Against the Door

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"Hannah!" I turn to see Elliot rushing towards me. I smile as he reaches me and pulls me into a massive bear hug. I hug him back, holding him tightly for a moment. I wait for his hug to loosen before loosening mine. "Long time no see, how are you?" He asks as he releases me from the hug.

"I'm good, all the better after that hug!" I say with a smile. "How are you?"

He grins before replying, "much better now. You smell amazing by the way!" He puts his arm around me as we walk over to a table, his hand lingering longer than it should. "So what are you having?" He asks as I sit down.

"Just a Pepsi for me, I don't drink anymore" I reply.

"Okay, back in a few" he says as he makes his way to the bar. While he's gone I sit and think about how we met all those years ago. Who knew that meeting someone in a chat room ten years ago would lead to a friendship like ours. We've met up once before years ago at London Comic-Con, being the total geeks that we are.

"Here you go" he says as he places my drink in front of me. He puts his drink down and takes a seat. I notice that he has a Pepsi as well, at least if things do happen it will happen with us both sober. I wasn't single the last time we met up and neither was he, things are different this time. We've gone from just fellow geeks to sexting buddies over the past six months. I don't remember how it happened exactly but the thought of taking this friendship further excites me.

"So... how is work?" I ask, unsure how to start a conversation that isn't sex related.

He laughs before answering me. "Work is tiring and boring compared to sitting here with you." I blush.

We continue talking for over an hour, the excitement building the longer our conversation goes on.

"So... do you have to rush off? I'm only in London for the night and I'd love to hang out more." He asks.

"Nope, I'm off work tomorrow so I have no plans for the rest of the evening." I reply with a shy grin.

"Good." He says before taking my hand and getting up from the table. He walks me outside, putting his arm around me again to keep me warm as the cold wind picks up. He hails a cab and we get in, he gives the address of the hotel where he's staying and the taxi turns in the needed direction. He pulls me close and we sit together, I snuggle into him and hear him sigh.

The journey to the hotel takes around ten minutes, when we arrive he pays the driver and we walk together up to the entrance. Butterflies dancing in my stomach in anticipation for what is to come.

He takes my hand and leads me in the direction of his room, his speed increased slightly from earlier. We get to his room and he uses his keycard to open the door, he lets me in first and steps in behind me. He switches on the light and closes the door behind himself. I shrug out of my jacket and place it on the hook on the wall beside the door, walking further into the room.

He grabs my hand and pulls me towards him. "I've been waiting six months to do this" he says as he spins me around and pushes me against the door, pinning my hands above my head. His mouth crashing down on mine as he kisses me hard. He lets my hands go momentarily as he takes off his jacket, before grabbing them again and deepening the kiss. Our tongues lapping furiously together as the passion heightens. He breaks the kiss, "Don't fucking move!" He commands as he bends and unzips my boots, removing them and tossing them across the room. He then grabs the hem of my shirt and pulls it over my head, exposing full breasts in my red bra. He groans before pulling his shirt off too, throwing it aside, then grabs my chin with one hand. His other takes ahold of my hands again as he kisses me with even more passion and hunger than before.

He grabs my left breast in his hand roughly, making me moan into his mouth. Before the hand makes its way down my body, rubbing my pussy over my leggings. I moan again making his touch even more urgent. He reaches inside my leggings and panties to find my pussy, wet and waiting. He growls as he parts my folds and touches my clit, I groan as he rubs circles around my clit. It hardens at his touch.

He drops to his knees and grabs the top of my leggings and panties pulling them down and removing them. He parts my legs before grinning up at me and places his whole mouth over my mound. I grind my hips instinctively, my breath quickens.

His tongue flicks over my clit making me gasp before parting my lips with his fingers and taking my clit between his lips and sucking gently.

My hands that had stayed above my head fall down and my palms push against the door. My hips still grinding into his mouth. My breathing becoming heavy, I put my hands on his head and pull him closer to me, his mouth and tongue exploring my pussy that's getting wetter by the second.

"Ugh! You're gonna make me cum... Elliot... I'm gonna cum!" I scream, he grabs ahold of my ass so I can't pull away, his licking and sucking getting faster. My orgasm hits me hard, I writhe and moan. His sucking gets harder as he tries to take in all my juices, he moans, the vibration running through my pussy making the orgasm last longer. I eventually come down from that massive high. He kisses my sensitive pussy gently, sending mini shockwaves through me.

