The Goddess and Her Servant

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The Goddess and her servant.

The day has finally arrived. The Goddess has invited me over to completely satisfy her every need and have all of my desires completely fulfilled.

Of course I pay the Goddess a generous fee of $100,000 to deem me worthy and grant me permission to enter her Goddess den. It is worth every cent as the Goddess is not like any other woman. She is perfect in every single way, from head to toe, she is angelic and sexy, the true definition of a Goddess. Being a Goddess, only the truely worthy servants may be in her presence. Today I was that servant.

As I approached the door of her den, I was nervous but excited as my cock grew in size just thinking about being in the same room as her, and breathing the same air as her. It was all of my wildest dreams and fantasies finally coming true.

I knocked on the door and waited what felt like a life time, then the door opened, and my cock because instantly rock hard. There she was. The most beautiful amazing Goddess I have ever seen.

She was wearing a full length leather one piece which covered her body in leather from her feet up to shoulders. And my god did she look amazing, the outfit fitting her like a glove showing off her perfect legs, he amazing tight ass and her sexy little tits, with her hard nipples almost trying their best to burst through. Her long black hair was perfectly straight and he lips glossed and ready to go to work.

Without wasting a second, she slammed a black leather whip into her hand and said "Clothes off! Now!!", and without hesitation I took off all my clothes and left them at the door as she slammed the door behind me. "On your knees" she said as I got down immediately and said "Yes Goddess".

My cock was rock hard as I looked up at the beauty that was The Goddess. She put a dog collar around my neck, and pulled the chain attached to it, dragging me towards the bedroom. The bed was set up and ready, with bondage ties on each corner of the bed, and plenty of toys on the bed side table.

She dragged me up onto the bed, and spread me out on my back, then tied my hands and feet to the corners of the bed. I was all hers for her to do as she pleased with me and I was excited, my cock showing this as it stood straight up, throbbing with excitement.

The Goddess undid a zip that started from the front of her pussy and went all the way under her, and back up to the top of her ass. Her pussy and asshole were now exposed, poking out of the leather suit. I have never seen such a smooth pussy and such a tight looking asshole. They both looked so delicious that I struggled to contain my excitement, and my cock showed it, leaking a little bit of pre cum.

The Goddess whipped me a few times across the legs, then the stomach and the chest, then once across my face. It hurt but felt so good at the same time and I made sure I didn't show any signs of pain or weakness to the Goddess.

She looked at me, and without saying a word, she climbed up onto the bed, on her knees and swung one leg over my face and positioned herself reverse cowgirl just above my face. Her shaved pussy and asshole were sitting just an inch away from my mouth and nose. I was speechless.

Her pussy was wet and shining so beautifully it was the most amazing pussy I had ever seen. Her pussy lips were hanging open just enough for me to see how pretty and pink she was inside, and her clit was enlarged and waiting to be sucked on. Her asshole was the cutest and tightest I had ever seen, and it knew it was about to be eaten, winking at me with excitement. Staring at these two perfect holes, I thought I must've been dreaming, but I wasn't. This was heaven on earth.

Without saying a word, the Goddess lowered herself down onto my face, her pussy lips opening wide across my mouth, and her asshole spreading open across my nose. She smelt amazing!

I knew what I needed to do, as I put my tongue inside her pussy and went to work, licking and sucking on her clit and all around her wet little hole as she began to moan. It was the most incredible taste. I made sure I licked all her pussy juices up as they began to drip all down my mouth and face.

She then moved forward, and it was time for the asshole, which I ate without hesitation, getting my tongue as deep as I could inside of her. She went back and forth across my face moving her pussy and asshole up and down on my mouth. I kept licking sucking and eating her holes as she moaned louder and louder.

I could feel the momentum building, as the Goddess continued to grind on my mouth. I started sucking on her clit and that sent her off the edge as she reached her climax, cumming all over my face. Her pussy juices pouring out, into my mouth and down my throat as well as all over my face. It was the most amazing taste and sight as her pussy and asshole spasmed, opening and closing over and over again.

The Goddess remained there, sitting on my face, for a couple of minutes catching her breath. I wasn't complaining at all. Eventually she lent forward, un tied my legs, before climbing off my face to free my hands from the bed shackles.

She stood next to the bed and without saying a word, in one swift movement, she undid the zip at the back of the leather suit she was wearing and stepped out of it, standing there completely naked. She was beautiful. The sunlight kissed her naked body and her nipples stood to attention, pointing right at me.

