Mrs. Vernons Obedience Training

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Mrs. Vernon's Obedience Training Part One

"Oh Dorothy, you didn't?"

"I did Cathleen, just as you said. I have to say I couldn't understand why the classes would have been held so late. I should have asked you at the time. "

"Oh my goodness, I'd no idea you were thinking along completely different lines. I thought you understood, did I mention classes, surely not, I'm so sorry, how silly, what an awful experience."

"I felt such a fool , it was only when I went back the second time that the fog cleared and to tell the truth if it hadn't been for John Allenby recognising me and putting me in the picture I'd still be asking people was I in the right place. "

"What actually happened, oh I do wish you'd double checked with me? "

"Well, I arrived at Streamside just before nine o'clock although I couldn't for the life of me work out how anyone could possibly see in the dark. I was sure there wasn't a hall or a suitable building of any size ,apart from the toilet block but there were lots of cars parked and a couple of vans so I thought, it seems to be well supported. Anyway I got parked and decided I'd sit there for a while and see if anything would happen. No sooner had I done that and put on the interior light to powder my nose and check my hair than I was aware that someone, a man, had come close to the car. I wound down the window a little and spoke to him.

"Good evening, are you here for the obedience classes, am I in the right place? "

"Oh yes, whatever happens is fine with me, there's usually all sorts going on although I've not taken a great interest in the obedience bit. Do you have a collar and lead? "

"Of course, I've brought collar and lead with me. Who actually runs the obedience part, do many come for that? "

"Well most would be like myself, a mixture of this and that but Zelda specialises in that line of business, that's her van over by the side of the toilets. "

"I've brought my boy with me, he needs some discipline drummed into him, he's got very bold and just won't do anything for me and I hope it's not too late. "

"Where is he? "

"In the cage in the back, I think he's probably dozing, he really is a lazy boy."

"Zelda will put a bit of life in him, that's for sure. Is it not terrible cramped in the cage, does he enjoy that "

"He's fine, is there a hall or something here, where does everyone meet? "

"No, just in the cars or out through the park, there's benches and seats you understand."

"It seems very strange I can't think why you run this so late. It's impossible to see clearly what's going on. "

"People travel a fair bit to get here so its suits and it's safer too. Course it goes on late as well so everyone's catered for so to speak. Would you like to take him out and have a look darling? "

"No, I think I'll leave him here and wander over on my own and see what Zelda has to say first and then maybe later."

"Right, I'll come round again and see how you're fixed."

"So you see Cathleen, I hadn't a clue. What in heaven's name I thought I was doing I'll never know and I see now what an idiot I was not to realise there just couldn't have been dog obedience classes at that place.

Anyway, I strolled over to Zelda's van and on the way another very friendly gentleman enquired what was I looking for. I was able to say quite confidently I thought that I was on the right track and had more or less found it. He kindly offered to be of assistance if it didn't work out.

There was little sign of life at the van apart from some scuffling and thumps coming from inside. I knocked the side door and asked was I in the right place for obedience. A voice from inside said yes, but not tonight, she was already up to her eyes it seems but if I was here tomorrow night she would see to me.

On the way back to the car the first man I spoke to came beside me and said. "

"Have you decided to get him out for me? "

"No, Zelda's going to take him tomorrow night so I'll be back then although for the life of me I can't think where she'll do it? "

"Oh it's a grand big van, all fitted out inside, she'll give him what he needs alright. "

"Well that's most reassuring , I'll be able to relax while she's working with him. "

"Good that'll be a good night then, you're a fine looking woman and it's great to see a bit more class around here. "

"I could kick myself Cathleen, what an absolute idiot. "

"No, it's my fault Dorothy, I simply didn't realise."

"I went back the next night as planned, not as many cars but I was a little earlier this time. No sign of Zelda's van so I decided to wait. Just like the night before someone appeared by the side of the car almost immediately. I thought it was my friend so I rolled my window right down and a man with a scarf over his mouth and nose bent down to look in. I got such a shock. "

"Goodness, Dorothy? " He said, unwinding the scarf, "Dorothy Vernon is that you?"

"John, I almost shouted, don't do things like that. I almost had a fit, you scared the living daylights out of me. "

"Dorothy, what on earth? "

"Are you here for the training? " I asked quite innocently.

