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I crawled out of bed today at 6 am expecting the monotony of the typical day I made my husband's lunch and pushed him off to work. 6 am makes for a long day when your husband works until 10 pm at night, and unless there was some act of God, today wouldn't be any different. After dressing my 6-year-old and sending him off to school, I dressed my youngest, bottle fed him, which began my busy day of being a mom. This was not what I had in mind for my life but it would have to do until something better would happen. Well I was to find out today how better things can happen, even if by my own hand.

I dropped off the baby at the sitters and went about my shopping day. It was getting cold outside and the Christmas holiday season would soon be here. I picked out a sexy outfit for myself, but it would be for today not Christmas. Though I feared that my husband would probably never see it. My sex life had come to a near stop in the past few months. He's just too busy. I had started to masturbate more, but even with the help of a dildo, it just was not the same as having a real cock inside me. I wondered if he was having an affair.

As luck would have it, deep into my sexual daydream, my right side passenger tire decided to blow out some 3 miles from my house. I knew I could change the tire, but it would be hard because I was only 4'10" 97 lbs, the tire would be a third of my size. I had started to change the tire when two high school aged young men came up from behind me. They scared me at first like they had tried to sneak up on me. They offered to help me and I let them. As one was working on the jack, I began to talk about school. I had not been in school for some 7 years. I remember the times I had, the fun, the parties and the great sex. Man my last year in school I must have sucked the cum out of every freshmen that year. I even had sex with one of my female friends, what an amazing day that was. Just thinking about it was making my pussy start to moisten. When I was young teen, the thought of fucking someone was on my mind all the time. I would masturbate in the bathroom at school sometimes 2 to 3 times a day. My hunger then was insatiable; and even now, my pussy was getting wet just thinking about it.

I asked them how old they were. They both said 18, about what I thought. They must be active in sports they both were fairly well built for 18 year olds. I don't remember the boys in my school days being that cute. I almost think they heard my thoughts. The one changing the tire looked up at me and smiled. I noticed that he was looking up more often now then before. I smiled when I realized he was looking at my pussy, I was wetting though the crotch. I began to wonder if this boy knew how to please a woman.

As they where finishing up, the jack had slid off the car and struck the hand of the one young man I was talking with. Blood started to drip from his hand. With my motherly instincts kicking into gear, I quickly grabbed a napkin to stop the bleeding. I was worried and felt responsible, so I asked the other young man to drive the 3-miles down to my house. There I would take care of the wound, pay them for the work, then take them home.

As we entered the house the warmth of the house made the boys feel more at ease. I took the wounded young man into the master bath to dress the wound. I removed the napkin and began to rinse his hand. As it turned out, it was jus a small gash and had stopped bleeding. I still wanted to dress the gash so I open the cabinet to get a bandage. I had forgotten that my life size toy dildo was stand up in there. It was still wet from its action of that morning. The boys eyed the toy and turned red with embarrassment. I felt like I did when I was a schoolgirl getting caught masturbating in the bathroom. It only happened a few times, but I always wondered why Mr. Brown had caught me so many times. Only after I had dropped my panties to the floor; just as I would throw my head back, arch my pelvic area, and begin pumping my cunt wildly, headlong on the brink of my orgasm; would Mr. Brown, without fail, walk through the bathroom door and catch me. Never thought much about it then, but boy I do wonder now if he enjoyed it, timing it just perfect.

The two boys asked about the cock. Not knowing what to say I told them that it was for lonely nights. They wondered why a woman so pretty and sexy would need to masturbate or be alone at night. They were both very interested in this answer. I finished bandaging the gash and then we moved out of the bathroom. I had not noticed, but one of the boys had grabbed my toy. As we got close the bed the young man said this toy is huge. You can't take all of this in you. I did not know what to say. I reached into my purse and was ready to pay them for their help. "Oh my goodness, I only have very large bills" Before I could say I was sorry the young man with the toy said,"if you would show us how you use this we will just forget the payment."