Her pussy still wet from the oral fucking I gave her was looking still as sexy as ever. I was in awe, but the Goddess didn't give me much time to admire her beauty. "Turn over and get on your knees" she commanded, which of course I obeyed.

Her voice was so sexy and so direct. She knew what she wanted and she was going to get it. On my knees she tied my hands back to the bed and pushed by face down into the sheets.

I saw her grab a black strap on dildo and a bottle of lube. I was nervous for what was coming next, yet excited, as my cock grew even harder. I had never taken anything in my ass before, but for the Goddess, I'd do anything.

She walked around behind me, spanked me several times, before she spread my cheeks and spat on my asshole. It felt nice as it trickled down my balls. The Goddess then squirted lube all over my asshole and all over the black strap on, preparing to fuck my ass.

The Goddess placed the head of the dildo against my asshole, and gently pushed the head of it inside of me. It hurt but it also felt good, and knowing I was serving the Goddess made it feel even better. She pushed in deeper and before I knew it, the whole length of the black cock was inside of me.

The Goddess proceeded to fuck me, sliding in and out of my ass. The pain quickly left and the feeling of euphorbia began to take over my body. I didn't think it was possible to feel this way, but started to reach my climax. The Goddess kept fucking me, grabbing my hair and pulling my head back. "Good boy, take this dick for me" she whispered into my ear.

I was near completion. In and out she went until I couldn't hold it anymore, I let go and felt crazy wave of ecstasy rush throughout my body. I just had my first anal orgasm ever.

"Good boy" the Goddess said as she pulled out. She left me there for a while, my legs shaking and my asshole ringing. My erect penis dripping pre cum, throbbing intensely.

After a few minutes, she returned and untied my hands and told me to get off the bed and onto my knees on the floor. Of course I did as she said. She bent over the bed in front of me, her asshole and cunt on display.

"Eat me", she ordered. So I went to work, eating her asshole and pussy, getting them both nice and wet. I was in heaven, soaking up the taste of her holes once again. She reached back grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head back. "Now be a good little boy and fuck me" the Goddess demanded.

She almost made me cum there and then, but I stopped myself because I knew I had to save my load for the Goddess. I stood up behind her, my legs weak after the fucking I had just received. I took my throbbing, rock hard cock and placed it against the opening of her pussy. This was like a dream but 10 times better.

I pushed the head of my cock inside of her dripping wet, slut hole as she let out a little moan. I pushed further inside of her and it felt amazing. Her insides were so smooth, warm and tight with her pussy lips wrapping around my thick cock and gripping as I slide in and out of her.

I pushed myself all the way in, until I was balls deep inside of the Goddess. She was moaning and breathing heavily, so I continued to slide my cock in and out of her, faster and deeper every time. I was now fucking her as hard as I could, my balls slapping against her clit, and my cock ramming the inside of her pussy.

The Goddess was now moaning louder with every thrust. "Spank me servant" she screamed, as I smacked her tight little ass several times, still pounding her pussy as hard as I could. Her ass was now red and sore but she loved it.

"Harder servant, fuck me harder" squealed the Goddess, who was close to cumming. I obeyed her orders and went as hard and as fast as I could, slamming my cock deep into her pussy, my balls abusing her clit with every thrust.

"I'm cumming!!" she screams. I feel her pussy lips tighten around my cock and grip onto it as her little cunt contracts and spasms as she orgasms. Her pussy juices being flowing out of her, all over my big dick and down her thighs. She's out of breath, but I know she wants more, as her little asshole stares at me, begging for my cock.

The Goddess squealed as I pull my dick out of her pussy, and pushed it against her tight chocolate hole. She reached back, spreading her ass cheeks apart. My dick, covered in her wet pussy juices didn't need any lube. I pushed the throbbing head of my cock inside of her now spread asshole.

"Yes servant" she moans as I push my whole dick into her ass. Her asshole was just as warm but way tighter than her pussy. She hugged my dick so tightly with her asshole, I wish I could just stay inside her forever. But I had a job to do and that job was to serve the Goddess, and fuck her till she is satisfied.

I went to work, sliding in and out of her ass getting the full length of my cock inside of her, my balls slapping against her open, wet pussy. In and out, hard and fast I went, with the Goddess moaning heavily, as she takes this rough pounding. I spanked her several times again, leaving red hand prints on her cute little booty.

