching for more lotion, she gently rubbed it into the skin around her ankles. As Claire slowly worked her way up her body she remembered the night after Sebastian left. Her friend Maria had joined Claire on her bed shortly after sunset. Claire was had been lounging on her bed trying to decide what to wear when Maria had lain down beside her. Without saying a word, Maria had turned Claire onto her stomach, stripping Claire's silky nightgown from her as she turned. Maria has then proceeded to rub lotion over Claire's body from head to toe. When Maria was done with Claire's backside, she had turned Claire over the started on the front side. Maria straddled Claire's hips and started on her shoulders. By the time, Maria had gotten to Claire's belly button, Claire had been turned into a puddle of quivering jelly. As Claire rubbed lotion over her breasts, remembering how Maria had lovingly caressed them the night before. She had started with the left one slowly rubbing lotion all over it. Then Maria had gently rubbed her thumb over Claire's nipple. She had then proceeded to rub lotion over Claire's right breast.

With a sigh, Claire dragged her nail across her nipple. Her loins felt like they were made of molten lava. She was generating so much heat it was a wonder her bedding hadn't caught on fire. Claire finished applying the lotion to her chest and arms and reached for her underwear. She stepped into them and gently dragged the silk material up her legs. She put the corset on and began the slow process of lacing up the front of the corset. Memories of Sebastian and Maria delighting in unlacing her other bodices caused her loins to become even moister. As she finished, Claire looked down on the bed at the other present she had bought for tonight. A toy to make her biggest fantasy come true. She couldn't wait to try it out with Sebastian tonight.

As Claire turned to walk out the bedroom door, her eye fell to a piece of jewelry on her dresser. With a smile, she picked up the anklet and put it on. Sebastian worshipped her ankles and the bells on the chain would encourage his notice. With a nod, she walked out into the living room. Claire glanced at the clock for what seemed like the thousandth time that day. Just another half-hour to wait, it seemed like an eternity. Finally, she saw a car turn up the driveway.
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