He stands up, my breathing still jagged as he kisses me. He whispers my name before kissing me again. I push him back giving myself room to get down on my knees and open the belt and zipper of his jeans, pulling them down. His erection bouncing as it is exposed. He steps out of the jeans and looks down at me. He growls and grabs me by the throat, pulling me to my feet.

"Let's see if you really do like it" he growls as he drags me over to the table. Bending me face down over it. My hands splayed out on the table either side of my face, anticipating what is coming.


The sound of the spank echoing around the room, followed by my gasp and moan.


He slaps the other cheek, causing a similar echo followed by a louder moan from me. He looks down and sees my pussy dripping with lust, another growl escapes his lips.


The sound of both cheeks being spanked at the same time eludes me as I concentrate on the ecstasy of the feeling. He drops to his knees again and kisses up my thighs, skipping over my dripping pussy to kiss away the sting of the spanks. Before burying his face in my pussy once again. I groan loudly as his mouth clamps over me, sucking hard, his tongue flicking up and down. He stiffens his tongue and slides it inside my wet cunt, my eyes widen and I let out a gasp.

He groans again before standing and placing his cock at my soaking wet entrance, "Bare?" my mouth opens as I feel him rub the head up and down. Covering himself in my wetness before sinking inside me.

"I don't want anything between us... Oh fuck!" I gasp again as he reaches the deepest part of me. "Hannah..." he groans out as he backs up, then sinks inside me again. His hands on my hips as he moves in and out of me. I grunt every time he hits that sweet spot deep inside me. I smirk to myself then use my inner muscles to squeeze his cock.

He lets out a loud growl and he pounds me harder. He begins moving more urgent, more frantic. Chasing the orgasm he craves.

"Hannah... fuck... yes!!" He groans between thrusts. I reach up and put my hand on the wall, raising myself a little. Hoping to catch a glimpse of us in the mirror. He senses what I'm trying to do so he grabs a handful of my hair, pulling on it so my head is high enough to see in the mirror. I catch his eye and we make eye contact, he curls his lips in a snarl bad fucks me harder. My eyes roll back in my head as I let the lust fill me, my orgasm building.

"I'm gonna cum inside you, you hear me?" He growls. I nod. "I can't hear you!" He grunts.

"Yes. Cum in me. Please!" I beg. He lets out a roar as he orgasms, unloading inside me. His grip on my hair tightening, as he yanks me back into him.

My climax hits hard, I jerk violently and scream loud. He continues to fuck me hard as he rides his orgasm out inside me. My legs growing weak as he finally collapses onto my back, breathing heavily as he kisses my shoulder. He stands and pulls out of me, our mixed cum dripping out of me and onto the beige carpet.

He reaches for me and pulls me to him, my legs are shaking so he sweeps me into his arms and heads for the bed. Laying me down gently and climbing onto the bed beside me. Pulling me close, holding me as my breathing returns to normal.

"That was worth the ten years wait!" He says with a grin.

"I thought it was six months?" I question, confusion on my face.

"Nah I lied, I've wanted to do that as long as I've known you." I blush and bury my face in his chest. He rolls me over so he's on top of me.

"And we're gonna do that again, just as soon as I can." He says as he kisses me. I moan into his mouth as he kisses me. I wrap my arms around his neck as I kiss him back. I feel movement down near my legs. "Looks like it's not going to be a long wait".

My arms around his neck as he continues to kiss me, I'm kissing him back like he's my oxygen. He breaks the kiss to lift me so I'm sitting up, he reaches around me to undo my bra, my breasts freed in seconds. He pushes me back down and lowers his head to take my left nipple between his lips. I moan as his tongue circles the tight bud, he takes his time alternating between sucking and licking before moving on to my right breast and repeating the licking and sucking.

My back arches slightly as my breathing grows slightly heavier. His hand gently runs down my body, circling my navel before reaching down to where I'm still soaking wet. I gasp as his fingers once again part my folds and he touches my hard clit. He rubs circles around it before exploring lower. His fingers at my opening, teasing ever so gently. My hips buck up to his hand, trying to impale myself on his fingers.

"Patience baby" he says as he kisses me again. I writhe on the bed, needing his fingers inside me. He moves them back up to my clit again, making me whimper in frustration and then moan in pleasure as he rubs my clit again. "Fuck you're still soaked, I fucking love it!" He groans out before his fingers move lower again.

His mouth covers mine again in another passionate kiss, our tongues exploring each other's mouths. He pushes two fingers inside me and I moan against his mouth. His fingers move in and out of me slowly, savouring every clench of my pussy around them.