"No, not quite my love but how did you come across this spot? "

"Cathleen Devon suggested it but to be honest I'm not all that impressed, It's all a bit hit and miss as far as I can see. I'm waiting for Zelda to arrive, she said she'd sort Charlie out but I'm beginning to have my doubts and anyway there's no sign of her. "

"What Charlie, who's Charlie, what is going on? "

"My Charlie, the Jack Russell, the little bugger has become unbearably bad mannered lately and needs some direction, someone to take him in hand. Have you got your doggy with you? "

"My friend from the night before appeared beside John."

"Evening, " he nodded in," you made it then, are you still up for it? "

"Hello again, yes, back again. Of course, I promised to get him out for you didn't I? Come back in a while, I want to talk with my friend."

"Dorothy," John Allenby said seriously as soon as he'd gone," May I come in beside you, I think there has been an awful misunderstanding."

"Yes of course John, do."

"Dorothy my love, I've no idea what Cathleen and yourself were discussing or why this place was mentioned but there is absolutely nothing happening here remotely resembling dog training of any description. "

"But I was informed quite clearly that Zelda worked in discipline and she agreed to see me tonight. I actually spoke to her and that's why I've come back and that man you've just seen is very interested in seeing Charlie and anyway what are you doing here if it's not doggy related?"

"I shall be brutally honest Dorothy, what Cathleen must have been referring to and God knows how you got on to it and how the confusion arose was not doggy related, it was dogging related."

"Can't be all that different John, sounds very similar to me? "

"It is worlds apart believe me, now listen carefully and don't please faint or go into a swoon when I'm trying to explain.

Dogging is an open air activity usually where numbers of men and women or for that matter just men or just women get together to have sex. Lots of different stuff goes on, some of it in cars and vans, even lorry cabs or as the case may be among the trees and bushes or wherever they feel like it."

"Cathleen I don't mind telling you the blood must have drained from my face, I actually nearly did faint despite John's request."

"That's what you've landed in the middle of my love and for instance when you agreed to get it out for that man you thought he meant Charlie the dog but in fact he was referring to something a little different."

"Don't say it John, don't say it, I feel so silly. This could all have gone so horribly wrong, what if he'd turned nasty when he realised and chased me into the woods and strangled me? "

"Well best not to think along those lines, I doubt if anything like that would have happened ,he'd just have moved on to someone else, there's no shortage of people who would oblige him. "

"And when you went to the van and Zelda agreed to discipline she would have thought you meant whips and ropes and collars and handcuffs and the like, that's how her van is fitted out and so it's why you were sent there."

"I better get home, I can't take all this in, that's enough for one night and my strangler might come back but if you don't mind me asking what are you doing here? "

"It's certainly not dog obedience or dog walking for that matter. I enjoy the excitement, maybe a chance encounter. Nothing too strenuous or serious you understand. People who've gotten together don't mind others watching and often others join in as well, it's just good fun and harmless really, everyone is consenting. "

"Well I can't even begin to understand to be truthful and what about Millicent, goodness knows what she'd think if she knew. Have you thought about that? "

"Aaaahh, Millicent already knows, believe it or not she comes along sometimes and if it wasn't for her art class and the W.I she'd be here more often. She understands what it's about, no one's going to run off with a husband or wife or partner for that matter, it's variety, it's kept everything fresh for us and our sex life is the healthiest it's ever been."

"Now I'm stunned, I had no idea, simply no idea. To be totally honest and god knows why I'm telling you this Reginald and I don't actually have a sex life, we barely have a life, do people in their late sixties have sex lives, I didn't think so. Now you're telling me that you and Millicent have not just one you would appear to have a number, it's staggering. I don't know what to be more staggered by, the fact that this actually goes on within twelve miles of home and I knew nothing about it or the fact that you're a part of it and that Millicent is as well.

He put his arm around me Cathleen and kissed my forehead.

"Dorothy, you'd best get on, you've had quite a shock, will you be alright, are you steady enough to drive. Go home, make tea, have a large gin, relax and try to let things settle a little."

"l felt that there was a touch of pity in the gesture and if he had been able to see my eyes he'd have realised there was a well of tears. All of a sudden I felt such sadness, in the middle of what most people would regard as absolute filth. "

"Yes, I know what you mean John but Reggie will be fast asleep anyway no doubt, thank you for coming to my rescue. I hope that little man isn't too disappointed and that some other lady has perhaps helped him out. "

"That's my girl, perhaps you'll even get around to thinking that it might have been a pleasant experience after all to have to have obliged him yourself. It's not anything to be afraid of this giving and taking pleasure. As I said all are consenting and no one pushes farther than the other person permits. It may all seem a little seedy and basic but like the world at large it is whatever you allow it to be. Now, off you go. "

"Cathleen, I kissed him, not for long but full on the lips, the first man I'd kissed apart from Reggie in forty years and in those few seconds I felt his lips part and his tongue just ever so slightly part mine. By the time I'd opened my eyes he was getting out of the car and it was just as well because that swoon would have certainly kicked in if he had kissed me again. "

"Thank you Dorothy, may I say that whatever else may happen to me tonight your kiss will remain the highlight. "

"I had to start the car because my old friend was approaching again but I rolled down the window. "

"What about it then, are you still interested? " he smiled.

