Sunday Morning Treat

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Sunday Morning Treat

Rose lay on top of the sheets as the cool breeze blew through the open bedroom patio door. She was on her own at the moment as Glen had already risen and was reading his book on the terrace of their villa, high up in the hills. They had retired to the area about 5 years ago and as many older expats, enjoyed the life of good food, good wine, plenty of sun and just the right amount of sex!

They were both the same age, mid-sixties, Glen a little taller than Rose, as she was only five foot four and he always joked about her height. He had short grey hair and a matured, svelte, brown body which Rose loved the scent of when they were in bed. His face had many lines, laughter and worry which had formed over the years but he looked a very young sixty-odd-year old, Rose put it down to their good life style.

Rose, on the other hand was a very young looking mid-sixties lady, which Glen always complimented her on, having few lines, only a few laughter creases and her skin was still soft, smooth and young looking. She was also very happy with her body, except perhaps her spreading midriff which she put down to the life style and of course their three children, who were all now grown up and enjoying their own lives with their families. Rose always swam topless so the only tan lines she had was her bottom, whereas Glen was nearly always naked so he didn't have any tan lines. He sometimes jokingly complained when they had visitors as he had to wear clothes. They had been married for over forty years and with a rocky start and some bumps along the way, they were more in love today and it seemed to grow all the time.

As she lay on the bed enjoying the breeze and reading some of her friends posts on Facebook, which she did most mornings while drinking her first cup of coffee of the day, she felt a little tingle as her hand brushed her nipple. 'That is nice.' she thought, so she cupped the full ample breast and began to massage the nipple, she was enjoying that, so she cupped the other, massaging both breasts and squeezing her now erect nipples, made her begin to tingle down below. Her hand slowly moved down her stomach and reached between her legs. Her shaved pussy was getting wet and her clit was swelling already.

She opened her legs and moved her fingers across the swollen, wet lips, up and down, getting a little quicker, now she realised how much she was enjoying herself. She pushed two fingers deep inside, her now already throbbing vagina and moved them in and out, arching her back with the pleasure she was feeling! 'I need to stop.' she thought to herself, 'don't come to soon.' She stopped and reached inside the bedside cabinet drawer to find her faithful pink, vibrating friend. She loved her friend and so did Glen, they would play with it often and Glen loved to make her come and he loved to see her climax hit. She pushed the large cock deep inside, moving it quicker and quicker, she fingered her clit at the same time as she could feel her climax rising, in and out, quicker and quicker she moved her fingers and the cock, until the crescendo reached its peak, she raised her bottom off the bed and pushed in and out, harder and harder, she closed her eyes and let the climax take over, her heart raced as the feeling of elation and satisfaction rushed through her body.

Rose lay back on the pillow relaxing and reliving her little moment. She didn't do it to herself that often as she missed the feeling of Glen and the real thing going deep inside her. She lay there for a few more moments still feeling a little horny. She picked up her phone, set it on camera, and slowly opening her legs, took some pictures of her still wet and swollen pussy. She parted the glistening lips with her fingers as she snapped away. She was feeling so horny that she thought she might come again. After looking at the pictures, some of which she thought showed her pussy ready for more, she selected a couple and composed a message to Glen.

"Hi, what are you wearing?" she asked. This was the first question as most of the time Glen he would be sat by the pool in the cool of the morning, stark naked. Their villa being quite secluded and not overlooked, this was the best time of the day to lay naked and read, before the sun came round the hill and flooded their terrace with sun and heat.

Rose heard Glen let out a little laugh when his phone pinged as he received the message. Their bedroom lead out onto the terrace and they always slept with the doors open this time of year.

"What do you think, why?" came the reply when her phone pinged.

Rose added a couple of pictures she had just taken and sent them off to Glen, Rose was sure she heard a little gasp as Glens phone pinged. She lay there slowly caressing her still swollen nipples, hoping the pictures would have the desired affect. She didn't think they wouldn't.

A moment later her phone pinged and there on the screen was a large, browny pink, erect penis, she knew it well and looked lovingly at it.

"Why don't you bring that in here? I have plans for it!" she messaged back.

Within seconds, following the ping of Glens phone, the light curtains at the patio doors moved to one side and there he stood; erect, glistening and ready for action. He slowly moved towards the bed and noting the pink friend on the bedside table asked if Rose had started without him. She told him that she had started and finished without him, but now she was ready for him.

He climbed onto the bed and kissed her slowly and with passion, as he was already very aroused after seing the pictures. They'd had had the desired effect and he told her how much he loved them and how much they had aroused him. They kissed passionately for a few moments as they both loved kissing each other. Glen picked her pink friend and asked if Rose wanted some doggy. Smiling excitedly, Rose nodded her head, turned over onto her knees.

Glen played with her now swollen lips with his tongue, as Rose moaned with pleasure. He knew how much she loved his licking before he pushed the pink cock into her, slowly at first moving it in and out, he could sense how near Rose was to coming as she rocked back and forth against the cock, moaning loudly and enjoying the sensation.

At the point he sensed her almost ready, he removed the pink cock and replaced it with his own large, erect penis. Rose let out a gasp with the feeling of him as he entered. She was ready now, pumping her, in and out, quicker and quicker. Rose moved back against him as he thrust forward, slamming into her. They moved in unison as their years together had taught them, as Glen moved his hands to cup Rose's ample breasts, playing with her hard nipples and together they hit their climax. With a loud grunt, Rose could feel his hot liquid spurt inside her and they both gasped with pleasure, pushing and pulling trying to make it last as long as possible. They collapsed down onto the bed and kissed again, smiling lovingly, looking into each other's eyes.

"So, you liked my photos, didn't you?" Rose asked Glen as he rolled over and she lay with her head on his chest.

"Well, what do you think? They had the desired effect, I think!"

"They certainly did." Rose replied. "What a way to start a Sunday morning!"
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