He turns his hand palm up and continues to fuck me with his fingers but also using his thumb to stroke my clit. My breath catches in my throat and he lets out a whispered growl before his lips move down to my neck. He kisses my neck, making me shudder as his fingers slide in and out of me.

He chuckles a little and curls his fingers as he bites my neck. The sensation of his fingers curling and him biting my neck send me into a frenzy. "Ohhhh Elliot..." I moan out as he curls and uncurls his fingers, hitting my g-spot every time he does.

I feel an orgasm begin to build, making my pussy clench around his fingers. He feels it and groans as his teeth sink into my neck again. The bite isn't painful, pleasure is all I feel, I'm overwhelmed by it. I grind my hips against his hand, desperately chasing my orgasm.

"You're gonna make me cum again..." a gasp escapes my mouth as I approach the crest of my climax. His fingers get faster and he breathes heavily against my neck. I close my eyes and prepare for what could be the best orgasm of my life.

"Cum for me Hannah" he breathes out. A bright light flashes before my eyes as my orgasm hits like a freight train. I grab ahold of the sheets as I scream and jerk violently on the bed, he holds me as I ride wave after wave of pleasure as my climax takes over my entire body. He moans against my neck as I convulse over and over, I've never cum this hard in my life. As the spasms begin to slow and dissipate my grip on the sheets loosen but his hold on me tightens. "Good girl" he says as he nuzzles into my neck.

He releases me from his grip and moves off the bed, walking into the bathroom. I put my hands on my head as I try to catch my breath. He comes back a minute later, takes my hands and pulls me off the bed. Leading me to the bathroom. The tub is filling up and there's a smell of vanilla in the air, I glance at the bubble bath on the side of the tub and smoke.

"You ran me a bath?" I say with a smile, he nods and helps me into the tub. "Told you that you are a sweetheart." He grins and walks over to the shower, switching on the water and stepping inside. I lay in the hot water and bubbles, watching his every move. The way his soapy hands run over his body, the way he looks at me as he washes our sin away. I begin to wash myself also.

"Hannah..." he whispers as my hand reaches lower to clean my pussy. I look up at him, directly in the eye and smile. He growls and turns off the shower, stepping out and wrapping a towel around himself. I continue looking at him as I rub myself his eyes widening in shock as I begin to moan. "You're insatiable!" He says as he grins. "Do not cum... you hear me? You do not cum!"

"Yes sir" I whisper. He lets out another growl and turns to leave the bathroom. "Where are you...?" He's gone before I finish my sentence. My hand stops running and I frown, pouting slightly. He's gone for a few minutes, I wonder if he's left.

"I didn't say stop" he says reentering the bathroom, a mischievous grin on his face. I open my mouth to speak, he holds his hand up. "Nope. No words. Get out the bath now" I stand and exit the tub. He wraps a bath sheet around me and leads me back into the bedroom.

He's still wearing his towel so I can only assume that he's not leaving me. He sits me on the couch and pours me a drink, handing it to me before he sits beside me. He looks uncomfortable for a moment, like he wants to say something but he can't.

"Is something wrong?" I ask, concerned.

"No baby, I just want to make sure you're comfortable with what I want to do next. I'm scared to ask."

"You just ate my pussy, fucked me over the table and fingered me to the most intense orgasm of my life. How can you possibly be scared?" He grins.

"I want to tie you up!" He says, "I want to show you how much I want you." He pulls me close. "I want to fuck you like I mean it" I get up and walk over to the bed, dropping my towel and laying on my back. He growls and walks over to me, the towel tented over his erection.

"Such a good girl" he whispers as he leans over me to strap my hands to the under mattress restraints he had put in when he left the bathroom. He moves around to strap my feet, my legs spread wide. He walks back to my where my head is and his towel falls off, I lick my lips and move my head to take his cock in my mouth. "Ugh Hannah, you're a very good girl." I suck hard, making his hips thrust towards me.

"Mmmmm" I moan as I flick my tongue over his hard cock.

He roars and thrusts three more times before pulling out of my mouth and jumping on top of me. "Time for you to be fucked like you have never been fucked before!"

My hands and legs are restrained, Elliot is kneeling on the bed between my spread legs staring at me.

"I want to fuck you so bad but first..." he trails off as he puts his hands under my ass cheeks and lifts me. He growls and places his whole mouth over my pussy.

"Elliot!" I gasp and then moan as be begins to suck on me, the sensation driving me insane. He pulls me as close as possible as his lips open me up for his tongue. It flicks over my clit making me shudder, the first tingles of my impending orgasm making themselves known.