"Oh my god you're gonna make me cum again" she screamed as she reached back to her cunt and started rubbing her clit vigorously. The build up was amazing as I watched her whole body tense up, goosebumps covering her skin, as she began to shake.

Her asshole clenched and contracted on my cock as she came hard. Her throbbing pussy again released and began leaking her juices all down her thighs. The Goddess buried her face in the bed, moaning and groaning, as her she continued to shake from the intense anal and clit orgasm she had just received.

I pulled my cock out and watched her asshole open and close, gaping wide for me as a thank you for the pounding I had just given it. The Goddess looked weak at the knees as she struggled to stay standing, using the bed to keep her from collapsing on the floor.

She rolled over onto her back and held her legs in the air, giving me a clear view of her beautiful pussy. She looked up at me with her beautiful eyes and soft lips, breathing heavily. Without saying a word she looked down at her pussy, then at my cock. I knew what I had to do.

My thick cock was still rock hard, as I leant over her and pushed my dick inside of her perfect, smooth little cunt. Her nipples were standing straight up and bounced up and down as I proceeded to pound her. She struggled to hold her legs up, so I grabbed them from her, holding them straight up in the air.

Her legs in the air, my cock buried deep inside of her, the Goddess smiled and closed her eyes. She stretched her arms back over her head, grabbing hold of the bed sheets, as I continued sliding my cock in and out of this wet pussy. I was close to cumming and I could see the Goddess was too.

I knew I had to satisfy her before myself, so I helped onto my load and focussed on the Goddess. I pounded into her over and over again. Her mouth was wide open as she struggled to breath in between my long, deep strokes.

I could tell by her face that she was about to explode. "I'M CUMMING" she screamed again, squirting her juices all over my throbbing penis. Even more of her pussy juices ran down my legs and out of her pussy, trickling down into her asshole.

"Can I cum now too please Goddess?" I asked.

"Have I said you can cum yet?" she questioned without even opening her eyes to look at me.

"No I haven't, so just keep fucking me servant," she replied, as she lay there in ecstasy from another orgasm.

I held my load and slid in and out of her tight wet hole, over and over again. I made sure I got nice and deep to fill the Goddess completely, satisfying every inch of her.

After another couple of minutes of relentlessly pounding to her wet pussy, she looked up at me and said "You've been a good boy and have served me well today."

"Thank you Goddess, it has been my honour to serve you" I replied, still balls deep inside of her.

"Would you like to cum?" she asked me.

"Yes please Goddess, I really want to cum for you. I have saved this big load especially for you" I replied, eagerly awaiting permission to cum.

"Okay servant, fuck me as hard as you can. I want you to completely drain your balls of cum and empty that massive fucking load deep inside of me."

Finally she had granted me permission and she didn't have to wait long as a couple of thrusts later I exploded. "I'm cumming Goddess" I screamed as I rammed my cock so deep into her pussy.

"Good little servant" she said, pulling my hips towards her making sure my cock was as deep as possible inside of her twat. "Fill my tight little pussy with your big juicy load" the Goddess ordered.

Hearing her beg for my cum made me cum even harder, as I emptied the biggest load of my life inside of her. I pulled my throbbing cock out of her dripping wet pussy and watched my cum pour out of her cunt and run down into her asshole as she lay there on her back.

"Get down on your knees and lick me clean, now servant" the Goddess demanded and of course I obeyed her wishes.

I got on my knees, licked and sucked all the cum from her pussy and her asshole, making sure there wasn't a single drop left on her. I made sure her tight little holes were left sparkling clean. "Good boy, now come with me", she said, as she got up and dragged me by the hair towards the bathroom.

Still on my knees, she took me into the shower and stood over me. "Open wide servant" she told me, lifting my chin so I was looking up towards her. Looking up, my mouth wide open, the Goddess lifted one leg above my head and spread her pussy lips apart. She began to piss into my open mouth.

Her golden shower rained down on me, filling my mouth as well as covering my face and chest, running down onto my cock. I stayed there, taking as much of her sweet, golden juice in my mouth as I could. She lowered her leg, looked at me for a while, my mouth full of her piss, and she smiled.

"Swallow" she ordered. I obeyed and with one big gulp, down the entire mouthful. Of course it was delicious. The Goddess can do no wrong.

"Good boy, now you can take a shower and clean yourself up while I decide what to do with you next," she said smiling as she left the bathroom.

I belong to her now.
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