Natalie has a New Reality

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"Get dressed sissy and go home," Lewis ordered me.

"But the key..." I said, as i got up, looking for my clothes.

"I keep the key. You belong to me, sissy and I want you in that cage."

"But... my wife... I need to remove it. She doesn't like it." I whispered.

"I don't give a fuck about your wife. Besides, she won't be a problem," Lewis added.

I stopped collecting my clothes and looked at him. "What do you mean?" I asked him.

He shrugged and repeated "Get dressed," and i obeyed, in my shame at that moment.

I kept looking over at Ian who was just sat, watching me, undressing me with his eyes, calculating. I shuddered but that was several emotions all mixed together... but mainly awkwardness, shame and of course lust.

I bent over to tie my shoes and i felt hands take hold of my hips and pull me back onto a crotch. I gasped and fought for my balanced but remained bent over and i pushed back a little onto that crotch wantonly. I had been broken well. I was responding properly now, i knew. I thrilled at the change in me. Two days ago i was the male me, strongly and Natalie escaped on a rare occasion. Now, Natalie was dominant and the male me was fading rapidly. I thrilled at male hands on me. I thrilled at the things these men had done to me and the things they had gotten me to do to them.

I secretly didn't care about the cage anymore either but i was really scared about how things would develop at home. That was another thing i couldn't control but that part of my life had always been rock solid and now the sea of emotions and desires was washing its foundations away. My life was suddenly very unstable.

A hand slipped something into my back trouser pocket and then slapped my arse cheek and i gasped. "Go on, sissy. Go home," Ian added to Lewis' command.

I went home and sat in the living room and waited. The item in my pocket was Ian's business card which I held for quite some time before putting it back in my pocket.

When my wife and the kids arrived back I was the husband again, on the outside at least, but that facade was paper thin and she sensed it because she asked me a few times if I was OK and I replied with a weak yes each time. I could see that she didn't believe me and I knew that I didn't believe me.

Things came to a head over the passing days. My wife noticed my smooth body and also the cage that first night. My veiled answers when queried about them and a lack of a good reason put her on high alert: she was worried but also wary. She was now waiting for the storm to hit, as was I.

It hit, finally, a couple of days later and we both got drenched in that turbulence. It ended with her kicking me out of the house and me crying outside. Then I had the realisation that I had nowhere to go and my world contracted and swirled and lost focus. I was in shock.

The next thing i knew I was driving away, not knowing what i was doing. I was on automatic mode. The next thing i did was find the business card from Ian and i was phoning him from a car park on a Thursday evening in the dark.

I was hysterical and blubbering. I wailed and ranted but he cut through it all and he told me to wait where I was for him, which i did. I had nothing else at that moment.

That evening was the end of the male me. Natalie was born that night and I never went back to my wife. I never went back to my kids. I never went back to anyone or anything: my whole life changed there.

Ian arrived and I got in his car, still crying. We left my keys in my car and we drove off, leaving it. All I had in the world at that moment were the clothes on my body and the cage around my cock and balls.

On entering Ian's flat, he told me to undress fully and I did. I stood in his living room, naked, my clothes in a pile on the floor. He picked them up and stuffed them into a bin bag and took it out. That was the last i saw of those too.

He came back with a bath robe, which i put on and i sat on the sofa trying to take it all in. I didn't know what a pivotal moment that evening was but I was sure still in a state of severe shock by that.

We chatted. We drank. I calmed down. He took me to bed and he had me several times and i held on to him throughout it all. He was gentle when he had to be and rough when he ought to be. I loved it. I moved under him and i rode him eagerly. I was really enjoying him. Besides, it took my mind off what i had lost.

In the morning I woke first and i turned to his sleeping form beside me and i trailed a hand over his body, in wonder at what i was.

He stirred and i smiled a little at myself as I cupped his flaccid cock and felt it stir into life. I initiated that love-making and he was harsh with me and i loved it, calling him names as i came hard, finally.

Over breakfast, Ian told me he was buying my key from Lewis and then I would belong to him. I was not exactly happy with that use of the phrase but then again, i was in a pretty dire position and "beggars can't be choosers".

Ian told me that I was going to start hormone treatment as soon as possible and become the sissy that he wanted. I thrilled at that but was also terrified. This was me traversing a one-way bridge and i would not be coming back from it. I nodded to him and he smiled at me. I liked him smiling at me.

That day, i stayed in his house, being bored whilst he was out and about. He came back around 5:30pm with a few bags that he handed over to me. "Here, these are for you," he said.

Inside there were clothes... female clothes. There was underwear, tops and trousers and a dress. Also some shoes.

"Where the hell did you get all these from?" I asked in wonder, looking at him.

"I went around a few supermarkets and bought the odd item here and there acting like a bewildered husband. The shop assistants took pity on me and helped me out." He paused then said "Go and put some clothes on then Natalie."

With that, i bounded upstairs with the bags and tipped the contents out over the bed and cooed at it all, touching the fabric and thrilling to the knowledge that it was mine to have and wear.

I put on knickers and a bra in black then a vest top and a pair of jeans. There were pastel socks and comfy shoes and i loved them all.

By the time I was walking back downstairs, i had an enormous grin on my face. I was so happy.

Ian stared at me, smiling inanely, and smiled back. "Glad you like them," he said and then added "Tomorrow, we need to go see a friend of mine. He owes me a favour. A very big favour."

"Oh?" I queried.

"Yes, he is a vet. A very good vet apparently. We will see him after hours."

I nodded, not quite knowing that this visit was going to change me forever.
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