I moan loudly, Elliot's moan following seconds after, sending vibrations through my already sensitive pussy. His mouth and tongue not letting up and his licks and sucks me closer and closer to another orgasm.

"Fuck!" I scream as the first wave hits me, my entire body vibrating. "Elliot!" I undulated my hips, almost riding his face as my climax rolls through me. His hands squeezing my ass cheeks.

As it dies down his licks and sucks get gentler and softer, my pussy now super sensitive. He lowers me down into his lap, his erection pressing against me. He wipes his hand across his face, removing my wetness from his beard. He smiles and grabs both hips in his hands. He adjusts his position slightly, his cock pushed against my opening.

"It's time!" He growls as his cock enters me, my wetness making him slide into me easily. My eyes roll back into my head and my mouth opens in a gasp as he pulls me to him, burying his entire length inside me in one agonisingly slow movement. He pants out "it's like you were made for me!" as he withdraws and slides back inside me.

He withdraws again and slams back into me over and over making me squeal, the slap of flesh against flesh echoing around the room. He grunts my name as he continues to pound me, the angle of my body making my breasts bounce up into my face but I'm too caught up in the moment to even notice. I moan with every thrust, my lust dripping out of me and covering his lap.

He stops pounding for a moment to lean over and unstrap my wrists, lifting me onto his lap. I wrap my arms around him and he begins to move again. "Hold on tight!" He grunts and begins thrusting upward into me. My hips crashing down to meet his, our eyes lock and he takes my mouth with his. Kissing me deeply, our tongues meeting with urgency as we fuck.

He grabs a handful of my hair and pulls, my head tilting back so he has access to my throat. He kisses and licks my neck with the same passion as our kissing, his thrusts never letting up as his mouth moves. I feel that familiar tingle, knowing that my orgasm is approaching. This could be the most intense one of the night, I feel it building and building.

He bites my neck, making me scream out in ecstasy as he continues his relentless pounding. "Elliot!!" I squeal, my grip on him tightening as my pussy clenches around his cock. "I'm gonna..." I trail off as my climax hits and a strangled sound escapes my lips. My nails dig into him as I jerk, shudder and vibrate in his arms. They hold on to me as wave after wave of pleasure flows through me. I've always heard about an intense orgasm making you see fireworks in front of your eyes but I'd always assumed it was a myth, until this moment.

Colours flash in front of my eyes, blinding me with complete ecstasy. His hips continuing to thrust up into me, faster as his orgasm hits. He growls and pants as he empties his balls inside me.

His thrusts slow as his orgasm dies down, I go complete limp in his arms, completely spent. He lays me down and falls down on the bed beside me, his breathing heavy. I feel as if I can't move, my entire body paralysed. He moves over to pull me into his arms and just holds me. My heart rate finally slowing down as I lay in his arms.

We lay together for five minutes, catching our breath as we both come down from the most amazing high. Once I'm finally able to move I wrap my arms around him, holding him tightly. Never wanting this moment to end.

Another few minutes pass before there's a knock on the door, he groans and gets off the bed. Unstrapping my ankles as he rounds the bed and walks towards the door, grabbing a robe off of the hangar and wrapping himself in it. He throws one at me and I hastily put it on. He opens the door, there is a security officer standing outside.

"Good evening sir, we've had complaints from guests on this floor about noise coming from this room. They were concerned about a woman's screams." I get off the bed and join him at the door. He takes the sight of my flushed face and the state of my hair. "Oh... I'm so sorry madam." I grin.

"It's okay sir, you're just doing your job."

"I'm required to ask if you're okay madam, the screams were very loud." He asks.

I wrap my arms around Elliot before replying. "They were necessary and I'm way more than okay"

He nods and tips his hat at me. "Madam." And then at Elliot. "Sir." And walks away. Elliot shuts the door and we giggle at the thought of the sounds of our lovemaking being loud enough for other guests to call security.

"Dinner?" Elliot asks. I nod and he picks up tell the phone to call room service, ordering some food while I clean myself up in the bathroom. When I return he turns to me and asks, "movie?" I nod again, blushing as I remember what happened between us.

We decide on Jaws, both of us love that movie. There's a knock at the door a little while later, room service.

Pressing play on the movie as we snuggle together on the sofa with our pizza.

The sex was amazing, the best I've ever had but right now, snuggling together on the sofa... is the best part of the night. I imagine the snuggling together in bed later will be fantastic but I doubt it could be better than this.

Absolute perfection. I never want it to end.


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