"And what did I tell him? Sorry but that's enough for me tonight, I'll be back again soon and I promise to see you then. Where did that come from, what made me say such a thing. Then of course his reply backed up what John Allenby had said?"

"Good, that'll do me, don't forget, you've promised now, you're a grand looking woman and I'd love to get my hands on those breasts, you're a real teaser the way you keep them covered but I can see enough to know what's in there would be worth seeing more of. Would you do that, would you give me a feel, I'd be up for you in no time? "

"Can't wait, see you soon." I lied.

"Goodnight, safe home. "

"What a night Dorothy, you must have been exhausted when you got home. Did Reggie wonder where you'd got to? "

"God no, fast asleep. I fed Charlie some chicken and sat in the kitchen with a pot of strong tea and tried very hard to convince myself that it had been some sort of aberration. I'd been to the dog obedience class and the lady thought Charlie was a fine little chap and would respond well but the truth immediately overwhelmed that thought of course, there were so many questions and instead of trying to rid my mind of the whole incident it simply insisted on going round in circles.

Not least among them was why I had kissed John Allenby. It should have been at most a kiss on the cheek in return for his and for his concern but it was more than that and by the end of the evening as I climbed into bed beside Reggie who was already on his side and half asleep I had finally admitted to myself that I had enjoyed it. "

"Don't tell me Dot, you lay there thinking about it, wishing it had lasted longer and recalling that little jag of electricity when you felt his tongue."

"It was only for a few seconds, how can it still be so vivid, so powerful? "

"And as you lay there you suddenly became aware that your hand had slipped between your legs

and before you realised you were touching yourself. "

"Cathleen, Will you stop please, I did nothing of the sort! "`

"Yes you did Dot, you know you did and you've done it again since. You did, I can see it in your eyes and anyway look at your blushes. There's no shame in it, thank goodness you've actually started to come to life. It's just such a pity that Reggie is such an old fart and of absolutely no help to you. Where is he by the way, it would do him good to listen? "

"He's at the golf club, I don't know why he bothers, he's useless at it, he'd admit that himself. Just likes to wear his blazer and tie, he misses the discipline of the boardroom. Compared to John Allenby and they're both the same age by the way he appears to be a really old man. It's not even as if he's bothered about it himself, he's quite happy just as things are."

"Ah, now that's interesting, you've mentioned John again, he's definitely left quite an impression and all hanging on a brief kiss. Imagine if it had been longer or things had gone farther. "

"It was that comment he made afterwards, that whatever else happened the kiss would be in his memory. I keep thinking he was almost saying he'd like it to happen again. Maybe he's even been thinking about it as I have. It's really all so school-girlish, it's what those innocent crushes used to be like. "

"Except that now you know what it's all about, you recognise the real power behind these passions, the power a woman has to control and activate a man with her sexuality. John is a fit, virile man, Millicent is a lucky woman and she knows it and at the same time is secure in the knowledge that she can allow their participation in those night time meetings and no matter how often they do, it will deepen and broaden their shared pleasure.

I don't believe we've ever had such an intimate conversation Dot. You're a good looking woman and although you strayed into that night by mistake you came away not only with that compliment from John Allenby which has had such a dramatic effect but another which you may have cast aside as meaningless but the comments that man made about your bosom and the fact that he persisted in trying to connect with you despite your side steps shows that he saw you as a desirable woman. I know you'll probably laugh and say it was dark, he didn't know what he was seeing but I think you should give it more credence. "

"I have actually. He wasn't Clarke Gable but despite the obvious rough edges he was mannerly, he accepted what were really excuses on my part and I'm not so much of a snob to dismiss him out of hand. I admit to wondering what he would have been like, would he have pawed and pummelled, would he have stroked and fondled and could I actually have faced touching him?

You see the effect this has had, I'd never even have thought about anything like this, nothing like it had ever crossed my mind, never crossed my path. There has been no place for passion nor anything like it in my life for years and years and years and I actually can't recall when or even if I might have felt something affect me like that kiss, pecks on cheeks don't do that. It isn't love I know it isn't, I'm just not that daft, is it desire, is it stronger, is it lust, where has this been hiding, has it been buried and lain dormant all this time."

