Lola Meets Double Trouble

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Lola's day job was, in her words a drag, it paid the bills but offered no excitement. in her spare time she performed as a burlesque dancer, it gave her the ability to show people who she really was. Above all, burlesque gave her the freedom to express herself. Her day job seemed never ending and despite Covid restrictions she was keen to get some sun on her pale skin. Being a red head she was naturally pale but she loved the sun and a trip away would be the thing she needed to ease the boredom of the 9 to 5. Lola spent her spare time dancing with her burlesque troupe and when she wasn't dancing she was looking for a holiday. Then she found it, a week, in a hotel in Cyprus. She was going to travel on her own, it would be the first time and who knows what the week would hold. All Lola was aiming for was days of hot sun and anything else was a bonus.

In not time at all it was the day of her flight and Lola was leaving drudgery behind for some well needed sun. The flight was painless, well except for a drunk father who had sat next to Lola and who was busy trying to chat her up. Now Lola liked attention but the guy smelt of booze, too many cigarettes and besides which his wife was giving Lola the evils as if it was her fault the guy was talking to her. No sooner had they touched down than Lola was into the airport, collecting her bags and off to the hotel in a taxi. As it pulled away she turned round to see the man who had been sat next to her being berated by his wife who had finally worked out what had been going on.

The hotel was just what she needed, small but, in her words, perfectly formed! The white painted building stood proud against the clear blue sky whilst the sun beat down. She walked to reception and booked in, her room was on the second floor with just another room to the right of it. Whilst she unpacked Lola heard the sound of the door to the room next to hers opening and closing. Then the muffled sounds of two men talking. She headed for the shower to rinse herself off after the journey and then sat outside in her favourite pale yellow bikini.

While she was sat on her balcony she heard the balcony door slide open next door and the sound of the two men - both English given their accents. Lola couldn't see them as the balcony had a wall at either end which was about 6 feet in height with a gap of about 2-3 feet before the roof. She could hear the men messing about and thought nothing more of it. As she sat watching the pool which was below her she heard a slap and a soaking wet pair of black swim shorts landed on her balcony.

Lola sat bolt upright on her chair as a head poked itself round the side of the balcony wall.

"Ooops, sorry, didn't think anyone was in this room."

"It's not a problem, I guess you'll want them back?"

"Er, yes, not unless you fancy wearing them?"

"Not my size and not my style."

Lola then laughed as she got up and got the swim shorts which she handed back to the guy. he took them back and looked at her, smiling cheekily. He was possibly a few years older than her with dark hair and bright blue eyes and a cheeky smile.

"I'm Tom, my mate is Rob and this is our last day before we go home tomorrow."

"Nice to meet you Tom, I'm Lola, day one for me so I'm here for a week."

"Cool, you'll love it. You on your own or with your boyfriend, husband or girlfriend."

"I'm on my own thank you, now, if you don't mind I need to get ready for the evening meal."

"Ok, enjoy!"

Lola felt herself blush as she walked back into her room. It was clear that Tom had looked her up and down and probably did what most men did, undressed her with his eyes. She changed quickly and went and had her evening meal in the busy hotel dining room. She didn't see Tom or Rob, mind you she hadn't seen Rob so if he was there she would never have recognised him!

Having finished her meal she went into the bar and took a seat by the window. She wasn't sure how long she had been there when she felt a tap on her shoulder, spinning round she saw Tom's cheeky smile and behind him was another guy, presumably Rob. He was slightly taller than Rob, with mousey brown hair. They were both medium build and clearly they liked a laugh. Rob sat down while Tom went to the bar and bought some drinks. They had a conversation and it was clear that neither of them wanted to go home but they had jobs to go back to. Both Tom and Rob were, well, they said they were landscape gardeners but Lola had heard it all before. She didn't mind them though, they were inoffensive and if she had her way she'd be happy to be in bed with both of them.

You see, Lola had a fantasy to be dominated by two men. Not a group of men like one or two of her friends wanted but two men so she could have all of their attention. The mere thought of it had her clit twitching and she wished, just wished that the night would end with the pair of them fucking her.

The hours rolled on and the drink flowed, Lola could feel herself becoming more and more tipsy. She wasn't the shy, retiring type, but then again, she wasn't one for being too upfront either. Tom and Rob both got up saying that they had to pack and get some sleep before their airport pick up in the morning. Seizing her chance Lola said that she was going to go to bed too. Both the lads laughed and Tom asked her if she would be on her own. Lola just looked at him and winked before walking off.

When she got to her room she could hear Tom and Rob banging around as they packed their suitcases. She stripped her clothes off and lay on her bed, her balcony door was open and she could feel the still warm evening air as it wafted in. Leaning over into the bedside cabinet she retrieved the vibrator that she had brought with her. It buzzed away as she ran it up and down her pussy lips, causing them to swell. She could feel her clit tingling and it tingled even more when she used the tip of the vibe on it, circling it and causing her pussy hole to spasm as she teased and pleased herself.