The thought of having these too young men watch me fuck my toy caused my pussy to surge with wetness I wondered if they could see it dripping down my leg. I ask them to take off their jackets and wait by the bed. I went into the closet and emerged with the sexy outfit I had bought that day. I watch their eyes as they traced my body, flowing down my breasts and down to my very wet, now very exposed cunt. My pussy was starting to pulsate at the thought of fucking at my toy while these two boys watched me. My clit was turning into a throbbing hardness that naturally pushed my lips open. I wondered how they would react to seeing a woman open her cunt and cram this 9 inch toy inside and enjoy doing it.

I laid the cock on the bed and started to touch my pussy. The wet juices of my cunt where starting to drip on the hard rubber cock. I took it and rubbed it on my pussy prompting me to moan. Gently touching the pink head against my swollen clit caused me to spread my legs apart, giving the boys a good look at a woman's cunt. Slowly I brought it up to my mouth and began to suck on its head pushing it passed my lips tasting the mixture of the rubber and my pussy. I could see how hot they were getting watching me. I slid the cock under my top and pressed my 38 C tits around the toy. Pulling it through the top of the gown made their eyes widen like dogs in heat.

I slipped the gown off and let my tits fly free. My nipples were pink and my breasts were firm I laid down in front of the two boys and slid the cock down my tummy to my shaven pussy. Early that morning I had shaved my pussy. I got so turned on feeling the razor skim my pussy to it's barren state, that afterwards I felt the need to get fucked and my toy was the closest thing available.

I spread my legs far apart to give them a full view and to get my rocks hotter. My pink, tiny pussy was swollen, and my love lubrication was dripping from my cunt hole. The cock was soaked now, so I let it touch my clit. This sent my body into an arching orgasm. My back and ass rose off the bed as I gushed my cunt juice. Feeling it stream onto the sheets, caused the muscles in my groin to push my cunt open farther. I jerked the toy into my cunt and bucked as it started me on a ride of orgasms that I had never had before. Again and again I arched my back cramming the 9-inch pink rubber cock into my cunt. I exploded again with a moan and shudder that made me near pass out in orgasmic lust.

Their pants by now, were fully bulged at the crotch. I watch as they rubbed their cocks under the clothes. I could feel their need and I knew what I must do next.

I pulled the cock out of my cunt and licked it clean sucking my cum off its shiny skin. I touched my pussy with my finger and spread the juices around to my ass. Then I slid my index finger into my back hole. I crammed it deep, screaming from pleasure and the pain that surged from invading the tightness of my ass. I pulled it out and slid the same finger from the other hand deep into my ass. I pulled it out, and rose my ass high in the air burying my face into the bed. I turned my head and said "would you like a taste?" offering the boys a taste of my cum soaked ass.

Without waiting for a response, I buried my head back into the mattress and reached up behind me with both hands spreading my ass so there would be room for all. Within seconds I could feel them moving closer. I felt their breath, and then their mouths as they began lapping up my wetness like nursing pups. I could hear their tongues slapping against my juice covered slit, and I could sense their impatience. Each was trying to be considerate of the other but they could not help but nudge against each other's heads like two pups fighting for one nipple. I decided to be nice and offer them more room, and myself a better view, by rolling onto my side. I then pulled my knee up to my chest exposing my fuck holes to their highest potential. It was at this time that each went their separate ways. One moving forward to my cunt and the other staying behind at my ass. Almost in unison I felt each boy's tongues enter their hole of choice, as if in rhythm, they each began fucking my ass and cunt with their tongues. Just watching their young mouths in a frenzy between my legs sent me into a rolling ecstasy.