"Dot, you're not alone in this and the energy that you've been putting into thinking about it has put colour in your cheeks. The whole episode has simply awakened that desire you've mentioned and thank goodness because there's plenty of time to do something about it if you want to.

Why not go back again? It's not like getting tangled in an affair, there are no ties, you have to take care all the same and be sensible, you're not answerable to anyone as to who you meet or what you do, you set your own limits and you stick with them ,people will respect them .

You won't remember now but the conversation which caused the confusion in the first place was a design on my part to steer you towards confronting the very issues we've talked about but in your usual distracted way you hadn't listened carefully enough to what I was saying. Ironically by complete accident the conversation has had the desired effect but in such a convoluted way. Although how you got dog obedience classes at Streamside mixed up with dogging at Streamside I'll never know. "

"Cathleen how on earth did you know about the place anyway, don't tell me you are a frequenter as well. Oh my god you are I can see you are. Look I know it's only just after three but I need a drink and I don't mean tea. I'm going to have a gin and I suggest you have one as well and tell me what's been going on. I'm getting more and more disappointed and shocked that I knew nothing about this. My so called friends have a parallel life style which I didn't even suspect. You didn't even hint at anything."

"Dorothy, listen, you are so concerned with keeping up appearances when really it is simply trying to make the best of a bad job. It's such self deception, it's such a waste of time and it's really, really unfair. I know that you love Reggie in that sort of rubbing along way but such a large part of you has been pushed down out of the way and the door closed and locked. You've been told you're a desirable woman and you are and despite almost trying to hide that it's actually quite obvious.

Tens of thousands of women in our situation have husbands who've burnt themselves out or just can't be bothered to do anything about genuine problems, they simply put them out of their minds, carry on in a bland sort of way and just get on with it. And they have to get on with it because what are the alternatives, an affair with another man, how's that going to come about and even if something does appear to be happening there's a good chance he'll have the same problems and outlook as the husbands.

So now they do have an alternative and you saw for yourself the number of women there were at Streamside.

Yes I'm a frequenter as well and thoroughly enjoy the buzz of excitement when I realise that men are drooling over me. Fred and I have a very quiet sex life, at times I'm in danger of nodding off in fact and I'm not even sure why he actually bothers there's very little obvious pleasure ."

"And have you, you know, have you allowed a man to actually touch you? "
"Yes, I have, more than once and masturbated quite a few as well and on request have masturbated for some too. Once you've managed to get over the initial shock of it all you should consider coming with me one evening, only do what you feel comfortable with and you needn't do anything at all if you'd rather not. We'll stay in the car, perhaps pull our skirts up, show your knickers, show your bra even, there will be men looking in and you'll see their appreciation, you definitely will. "

"I couldn't possibly Cathleen, I think I would be too nervous. I'd probably make a fool of myself and scream or something , it would be just too much to expect. After all Reggie is the only man I've ever been with and I don't suppose I know the first thing about how other men view these things, I'd be a complete beginner and simply end up making a fool of myself. "

"You'd do no such thing Dot. Look, that man was ever so keen to have a look at you the other evening and I guarantee other men would feel the same. Wouldn't it be simple to leave off your bra, wear a buttoned blouse and when someone asks just slowly unbutton it and allow them to see a little more. You remain in complete control, show as much or as little as you feel comfortable with and eventually when you've seen their appreciation you will actually want them to touch, I just know you will. I'll tell you what, let's go together and we'll do exactly the same thing, we'll unbutton together and treat whoever wants to watch. If we park near one of the lights there'll be enough light to see what we're doing but still dim enough not to leave you feeling exposed."

" Cathleen, I feel excited by the thought but so nervous ,what if there's not the slightest interest, surely with all those younger ladies around no one's going to bother? "

"Dot, you're not really listening again, I've been there and done this and there is a real shortage of more mature ladies. Younger men absolutely adore us, age simply isn't an issue. Now, you're not showing any doubts about whether there are any rights or wrongs to this and I think the couple of nights you've been there have turned you on to the possibilities, so do it, stop doubting your femininity , believe me it will bring out a Dorothy you hadn't known existed. Now I must go, ring me when you've thought more about it but promise me that you won't let go of the positives we've discussed."

"Oh dear, I promise. Yes, I'll do as you ask, I will think about it. Now where was I before all this blew up. Oh yes, dog obedience classes. I need to get the little beggar sorted out."
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