Lola didn't know how long she had been laying there but she knew that she was reaching a climax that would send waves of pleasure through her body. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Fuck it she thought, I don't want to stop. The knocks became more insistent so Lola quickly got up and grabbed a towel which she wrapped round her naked body.

Slowly opening the door a fraction, she looked through the gap to see Tom's grinning face.


Suddenly behind him was Rob who also shouted past him.

"And me!"

Lola opened the door as the two of them came bowling in.

"Haven't disturbed you have we?"

"No Tom, I was just getting ready for bed."

"Oh yeah what's this then."

Lola turned round to see Rob holding her vibrator.

"It's my electric tooth brush, what do you think."

Rob and Tom both laughed. They then sat down and Lola looked at them. She could feel her clit twitch and for reasons, best known to herself, she let her towel drop.

"Oh boy, what do you reckon Rob?"

"What a fab body, we could have fun with Lola I think."

Lola went and lay on her bed, intently looking at both Tom and Rob.

In what seemed like seconds they had stripped off and Lola was faced with two very stiff cocks pointing in her direction. Tom and Rob then got onto the bed. Tom started kissing Lola and as she leaned towards him Rob was kissing her butt. She could then feel Robs fingers touching her pussy lips so she gently opened her legs to let him feel her. Rob and Tom then started touching her boobs and Rob kissed her right nipple, teasing it with his tongue. It was definitely as if they had both done this before. Lola didn't care as she was now the one getting their attention.

Lola then knelt up, as did both Tom and Rob and Lola took their stiff cocks in her hands. Slowly she wanked their cocks while they were kissing her face. Lola couldn't believe that she hadn't even been here a day and here she was in bed with two hot guys. She loved wanking cocks, the feeling of a nice, thick, stiff cock between her fingers made her nipples even more erect.

Lola wanted to feel their hot cum on her skin but she also wanted them to fuck he but above all she didn't want them cumming too quick.

Laying down on her back Rob started to finger her pussy and to lick her swollen clit. She could feel the waves of pleasure as they engulfed her body. He really knew what to do with boss his fingers and his tongue.

Robs fingers were going in and out, faster and faster as Tom pulled and sucked on her nipples. Rob stopped fingering her pussy and allowed her to gently roll over towards Tom as he slid his erect cock into her shaven pussy. Lola could feel the swollen tip of Robs thick cock as he pushed it inside her waiting pussy. As he started to slide it in and out of her pussy she leaned over and found Tom laying back stoking his erect cock. It looked too good an opportunity to miss. Opening her mouth she then took his cock in her mouth. His pre-cum tasted sweet as she moved her mouth up and down on his cock. The full length of his cock was getting all of her attention, up and down on his thick cock. Lola could see his balls and gently squeezed them with her free hand.

Every now and again Lola would stop sucking Toms cock and look over at Rob as he fucked her. When she did this she would wank his cock while watching Rob. Her pussy was getting wetter with every thrust of Robs cock and she could see his cock covered in his juices. She went back to sucking Tom's cock waiting for one of them to shoot their hot sticky cum either into her pussy or into her mouth. This was Lola's idea of a good first night.

Rob's thrusting got faster as his cock banged in and out of her, his balls slapping against her. Lola was in heaven, not only was she with two guys who wanted to tease and please her but she had longed for this for so long. There was nothing more pleasing than having two men to fuck her and for her to play with. Forget the vibrator this was so much more pleasurable.

Rob pulled his throbbing cock out of her and she moved out of the way as Tom then lay on his back and she slowly lowered her pussy onto his hard cock. Rob stood so that he was by Toms head, Lola then bent over grabbing his cock in her hands and lowering her mouth towards it. Now she could taste her cum on his cock. Tom worked his cock on her pussy while she sucked Rob and teased his cock. Suddenly she felt one of Tom's finger slide into her puckered arse hole.

She couldn't believe her luck, her arse was now getting attention, as well as her pussy and she was sucking cock - could it get any better. Cupping Robs balls she took his cock deep into her mouth as Tom was pushing his cock in and out in a fast, rhythmic motion. His balls slapping against her as he fucked her harder.

He clearly liked fucking this way and he kept fingering her tight arse hole. Rob had moved away and was stood wanking his cock while Tom continued to thrust in an out. Lola could feel Tom's finger as it pushed in and out and his cock worked in an almost similar fashion. If she was lucky maybe she'd have one of their cocks stuffed deep inside her arse hole. Now that would make her night. Most of the men she had ever been with didn't like the idea of anal sex. These two on the other hand seemed to know just exactly what she wanted.

Tom then slowly pulled his cock out and jetted his cum onto Lola's pussy while Rob stood wanking his cock. In a moment he jetted his cum onto her face and onto her boobs. She rubbed it in her skin and around her nipples. She felt how sticky it made her skin feel. She wanted more and there was no way that these two were getting away with emptying their balls on just one occasion.

Tom and Rob both then lay on the bed, somehow Lola knew that she wasn't going to get much sleep before they caught their flight. Not that she was complaining! It was just going to be time to wait for them to compose themselves and for the fucking to continue...
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