Out of my mind with pleasure, I pulled my breasts up to my mouth and began licking at my nipples. The boy at my cunt stopped. Intrigued at the sight of me sucking my own breasts, and longing to help, he reached his finger deep inside my pussy, and slapped up a good amount of wetness to rub across my nipples. He then pushed my tits back into my face and watched as I ate my pussy from my nipples. The other boy, certainly not wanting to miss out on the fun, proceeded to do the same with his hole. Both burying their fingers into my holes, one into my ass and one into my pussy. "Feed me my ass and my cunt" I begged. They each rubbed the moisture from their chosen hole onto my nipples and pushed them into my face for me to devour.

I then rolled onto my tummy, and began pushing my ass in the air as high as I could get it, reaching around I crammed the 9-inch cock toy into my brown hole. The sensation was over whelming. My ass took it all in and loved the pain. I push it deep into my ass and slowly pulled it out. I looked over at the boys and saw that they both had let their young cocks free and they were incessantly pounding their meat as fast as they could. I motioned to one of the boys to come over and help me fuck my ass with the toy. I begged him "please fuck my ass with it."

He came over and began where I had left off cramming it deep into my body through my asshole. I was building to a **** orgasm. I reached around to touch the boy's cock that was now pulsing with desire. "Fuck my cunt with it now" I ordered him, like the child he was, and he willingly obeyed and began moving closer. Impatiently I pulled the boy's cock to my cunt. "Cram it in now!" As if on command he pounded his cock into my pussy, still fucking my ass with the toy cock and now ramming and filling my body with his young meat.

The other boy was in desperate need of some attention and I had a free hole to offer. His cock was bigger and thicker then the other boys, so I saved it for my mouth, so that I could taste his budding manliness. I would guess that this tender young piece of meat, had never been sucked before and I longed to be the first to grant him that pleasure. I pulled his ass to my face and savagely tongued at his hole, licking the precum that began to drizzle from his cock. I began to fear that both of these tender inexperienced tools would cum soon, spoiling and ending all my fun. So I stopped for a second and pulled the boy from my cunt, and brought his cock up to my mouth. I pushed the other boy from my face and wildly began sucking remnants from my cunt off his meat. Then pulling the other boy back, I stood the two next to each other so that their legs were touching.

I grabbed a cock in each hand and pulled them together as best as I could, so that I was able to maneuver my mouth back and forth from one cock to the other. Both boys then turned to face each other, and stood together so that the heads of their cocks were touching. This allowed me to run my tongue and my wet mouth back and forth sucking both young heads simultaneously. I could feel them approaching their orgasms and the cum begin to move up both their rods. By now I was desperate to suck the cum out of these boy's balls. Jerking at their cocks and rubbing their heads together, as my tongue sucked back and forth from one cock to the next, it was not long before both cocks began dumping their cum all over each other. I hungrily sucked and swallowed each drop of cum as it mixed as one on the heads of their cocks. But I knew that this ride was not over.

Longing to fill every orifice of my body with this new and potent cum, I laid one boy down on the floor. He looked exhausted and pleased, yet obviously still ready to party. His tool began to rise once again as my tongue glided across his nipples bringing them to life. I pulled the other boys balls into my mouth and began to gently suck until his meat joined the other's and sprang to an erection Now, with both young men ready and eager to fuck and be pleased once again, I climbed atop one of the cocks and began riding him like an animal. I pushed the other young man behind me, and positioned his cock against my ass hole. He lay his body against my back, and thrust his young meat into my ass. Both cocks pounded in unison into my body, and I knew these inexperienced young boys would not last long in such a hot position. "Fill me with your cum" I screamed, and felt both cocks begin to stiffen and dump into pussy and my ass. My cunt and ass, both tightened and clamped around the young cocks as we all gave a moan that sent me over the edge of orgasmic heaven. My body then came with such a gush that I was sure it rained on the bed.

We all fell on top of each other in exhaustion and laid there for some time.

I rose from the boys chest and I could feel the cum running down my legs. I told them to get dressed and I came back and gave them 20 bucks for helping me with the car. I walked them to the door, and watched them walk down the driveway, knowing that most likely I would never see them again. I wonder if they will ever realize that I did have more then just 100-dollar bills.
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